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Chapter 1034 - Unstable Situation

Sounds of weeping could be heard all throughout City of Heaven. 

Their dao protector died, body and spirit broken apart, not even a reincarnated true immortal able to rescue him. The were just too many scars left on his primordial spirit over the passage of time, and after being seriously injured recently, he now completely died. 

The flesh of a cultivator could be repaired, or even stolen, exchanged for a new body, but the primordial spirit couldn’t be changed. It would inevitably slowly decay over the years. 

Celestial Clan’s dao protector had already reached the end of his life to begin with, not having much life left. Last time, he was seriously injured outside Immortal Ancient Remains, so he didn’t have long left to live at all. 

This time, Celestial Clan’s dao protector forcefully carried out divinations, trying to deduce everything about Shi Hao, ultimately triggering heaven’s punishment, causing him to fall.

All of City of Heaven was gloomy, howls of grief and anguished wailing everywhere. Many people were crying, weeping over the death of the dao protector. The effects of this were too great. 

Shi Hao hated that elder greatly, but for the Celestial Clan, this was a powerful protector, so how could they not feel down?

Shi Hao left, bringing Huo Ling’er away from City of Heaven. It was because he knew that he couldn’t break his way in, so he might as well leave rather than stay here to prevent unexpected things from happening.

However, the effects of this were too great, not calming down after his disappearance. A crisis was slowly brewing, shaking up all directions. 

“Did you guys hear? Huang visited City of Heaven, demanding an explanation. He killed two heavenly deities in a row, and then even tormented their dao protector to death!”

“Is this real? It’s sounds too absurd. Celestial Clan’s dao protector was a great figure in the past, incredibly powerful. He died just like that?!”

This truly was a major event that shocked everyone stupid, all of them feeling that this was inconceivable. 

Even if an Emperor Clan of the past declined, it shouldn’t have fallen to this extent right? A single youth plugged up City of Heaven, issuing his challenge, moreover achieving this much battle results. 

“Isn’t that just some rumor? No matter how strong Huang is, he still wouldn’t dare provoke a previous Emperor Clan, right?”

“Why isn’t it possible? Huang and the Celestial Clan have a great grudge between them, this time acting decisively and powerfully. He brought a woman with him, plugging up the entrance, suffocating Celestial Clan until they didn’t dare display anger!”

News spread, all sides in uproar, as if a hurricane swept through this place, the effects incomparably far-reaching and long-lasting. 

“Huang has achieved so much, yet only twenty years old! He already has such methods and strength, in the future, not many people can keep him in check!”

“Wu, a youngster like this is worth getting close to. I heard that a few great sects are moving together to try and rope him in, for example, their most brilliant pearls might be married off by the clan.”

“I heard about this too, for example, Heaven Mending Sect’s most pure and holy, never to marry holy lady seems to have some close relationship with Huang.”

Many people were discussing this, bubbling with noise. 

However, Shi Hao didn’t pay this much attention, traveling with Huo Ling’er to a few mountains and valleys. This wasn’t purely sightseeing, but also a type of dao comprehension. 

The places they went to all had great historical significance, like the cold pool that a True Dragon was suspected to have resided in, the mountain ridge a phoenix had lived in seclusion…

Shi Hao was in the Holy Sacrifice Realm, not entering the Heavenly Deity Realm because his cultivation wasn’t that stable. Traveling through these well known ancient lands was beneficial for him. 

Holy Sacrifice wasn’t something bitter cultivation could pass through. One needed a calmness of the heart, a sublimation of the spirit, great will power, and others.

The endless world of mortals, this was the heart tempering of Holy Sacrifice. 

For the greater half of a month, Shi Hao and Huo Ling’er walked through the mountains and rivers, and then entered a few well-known enormous cities to experience worldly affairs. 

Only a month later did they finish this type of journey. 

It was because unknowingly when, they had returned to Sin Province.

During this period of time, they continuously used transport formations to travel from one place to another, visiting many historical sites and scenic spots, to the extent where they even took a trip around Underworld Earth, watching the black haze rise, death energy overflow into the heavens. 

Sin Province, these two stopped.

“Let’s go pay Fire Emperor a visit.” Shi Hao said. He wished to see Huo Ling’er’s father. That middle-aged man had previously helped him in the lower realm. 

Now, he and Huo Linger were walking together, their relationship intimate, so there was even a greater need to visit him. 

“Why are you suddenly thinking about this now?” Huo Ling’er asked. 

“Visiting the respected wife’s father is naturally something I need to do. I want to marry his daughter sooner!” Shi Hao laughed.

Huo Ling’er blushed with embarrassment, directly giving him a punch. 

Fire Emperor was extremely unordinary. Regardless of whether it was boldness or cultivation, both were great and extraordinary. 

Spiritual mountains stretched across, multicolored clouds curling about, ancient trees luxuriant, spiritual medicines plentiful. 

As soon as they saw this, approaching this place, an enormous vicious beast roared, quickly throwing itself over. It was like a little mountain as it stepped on the void, its aura ferocious. 

“What does this fella eat every day? Why did it end up so big?” Shi Hao was stupefied. 

That was an enormous wolf, the fur covering its entire body sleek, shining like satin. There was a pair of wings on its back, large like a mountain peak as it descended from above.

It was precisely the little wolf. After not meeting for a few years, it had already grown into a huge beast. 


This enormous wolf descended, quickly shrinking until it was a foot in size. It then rushed over to the two of them, and then looked towards Shi Hao.

“You came back from Immortal Ancient?” Little Wolf looked at Shi Hao, feeling joy and excitement. 

Shi Hao laughed, lifting it up in one go. This little fella was quite attached to him back then. Even when Huo Ling’er fed it spiritual medicines, it still always jumped into Shi Hao’s embrace, angering Huo Ling’er until she called it a thankless wretch. 

“Aiyou, why are you so heavy? How much meat do you eat everyday? About to crush me under you.” Shi Hao teased, rubbing its head.

“No way! My figure is wonderful!” Little Wolf widened its large eyes, correcting fiercely.

“Female?” Shi Hao laughed.

“Go die, I’m not going to be nice to you anymore!” Little Wolf was furious, struggling free and directly jumping into Huo Ling’er’s arms, ignoring him. 

“Where is my father?” Huo Ling’er asked. 

“Went on a trip again, I don’t know when he’ll return.” Little Wolf replied.

Fire Emperor was a carefree person, often traveling around to to comprehend the truth of heaven and earth, cultivating his own dao. 

However, he was quite considerate of his own danger as well. Back then, it was precisely him who headed for the Fire Mulberry Forest, bringing Huo Ling’er and Little Wolf with him to this place. 

However, Huo Ling’er feared that Shi Hao wouldn’t be able to find her when he came back, so she changed her appearance and wandered about that area again, turning into a mulberry leaf picker. 

“Sigh, what a pity, missed the Fire Emperor again.” Shi Hao said with a sigh. 

“You’ll see him in the future.” Huo Ling’er laughed.

“I originally wanted to discuss a bit with the old man about when I’ll escort the bride. Turns out he’s not here.” Shi Hao said with a smile.

“What are you randomly spouting!” Huo Ling’er face became red. 

Little Wolf even more so widened its eyes, rolling around and saying, “You are going to do something bad?”

Shi Hao immediately gave it a knuckle, saying, “When adults are speaking, why is a little wolf like you trying to join?”

“Who said I was little?!” Little Wolf was upset, immediately turning into its original body. With a honglong sound, it turned into an enormous mountain, crushing Shi Hao below.

If it was a normal person, they definitely wouldn’t be able to handle it, but Shi Hao produced an enormous golden light hand, immediately supporting it. 

“I want to go out with you two as well!” When it was subdued, Little Wolf cried out.

Guarding this place was extremely dry and dull, it wanted to leave a long time ago.

Just like that, two people and one wolf went on their way again, traveling through the great provinces.

At this time, they heard quite a few rumors, feeling shocked. The higher realms were no longer peaceful. 

“There are ancient worlds beyond the three thousand provinces, the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths have formed a great alliance. Thing truly are unfolding on a magnificent scale!”

“Is Shi Hao going to go? The Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ heroes are all gathering, unexpectedly going to construct a holy academy, immortal academy, heavenly deity institution and other things, really is shocking.”

Shi Hao and Huo Ling’er were both startled. He hadn't had time to understand the details of the outside world after leaving Immortal Ancient, while Huo Ling’er resided in the Fire Mulberry Tree Forest the entire time, not paying too much attention to these things. They unexpectedly learned that the selection of the heroic geniuses had already begun, the qualifications rumored to be extremely strict.

This was especially the case when there were foreign young experts serving as gatekeepers, defeating who knew how many people, stopping who knew how many geniuses of the higher realms. 

“Heavenly deities that cultivated immortal energy? Sweeping everything before them, forcing back the heavenly deities of the three thousand provinces, the foreign guests really are powerful to a ridiculous level, to the point of leaving everyone speechless.”

Even though Shi Hao had heard a bit, he didn’t deliberately seek out news. He became a bit interested now. There were people who descended into the three thousand provinces from beyond, what kind of people were they? Just how strong were they?

“Really want to take a look to see how formidable they are.” He didn’t fear a challenge. 

“Didn’t you hear? The foreign heroic talents wish to fight you, Exiled Immortal, and Ten Crown King, impossible to dissuade.” Huo Ling’er said. 

During this period of time, the foreign guests were unstoppable, defeating who knew how many experts. They were practically all defeated in under three moves. 

The three thousand provinces could not calm down recently, the cultivators who came out from their training in Immortal Ancient all unable to lift their heads, because all of them were defeated under the foreign guests’ hands. 

The Nine Heavens Ten Earths were now forming an alliance, wishing to nurture true supreme being heroic talents, searching everywhere. The final heavenly deity institution might not even be built in the higher realms. 

Huo Ling’er was worried, because this might mean that they had to separate.

It would be too difficult for her to enter this so-called heavenly deity academy, because those extremely powerful talents all failed, unable to pass the trial.

It was rumored that until now, not a single person succeeded, not being selected.

“We’ve been too isolated recently, should find some place to understand more details.” Shi Hao said. 

The three thousand provinces were extremely large, with great amounts of cultivators. Normally, there were all types of exchanged meetings and other things. 

Shi Hao scouted about, finding out that there was a distinguished meeting that was precisely going to take place in Green Province, rumored to be a gathering of the outstanding talents of different clans. Invitations were sent out to quite a few great provinces. 

It was rumored that they all wished to enter the heavenly deity institution, take on the trial, and then head into the world beyond, wishing to become stronger.

They all had the same goal, because the discussions would all be on this topic. 

Then, Shi Hao learned that the foreign guests, while defeating opponents everywhere, this time, they unexpectedly made their way to Green Province, moreover coming here in an extremely serious manner.

Shi Hao arrived uninvited, entering an enormous city. He was going to see what exactly was going on!

It was rumored that many powerful cultivators were preparing, wishing to be selected and thus rise up, entering the so-called heavenly deity institution. 

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