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Chapter 1016 - Kun Peng Child

At the same time, a silver-haired woman was also speaking up, saying, "Old ancestor, that person saved me, your distinguished self has to help him!"

She was Xue Lin, her silver hair shining, hanging down to her waist. Close to her was an elder with white hair but youthful complexion, her spirit still youthful. This was the Snow Phoenix Race's old ancestor. 

There were a few experts underneath the heaven who were incomparably great, and this individual was definitely one of them, possessing phoenix blood, living for an endless time, strength astonishing. 

"Master, are you awake yet? What? You woke up? Hurry up, there's someone who needs to be saved!" In the distance, Cao Yusheng shouted. There was a small old man in front of him who was dizzy, as if he was going to fall asleep.

However, even though there were some external powers, no one took action. 

Meanwhile, inside this place, both sides bore hostility, a great battle starting.

"Everyone, move together. What undying existence, what Supreme Being Dao Rite? Nothing more than two people. Suppress them all!" Celestial Clan's dao protector shouted.

"Disciple, this old fella is after you, appearing every time. Today, I'll chop up some beef tendon meat for you to eat!" Qi Daolin said. He brought Shi Hao with him, instantly disappearing. 

With a shua sound, he broke free from a few people's obstruction, slaughtering his way over to the dao protector. Both of his hands shone, slapping out an expanse of bone texts that were incomparably dazzling. 

Celestial Clan's dao protector roared angrily, doing everything he could to resist. Back then, he was extremely powerful, having a great reputation in the archaic era, but now, he truly declined, his blood energy withering up, no longer possessing the heroicness of his past. 


The two exchanged blows, precious techniques rushing into the heavens. An enormous Barbaric Ox's void image appeared on the other side, its roar shattering heaven and earth. 


The heavens collapsed and earth split, sand and stone rushed everywhere, mountain ranges fracturing. 

This was a bull roar. It shook up the uninhabited region, shocking many people until they trembled in fear. 

Many youngsters coughed out large amounts of blood, their bodies flying outwards. If not for their seniors being there, hurriedly providing aid, there would definitely be quite a few people who died. 

Celestial Clan's dao protect was actually a Barbaric Ox. 

"Old cow, bullying my disciple again and again, do you think my bloodline is that easy to bully?!" Qi Daolin shouted. His palm shone, releasing tens of thousands of streaks of bone texts. 

A dong sounded. The Celestial Clan's dao protector trembled, blood trickling out from the corners of his lips, body greatly shaken. 

Qi Daolin released a light scoff, quickly rushing over. His five fingers were refined into a divine sword, hacking forward. 


The Celestial Clan's dao protector released a loud shout, unable to maintain its human form any longer, completely forming a bull body, no longer just a void image. The black bull horns on its massive head releasing dark light, hacking out with sword radiance. 

At the same time, it roared while trampling heaven and earth, making space cave in. It charged over. 

Barbarous Charge!

It looked simple, but it was a terrifying offensive attack, its strength extraordinary. It charged forward ferociously with full force. Once it made contact with its opponent, they would directly be crushed into bloody past.


Right at this moment, a noise sounded. Qi Daolin's entire right arm turned into a heavenly sword, his flesh like Immortal Gold as it hacked down, striking against one of its horns. 

A kacha sounded. The bull horn snapped and fell off. 

"Disciple, take this and use it as a bugle horn." Qi Daolin said.

This was a black-colored bull horn, incredibly massive and sticky with blood, falling over. It carried a barbaric aura, the enormous horn of a terrifying expert.

Shi Hao didn't hesitate, thanking loudly and directly putting it away. 


The Barbaric Ox released a roar of anger, its eyes bright red. It was as large as a mountain, immediately trampling many mountain peaks, making the mountain range collapse. It charged over again. 


Qi Daolin took action again, a sword hacking out. Bright red blood flew out, a piece of bull sinew falling, collected by Shi Hao again. 

"Yi, this old bull really is slippery!" Qi Daolin laughed coldly.

The Celestial Clan's dao protector suffered heavy injuries twice, directly fleeing into the distance and hiding behind the great sect masters, no longer fighting. 

Moreover, no one would say anything bad about him, because he was already injured, participating in the great battle.

The Celestial Clan's dao protector's face was incredibly gloomy, feeling that there would definitely be a vicious battle today. Even though there were only two great experts on the other side, it would become more and more terrifying. 

It was because those two people would fight with their lives on the line. Even if they were going to die in battle themselves, they were still going to drag a few down with them. 

Even though the old cow had lived for a long time, it still didn't wish to be killed by others, fearing that the other party would put up a life and death struggle. As such, before the battle reached its climax, it took action first, and then after it was injured, it righteously hid behind its side. 

"With so many dao friends here, what can you two count as? Everyone, we'll take action together!" Fire Cloud Cavern's cave master said. 

Fire Cloud Cavern, Sword Valley, Phantom Drake Dao Gate, and others all stood opposed to sinner's bloodline, the grudge impossible to dissolve. They wanted to kill Shi Hao. Even if there were two powerful individuals protecting him, they still wouldn't cower. 

"Then killing it is, not a single one will remain. Cut them all down!" Immortal Palace's number two expert said coldly, already joining in the battle.

On this side, Divine Temple's expert, Fallen Divine Ridge's Devil Sovereign, as well as other sects' most powerful individuals, every single one of them joined in. At this moment, killing intent overflowed into the heavens. 

"Supreme being bloodline's remnant evil, hand over your life!" Immortal Palace's number two figure released a roar, producing the Human Immortal Imprint and slapping forward.

At this moment, a powerful Human Immortal void figure appeared, overlooking everything below heaven as if it was going to erase the world. A tremendous pressure surged.

"Do you dare fight me alone?" Qi Daolin released a shout.

In the past, he needed to avoid Immortal Palace's two strongest individuals, but now, he took the initiative to challenge this person. 

"I came today to kill you, where would I have the time to fight a decisive battle against you? Just quickly die!" Fire Cloud Cavern's cave master shouted, already following Immortal Palace's expert and attacking together. 

"Qi Daolin, your disciple killed mine, today, I will kill you!" Fallen Divine Ridge's Devil Sovereign spoke incredibly coldly.

"Kill!" Immortal Palace's expert even more so released a loud shout. 

"Are you bullying us because of our smaller numbers? You all can just all come at me!" The undying existence spoke. A great sleeve moved, making heaven and earth collapse, unexpectedly slaughtering into the crowd, taking action against many people at the same time.

Quite a few people in front of Qi Daolin were stopped, only Immortal Palace's number two and Fallen Divine Ridge's Devil Sovereign fought intensely against him.

"Eight Ninth Heavens Art!" Qi Daolin's voice shook heaven and earth. 

This was the method that he created. Even though it still wasn't complete, having flaws, it was a method that could support many precious techniques. At this moment, he took action with full force, fighting a great battle against his enemies. 


Different divine abilities were released together, resplendent as if stars in the cosmos exploded one after another, igniting in the darkness, carrying an eternal brilliance as they hacked forward. 

Immortal Palace's number two's expression changed. Even someone as powerful as him trembled. Even though Qi Daolin had white hair and a white beard, he was just too much younger than himself. However now, he unexpectedly produced this type of method, too astonishing. 

Supreme Hall's sect suppressing method had already been lost in tradition, but Qi Daolin established this type of technique himself, making others feel a restraining fear, setting the resolution to eliminate him. 


Ghosts cried and deities howled, the heavenly dome shattering. A rain of blood poured down; these were all irregular phenomenons of heaven and earth, appearing when powerful individuals fought, making this place change greatly.

The Eight Ninth Heavens Art was extremely powerful, stopping those two great experts. Qi Daolin fought risking life and limb, fighting a decisive battle against them, blasting Fallen Divine Ridge's Devil Sovereign until he coughed out blood.


Only, there were just too many on the other side. Fire Cloud Cavern's cave master finally slaughtered his way over, cutting Qi Daolin off and attacking him.

"You all have forced me to unleash a great slaughter!" On the undying existence's side, the situation became more and more terrifying. Golden light shot out in tens of thousands of streaks. He moved his pair of enormous wings to resist the group of enemies. 


The heavenly domain split apart, the great earth caving in. The void was disappearing, primal chaos surging.

The undying existence relied on a pair of enormous wings to stop everyone's attacks, and he also released a great roar, rushing forward murderously, grabbing Phantom Drake Dao Gate's vice lord. 


A sound rang through the air, shocking everyone until they broke out in cold sweat, all of their expressions becoming unpleasant.

A Flood Dragon was forcibly torn apart by him, and then with a crush of his grip, turned into bloody paste, body and spirit wiped out. 

No one dared believe what they were seeing. This undying existence was just too ferocious! They had just traded blows, yet a terrifying expert was already killed. 

Heng! A cold snort sounded. An individual arrived from the distance, a divine sword in hand, one man one sword standing tall between heaven and earth, as if even the nine heavens were going to be hacked down. That type of aura was too terrifying. 

"Sword Valley's Valley Lord has arrived!" Someone cried out in alarm. This person was a giant, an individual who cultivated the sword dao to the extreme, known as sword dao unmatched. He unexpectedly came as well. 

"Undying, back then, it's not like I didn't fight you before back then. Today, you came to act viciously, do you want to be suppressed again?" Sword Valley's Valley Lord said. 


The undying existence released a long roar. When he raised his hand, he displayed an unmatched fist imprint, a fist smashing over. With a dang sound, the other party used the sword to stop this fist.

At the same time, a group of people took action at the same time, all types of precious lights shining. 


The undying existence was incredibly heroic, killing another person, blood dying the skies red. 

However, he didn't have that good of a time himself. His blood and qi surged, blood trickling out from the corners of his lips. After all, he wasn't just facing one or two sect masters!

"Fighting me as a group? Just like back then?" The undying existence released a sneer. He roared, shaking up mountains and rivers. It was as if he was transmitting sound, calling experts over.


This heavenly domain exploded, an elder arriving slowly, landing on this earth.

"What? Is this his second body?" Someone cried out in alarm.

Everyone knew that Immortal Palace grasped the Primary Secondary Body Cultivation Method, though damaged. The true method was created by this undying existence. 

The reason he was known as undying, was because his second body almost never appeared, ensuring its undying status. 

If his main body were to die, his second body would transform a step further, becoming even stronger. At the same time, if the second body died, the main body would be like this as well, able to continuously temper itself, reach the extreme.

The undying existence's method was who knew how many times better than the damaged technique Immortal Palace obtained. 

"Things don't look that good. Could it be that he cultivated this method to the limit, going to merge into a main body?!"

"No, that's not correct, it's still not perfect, only soon. We will kill him today, not give him that chance!"

A few people's eyes flourished with radiance, all of them revealing killing intent. 

This was a chance, a rare opportunity when his main and secondary body both appeared. If they could completely kill both, then they would completely destroy this terrifying individual.

"It's you, senior!" Inside the battlefield Shi Hao was shocked. 

The elder that dropped from the sky carried a benevolent smile, not looking like the undying existence at all. However, Shi Hao recognized him in an instant.

Back then, for the sake of obtaining Immortal Ancient's qualification, the so-called 'token', he had visited a place called Kun Gate to purchase it. 

There were only an elder and a youth there, the token sold to Shi Hao then. 

Now, he immediately recognized that this elder was that incredibly drunk old man. 

This left him shocked. It was actually the undying existence's second body!

"Haha… Kun Peng Child, it's been some time. Are you finally going to use your true body? Let me have a taste!" 

Not too far out, someone shouted loudly, voice extremely cold. Heavenly Country's lord came, in his hand a divine sword dripping with blood, standing on an ancient war chariot.

"Kun Peng Child, I want to see just what kind of great wind and waves you can stir about, just how powerful your true body is after merging the two bodies!" Western Sect's sect master also walked over from the distance. 

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