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Chapter 1015 - Carefree

"Dao master!"

Shi Hao shouted. Right now, his entire body was covered in blood, quite a few of his bones fractured; he was seriously injured. 

This time, the three thousand dao flower petals forcefully brought him away, preventing him from moving together with the nine sect masters, all of his plans amounting to nothing. This unforeseen development almost caused him to die. 

At this moment, when he saw Qi Daolin and the undying existence appear, hurrying over to rescue him, Shi Hao felt hot blood surging, his eyes becoming sore, overwhelmed with emotions. At the crucial moment, two great experts took action for him, forcefully facing those sects.

How could he not be moved, how could he not be stirred up, how could hot blood not surge?!

"Good, good, good, worthy of being the disciple I, Qi Daolin attached importance to. Just a single person, yet managed to hold out until now." Qi Daolin laughed loudly, his golden dao robe fluttering about. All types of bone texts were released, bringing Shi Hao over. He stood guard in front of him, not allowing others to injure him. 

"You are quite formidable, stirring up such a great disturbance in Immortal Ancient. We already know about some things!" The undying existence also revealed a rare smile.

His figure was taller than ten thousand zhang, the clouds beneath his shoulder. It was as if he could support both heaven and earth. There was golden hair on his body, behind his back a pair of enormous golden wings. 

To this day, few people knew what race he was exactly.

However, Shi Hao vaguely guessed at a few things!

"I thank senior for his praise!" Shi Hao offered his courtesy towards him. Right now, his heart could not remain calm at all. This type of exceptional expert even came, all for his sake, so how could he not feel gratitude?

"Haha, youngster, you really aren't bad, formidable, forcibly slaughtering out an unmatched path in Immortal Ancient, dominating the disciples of all sects. Truly far exceeded my expectations!" Qi Daolin was extremely happy and carefree.

He truly was happy, a happiness that came from his heart. The disciple he forcibly seized from Goddess Academy displayed such brilliance in Immortal Ancient, rising up in one world, defeating all experts in his way, this truly far exceeded his expectations. 

One had to understand that back then, Qi Daolin had previously said that Shi Hao's foundation was too shallow, not like those ancient freaks who had accumulated for several eras, that his ranking should be around twenty to thirty. 

Of course, back then, he also purposely lowered his expectations again, wishing to stir up Shi Hao. However, he still felt that Shi Hao would reach top ten at most. Who would have expected that Shi Hao swept through Immortal Ancient, standing on equal footing with Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, and others, becoming known as the most powerful?!

"Very good, we are not alone, I believe that the day will come when you will reach our ranks. The time won't be too long, too far away!" The undying existence said.

His figure reached the clouds, feet trampling mountains and rivers. On his back were golden Peng wings, chaotic energy pervading the air. His eyes were like golden lamps, as if he was a giant that had existed since the opening of this world, his voice resounding through this place. 

Everyone became shocked. These words were truly of great praise and approval!

How old was Huang? He was just twenty years old? However, he already had high hopes placed on him by the undying existence, treated as someone of the same level. One could see just how much importance was placed on him!

One had to understand that the undying existence was incredibly arrogant, not placing even the sect masters of different sides in his eyes, completely without fear, daring to challenge the heavens, taking on many great sects of the higher realms as his enemy. 

Yet today, he actually attached such importance to a youth before him!

Forget about how great Shi Hao's battle accomplishments were, even if he was completely unknown, these words would have been enough to shake up everyone under the heavens. 

This area of the uninhabited region was extremely vast, surrounded by three thousand great dao flower petals. There were many cultivators, and at this moment, all of their expressions were moved, immediately becoming noisy. 

Everyone knew that Huang was even more formidable than they had imagined. 

Just from this commentary alone, if he didn't die today, then he would definitely become one of the higher realms' most terrifying rulers.

"Do you not fear that the wind will strike your tongue?!"

A cold snort sounded. The expressions of the sect masters here all fell, carrying endless killing intent. 

"Qi Daolin, you evil being, back then, you were able to luckily escape with your life, yet today, you dare brandish a blade at us?" Fire Cloud Cavern's master shouted.

In the past, Qi Daolin had stolen from all different clans, his talents exceptional, learning all types of extreme arts. He had previously even entered many of the enemy sects that had infiltrated Supreme Hall to learn their techniques. 

Later on, as he rose up, these things were exposed, creating a huge uproar. Many great sects from the three thousand provinces chased and encircled him. 

However, Qi Daolin was also formidable, nine deaths one life, but he still escaped. Today, he was completely at their level, not fearing these giants anymore.

"Qi Daolin, you truly don't know the difference between life and death, killing our younger generation, bringing about such destruction. You are just one person, yet you offend all of our inheritances. In my opinion, there is no place left in the three thousand provinces left for you to seek shelter!" Celestial Clan's dao protector shouted with an overcast face.

"You all wish to kill my disciple, so what's wrong with what I did?" Qi Daolin released a short shout, coldly berating them. "I had previously said that anyone who dared to bully those below them, try to kill my disciple, I will wipe out all of their descendents, so I only did what I promised! You all should be glad that my disciple still isn't dead yet." 

His words sounded like a divine drum, ringing through the horizon, shaking up many people's ears until they were ringing with noise, their bodies in great pain. 

"Still dare act so arrogant, there is no place under the sky left for you to stay!" Underworld Lord said coldly. 

"Since you insist on taking us as your enemies, then you won't be able to leave today. Just die then!" Divine Temple's expert spoke. This was quite the influential figure, incredibly powerful. 

"Haha… there are some things that should be done and some things that should not be done. When a man of character speaks, then they have to stand by their word. Those who dare try to kill my disciple, so what if I take all of you on as enemies? At worst, I'll just unleash a great massacre, slaughtering all of your disciples!" Qi Daolin was incredibly domineering as he spoke. 

It was just that straightforward. Now that things reached this state, he still had this type of attitude, not cowering even with sect masters from all sides surrounding him. 

"You are courting death!" Fallen Divine Ridge's Mo Zun said. Fallen Divine Child had been killed by Shi Hao, so this person hated this bloodline bitterly.

In the past, this expert from Fallen Divine Ridge already had a grudge against Qi Daolin, his disciple Fallen Divine Child had previously taken action, paying Supreme Being Dao Rite a visit to defeat Qi Daolin's disciples, carry out a great humiliation, chasing all of them away. 

However, in this era, Fallen Divine Child was suppressed and killed by Shi Hao, completely defeated. 

How could this expert from Fallen Divine Ridge not feel hatred? New grudge and old hatred were added together, killing intent overflowing into the heavens. 

"What, you all still aren't willing to accept the results? My disciples defeated all of your disciples, no one his opponent, forcefully suppressing all sects!" Qi Daolin spoke extremely powerfully, his voice great. He roared with laughter. He truly felt incomparably carefree today. 

Even though he knew that the path ahead was dangerous, not likely for things to end that well, but he still felt extremely cheerful. 

It was because he already learned about everything Shi Hao did in Immortal Ancient, looking down on all sects on his own, slaughtering these people's disciples until they were trembling with fear, making Qi Daolin feel comfortable to the extreme. 

"Supreme Hall's remnant evil, being allowed to escape was your luck. After establishing a so-called declining dao rite, you still dare appear. Can forget about obtaining forgiveness!"

In the distance, a bronze palace trembled, chaotic energy surged. A middle-aged man walked out from within, black-hair scattering about, eyes flickering with silver radiance that pricked at one's soul.

Many people became shocked. Immortal Palace's number two appeared, a terrifying sect master level figure, someone who rarely met his match. 

"Laughable, your Immortal Palace had previously joined hands with many powers in the past, and only then were you all able to fight the first master until both sides suffered greatly. If not for having others' help, who would have been able to kill my master?!"

When he spoke up to this point, Qi Daolin's eyes became red. When the past was mentioned, Supreme Hall's downfall was brought up, his heart felt extremely pained. 

In the end, he laughed again, saying, "I still haven't recreated Supreme Hall, and the chances aren't that great, however, my disciple can definitely do it!"

These words made Immortal Palace's number two figure's eyes become incredibly cold, killing energy pervading the air. He understood well that the youth couldn't be left alive. He cultivated three strands of immortal energy, shocking past and present. If he was allowed to live, it would truly be an unimaginable disaster!

"Remnant evils, just struggling whilst at death's door, you all can just be executed and accept death! Supreme Hall had long fallen, becoming ruined ashes in history!" He coldly spoke, pressing forward. 

"Haha, Supreme Hall has its ups and downs, the day when it will become glorious again will come! As long as there is someone, even a single person, it will still be unmatched under heaven. I am not a true Supreme Hall disciple, but from today on, my disciple is!" After speaking, Qi Daolin looked at everyone, staring at those sect masters, saying, "My disciple killed your Immortal Palace Inheritor until he was split up and in pieces, and then he killed Immortal Palace's ancient freak until he fled for his life, all of them falling. What qualifications do you have to say that we have declined, that we arent' enough? Your Immortal Palace, and all of you sects, what do you all count as?!" 

Many sect masters were furious. This Qi Daolin was just a younger generation, yet he dared to ridicule everyone here, making many of them feel as if their faces were falling off. 

However, everyone had to admit that this era's Supreme Hall picked up a treasure. Huang's talent, this type of combat strength, this manner of handling matters, was precisely the most suited for the one man one unmatched great sect's style and glory. 

All of their disciples were defeated, not his opponent. Right now, it was useless no matter what they said. 

"Then just die, you foolish younger generation!" Immortal Palace's number two figure spoke. He was about to be the first one to make his move. 

"Brat, are you acting as if I don't exist? Get lost and call your master over!" Right at this time, the undying existence suddenly spoke, releasing a great roar, shattering the heavens. Great winds stirred about, roaring angrily. Chaotic energy spilled out.

Everyone was immediately frightened. His blood energy was just too terrifying. 

In reality, Immortal Palace's number two figure was extremely powerful, but there was no way he could show disdain towards Qi Daolin, only purposely trying to insult him with his senior status. 

Now, the undying existence used a similar high status, the identity of an elder to berate him, saying, "Back then when me and your master traded blows, you were still sucking on breasts for milk who knew where!"

The undying existence berated in an extremely grave and domineering manner.

This sentence alone made the face of  Immortal Palace's number two figure darken. This was a type of humiliation. 

An expert like him who was the glorious figure of a generation, high above all others, living for endless years, was actually ridiculed and mocked like this by another, treated like a disappointing grandson, it truly was shameful and hateful. 

"What? You can't take it? I'll suppress you with a single hand in a bit!" The undying existence swept out a look, saying coldly, exuding a truly tyrannical and imposing manner. 

In the distance, Heaven Mending Sect's sect master stood in the void, Yue Chan beside him, as well as her granduncle. 

"Sect master, are you going to take action?" Yue Chan's beautiful eyes moved, white clothes exceptional, asking the sect's supreme being. 

Yue Chan's granduncle hurriedly spoke, saying, "Sect master, I feel like you should take action. That Huang is unordinary! Even in Immortal Ancient Great Era, he would be one of the most stunning figures. If we offer him a hand, forget about him being included in our family, just having a bit of relationship will bring great karma for us! Of course, this is on the premise that he lives."

Yue Chan rolled her eyes, glaring at her granduncle. She didn't have this type of intention when she asked the sect master if he was going to take action.

On the other side, the witch was slender and elegant, crafty and intelligent. She was also asking Sky Severing Sect's supreme being, saying, "Sect master, are you going to rescue Huang?"

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