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Chapter 1019 - Willow Deity's Magnificence

Willow Deity!

This time, it really was it, arriving through the air from the vast uninhabited region's depths! 

White clothes fluttered about, magnificent style unmatched!

This was precisely the Willow Deity! It displayed this unmatched magnificence the moment it appeared, sending that ancient bronze palace flying with a single slap, moreover injuring other sect masters.


The bronze palace was slapped into the ground by a single palm. Even though there was still a huge distance between the palm and the mountain peaks, they all collapsed, rubble flying into the sky. 

When the copper palace tumbled about, those mountains all exploded, the plants blasted into pieces, void caving in. The scene was strange and terrifying. 

One had to understand that this was one of the higher realms' ten great weapons! 

It looked like an ancient palace, but it was actually a weapon. 

The mountain region caved in. When it descended, it tore through everything in its path, nothing able to stop its fall, as if the great stars smashed down from outer space. 

This was a heaven collapsing earth splitting scene. Smoke and dust swept high into the sky, rushing into the clouds, shaking up the heavens. 

This scene was incredibly terrifying. It was just a bronze palace that descended, yet it was many times more vicious and forceful than the attacks of the various sect masters. 

One had to understand that there were many great formations laid here, numbering in the several dozens. They were set up by different sect masters, yet right now, they were all struck through. 

The copper palace smashed into the great earth's depths, erasing large amounts of bone texts. An enormous black abyss appeared there, deep without bottom, pitch-black, extremely frightening. 

This was just the first blow that was exchanged, the first strike, yet there was this type of scene, making the minds of experts on all sides greatly shaken, resplendent symbols appearing in their eyes as they stared in that direction. 

"That is Immortal Palace's supreme being! He had witnessed the rise of the Imperial Court, the prosperity and declines of Emperor Clans, always standing above all others, known as an undefeated ancient legend in the higher realms."

A few people spoke quietly in shock. 

The legendary unmatched Immortal Palace Supreme Being, only now did he wake up, yet he encountered a ridiculously powerful opponent. When the palm descended, the sect's Bronze Palace was even smashed into the ground.

What kind of scene was this?

In this place, that person transcended above. The snow-white clothes were flawless, shining bright like a moon. Strand after strand of white mists spread into the surroundings, and in this person's surroundings, there were three thousand spheres of light, every single one a world!

Every single sphere of light was a heaven and earth of its own, within it many ancient countries. There were countless gods and devils within, prostrated in worship, sounds of chanting sounding. 

Countless gods and evils were praying respectfully under those countless skies and realms, this type of scene enough to shock past and present, an unimaginably fantastic and grand scene!

On the other side, Sword Valley Lord stood in place, broken sword in hand. Blood trickled out from the corners of his lips, expression extremely unsightly. 

Who was he? A sect master from the three thousand provinces, a higher realms giant, yet in the end, he suffered this type of setback, injured after just starting to trade blows.

Towards this type of existence, something like this was an extraordinary shame and humiliation. During the endless passage of time, just how many were able to easily injure him like this?

Western Sect Master's hands closed, his mouth chanting incantations, stabilizing his Six Zhang Golden Body and no longer backing up, releasing the magical projection. 

Just now, he produced the Thousand Hand Ancient Monk, using a buddhist extreme dao enlightenment from the last great era, yet he still suffered a great loss. 

Fortunately, the magical projection wasn't a true body. HIs main body wasn't blasted through, only some of the thousand arms that were constructed from magical force broken.

Despite this being the case, it was still enough to leave Western Sect's sect master greatly shaken. 

It was because several years ago, he had traded blows with the willow tree in the lower realm, yet the other party was definitely not that ferocious back then. Only a few years had passed, yet the changes were so great.

"It seems like the rumors are true. He might very well have something to do with the last great era, a remnant unmatched existence."

Western Sect's sect master said softly, his expression grave and serious. 

"Willow Deity… you returned?" Shi Hao shouted, feeling incomparably excited, his emotions surging up and down like great waves, finding it difficult to control himself.

This separation immediately lasted several years. He never forgot about it. 

It was precisely because of the Willow Deity that Shi Hao had all types of accomplishments. Back then, the great wastelands were in chaos, but the weak and dying Willow Deity saved Stone Village. 

When Shi Hao was young, the Willow Deity had never passed down to him a great method, but it helped guide him, letting him see a vast and greater world.

Shi Hao never forgot what the goal he was striving for was. The day would come when he would enter the Willow Deity's world and fight alongside it.

He originally thought that after the Willow Deity entered that dao gate, he would never come out again, only when he was powerful enough could he then go looking for it. 

Today's meeting left him shocked and joyous. 

The Willow Deity glanced back, white mists surrounding its human body, still difficult to see its true form, not even the Heavenly Eye enough to see through it. However, Shi Hao could feel that it was smiling. 

"Is it the true Willow Deity that returned, or is it another?" Shi Hao said softly, standing in the distance with his fists clenched, quietly waiting for the battle to end. 

He was confident in the Willow Deity, from the past until now, and then to the future, there was almost nothing the Willow Deity couldn't do. He was invincible!

A deafening keng qiang sound rang out. Below that black abyss, the copper palace that was full of green copper rust erupted with mottled brilliance. It was as if an immortal artifact that was sealed for endless years was awakened, its power incomparable. 

It left the earth, rushing out from the black hole's depths. 

There was always a rumor that this was an immortal dao precious artifact. Even though it looked like a building, it was actually an incomparable supreme treasure. 

It was rumored that it was ranked close to the very front of the three thousand provinces' ten great weapons.

It was to the extent where there were even rumors that it was like the Three World Coffin, its origins astonishing, related to the last great era. 


The copper palace shone, appearing on the surface. It released chaotic energy, and there was auspicious light that surged. That ancient green rust stains could not hide its extraordinariness and mysteryousness. 

Many imprints appeared on the copper palace, vivid and lifelike. Plants, bugs, beasts, birds, deities, sun, moon, stellar streams, and others, everything that should be there was there. Everything was accompanied by mist. 

"Willow tree, you are still alive!" An aged voice sounded from within the copper palace, carrying dignity, as well as a type of forcefulness. 

His voice shook up the void until it distorted, mountains and valleys in all directions splitting. The blood energy of an entire era's supreme being was spreading, his regular voice alone creating this type of scene. 

Forget about others, just the sect masters' minds were greatly shaken. This old man was too powerful, extremely formidable. 

"Remnant immortal root, you managed to live until this world, but this is already no longer your great era! You will never reach your peak here!" That ancient voice from within that copper palace became more and more forceful. 

"Everyone, move together and cut down this tree!" Sword Valley Lord said.

"Correct, with so many of us here, is there a need to fear a single individual? Just kill it!" Phantom Drake Dao Gate's gate master shouted, its enormous dragon body dancing about in the sky. 

"All of you, retreat here. I will not take action." The Willow Deity spoke towards a few people, having them leave. 

However, he didn't look at Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Immortal Palace and these other inheritances' masters. His expression was calm, no emotions to be seen. However, it still made others feel a great fear. 

This moved a few people's minds, also making some become more nervous and grave. 

"Sure, we were going to leave to begin with. However, the sinner's blood descendant, as well as Supreme Hall's remaining evil Qi Daolin have to give us an explanation for this." Luofu True Valley's master said. Now that they reached this state, there was no way things could be reconciled. They wished for the different sects to join together and kill this powerful enemy. 

If they missed out on this, then it would be hard to encounter another opportunity. It was because now that experts from all sides gathered, it was the best chance to deal with the undying existence and willow tree. 

"Is that so? None of you are willing to leave unless that youth remains?" The Willow Deity's voice was still just as calm. 

"There has never been anyone who could ask this old one to do anything. I do as I please, how can my will be restricted?" The copper palace's elder said with a cold and deep voice. 

"Since senior is going to take action, we naturally won't fall behind. Go up together and cut this tree down!" A sect master said. 

Meanwhile, Sword Valley Lord, Phantom Drake Dao Gate Master, and the others rushed up together, starting to surround and attack the Willow Deity, wishing to kill it here. 

"Regardless of who it is that comes, it will be difficult for you to leave this place!" The Sun God Vine had half its body severed by the Willow Deity back then, so it naturally bore a great grudge. 

"You won't be able to save that youth. Our will for him to remain represents the great will of the three thousand provinces. You alone cannot change much!" Another person echoed.

The Willow Deity smiled, but it was a bit cold. "You all are showing quite the impressive display, willing to go to the end against a single youth, not willing to let it go. Since that is the case, there is no need to say any more. A fight it is!"

"Haha, where do you think this is? There has never been anyone who could face the sect masters of all sides. Even someone as strong as you will fall when trying to do something so heaven-defying!" Fire Cloud Cavern's people said. 

"Kill!" Underworld Lord was extremely direct, speaking here. 

"That youth will inevitably die. He dares kill my Heavenly Country's outstanding talent, naturally cannot be let off!" Heavenly Country's Vice Lord also spoke. 

"Then all of you can crawl over and accept death!" The undying existence roared, already moving to fight against these people.


A great battle erupted. Everyone took action together, activating precious techniques. Time immediately became chaotic, heaven and earth as if it had just opened. This place was simply about to explode.

Undying existence, Qi Daolin, and others naturally resisted with everything they had.

However, it was still the Willow Deity's area that was the most intense, murderous intent surging to the extreme. 

This was just the start, yet there was already bloody light that splashed outwards. 


The higher realms' supreme treasure Bronze Palace shone, suppressing towards the Willow Deity. 

Others frantically attacked, not holding back, using their lives' most powerful divine abilities.

Only, that Immortal Palace shone, unable to injure the Willow Deity. When it descended above its head, it was stopped.


A streak of golden light flew out. A golden branch that was who knew how thick instantly pierced through the void, arriving before Sword Valley Lord, targeting him again.


This time, Sword Valley Lord released an attack that was enough to cut down the sun, moon and stars, the sword radiance rushing into the heavens, making even the heavenly domain about to rupture. 

However, that willow tree was still unaffected. Even though sparks flew in all directions, this sword was stopped, its body not severed. 

Moreover, the golden branch was like a divine whip, penetrating everything in the way, arriving behind it. The golden branch curled, and then the broken sword in his hands shattered, turning into metal fragments. 

Then, this branch pierced through his body, nailing him in midair. It was too fast, everything happening incomparably fast. 

Someone as powerful as Sword Valley Lord, the sect master of an area couldn't even stop it. The symbols protecting his body completely scattered, his entire body flying outwards. 

Of course, he was moving horizontally while nailed in the void, his body dripping with blood.


Then, that golden branch shook. Sword Valley Lord's entire body exploded, forming a blast of bloody mist in the void.

This left everyone shocked. It was too sudden!


Another golden branch appeared, the thickness of a wrist. It shot through the void, penetrating an expanse of symbols. An expert from Underworld Earth released a loud cry, the death scythe in his hands exploding.

Moreover, a light peng sounded. The space between his brows was impaled by a golden branch, primordial spirit erased, directly killed. 


In the sky, that Bronze Palace trembled, crushing downwards with heaven overflowing symbols. There was immortal dao energy that pervaded the air. 

Meanwhile, at this time, Willow Deity's body didn't move, but thousands of golden willow branches rushed out from behind it, turning into divine chains of order, supporting this ancient copper palace. 

Then, it released a light grunt, stopping this palace, moreover wrapping its branches around it, binding it in place.


The thousands of golden branches wrapped around the Bronze Palace, and like a sledgehammer, it was brandished about, smashing forward.

Everyone's expressions changed. This was a higher realms supreme treasure, yet it was now used by the other side. 


A Flying Snake Race sect master was immediately smashed rotten, killed on the spot. 

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