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Chapter 1017 - Battle of Sect Masters

Kun Peng Child!

These three words were as heavy as a mountain, causing great waves to stir in everyone's hearts. This was just too shocking!

Actually the child of the Kun Peng! This left all of the experts stupefied. 

Even Shi Hao was dumbstruck. Even though he had his suspicions, when he obtained verification, he was still a bit stunned. The undying existence's origins were just too great!

No wonder there were rumors that he was born from an egg, that when he was still inside of the egg, it was still sealed in the primal chaos, only emerging a million years later. It was all for the sake of being immersed in the great nascent energy and its innate dao laws. 

Who could carry out such a great task, using a million years just to create a single descendant? It was something only the Kun Peng, Heavenly Phoenix, or one of the other vicious ten unmatched experts would do.

"Kun Peng Child, you were suppressed in the battle back then, yet you didn't learn repentance. Are you coming back to incite more trouble? It will be difficult for you to escape from suffering and defeat!" Someone said. 

The world seemed to have become dark, extremely oppressed, yet it also seemed blazing hot. 

This was a large black sun, massive, pitch-black, and possessing a type of soul sucking, spirit severing vicious force. Black flames were released from it.

Inside of that great sun sat a black-colored figure, killing energy surging outwards!

It was Demonic Sunflower Garden's lord, some calling it the demon lord!

This was an extremely formidable creature, its reputation with the plant system cultivators too great. It had been intimidating the higher realms' three thousand provinces from the past until now, experienced endless battles without dying.


A war chariot moved over, carrying an ancient and desolate energy, as well as heaven reaching killing intent. Heavenly Country's lord was also giving a powerful demonstration, saying, "Even if it was the true Kun Peng that resurrected, so what?!"

In his hand was a blood dripping divine sword. His entire figure was indistinct, extremely vague, as if he didn't exist in the world. No one dared look down on this person, because he was the present world's most formidable assassin leader. 

It was to the extent where some speculated that he was the reincarnation of the last great era's murderous supreme being, an individual that hadn't declined all this time. 

It was because in the archaic battle, there was someone who saw him fall with their own eyes, but for some reason, he reappeared in the world, his murderous energy not dissipating.

"Heh…" The undying existence laughed. With a bit of peculiarity, coldness, and mockery, he said, "If the Kun Peng was in this world, would any of you dare come?"

"Haha…" Someone roared with laughter. Sword Valley's Valley Lord's aura was matchless. With a sword in hand, he said, "The Kun Peng even died, so what is the point in saying all of this? No matter how glorious he was, it is still a thing of the past."

A wave of shocking heavenly sword radiance rushed into the heavens, tearing through the clouds, hacking apart the heavens. That was the embodiment of unmatched Sword Dao, Sword Valley Lord's might suppressing all directions. 

"You overrate the Kun Peng too much. In the past, it wasn't like no one saw it before. There were some who even participated in that battle!" Someone said coldly.

A dragon moved through the sky. It was absolutely massive, every scale several zhang long, eyes like blood ponds, body like a mountain ridge, It carried clouds and bloody light, possessing a baleful energy as it dove over. 

This was Phantom Drake Dao Gate's Gate Lord. This sect's Vice Gate Lord's body had previously been ripped apart, so it personally came. 

Kun Gate's elder, which was the undying existence's second body, now put away his smile, becoming incredibly serious. "Even you all think you can kill the Kun Peng? If not for those two creatures that participated, heng!"

This cold snort sounded as if thunder exploded, making the heavens split. Many cultivators' expressions changed. 

Just what kind of secrets were there from the battle back then?

There were just too many mysteries of the past, many people not knowing about it at all. The truth had long been covered.

"If not for those two crippled creatures that survived behind your backs, how would any of you dare stir up great calamity and chaos in the Desolate Border?!" Kun Gate's elder shouted.

When Shi Hao heard this, his mind was shaken, finding it difficult to stay calm. Too many things happened back then, only the few elders who personally experienced it knew about the inner details. 

Meanwhile, this seemed to be related to the sinner's bloodline's glory and shame!

"Haha… you think too much. If there really was that type of unmatched creature, suppressing you with a turn of the hand, would you dare come right now?" Sword Valley Lord laughed loudly.

"What is the use in speaking so much? Just directly suppress and kill." Heavenly Country's lord spoke. The war chariot moved, displaying a great divine ability. Bloody mist surrounded this place; a great battle unfolded.


That war chariot smashed over like a furnace refined from a star. It was incomparably enormous as it crussed down.

It was entirely scarlet red, metallic light cold, carrying blade scars and sword holes. These were the traces left behind after endless years of battle. It had previously crushed moons, destroyed suns, traveled across the starry sky.


The undying existence took action. The golden wings behind him moved, heavenly winds stirring about. An expanse of light blades flew out, all of them hacking down on that ancient war chariot. 


The war chariot shone, killing intent roiling. A sea of blood appeared in its surroundings, skeletal remains like mountains, the scene extremely miserable. 

This was the killing disaster it had brought about during its past wars, and it now reappeared. Endless creatures howled in grief, their resentment gathering on this war chariot, propelling it, serving as its slaves. 


Heavenly Country Lord's body was indistinct, but it didn't disappear, instead releasing a full powered strike head on. The blood-colored killing sword hacked over, pouring down like a heavenly river, grand and majestic. 

He didn't attack from the darkness, because there was no need right now at all. With so many people here, each one using a great divine ability was enough to place the other party in a dangerous situation. 

Sure enough, following a qiang sound, Sword Valley Lord also moved, similarly with a sword, severing the nine heavens. A part of heaven and earth came rumbling down. 

This type of scene was horrifying. He brandished the sword with a single arm, as if he could hack down the nine heavens, making a part of the sky fall and form a realm, suppressing the undying existence.

This was 'sword realm', the peak of the Sword Dao. It produced a world, forming divine earth to suppress and kill the enemy. 

This world surrounded the opponent. Sword energy weaved about within, shaking up all sides, all of them hacking down towards the undying existence. 


The undying existence released a great roar, the golden feathers on his entire body exploding. On its divine wings, endless golden heavenly swords flew out, hacking down towards all directions. Keng qiang sounds rang out, the golden radiance filling every inch of space.

In that instant, the world became brilliant.

The undying existence and two great experts thus fought fiercely, terrifying fluctuations shocking the entire earth. 

At this moment, even that heavenly sun was swaying, the stars about to be hacked down. 

"What are you all still waiting for? Take action, quickly end the battle!" Phantom Drake Dao Gate's Gate Master shouted. His enormous dragon body shone, the scales all moving about, primal chaos surging. It opened its mouth, spitting out a Dragon Bead that turned into a precious artifact, attacking the undying existence. 


Kun Gate's elder moved, brandishing his fists, displaying the Kun Peng's profound mysteries. A fist smashed on the Dragon Bead, making this place split apart, the mountains and valleys all turned into powder.

Even with great formations sealing up this place, bone texts everywhere, they still couldn't stop these terrifying fluctuations. 


In the skies, golden radiance flashed, an ancient golden vine appearing, winding over, tangling towards the undying existence. This was the Sun God Vine Temple's lord, an ancient vine.


An enormous black sun moved about, multicolored light shining. Demonic Sunflower Garden's lord turned into a black-robed daoist, supporting the black sun, sending it crushing down. Flames raged as it tried to kill Kun Peng Child. 

Then, Luofu True Valley's expert, Underworld Earth's giant and others all moved. At this moment, murderous energy overflowed, shaking up past and present. 

A group of people took action, even those as powerful as the undying existence had to avoid these attacks, not willing to be surrounded and attacked, or else he was going to be in a terrible situation.

"Haha… undying, you still want to run? The second body even appeared, so today, you can just die. We won't have to worry about you not dying ever again!" Someone laughed loudly. 

Giants from all sides took action, working together to lock down this place.


The undying existence released a great roar. His body was as tall as the heavens, the ten thousand zhang golden body towering into the clouds. When he roared like this, he blasted even the moon in the heavens above until it swayed, almost falling down. 


A silver giant tiger appeared, throwing itself at the undying existence. Before the large claw even arrived, the strong winds already tore through a mountain ridge, earth and stones rushing everywhere. 


The undying existence turned around angrily, the Kun Peng wings behind it flickering, displaying an expanse of golden feathers. All of them shot into that enormous silver tiger. Blood flew in all directions, the white tiger's corpse flying outwards.

"Undying, accept death!"

There were too many giants. Heavenly Country's lord, Sword Valley's lord, they both released exceptional sword radiance, causing quite a bit of blood to erupt from the undying existence's body, the blood shooting high up into the air. 

The undying existence moved its body ferociously, entire body covered densely in symbols, releasing golden light, sweeping in all directions. 

At the same time, he faced the Flood Dragon that swooped over. This was precisely Phantom Drake Dao Gate's Gate Master, colliding with it. Even though his body suffered the attacks of others, blood blossoming, one of his hands tore off a large chunk of Flood Dragon flesh, ripping it right off along with its scales, blood dripping everywhere. 

At the same time, a bloody river descended from the heavens, dying the great earth below in red.

"Kill him! Today is the best opportunity!" A white rhinoceros shouted. There were no weak individuals here, sect master level figures all rising up, surrounding the undying existence. He might not be able to live through this. 


The undying existence roared, unfolding its enormous golden body, charging forward like a Demonic God, unleashing a bloody slaughter, directly smashing into the white rhinoceros.


Heavens swayed and earth moved, the white rhinoceros' defensive strength was extraordinary. When it was struck, it was as if a drum was struck, dong dong sounds echoing outwards, yet difficult to break through.

Meanwhile, its horn was incredibly sharp, piercing through the void, rushing at the undying existence's chest, about to penetrate through. 


The undying existence released an ice-cold shout. His arms unfolded, forcibly raising the mountainous white rhinoceros, and then exerted force, tearing it apart, blood crazily pouring down on him.

The rough skin thick flesh white rhinoceros with astonishing defensive power, precious technique shocking, was suddenly torn apart like this. It left everyone stunned. 

The ten thousand zhang tall golden figure tore apart the enormous, mountainous rhinoceros, this scene made many experts tremble in fear. 

However, during this process, a few sect masters' attacks also landed on the undying existence's body, making him stagger, body almost explode. 

"En? Nine Eradication Undying Technique!" Someone cried out.

"No wonder he dares act so crazy. He actually cultivated this type of extreme secret method!" The expressions of some of the sect masters' faces became unpleasant, and at the same time, their eyes became brilliant, coveting that precious technique. 

Nine Eradication Undying Technique was an ancient divine ability left over from the last great era, the inheritance able to prevent one from falling to disaster, neutralizing death and granting life. 

For example, just now, if it were others that were swept by the joint attacks of a few sect masters, they would have died on the spot. However, the undying creature, even though seriously injured, he didn't die, quickly recovering.


On the other side, Kun Gate Elder's divine bravery was unmatched. Even though his entire body was covered in blood, he still charged murderously into the crowd, not collapsing. 


Kun Gate Elder's eyes suddenly released two shocking beams of symbol light, tearing apart the void, blasting through the space between a sect master's brows!

"Kun Peng Child, you still dare act vicious? Everyone, do not hold anything back anymore, quickly eliminate him!" Someone shouted.

"I want to see just how long you can act vicious for today. Just with you two, no matter what you do, it will be difficult to escape. You dare take everyone under the heavens as your enemy?"

At this moment, the sect masters' faces all fell, killing intent surging.

"Ancestral uncle, do not worry, I'm also here!"

Right at this time, a Great Golden Winged Peng flew over, covering the heaven and earth, golden blood energy surging, sweeping through this place. 

"I am here too!" At the same time, a Green Heavenly Peng swooped over, tearing through everything like rotten weeds, shaking up the sun and moon, mountains and rivers, slaughtering its way over.

"Great Golden Winged Peng, Green Sky Peng, do you all want to get caught up in muddled watters, take on all sects as your enemies? You all should understand that this is a common enemy of many sects! Are you all trying to block the flow of heaven and earth, interfere with the will of all sects?" Sword Valley Lord shouted.

"No matter who it is that comes, they still cannot change the situation!" Heavenly Country's lord shouted. 

"Is that so?" Someone said softly, the voice not loud, yet it shook up all sides. In the sky, golden willow branches floated down one after another. 

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