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Chapter 1018 - Willow Deity's Reappearance 

Great Golden Winged Peng and Green Sky Peng were all the Kun Peng's descendents. Even though they weren't its direct children, their bloodlines were still extremely pure, especially these two creatures who were even more terrifying.

It was because they were only separated by a few generations, close to the Kun Peng Child, calling him their ancestral uncle. 

These two divine birds had brilliant reputations in the higher realms, the two clans also incredibly powerful. Normally, few people dared provoke them!

However, even though they possessed enough bravery, their abilities great, it still wasn't enough to make all of the sect masters feel restraining fear. After all, they were just two great experts.

When the golden leaves fluttered down, everyone's expressions changed, especially a few of them, whose expressions became even more unpleasant. It was because they had seen it before in the lower realm. 

That type of aura was extremely familiar, impossible to mistaken. 

"It's that existence, didn't it enter that gate? How could it appear again?!" The Sun God Vine's expression was the most unpleasant. In the past, it had part of its body directly severed by this individual, forcing it to flee for its life, returning to the higher realms. 

"Impossible, an impersonation. It has already rushed through the Primordial Gate, impossible to still be alive!" Another person shouted. 

"Who is it that is messing around trying to play god?" Someone berated. 

None of them believed it, feeling that someone was playing tricks. 

Shi Hao's mind was moved greatly, almost screaming out. It was because those were the Willow Deity's leaves!

There weren't many leaves in the sky, but every single one of them was sparkling and translucent, golden radiance surging into the heavens, releasing powerful fluctuations as they floated in the void.

"Heng, just some deceitful trick. There is no way that person can appear again. You can't do anything to me!" There was someone who didn't believe, a Blood Bat shouting here. 

It moved its wings, possessing a pair of black fiendish wings, glaring with its red eyes, its snow-white teeth awe-inspiring. 

This was a sect master. Even though it wasn't a three thousand province great sect giant, it was still quite formidable, its cultivation not weaker than that of those well known experts. 


Right at this time, a golden leaf flew over, turning into a stream of light. It was too fast, golden light smashing apart the void as it closed in on the Blood Bat. 

The Blood Bat cried out loudly. When it opened its mouth, scarlet ripples shot outwards. This was its precious technique, a sound great divine ability. It shook up this place, shattering heaven and earth. 

However, it was completely useless. That golden leaf flew over, blasting through the scarlet ripples, and then pierced through the space between its brows with a pu sound. 

"Ah…" The Blood Bat released a loud cry, the blood between its brow surging. It struggled with everything it had, but the radiance in its eyes quickly dimed.

The expert of a generation was killed just like that, dying under a single golden willow leaf.

The expressions of everyone on the scene changed, all of them shaken up!

A few people felt horrified. It was just a golden willow leaf, yet it could take the life of this super powerful expert? How great of a divine ability was this?!

This place became momentarily silent. Many people closed their mouths, not uttering a sound.

This was especially the case for a few extremely powerful giants that had previous went into the lower realm to fight against the Willow Deity. They deeply understood how terrifying it was. 

One had to understand that during that battle several years ago, the Willow Deity was just a single individual, yet it challenged everyone. Many sect masters went down to the lower realm, attacking him together, yet it was still useless. 

In that type of situation, it slaughtered in and out alone. Despite being surrounded and attacked by many, it still killed several sect masters, seriously injuring many. 

That battle left long-lasting effects. For example, the current Underworld Lord was able to control several pieces of yin earth in the higher realms precisely because the Willow Deity killed an underworld earth chaotic ancient corpse, a giant. 

From then on, no one competed with Underworld Lord over those pieces of yin earth, and that was why he was able to successfully control them. 

During that battle several years ago, the Willow Deity challenged the masses, killing sect masters, triggering huge waves in the higher realms. It was because it was too terrifying and extraordinary. 

There were some who suspected who it was, but there were others who didn't know. However, later on, many sides investigated, finding a few clues. 

Everyone discovered with horror that the Willow Deity might very well be a ruined body that had never recovered to its peak. It was because in the ancient era, someone had seen it undergo rebirth, and there were even some who saw it turn into a seed.

There were some who heard that after who knew where it went through, it encountered a calamity that had never existed before. The tree suffered Immortal Dao Lightning from the nine heavens, almost killing it. 

The present world Willow Deity was at a low point of its life, being able to survive a miracle of its own. Being able to gradually recover was something that left even more people in shock. 

Back then, a Willow Deity that hadn't recovered to its peak yet could fight all sides, so how could they not feel restraining fear?

After several years had passed, if it appeared again, it might perhaps have become even more powerful!

"Senior is that you?"

At this moment, a five-colored peacock appeared. It had an enormous body, bright and gorgeous feathers that illuminated the heavens. It arrived from the sky, gazing up into the heavens. 

It was Peacock Divine Lord. He quickly turned into the figure of a man, the human body standing in the sky with an expression of reverence. 

Everyone became stupefied. Even someone as powerful as the Peacock Race's lord had this type of expression, making others feel more and more respect for the Willow Deity. 

Only a few people understood that the reason Peacock Divine Lord could rise up was because it had seen a willow tree during its youth, granted a drop of five-colored divine liquid. This was the reason why it exceeded its clansmen, ultimately soaring into the sky. 

"The Desolate Border is going to become chaotic, flame beacons everywhere. There is no need for internal friction, all sides, just withdraw here."

In the void, a peaceful voice sounded. Golden willow leaves fluttered about, making this place appear more and more divine and auspicious.

Right at this moment, a Bronze Immortal Palace shook, releasing an aged cough sound, as if a giant was about to revive. 


At the same time, a great bell sound rang in a long and drawn-out manner. A simple and ancient dao bell appeared in the heavens, massive and mysterious, chaotic energy seeping out from it. 

One the great bell's walls was a 'Without' character!

At the same time, Western Sect's sect master who had remained quiet this entire time displayed an imposing precious image, walking forward. He immediately reached out many arms, forming the Thousand Hand Ancient Monk. 

The situation became more and more complicated, the giants of all sides appearing. 

"I don't believe it, it's definitely not that person. No one can appear from the Primordial Gate, the unmatched supreme beings that entered before all died!" Sword Valley Lord spoke, his right hand holding a sword. Sworld waves rippled out, allowing him to stand above his Sword Dao.

At this moment, someone shouted from the distance, "Reporting to Sword Valley, that indeed isn't the willow tree from the lower realm. It came from Immortal Ancient Remains!"

When these words sounded, this place couldn't calm down, this place immediately greatly shaken up, all sides surprised. 

Gu Jianyun appeared from the distance, saying, "Immortal Ancient has remains, a mountain range a few natives guard, within it a branch of their guardian spirit ancient ancestor, precisely this golden willow tree." 

Gu Jianyun spoke out because he hadn't returned from Immortal Ancient Remains for that long, understanding some of the secrets and truths. 

"Correct, it isn't the willow tree the seniors saw in the lower realm, just a broken branch!" At this moment, Ning Chuan also appeared. 

Meanwhile, at his side were a few other experts, among them a giant among the natives -- Silver Blood Devil Tree. 

This ancient tree spoke up, claiming that this was precisely what the Eight Armed Soul Race, Centaur Race, and others protected, a branch that had already become dormant, no longer waking, not a complete ancient tree. 

"Hahaha…" There were immediately people who laughed loudly, the corners of their lips revealing expressions of ridicule, their moods immediately becoming much more relaxed. 

As expected, even if it wasn't the main body, this broken branch was perhaps extremely formidable as well, but it definitely couldn't fight a prolonged battle, because it didn't have roots, at most release a few attacks. 

Shi Hao's heart sank. He also guessed at this. This was likely the golden branch in the pure land. Even though it was like a heaven reaching ancient tree right now, it wasn't the real Willow Deity. 

He had previously conversed with it in the ancient land, already understanding that as endless years passed, even though this branch had some of the Willow Deity's imprints, they were going to fade away soon as well.

After all these years had passed, it had never remained awake for a long amount of time. 

That was why Shi Hao never planned to ask for its assistance when fleeing from Immortal Ancient this time. It was because it became silent again after that discussion. 

Only, he never expected that it would come at this time!

"Making everything unnecessarily complicated, undying, Qi Daolin, and that ruined willow tree, I want to see how you all will escape!" Heavenly Country Lord said coldly. 

Shi Hao released a sigh, fully aware that this branch couldn't fight for a long time. 

However, Qi Daolin and the undying existence were both extremely calm, not showing any signs of disappointment or dejectedness, still holding their fighting spirits high.

"Everyone, you should know when to forgive and let others go!"

Right at this time, nine figures appeared, precisely the Eight Armed Soul Race, Beauty Race, and other sect masters. Nine giants hurried over from Immortal Ancient Remains. 

From this, Gu Jianyun and Ning Chuan's words were verified. The floating golden willow leaves were related to the nine great sect masters. They asked the willow tree remains to take action. 

"Heng!" Underworld Earth's people released a cold snort, unaffected by this. 

"Immortal Ancient's natives, you all should keep to your own roles so we can all live together in harmony. If you stop us, then that is the same as going to war against the higher realms' three thousand province!" Sword Valley Lord said. 

"Are your actions indicative of taking us as your enemies?" Divine Temple's powerful individual said with a deep voice. 

"Can you represent all of our higher realms' three thousand provinces?" The Great Golden Winged Peng Shouted. 

The Green Sky Peng spread its wings, nodding there, willing to move together with the undying existence. 

"Everyone, the great calamity is about to start, all sides enveloped in flames of war, it is best if we cease all conflict." At this moment, someone spoke from the distance, a snow-white old tortoise.

At this time, Heaven Mending Sect and Sky Severing Sect also appeared, not too far out, also about to declare where they stood.

The matters already reached this state. Quite a few top level figures arrived, the situation becoming more and more complicated. There were some who wished for a ceasefire, while others' hostility grew deeper. 

"Hahaha… nine sect masters came, playing around with a tree branch and trying to fool us with just this, today, there has to be an explanation. There is no more kindness left!" Heavenly Country's lord spoke.

"Correct, this is all because of Huang. There naturally has to be an explanation!" Underworld Lord said. Death fog surged, killing intent overflowing. 

"The sinner's blood descendant must die!" Sword Valley Lord was extremely direct. 

Of course, there were many people who even more so wished to kill Qi Daolin and the undying existence. 

Right at this moment, the undying existence smiled in a rather brash and wild manner. "Just you all, yet you want to intimidate me?!"

"Just now, we were already without fear. Now that we have this group of dao friends here, what is there left to be scared of!" Qi Daolin also laughed loudly. 


The undying existence took action, fighting against them again.

Now, the pressure he faced decreased. After all, the Great Golden Winged Peng, Green Sky Peng, and nine immortal ancient natives' sect masters descended, all of them standing by their side. 


Suddenly, heaven and earth split apart, gods and devil howling. This world seemed to have collapsed.

Not far out, that Bronze Immortal Palace trembled, releasing auspicious brilliance. It trembled intensely. 

Everyone knew that Immortal Palace's number one supreme being was going to revive, completely recover, returning to this world again. 

"Haha, undying, Immortal Ancient natives, I want to see just how you can stop our suppression!"

An ancient voice sounded from the Immortal Palace. After that person revived, he directly exerted this type of power, his words shaking all sides.

At the same time, two cold streaks of lightning shot over from the palace, looking at Qi Daolin and Shi Hao, saying, "Supreme Being Dao Rite will disappear like smoke into thin air."

"Immortal Palace's lord revived, this is a truly grand occasion! Since it is like this, we will completely suppress the sinner's bloodline!" Sword Valley Lord said, pressing forward with a sword in hand. 

"You think I fear you? All of you can come at me!" The undying existence roared. 

"This old one, since I revived, entering this world again, everything will naturally be suppressed." Inside the Bronze Immortal Palace, that aged voice sounded. 

At the same time, the Bronze Immortal Palace swayed, quickly arriving, descending here. 

Auspicious energy surged, immortal energy overflowed, the scene exceptionally shocking. He was going to directly suppress and kill the undying existence, Qi Daolin, Shi Hao, and others. 

At this moment, the golden willow tree rushed over to stop the Bronze Immortal Palace. 

"Let me!" 

Sword Valley Lord and Western Sect Master took action at the same time, attacking that willow tree. 


As if there was a light of ascension, a white-clothed figure appeared here, rising from the vast uninhabited region, walking elegantly on ripples. Around this individual were three thousand spheres of light, every single one of them a world, many countries rising and falling, deities and devils knelt in worship. 


It reached out a hand, slapping on the Bronze Immortal Palace from far away, blasting it flying. 

At the same time, with a beckon of its hand, that golden branch shrunk, becoming a branch, appearing in its hand. With a light sweep, Sword Valley Lord cried out loudly, the divine sword in his hand breaking, his entire person bleeding, flying outwards.

"Willow Deity!" Shi Hao cried out. This wasn't its branch, the Willow Deity itself had reappeared!


Golden branches flew out like divine chains of order one after another, rushing towards Western Sect's sect master.

Western Sect Master's thousand hands moved, his projection heaven shocking as it struck towards the golden branch.


In the end, in that instant, some of Western Sect's thousand hands were directly pierced by the golden branches, falling off!

This scene shocked everyone. 

The Bronze Immortal Palace swayed, smashing over. Auspicious light surged again. 


That white-clothed figure released another palm, striking it until it rumbled. It flew out diagonally, crashing into the great earth. 

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