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Chapter 1033 - Death of the Celestials

Yun Xi opened her mouth, wishing to say something, but she found it difficult to speak. 

"You should just return." Shi Hao said. He knew why Yun Xi came, but how could he agree?

"Shi Hao, the clan's ancestors wanted me to ask you what they had to do to make you withdraw and leave the matter be." Yun Xi finally said it. If she didn't there was no way she could explain things to her clansmen.

"Have those so-called old ancestors come out. I'll settle things in one go, and then my grudge with the Celestial Clan will be over." Shi Hao calmly said. 

Yun Xi widened her eyes, feeling extremely shocked. Even though Shi Hao's tone was calm, that type of killing intent was too heavy and oppressive. He was going to unleash a great slaughter!

The conditions were just too harsh for the Celestial Clan, too heavy to endure.

How many heavenly deities would a clan even have? The elders of the Celestial Clan's higher levels were their clan's most powerful heavenly deities. If they were all killed, then this clan would suffer a sudden and devastating decline. 

Was he going to completely cut off the Celestial Clan's higher level?!

In the distance, those individuals on the city walls couldn't hear their conversations, but they could read lips, and as such deduce what he was saying. All of them were unable to restrain their anger. 

This was just too arrogant! Just a single person, yet he was going to massacre all the high level figures of a clan. 

Forget about the fact that they didn't acknowledge his strength, even if he truly had those types of methods, how could the Celestial Clan's higher level figures just sit and wait for death, wait for him to kill them?

City of Heaven was in chaos. Many people were indignant, immediately becoming noisy.

Outside the city, Yun Xi looked at Shi Hao blankly, trying to carry out the final effort, saying, "I know that the clan elders and the others let you down back then, but… could you show them a bit of mercy?"

She asked Shi Hao if he needed any compensation. The Celestial Clan could pay all types of heavenly materials, as well as many spiritual pills, precious medicines, and other things. 

Shi Hao's reply was extremely firm, not wishing to take any steps back, saying, "Yun Xi, you should just go back. Because both of us are people from the lower realm, I won't make things difficult for you. However, if other Celestial Clan experts try to advise me, I'll immediately cut them down!"

Yun Xi didn't say anything, her eyes entirely red as she silently turned around to leave. She completed her task, but the results were that she failed. She was in the middle of both parties, truly in an extremely difficult situation. 

"Brat, who do you think you are, a long life individual? To so easily demand my clan's high level figures' heads, you haven't become unmatched under the sky yet!" Someone erupted in rage from above the city walls. 

Celestial Clan used to be an Emperor Clan, so they were arrogant from the bones. How could they tolerate this type of humiliation, be looked down upon by a younger generation figure? Many of them immediately erupted into rage. 

City of Heaven shone, crushing down towards Shi Hao!

However, the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in Shi Hao's hands offered enough protection, its defensive prowess astonishing. 

In reality, it was unrealistic for Shi Hao to break into the city. He didn't have any powerful weapon to do so. The Ten Thousand Spirit Diagrams 'passive type divine creatures' wouldn't carry out a defense unless it suffered an attack. 

Just like that, both sides entered a deadlocked situation. 

Shi Hao was still alright, not that anxious, but the Celestial Clan was different. To have their gates plugged up like this was truly a great humiliation. 

Meanwhile, what they were most worried about was news leaking out, triggering the mockery of all sects, that they would look down on them, thinking that the Celestial Clan had completely weakened and declined. 

Shi Hao wanted to break in, while the Celestial Clan wanted to suppress Shi Hao. 

"City of Heaven is a well known great treasure in the higher realms, there is no way for us to break through. Will it be good to maintain this deadlock situation? They might have some type of special methods or backing." Huo Ling'er said, warning Shi Hao. 

"It's fine, I just need to stop them for a day or two, and then it'll be enough for their reputation to fall greatly, unable to raise their heads in the higher realms." Shi Hao said. 

He was now comparable to a heavenly deity, yet wasn't strong enough to wipe out a great sect. He knew that breaking into City of Heaven wasn't realistic, but he could place them under great pressure and ruin all of their reputation. 

That was why after just half a day, Celestial Clan already couldn't sit still, feeling too humiliated. A brat actually forced them to this extent. 

"Not good, Heavenly Deity Qi Tuo is outside, and seeing how long he's been out, he should be returning soon. If he ends up being intercepted by the little evil, then things will be troublesome." City of Heaven's people muttered. 

They were extremely worried that heavenly deity Qi Tuo who went out would suffer an attack. 

"Yi, where did that youngster go?" Everyone became stupefied, because they couldn't find any traces of Shi Hao. 


Someone discovered him. Shi Hao was still within a perimeter of a hundred thousand li of the ancestral land, not hunting or picking medicines, but instead picking up the true deities that had been struck down earlier, interrogating them one by one. 

Soon after, his eyes flourished with light. There was actually a heavenly deity outside who was about to return. This was a good opportunity.

This was especially the case after hearing the heavenly deity's name. His eyes shone brightly, his fists clenched tightly. 

"Qi Tuo, it's you!"

In the past, it was precisely him who brought him from the Blood Plains to City of Heaven. 

"Does anyone know where Qi Tuo is? We need to hurry and let him know!" The people in City of Heaven were extremely worried.

This was but a powerful heavenly deity, yet everyone was worrying for Qi Tuo's life. One could see how vicious Huang was in their hearts, simply a murderer of heavenly deities. 

Unfortunately, no one knew where Qi Tuo was now. The whereabouts of a heavenly deity were difficult to ascertain. 

Shi Hao carefully watched this ancient land. He looked towards City of Heaven, waiting for an opportunity to arise, calmly waiting for that heavenly deity to return. 

In addition, he had the Divine Striking Stone lay some formations, using them to monitor the situation and help them intercept Qi Tuo. 

"Too unbridled, setting these in our domain, what are they treating this place as?" There were people who shouted angrily, sending City of Heaven smashing over again.

"Yi, arrived!" Shi Hao's eyes flourished. 

He didn't look towards City of Heaven, but rather at the area below. Someone entered from the outside world, stepping into the hundred thousand li hunting ground and medicine garden. 

Shi Hao recognized him with a single glance. It was precisely Qi Tuo!

"Hurry and hide!" City of Heaven's people also discovered his whereabouts, hurriedly transmitting sound and shouting loudly.

Qi Tuo was currently in his robust years, blood energy thriving, reaction speed fast. He quickly rushed towards the sky. 

However, Shi Hao already locked onto him, activating lightning and the Kun Peng wings on his back, immediately rushing over. 

The two of them tore open the void, raising their speeds to the extreme. 

However, Qi Tuo was still a bit slower in the end. No matter how fast he was, he couldn't compare to the Kun Peng. 

"It's you!" He recognized Shi Hao with a single look, his mind trembling. Several years ago, it was he who brought the hatchling-like Shi Hao to City of Heaven, but now, there was no way to look down on him.

It was because in these past few days, Huang's name had been spreading all throughout the three thousand provinces. He displayed great divine might in Immortal Ancient, continuously killing heavenly deities, his power shocking everyone. 


Qi Tuo used all of his divine force, making use of his entire cultivation to resist Shi Hao.

At the same time, City of Heaven crushed down, wishing to provide aid. 

Shi Hao's eyes were burning like golden lights, incredibly penetrating. They shot out two resplendent beams of light, and he also pulled out the Everlasting Sword core, hacking forward. 

Shi Hao normally didn't lightly use this sword. Once it was drawn, it meant that he was truly angry.

Sword light rushed into the heavens, precious techniques shocking the heavens. Bone texts poured out, drowning this place like a sea, the two clashing.


A head flew out. Qi Tuo was cut down, even his primordial spirit unable to escape, cut down by another slash from Shi Hao. It penetrated the space between the brows, killing him on the spot.

"Ah…" In City of Heaven above, many people cried out in alarm, many of them then screaming loudly.

That day, Celestial Clan already lost two heavenly deities. Mo Luo and Qi Tuo were killed one after another. This was an unendurable heavy loss. 

"How could it be like this? Why did things end up like so?" In the city, a few clan elders roared in anger, truly feeling sullen. The other party charged up to their gates, yet they could only turtle up, unable to kill the enemy.

"Hateful!" Many people in Celestial Clan cried out loudly. 

This was especially true for the extremist faction, their eyes long red. This was an intolerable loss. 

However, no one dared leave the city to take revenge. A glorious sect was now holed up within because of one person, truly making them feel humiliation.

Just like that Shi Hao stayed here for a day and night, making this sect about to go mad.

In the city, quite a few people asked for assistance in battle, hoping to find allies to fight with them against Huang. 

As a result, the city became incredibly noisy.

"What happened? Why is it so noisy?" Within an ice palace, an aged voice sounded. It was precisely Celestial Clan's dao protector.

"Great one, Huang came, he is standing outside the city, already killed two of my clan's great heavenly deities." A dao child cautiously reported. 

"What? Huang, that young generation came and dared do this type of thing? Did that willow fiend follow him?" The dao protector asked. He was a bit nervous inside. If that willow tree came, who could face him?

"It didn't, just Huang himself."

When the dao protector heard this, he immediately left his isolation. 

Then, the City of Heaven's higher level received the report, immediately hurrying over to see him.

"Great one, your injuries haven't healed yet, please take this time to recover!" Someone urged.

"Can I still recover? That little bastard even slaughtered his way up to our gates, I am going to restrain him!" The dao protector's face was ashen. 

The great battle before left long-lasting effects. Celestial Clan's dao protector was lucky to escape with his life, spending all this time in isolation recovering after returning, narrowly avoiding death.

"Dao protector great one has left to kill Huang!"

"I reckon that great one definitely wishes to capture him alive!"

City of Heaven erupted with noise, everyone looking forward to seeing this fight.

"En? That old thing came!" Shi Hao was startled. He was always using his Heavenly Eyes to inspect City of Heaven. 

As a result, he immediately noticed the dao protector the moment he came out. 

"Let's hurry and leave!" Huo Ling'er advised.

"There's no rush!" Shi Hao shook his head.

"Little evil, you still dare appear before my Celestial Clan?!" The dao protector shouted, directly reaching out a dried-up palm to restrain him. 

"Old thing, you were beaten half to death outside Immortal Ancient Remains last time, running away as soon as you could, now you are strutting around again?" Shi Hao mocked.

He withdrew quickly, avoiding this attack.

Celestial Clan dao protector's expression was ice cold, his complexion pale, lacking color. He directly leapt out from City of Heaven to chase after Shi Hao. 

"Old thing, I heard that you were heavily wounded and dying, so what gave you the courage to jump out now?" Shi Hao mocked. 

However, he didn't dare dally here. He hacked open the void with the Immortal Everlasting Sword, quickly escaping, moreover readying a Realm Shattering Symbol, turning into a streak of flowing light as he rushed into the distance. 

He couldn't fight the dao protector head on.


Heaven and earth surged, the void exploded. However, the dao protector's face was downcast. His precious technique attacks didn't display their effects, unable to hit Shi Hao, allowing him to escape.

The dao protector chased after him, but was unable to catch him.

It was because Shi Hao had a few secret treasures on him that allowed him to move exceptionally swiftly, for example, the golden Realm Shattering Symbol the nine great sect masters from Immortal Ancient Remains refined for him. 

This symbol could be used repetitively, and it also possessed extreme speed.

"We escaped, let's not go back." Huo Ling'er released a great breath. 

"Don't worry. If he was strong enough, how could we have escaped?" Shi Hao's eyes flickered, wishing to eliminate that dao protector quite badly.

"That person is too powerful, we cannot provoke him." Huo Ling'er advised.

"He doesn't have much life left to begin with, heavily injured this time. I feel like I can provoke him and slowly torment him to death!" Shi Hao said. 

The dao protector returned without any achievement, feeling extremely unreconciled. 

However, soon after, Shi Hao appeared again, challenging Celestial Clan, pointing at the dao protector in City of Heaven above.

The dao protector's expression immediately became even more overcast. He chased after Shi Hao again, but let him run once more. 

"We are still going back?" Huo Ling'er was shocked. After Shi Hao ran, he was still going to return, continuously provoking them. 

"Correct, force that old thing to move his muscles and bones a bit, exhaust him to death!" Shi Hao said. 

After the fifth time, Celestial Clan's dao protector sat down to deduce Shi Hao's whereabouts. 

"Great one, you must not!" Someone in City of Heaven tried to dissuade him. 

"I don't have much life left to begin with, this time even more so being heavily injured, destined for death. It is perfect to conduct an investigation on him!" The dao protector said. 

If Shi Hao was far enough, the dao protector wouldn't have tried to divinate his location, but with him almost in reach, he felt like he could easily succeed. 


However, soon after, the dao protector coughed out blood, his face full of horror, injuring his great dao foundation.

"Why? He is just nearby, such a close distance shouldn't cause me to suffer backlash! Is this the wrath of the heaven?!" The dao protector was shocked, muttering to himself.

However, he was unwilling to accept this result, carrying out another divination, wishing to do something before his death, suppress Shi Hao. 

This time, it was even more severe. The dao protector sprayed out large amounts of blood, suffering serious injuries.

"How could it be like this?" He had also performed a divination before, knowing that Shi Hao was unordinary, not someone who could be peered at.

That time, it was because the distance was too great, the difficulty enormous. 

Yet today, Shi Hao was just nearby, yet he still failed, impossible to deduce things, moreover worsening his injuries greatly.

"I want to capture him before my death!" Celestial Clan's dao protector's will was resolute. 

He carried another divination, but in the end, the space between his brows split, his seven apertures releasing blood. He muttered, "How could it be like this, I saw a corner of the future, this person…"

Everyone in Celestial Clan saw the dao protector suddenly tremble slightly. He was shaken and horrified.

"Great one, what's wrong?" 

"Huang…" The dao protector only spat out this word. The space between his brows ruptured, and then he released a great roar. He fell on his back, entire body bloody, thus losing his life. 

"Heavens! Dao protector great one has died!"

This cry of alarm shook up the entire City of Heaven.

"That brat harmed dao protector to death!" Someone cried out miserably, feeling incredibly mournful.

"We're leaving!" Shi Hao said, bringing Huo Ling'er away. 

That day, news spreads. Soon after, some people learned about what happened, becoming incomparably shocked.

Huang continuously killed two of Celestial Clan's heavenly deities, and then exhausted the clan's dao protector to death, leaving those who received the news stupefied. 

This was clearly a great disturbance, something that shook the great earth.

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