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Chapter 1032 - Suppression With Force

Celestial Clan's higher level figures were extremely frustrated, and at the same time resentful. 

They missed out on a genius who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, now already too late for regrets. This was a rarely seen genius since ancient times, impossible to find another even if they scoured the entire three thousand provinces. 

However, they were still unwilling to let it go, feeling rage inside. After all, the Shi Hao back then was only a supreme expert, someone they could play around with in their hands. If it wasn't because of something unforeseen, he would have long been killed by them. 

Back then, any random true deity could have killed Shi Hao. As for the higher level figures, a single finger was enough, to the extent where a loud enough roar could make him explode on the spot. 

Now, the difference was too great. They almost couldn't accept this. 

"Hello? Is anyone coming out to fight?" Shi Hao spoke, his voice ringing through City of Heaven's skies.

What kind of place was this? It was the ancestral land of a former Emperor Clan! Even though it had already declined, it still wasn't a place that could be easily looked down upon. However now, a young man dared to trap them in their city walls, challenging from outside.

Celestial Clan's higher level figures' expressions fell, all of their eyes extremely cold. 

It was because they knew that no matter what the results were today, Celestial Clan's popularity in the higher realms was going to fall, dropping a level. 

A twenty or so year old youth plugged up their ancestral land, brashly challenging them. This in itself spoke of too many problems. 

Perhaps many people will believe that the Celestial Clan really has completely declined. Otherwise, how could it be like this?

This was a sign, a sign that a clan was weakening.

Even if they killed Shi Hao, it would still be extremely difficult for them to redeem their reputation. Moreover, they didn't have any confidence in killing Huang. His battle accomplishments have long been spread out. How could normal heavenly deities be his opponent?

"Hateful!" Celestial Clan was furious. This type of result was extremely terrible. 

In reality, Shi Hao didn't need to do anything, no need to fight a bloody battle. As long as he remained here for half a day, he would deliver a great blow to the Celestial Clan's prestige. 

This was clearly not something a clan could accept!

"We have to kill him, moreover in the shortest amount of time possible. Otherwise, once news gets out, it will make our Celestial Clan look incredibly weak, drawing the eyes of many starving wolves!" Someone said coldly. 

However, his proposal was quickly met with the questioning of others.

"Don't forget that this youth has a supreme willow fiend behind him, how many people in the three thousand provinces can match it? If we kill him, it will be the same as bringing a huge disaster onto our clan!"

When Willow Deity was mentioned, a shadow loomed over every single individual's minds. The events that transpired that day spoke for itself. Willow Deity fought a great battle against experts from all different clans, powerfully killing a few sect masters, shaking up the higher realms. 

How many people dared to rashly provoke that kind of existence?

"He's even bullying and humiliating us to this extent, could it be that we can't retaliate? Even if we can't kill him, we still have to suppress him. I believe that willow fiend won't make a big fuss over this. If we have to, we'll release him after it pays us a visit."

Someone spoke like this, feeling incomparably sullen. They used to be an Emperor Clan whose might intimidated the world, yet they were actually now threatened like this, truly a type of humiliation. 

There were those who felt extremely regretful. If they didn't deal with Huang like that back then, how could things have developed like this?

Moreover, if they set up a proper relationship with him in the past, even Willow Deity, the undying existence and others would be standing together with Celestial Clan, forming a terrifying alliance!

One of them looked towards Yun Xi, opening his mouth, hoping that she could make an appearance. It was because they had long seen that if not for their obstruction, something might have happened between these two back then. 

It was to the extent where some speculated if they didn't interfer, he might have become the Celestial Clan's son-in-law. 

Only, it was too late to say anything now, just hoping that Yun Xi could appear and stop Shi Hao. 

Yun Xi's beautiful brows frowned slightly, her sparkling white face carrying disappointment and sadness as she looked at her clansmen. She released a sigh. If not for the clan's elders' aggressiveness, coveting the precious techniques of others, returning kindness with hostility, how could things have become like this?

The Celestial Clan had a hardline faction, saying, "There's not much to be said. Right now, we definitely can't compromise with that brat. Just forcefully suppress him and leave him with his life. This is the only way!"

"Correct, if we display weakness, how will the outside world view us? It will become even more disadvantageous for our Celestial Clan. He took the initiative to attack us, so even if we can't capture him, I believe that the willow fiend, with its status, wouldn't randomly unleash slaughter." Someone said in agreement. 

"Alright, activate the formation and suppress him!" After the higher level figures' discussion, they came to this type of decision. 

Immediately afterwards, the City of Heaven shone, as if an enormous sun shone in the sky. Bone texts covered the skies layer after layer, illuminating everything. 


The City of Heaven unexpectedly moved, flying, turning into an enormous precious artifact that smashed towards Shi Hao. Endless symbols could be seen, flooding outwards like great ocean waves. 

Shi Hao was shocked, moving quickly to escape into the distance. 

This type of magical artifact was too frightening. It released overflowing heavenly deity might, normal heavenly deities having their body torn apart and bones crushed upon making contact, dying in an instant. 

It was because this wasn't a normal type of magical artifact, but rather an ancient city the archaic Six Great Celestials discovered and then repeatedly refined with countless heavenly treasures. 

It could be said that this was a clan's supreme treasure!

Even though it wasn't ranked in the higher realms' top ten weapons, it definitely wasn't far, exceptionally terrifying. 

Shi Hao brought Huo Ling'er with him, continuously moving about through the skies to avoid the archaic Six Great Celestials' magical artifact. They couldn't face it head on.

"Little evil, you are too arrogant. Just someone who stepped into Holy Sacrifice Realm without true unmatched might, yet you dare behave wildly in my Celestial Clan, hand over your life!"

Someone shouted in City of Heaven with a tone that carried satisfaction and coldness. 

Just now, one of their heavenly deities fell, and everyone was plugged up within the city. This truly was a type of humiliation, leaving them extremely sullen. Attacking like this made them release a breath of pent-up air. 

"Kill him, kill this young generation!"

"Violating my Celestial Clan, must be put to death!"

There were people crying loudly, stirring up noise. The entire Celestial Clan's mood was stirred up, a few hot-blooded youngsters even more so demanding for Shi Hao's immediate death, not fearing anything. 

Huo Ling'er was quite worried, feeling that Shi Hao was too rash. This was a former Emperor Clan after all. Even though it declined, it still had unimaginable methods. Now that they attacked with City of Heaven like this, they were in a dangerous situation, only able to run. 

However, she didn't panic, her delicate hands tightly clenched Shi Hao's hands, wishing to advance and retreat together with him. 

"Don't worry, since I dared to come here, that means I'm not scared of them!" Shi Hao said, having her relax and not worry.

Immediately afterwards, he produced the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, holding it in front of him to resist the City of Heaven!


The enormous city crushed down, leaving behind large amounts of shadows in the ground below. However, the skies above were shining brilliantly, the bone texts surging over like ocean waves. 

Right at that instant, the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram displayed might, light shining in a dazzling manner, becoming completely sparkling and translucent. Figures appeared from within one after another, all of them the ten thousands spirits from the very beginning. 

All types of ancient beasts and divine birds appeared, everything that should be there was there. There were even more powerful plant type creatures that crushed the void, making this place surge, shaking the skies. 

The Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram shone, stopping the City of Heaven. 

It was just like before. It couldn't actively attack, only able to defend. 

The City of Heaven tumbled down, continuously smashing about. However, all of the bone texts were stopped, the tremendous impact completely neutralized, unable to harm the male and female pair. 

Everyone in the Celestial Clan was shocked. This was the supreme treasure of a clan, an invincible weapon, yet it couldn't do anything to that youth. It truly left them shocked.

There were even some who felt a wave of chilliness inside. This result was too terrible!

Those who were previously still noisy and shouting now all became silent, their hearts full of bitterness and frustration. They felt an enormous feeling of inferiority. 

"Why is it like this? Why can't we kill him? Just how many years has it been, yet he already grew to this extent! If we give him more time, won't my Celestial Clan be completely destroyed?"

The faces of some of them distorted, shouting themselves hoarse. They clenched their fists tightly, feeling a type of fear from deep within.

"No, we have to eliminate him!" Someone shouted. Once this battle accomplishment leaked out, the entire world wouldn't remain silent, definitely raising a great commotion. All sects would look down on the Celestial Clan. 

However, no matter how they activated the City of Heaven, they still couldn't shatter the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram. It was stopped, unable to approach.

They tried again and again, yet the City of Heaven couldn't do anything to that sparkling white bone, stopped by a soft force below. 

The faces of Celestial Clan's higher levels fell, all of them feeling that things were extremely bad. 

"Even though we haven't been defeated, this will affect my clan's prosperity and decline. If news gets out, how will the outside world see us?" 

"Do you all have any methods to capture him?"

In the end, everyone became silent. The old Celestial left to comply with the archaic contract of alliance, while the dao protector didn't have much life left, already heavily injured and dying. Right now, not one could stop Shi Hao. 

Continuously smashing down and activating City of Heaven resulted in tremendous consumption. All types of heavenly treasures would become damaged. If this continued for a long time, the clan wouldn't be able to endure the costs. 

"Forget it, have Yun Xi go and chat with him, ask him what we have to do to have him withdraw." One of them said with a sigh, filled with a sense of frustration.

Another heavenly deity's face became even more ashen, fiercely smashing the small side table and others to pieces, incredibly resentful, but could only agree. 

Yun Xi was summoned. After receiving the order, City of Heaven was opened, a gap appearing to send her out.

The City of Heaven shifted backwards, the symbols disappearing, returning to normal. The city walls were filled with people, all of them paying close attention. 

Yun Xi released a soft sigh. This really was a task that left her embarrassed and bitter. How could things have reached this extent? Her mood wasn't very good.

Yun Xi walked over, her purple clothes fluttering about, snow-white skin like jade. She was extremely beautiful, hair fluttering about, eyes like gemstones. 

"Celestial Clan truly is daring, sending you out like this and approaching me. Aren't they scared that I'll take action?" Shi Hao said as he looked at this old friend.

Yun Xi's beautiful oval face carried bitterness, as well as humiliation. She carried the shame of her clan, ultimately pushed out to negotiate. 

"Have you been well?" Yun Xi spoke up, not trying to persuade Shi Hao, only giving her greetings like this.

"Not too bad." Shi Hao nodded, not saying too much. There weren't any grudges to speak of between him and Yun Xi, the events back then had nothing to do with her. 

Yun Xi's mind was a mess. She could feel how estranged she was compared to Shi Hao. The other party's reply was extremely concise, not saying much. 

"Fire Clan princess, after being separated for many years, we meet again." Yun Xi adjusted her mood, and then looked towards Huo Ling'er at Shi Hao's side, carefully gazing at her as she spoke.

"Really, after several years have passed, I never expected we would reunite again. Fairy Yun Xi's style is greater than in the past." Huo Ling'er replied, not cold, but not much warmth to speak of either. 

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