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Chapter 1020 - Killing Sect Masters From All Sides

Someone as powerful as Sword Valley Lord, an individual who had traveled unhindered his entire life and trained the Sword Dao to the extreme was still blasted apart, dying here. 

The vicious and domineering Flying Snake Race sect master, someone who was unstoppable when facing all other opponents, was also killed, his flesh turned into a bloody paste. 

These types of figures died one after another, so how could everyone not be alarmed, how could they not be shocked? Everyone felt a great fear. Willow Deity's power made all of the sect masters' expressions change.

This was extremely terrifying. Those were all giants, heaven warping individuals who had lived for an endless amount of time, tempered by endless blood and flames, truly great figures. 

However, it wasn't difficult for the Willow Deity to kill them at all, nor did it suffer any unendurable price, directly killing them in a clean and efficient manner, making all sides shiver inwardly. 

Its white clothes were exceptional as Willow Deity stood there. Around it, three thousand worlds turned into spheres of light, moving around it, rising and falling. The scenes inside the great worlds could be seen one after another, their natives praying, gods and devils kowtowing, all spirits offering sacrifices. It was mysterious and extraordinary. 

"Immortal Palace's senior, you need to suppress it!" Someone shouted loudly. 

Willow Deity grasped the copper palace as it moved, basically becoming its weapon, delivering a great threat to the people. It carried chaotic light and powerful fluctuations that swept in all directions. 

With it a the center, a forbidden domain was formed!


A powerful figure was blasted into mincemeat!


In the copper palace, an aged voice sounded. The entire copper palace overflowed with green light, all of the copper rust releasing sinister symbols, forming wave after wave of strange power, rushing at the Willow Deity. 

Suddenly, a tremendous voice sounded, as if the cosmos were opening for the first time, also like the birth of all things. It was incomparably grand, illuminating the immortal dao and all of eternity. 

The three thousand rising and falling spheres of light in the Willow Deity's surroundings seemed to have become ignited, becoming more and more brilliant, as if a new heaven and earth was being formed. 

That copper palace was stopped, the radiance sweeping in reverse, making it release weng weng sounds as it struggled about. The Willow Deity forcefully suppressed it with great magical force, suppressing and sealing this artifact.


Then, the Willow Deity shone. Even more golden branches rushed out from its side, all of them tangling around the Bronze Immortal Palace, making its radiance grow dim. The fluctuations it released immediately decreased by a lot.


On the side, the others were also taking action, every single one of them attacking at the Willow Deity murderously. They knew that this divine tree was too extraordinary, not something a single person could face. 

The Willow Deity released a light shout. Those branches shone, wrapping around the Bronze Palace, bringing it up before sending them smashing down on the sect masters of all sides.

This scene was extremely shocking. The Bronze Palace turned into an enormous hammer, smashing down until the void trembled. The divine force that erupted was boundless, no one able to stop it. 

The copper palace was a higher realm supreme treasure, but right now, it was grabbed and used by the Willow Deity, releasing extremely terrifying might, leaving others horrified. 

"Stop this willow tree! What kind of magical artifact is the Bronze Palace? Forcefully suppress it right now! That willow tree is under a tremendous amount of pressure! As long as we stop it, it will definitely suffer a disaster!" A Golden-Eyed Beast shouted, trying to buy Immortal Palace's supreme being time, have him activate this precious artifact to suppress and kill the Willow Deity, exhaust his blood energy and cultivation. 


In the end, before that Golden-Eyed Beast even finished shouting, the Bronze Immortal Palace smashed down, covering it. 

The Willow Deity could resist this supreme treasure, brandish it about, but that didn't mean that others could also do so. This was an ancient immortal dao artifact. 

The Golden-Eyed Beast screamed loudly, all of its scales surging, roaring and doing everything it could. It felt as if it was supporting a mountain, its bones about to fracture, unable to endure it. 

The copper palace that descended from the sky swirled with symbols, restricting the void. The Golden-Eyed Beast was the clan elder of its race, yet right now, it couldn't move, locked down here. 

"Ah…" The Golden-Eyed Beast cried out loudly, extremely unwilling to accept this result, roaring towards the sky. 


Unfortunately, it could only release a final roar before the descending copper palace smashed down on him. Precious light swirled, its body immediately breaking into pieces before exploding. 

Another sect master fell, dying here.

"Everyone, there is no need to retreat. It is just one person, so is it going to defy the heavens? It is just a momentary bravery."

Someone shouted. The group of people's eyes became brilliant, taking action again, activating all types of precious artifacts and other things. 


The copper palace shone. Under the Willow Deity's support, it collided with a few precious artifacts. As a result, a few fracturing sounds rang through the air, several weapons exploding. 

How could they compare with the copper palace? This was one of the higher realms' ten great weapons!


A Heavenly Scorpion screamed, turning into its original body to resist the descending copper palace. It already activated its extreme speed, hiding behind this magical artifact.

However, the Willow Deity locked onto it, not giving it a chance, pursuing it relentlessly. It brandished that bronze ancient palace, smashing it right down onto it.


The Heavenly Scorpion did everything it could, that blood red scorpion tail behind it shot up to face the copper palace, but its expression immediately became pale. This heavenly scorpion tail cracked, and then it exploded, unable to block that Bronze Immortal Palace at all. 


The Heavenly Scorpion sect master died miserably, body in pieces, turning into a blast of bloody mist. Another expert was killed.

At this time, everyone's expressions became ugly. How much time had passed so far? However, when the Willow Deity descended, it continuously killed the sect masters here, intimidating everyone, making all of them shiver in fear.

How were they supposed to fight?

Who could still stop it? There was just no way!

"Immortal Palace senior, this is your magical artifact, so please take it back!" Luofu True Valley's Valley Lord shouted.

The others didn't say much, but they were clearly unhappy with this situation. Immortal Palace's supreme being was so powerful, yet today, he didn't display any unmatched methods, instead having his weapon used by the other party as a slaughter weapon.

"Everyone, calm down and cease your impatience!" Immortal Palace's supreme being spoke. He was clearly angry now as well. From start to now, he had constantly been at a disadvantage, his supreme treasure actually used by the other side.


Everyone became shocked. The rust on this copper palace came off, forming a rain of green-colored light. It was exceptionally brilliant, flying about, drowning out the area the Willow Deity was in.

This was especially the case when it wrapped around the golden willow branch tangled around the Bronze Palace, long covered with green spots. It was as if they were suffering from an insect infection, appearing extremely dim and sickly.


Someone shouted, quickly withdrawing, all of them doing everything they could to hide out of fear of being affected. 

This was Immortal Palace's green copper rust's curse, the most sinister type of power. Once one came into contact with it, it was extremely difficult to get rid of. It would threaten their entire life's dao!

Back then, when Shi Hao was in the lower realm, he was hit by a piece of green copper rust, his body ultimately dying, buried underneath the earth for an entire year before reviving. 

One could imagine how frightening this type of green copper rust was. 

Now, the sky was covered in green-colored light, surrounding the Willow Deity, corroding those golden branches. This was naturally a type of fatal blow.

One had to understand that the one who was displaying this type of curse power was not the old servant that dealt with Shi Hao back then, but the sect's number one supreme being.


Sure enough, the golden branches separated from the Bronze Palace, feeling a bit powerless. Meanwhile, that magical artifact immediately rushed up, freed from its restriction.

Now, some of the Willow Deity's golden branches became dispirited, its leaves full of spots, as if burned by the sun, already becoming dried up and yellow, on the verge of withering. 

The copper palace freed itself from the Willow Deity's control. At this time, a large expanse of symbols flew out from within. Immortal Palace's supreme being took action. 

One could see an ancient figure sitting within, continuously forming imprints, a giant Human Immortal appearing behind him. It then rushed out from the ancient palace, rushing murderously towards the Willow Deity. 


At this moment, the heavens collapsed and earth ruptured, ghosts cried and deities howled. 

Immortal Palace's supreme being finally took action again after an endless amount of time had passed, displaying the most incomparable great might. 

"Willow Deity!" 

Shi Hao cried out, feeling worry for it. It was because the Willow Deity seemed to have been cursed, the situation not looking too good. 


After a cold snort, the white-clothed Willow Deity moved strand after strand of mist. That place became indistinct. Then, those golden branches shook, light overflowing outwards. 

The spots on the golden branches all began to gather like streams, continuously converging, flowing towards a single branch. 

Then, all of the curse power was concentrated on a single branch. That golden branch became a dark green color, exceptionally terrifying.


This branch began to burn, and then it blasted apart, thus neutralizing the curse.

Everyone became stupefied. This curse was incredibly difficult to neutralize. Since the ancient times, just how many people were able to continue living? However, in the end, the Willow Deity actually eliminated it just like that. 

Normally speaking, when a curse entered the body, it would spread throughout the entire body, completely irreversible.

However, it was able to force it all to one area, and then ultimately destroyed a single branch, thus completely eradicating the curse.


The Willow Deity stood there, facing the Human Immortal Imprint, directly sending out a palm. A honglong sounded, the collision making the heavenly domain shake violently. 

That Human Immortal grew dim, directly scattering.

Immediately after, the Willow Deity slaughtered over to the copper palace. This time, it didn't seize the magical artifact, because it was someone else's after all, and it was an immortal dao object, difficult to truly control. 

The Willow Deity directly stepped inside the copper palace, advancing inside to kill Immortal Palace Supreme Being!

This scene made many people's fine hairs stand on end. It was too domineering and heaven-defying! It dared to enter the precious artifact of another?

"Everyone, do not waste time. Lend Immortal Palace's senior a hand and kill this willow tree!" Phantom Drake Dao Gate's lord said. 

Everyone joined forces, charging forward together. 

The Willow Deity glanced back. Its body's aura surged, releasing exceptionally astonishing fluctuations. Over a hundred willow branches flew out, sweeping towards the crowd.

Among them, Phantom Drake Dao Gate Master suffered the greatest pressure, because most of the golden willow branches rushed at him.


A draconic cry sounded, resounding through heaven and earth, echoing through this place. 

It moved its head and brandished its tail, resisting the golden willow branches, joining up with everyone to seal up this precious technique's attack.


However, it was still hit in the end, unable to avoid it. Two dragon horns were wrapped around.

"Break!" Phantom Drake Dao Gate's Lord shouted.

Unfortunately, even though he used his entire strength and everyone else also took action, those golden branches were still tough and indestructible like heavenly blades. 


The golden branches that wrapped around the dragon horns unexpectedly broke the dragon horns, coming off while soaked in blood. 


Phantom Drake Dao Gate Lord cried out loudly, its head bleeding greatly, face pale. It was truly frightened badly. 

It thought that it could escape this disaster, but the golden branches surged, already rushing forward, wrapping around his body. 

"No!" He cried out loudly. 

Everything was already too late. Even though its magical force was heaven reaching, right now, it was like a sheep waiting to be slaughtered, unable to resist. 


That golden branch constricted its body until the scales came off, the injuries unimaginably severe.

Its primordial spirit wished to flee. A golden branch flew over, and with a pu sound, it was pierced through, impaled and killed in the void. 

Another important figure died, leaving everyone horrified. 

Moreover, at this time, the Willow Deity already had one foot in the Bronze Palace, about to enter, not paying the crowd that rushed over any attention, not fearing that they might suppress it inside.

Now, it rushed towards Immortal Palace Supreme Being!

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