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Chapter 1026 - Name Shaking Three Thousand Provinces

That world was too lonely!

How could he accept this conclusion? Shi Hao's eyes felt sour. He gazed into the heavens, finding it difficult to acknowledge this, unable to endure it!

The entire world was ruined, only he remained, standing alone at the peak of the divine dao, enduring the endless years' bleakness, loneliness. Nothing else existed.

"I definitely will not allow this type of situation to occur!" Shi Hao vowed towards the heavens. His hair flew about, eyes entirely red. That was an ending he couldn't face. 

He was going to turn everything around, not allowing this type of tragedy to occur. If that day truly came, with only him left, what meaning was there left?

"What did you see?" Willow Deity asked. 

Even though it had displayed this great method before, different people saw different scenes. The future Shi Hao saw was something Willow Deity who was displaying this method didn't know about itself. 

However, it had a premonition, able to guess at a few things, saying, "In your world, I am no longer there anymore, right? Nothing else."

The undying existence also came, seeing a few blurry scenes, but unable to see the truth. Willow Deity was displaying this method for Shi Hao and not him or Qi Daolin.

"What will it be like in the future?" Qi Daolin asked.

Shi Hao's eyes were red, his nose sour. He looked at them, fearing that he would never see them again. In that world, he was the only one left, everything else gone. 

Even someone as powerful as the Willow Deity only left behind a charred black wooden pile, accompanied by the bleakness of endless time, unable to appear again in the world. 

"It's nothing much, a great world will arise, one that is prosperous to the extreme. Everyone I met is still there, a golden age, joy spread throughout the entire world." Shi Hao said. 

Willow Deity released a sigh. How could it not understand Shi Hao? It watched him grow up, the frustration and disappointment he displayed explaining everything. 

Willow Deity said softly, "Comparatively, the future is extremely vast, but it is also extremely peaceful right? Many people will no longer exist. No wonder there was a prophecy a long time ago that the entire world was going to wither away, the endless years becoming sorrowful and silent."

Shi Hao suddenly felt as if the pressure he faced was too great. He was going to change everything, vowing to stop those things from happening. However, he didn't know if he could actually achieve anything. 

"The future isn't set in stone, countless variables existing. What you see isn't necessarily going to come true. There will always be that strand of hope." Willow Deity said. 

"Is that true?" Shi Hao felt like he was sinking in the middle of a stormy night in the middle of the sea, but suddenly saw a lighthouse, feeling as if he had found his life-saving dawn.

"Correct! Everything can be changed!" Willow Deity consoled. 

Only, it sighed inwardly. How could it be that easy? How could a gleam of hope be that easily seized?!

"I am that variable! I will seize that trace of light, change everything!" Shi Hao roared. 

At this time, the river of time had long disappeared, the him on the other side already gone. However, as long as he closed his eyes, it was as if he could see that beaten, scorched black world. 

How could he endure that type of loneliness?!

"I have to go." Willow Deity didn't say much. It couldn't hold on any longer, its body starting to crumble. Then, it turned into strand after strand of light, entering the mountains and rivers, returning to heaven and earth. 

"One might not necessarily be the most powerful even if they grasp many precious techniques. On the Desolate Border's side, they have long understood this world's magic and dao. Only by creating one's own path is the best way!" These were Willow Deity's final words before disappearing.

It had precious techniques, but it didn't give them to Shi Hao. 

It was because Willow Deity felt that Shi Hao could walk his own path. Grasping too many methods right now wasn't necessarily a good thing. He could use his own path from here on out to slowly study and comprehend them.

"Young man, the road is still long, there is no need to lose yourself." Kun Gate's messy elder walked over, patting Shi Hao's shoulder. He didn't even give the undying existence a look before walking off. 

Qi Daolin walked over, telling Shi Hao many things. He then told him that he still had to pay the boundless uninhabited region depths a visit to search for Supreme Hall!

It was clear that he was searching for it for Shi Hao.

The undying existence gave Shi Hao's other shoulder a pat, and then also left. 

Those great experts all left. This place immediately became quiet. 

Shi Hao stood in place, in somewhat of a daze, not moving for a long time. Too many things had happened today, truly great changes taking place. 

Shi Hao left with a heavy mind. He walked far into the distance, and then suddenly raised his head. This was the boundless uninhabited region's border; he was close to leaving this place.

He was extremely quiet. Everything he saw not too long ago truly left him shaken up!

He thought to himself the entire time. How was he supposed to change the future? Only by becoming stronger would he have the qualifications to change everything, or else what hope or dawn was there to speak of?

Shi Hao wandered about aimlessly, continuing forward, leaving this place of conflict towards the three thousand provinces. Even though he was dejected, his heart heavy, he still had to continue down the path and aim his eyes forward. 

Several days later, Shi Hao recovered. The road was extremely long, and he still had time. It was pointless for him to worry right now. Instead of worrying, he was better off relaxing and doing what had to be done. 

He was an optimistic person. Even though his heart was full of concern, he still gradually adjusted his mood, no longer feeling downcast. 

"The sun will still rise up tomorrow. This great earth isn't going down yet!" Shi Hao said. 

That night, he entered a cliff, chasing all the vicious birds away, occupying the nest and getting a good night's sleep inside. He slept all the way until daybreak when golden multicolored light poured over, his vital energy now filled to the brim. 

"Continue on the way!"

Shi Hao completely freed himself from those thoughts, facing everything like normal.

Along the way, he heard too many rumors. 

"Huang's might has shaken up Immortal Ancient, fighting great battles against heroes of all paths, rising up and becoming number one in those remains!"

"You're wrong, he's number one together with Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, and the others!" Someone corrected.

"You're the one that's wrong. Their strength might be close, but on that arena, it really was Huang who came first, the one who won the most consecutive fights!"

Immortal Ancient Remains' battle ended. All of the events that happened inside spread throughout the world. 

Even though Shi Hao hadn't appeared yet, his name already shook up all three thousand provinces, stirring up discussions between cultivators of all sides. 

Of course, aside from him, there was still the Exiled Immortal, as well as Chang Gongyan, Dragon Girl, and others. Every single stunning individual was being talked about. 

It was because as long as these people didn't fall, they were destined to become rulers of the higher realm, becoming the most powerful group of individuals. 

Too many things happened in Immortal Ancient. During those few years, many people obtained great opportunities inside the ancient place, becoming legends. Now that they returned, they naturally became the heroes and main characters in stories retold. 

The higher realms could not calm down during these few days, all types of complex and brilliant stories circulated around. 

Of course, after Immortal Ancient fractured. Willow Deity descended from the heavens, displaying great divine might, the events of how it rescued Huang released to the world. There was no way to hide it. This triggered a huge commotion. 

The higher realms were immediately thrown into a great uproar, rumors endless.

Shi Hao borrowed a few large-scale transport formations, silently arriving at Demon Province to see his grandfather. 

The fiery volcano was just like before, magma roiling, red liquid boiling.

In his grandfather's place of isolation were groups of fiery volcanoes, the acrid sulfuric smell extremely strong, but not enough to affect cultivators.


A volcano erupted. The Great Demonic God walked out from the magma in great spirits, hair pitch-black, complexion much better. His entire body was giving off a flourishing blood energy. 

"Hao, it really is you… you returned!"

Grandpa Fifteen was extremely happy. He sensed Shi Hao's aura, but he never expected to truly see him return. Great emotions welled up within him, his heart filled with joy.

"Grandpa, it's me, I've returned!" Shi Hao rushed over, his nose feeling sour. It was because in that corner of the future he saw, his grandfather had long vanished from existence. 

Even though he only saw a few scenes from what he experienced not too long ago, he felt as if he had just lived an entire life, crossing endless time. Right now, he felt a bit sentimental. 

"Haha, my good grandson, you returned from Immortal Ancient Remains! What rank did you end up getting in the great battle?" The Great Demonic God laughed loudly, wishing to lighten the atmosphere a bit. 

During these past few years, he remained in seclusion the entire time, unaware of the outside world's matters. Even though the higher realms was long bubbling with noise, rumors regarding Immortal Ancient spreading everywhere, he only found out just now.

"Number one!" Shi Hao told his grandfather. He also laughed.

"What? My grandson is number one under the heavens?!" This time, the Great Demonic God was shaken up, feeling incomparably shocked, a bit in disbelief. 

The grandfather and grandson had long rushed together, embracing each other.

Even though Grandpa Fifteen was laughing, right now, his eyes still felt a bit sore, a bit teary-eyed. He forcefully stopped them from falling, because in these past few years, he was extremely worried, fearing that something unexpected would happen to Shi Hao in Immortal Ancient. 

Today, not only did he see his grandson come back alive, he even heard about such glorious battle accomplishments. How could he not be moved?!

"Grandpa, I've brought back good stuff for you!" After sharing the joyous news, Shi Hao produced holy medicines, half divine fruits and many other divine objects.

"How can I take your things? Put them all away. Right now, grandpa is already strong, my missing arm long regrown. Together with Fiend Island Demonic Sovereign's blood nourishment, my condition is improving by the day. My body is already as strong as a barbaric dragon, there's no need for these things!" The Great Demonic God tactfully declined, having him put these treasures away. 

It was because Grandpa Fifteen knew that this was what his grandson exchanged for with his life. As the older generation, how could he ask for Shi Hao's things?

"It should be grandpa that gives you gifts!"

"Grandpa, are you really going to treat me like an outsider?" Shi Hao produced a bone coffin, inside of it All Life Earth, and even more so a stalk of Heavenly Deity Tree. 

He directly picked off a Heavenly Deity Fruit, placing it in his grandfather's hands.

"This is… Heavenly Deity Fruit?!" When the Great Demonic God learned what this was, his face immediately became full of shock. Even this type of legendary thing was obtained by his grandson, it truly was heaven defying.

"Grandpa, regardless of whether you take it now or not, you have to accept it!"

The outside world became more and more chaotic. News of Immortal Ancient's great battle and many other secret matters began to spread throughout the three thousand provinces. 

Shi Hao unleashed a great slaughter inside, his valiance dominating all of his peers, even the events of him killing many heavenly deities spread, making many sects' disciples tremble greatly, viewing this like a legend.

"Is that so? Is there finally a presentable opponent? Have him come and fight against me to see if he can take a blow or if things are exaggerated." A young man from the foreign guests laughed coldly, calling out the most powerful individual from Immortal Ancient for a fight. 

It was because the Nine Heavens Ten Earths great alliance was about to be established. They were going to establish holy academies, heavenly deity institutions, these being places only the most powerful would be able to enter.

These foreign individuals wished to examine the three thousand provinces' most powerful geniuses, see if they had the qualifications to enter.

Shi Hao stayed with his grandfather for a few days before continuing on his way. He wanted to become stronger, so he wouldn't stay in one place. He was going to travel through the world. 

Then, he headed towards Fire Province, proceeding towards the area full of Fire Mulberry Trees.

After all these years had passed, the Fire Mulberry Trees were still here, but he didn't know if that old friend was. 

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