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Chapter 1031 - City of Heaven 

Yun Xi stood on the city walls, watching as Shi Hao arrived. All types of feelings welled up in her heart. She never expected this day would come so quickly!

She had previously entered Immortal Ancient Remains, knowing how extraordinary Huang was. He cultivated three strands of immortal energy, forcefully suppressing enemies of all sides, his reputation outstanding. 

This was especially true when Shi Hao broke out from Immortal Ancient's encirclement, even more so causing Willow Deity and the undying existence to fight a great battle against everyone, stirring up huge waves.

"That young lady is Fire Clan's princess?" Yun Xi recognized Huo Ling'er, because they had met each other in the lower realm, remembering her appearance. 

She stared blankly at those two, never expecting them to actually move together, slaughtering their way over to Celestial Clan's ancestral land. A complicated expression appeared on Yun Xi's face. 

"Hurry and give a report, Huang has come!" There was another group of people outside the city, the ones in the lead all true deities, expressions changing greatly. They wanted to send the message, issue a warning to City of Heaven. 

However, Shi Hao already took action, reaching out his right hand, grabbing towards the air.

In that instant, crazy winds swept out, stellar light flowing in reverse, lightning interweaving, unexpectedly displaying all types of irregular scenes. 

Shi Hao's large hand covered half the sky, cutting off their path of retreat, crushing down on their heads. 


These people activated secret treasures and other things, but they all shattered in the void.

It was likes swatting flies as Shi Hao brandished his fist. The precious artifacts and things were destroyed one after another, and then these people were like fried potstickers, releasing pilipala sounds as they all fell down from the sky.

Soon after, this place became quiet, because those people were all slapped down, seriously injured and dying, already half crippled. 

"What's wrong? Why is there such a disturbance?" There were people in the city that noticed something was wrong outside. 

"There's an enemy attack, violating my Celestial Clan's important land! Hurry and find out what is going on!" Someone shouted.

Below, Shi Hao seized that bone mirror, handing it to Huo Ling'er and saying, "This thing has some uses, can use it in place of Heavenly Eyes, an ancient treasure." 

Just now, those true deities used precisely this secret treasure to seek out enemies, but it was now seized.

The City of Heaven could not calm down!

There was a heavenly deity that came, not knowing that it was Shi Hao who rushed over and paid their clan a visit. He looked down, searching for his target. 

Regardless of who it was, approaching Celestial Clan's ancestral land was extremely disrespectful to the clan, let alone forcefully taking action.

"Who is it that dares to hide? You better drag yourself here!" That heavenly deity shouted.

In addition, he brought a group of people out from the city, descending below. 

"Old ancestor, be careful!" Someone cried out loudly.

Shi Hao's eyes widened. This heavenly deity didn't come out hastily, but rather came while treading on a golden path release by the city gate, making him look even more heroic. 

"Mo Luo!"

Shi Hao's eyes became ice cold, immediately recognizing this heavenly deity. He had previously chased after him in Fire Province's grasslands, and he even more so appeared outside Supreme Being Dao Rite to kill him. 

However, Mo Luo was stopped by Qi Daolin back then, slapped back with a single palm, his flesh almost completely exploding, only his primordial spirit fleeing.

Back then, Qi Daolin could have killed him, but he left him with his life, saying that he was leaving him for his disciple. When Shi Hao was powerful enough, he could then go and kill this person. 

Shi Hao's impression of this person was quite deep. This person used his heavenly deity body to kill him, shaking up mountains and rivers, making an entire mountain range collapse. For the him back then, he was far above, impossible to defy.

When recalling those things, he felt as if everything took place just yesterday. 

Shi Hao naturally had a deep impression of this person, a heavenly deity who had displayed extremely severe killing intent towards him. Now, he came at just the right time to settle things. 

"This City of Heaven isn't simple. Look, the golden light the city gates released can protect Mo Luo. Normal people can't break through it at all." The Divine Striking Stone said. 

"You all, don't move. I'm going to kill him!" Shi Hao said. 

He produced a scale that was a foot long and was releasing powerful draconic energy, glistening and dazzling. It was precisely the Defying Dragon Scale. 


Shi Hao's body swayed, appearing before the City of Heaven. 

"What? It's you!" Mo Luo finally saw who the intruder was, his face immediately changing. He never expected that it was actually Huang, that youth from back then. 

He looked down on Shi Hao deep down, because back then, that youth was easily crushed, killing him as easy as a turn of his hand. 

If it were not for Qi Daolin's assistance, he would have killed Shi Hao with a single finger, as easy as blowing off dust. 

However, he heard rumors from Immortal Ancient that this youth rose up, advancing greatly, able to slaughter heavenly deities now. 

That was why he felt conflicting emotions, unable to accept this reality. 

"Little evil, you dare come to my Celestial Clan, did you not learn your lesson back then?" Mo Luo spoke.

When Shi Hao heard this, his face fell. Back then, he was captured and brought over, how could he have come willingly? He was filled with humiliation. The other person actually brought back past events, carrying contempt.

"Celestial Clan, you all really are shameless. In the past, I was captured and brought here, but today, I came here on my own to demand an explanation! The great massacre will start with you!" Shi Hao shouted. 

With things already reaching this extent, regardless of what kind of rumors there were in the outside world, Mo Luo couldn't be bothered with so much. Ridicule appeared on his lips, saying, "If not for Qi Daolin appearing in the past, my hand would slap a group of people like you to death like houseflies."

"You were a heavenly deity back then, while I was but a supreme expert, yet you have the shame to flaunt, do you have no sense of shame?" Shi Hao said.


His palm slapped out, symbols surging. The Kun Peng void figure appeared, attacking outwards to kill Mo Luo.

With a weng sound, that great golden passage shone, becoming increasingly resplendent, unexpectedly surrounding Mo Luo to protect him within. 

This was the power of the City of Heaven!

Large amounts of auspicious multicolored light surged from the city gates, supporting Mo Luo's body, protecting him within.


Shi Hao shouted loudly, activating the Defying Dragon Scale in his hands. This thing was extremely mysterious, he was unable to figure it out even after studying it for a long time. However, he knew that its power was unordinary.

At this moment, he directly used it like a weapon, intercepting the great golden passage. 

Draconic energy flooded outwards, cries echoing out. This scale smashed into the great golden passage, and after it received the auspicious multicolored light's attack, it immediately flourished with radiance, cutting this place off. 

The void exploded!

"Not good!" Mo Luo cried out. He lost connection with the golden light, unable to obtain City of Heaven's protection anymore, falling out.

He was now truly exposed.


Shi Hao's speed was just too fast. He grabbed the Defying Dragon Scale, putting it away, and then quickly rushed over to attack Mo Luo.

He wasn't a heavenly deity, yet he dared to take such great action, suppress an expert that had been at the heavenly deity level for many years!

"Young generation, you dare!" Mo Luo was alarmed and angry. Back then, he could crush this youth to death with a raise of his hand, yet now, he grew to this step, about to arrive and kill him.

Right now, his mind was extremely conflicted!

Together with the rumors he heard back then, this person continuously killing heavenly deities, his expression became even more unpleasant. He spared no effort in taking action.


A great web flew out, flickering like a starry sky. This was a precious artifact Mo Luo newly refined, refined from heaven and earth's stellar sand. When the net descended, it could collect mountains, rivers, and all living things. 

However, right now, this web lost effectiveness. When it descended towards Shi Hao, his entire body became covered in lightning. He used the Lightning Emperor's precious technique, releasing all of its power towards the great web. 

The stellar sand completely exploded, the net becoming tattered and scorched black, completely smashed to pieces. 

Shi Hao brought heaven overflowing lightning with him, as if he was the reincarnation of a lightning immortal as he rushed over. His fist smashed outwards, causing lightning radiance to overflow, endless stars all appearing. 


Mo Luo used his precious technique to resist him.

However, it was completely useless. He was blasted flying from just the first strike.

Shi Hao's fist was incomparably terrifying, carrying great stars one after another as they rolled over, the energy devouring mountains and rivers, descending with unstoppable momentum. 

"No!" Mo Luo cried out, feeling extremely unresigned. This was just a younger generation, and it had only been a few years since they last met, yet he already became this powerful. He couldn't stop him at all. 

He continuously displayed secret methods, all types of precious techniques activated, displaying expanse after expanse of brilliance to stop Shi Hao's fist. 

However, that fist approached, the great stars becoming more and more terrifying, as if the entire universe was descending. In reality, they were all formed from lightning radiance. 

At this moment, all of these great stars exploded, turning into lightning. 


In that instant, Mo Luo cried out miserably, his entire body in tatters, charred black by lightning. Even his bones were visible.

"Stop!" He shouted, wishing to run.

However, Shi Hao's gaze was cold, not wasting any words with him. He rushed over, palm blade hacking down. With a pu chi sound, his head was removed. 

Mo Luo's primordial spirit wanted to escape, but in the end, Shi Hao pointed out, making this primordial spirit explode, completely die. 

Everyone who watched on City of Heaven's walls were shocked, erupting into commotion. That was but a heavenly deity! However, he was killed so easily.

This made many of them shiver from fear. The one who came was just too strong!

"It's Huang, the youth from back then! He came for revenge!"

"How could this be? It has only been a few years! He became this powerful after coming out from Immortal Ancient?!"

Finally, everyone in City of Heaven above knew that Huang came. The youth who was locked in the black prison and almost tormented to death came knocking on their door. 

The entire city was moved, everyone ascending onto the city walls to look below.

Thus, everyone became certain that he was the youth from back then. He came back, but his strength was already entirely different. 

"Celestial Clan, I've returned to fulfill my promise. All of the heavenly deities, dao protector, just drag your asses out here!" Shi Hao challenged. 

At this moment, Huo Ling'er also rushed into the sky, standing at his side, her fiery-red dress fluttering about, making her look incredibly moving.

On the walls above, Yun Xi was watching those two, feeling as if she was looking at a pair of daoist immortals. Her expression was complicated, opening her mouth several times to say something, but was ultimately only left with bitterness. 

Back then, Celestial Clan acted against Shi Hao, the grudges between them too deep. It was useless no matter what Yun Xi said now. 

Her heart was in pain. For the sake of rescuing her back then, Shi Hao traveled with her over hundreds of thousand of li, fighting intensely the whole time, yet in the end, he was repaid with slander and humiliation.

Now, the other young lady was still Shi Hao's companion, also coming from the lower realm like Yun Xi, but they were completely different. Those two were now extremely intimate. 

Even some of the Celestial Clan's higher level was filled with regret now. If they hadn't pushed around that youth back then, scheming after his precious techniques, how could it have ended like this?

Now, everyone under the sky knew that Huang cultivated three strands of immortal energy, shocking past and present, unmatched among his peers, no one able to be his opponent. 

It could be said that the road ahead of him was brilliant. One didn't have to think too much to know that he would definitely become one of the three thousand provinces' rulers!

A person like this ended up becoming a mortal enemy of the Celestial Clan. Now that they thought about it like this, some people felt extremely upset, to the extent where they wanted to vomit blood. 

One had to understand that that youth traveled together with Yun Xi, their relationship extremely close. If not for their forceful actions, bullying and humiliating him, how would things have developed like this?

If they treated him with enough respect back then, it might be a completely different situation. 

Perhaps the young lady standing at Huang's side would be Yun Xi, and not the moving young lady in the fiery-red dress. 

Some of the Celestial Clans' higher level figures felt regret, feeling that it was too pitiful. This youth might have very well been their Celestial Clan's most powerful ally, yet now, they were completely standing in opposition. 

In reality, the various events of the past had long spread throughout the outside world, many great inheritances laughing at them, at how they pushed the exceptional figure of a generation to the other side.

"Hateful!" Someone clenched his fists, couldn't help but cry out. 

What were they supposed to do now? There was no way they could change things. 

"Celestial Clan, where are you heavenly deities and dao protectors? All of you, drag your asses out and accept death!" Shi Hao plugged up the city outside the walls, challenging with a loud voice, stopping the entire clan by himself. 

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