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Chapter 1014 - Sect Masters Reappear 

There were people in all directions, powerful sect masters overseeing this place, making Shi Hao fall into a dangerous situation. How was he supposed to escape now?


In another direction, multicolored light flowered like a great river, accompanied by tens of thousands of types of dao fragments. Chaotic energy surged, causing everyone to cry out in alarm.

“World Tree sapling!”

Even sect masters’ hearts were moved, a few of them carrying looks of joy, swooping over. They knew that was Ten Crown King. 

However, the heaven and earth all shattered, opening a terrifying passage. Ten Crown King’s little tree broke through everyone’s restrictions, wishing to escape. 

That little tree was too terrifying, the dao laws it released not any inferior to Ning Chuan’s Immortal Hand Bone, making all sect masters feel endless restraining fear.

The most important thing was that the World Tree could neutralize formations. Ten Crown King was unexpectedly going to break free.

“You won’t be able to leave!” Someone shouted loudly, a large claw slapping down, wishing to forcibly seize the World Tree.

“Beast Sea’s lord!” Someone cried out in shock. 

That was the lord of ten thousand beasts, an extremely powerful individual. He unexpectedly came as well, targeting the World Tree Sapling. 

“Heh, what if this old one wishes to bring him away?” Someone else said coldly. A snow-white stone arch bridge appeared, traveling over the tens of formations and reaching here. A gentle power carried Ten Crown King onto the bridge. 

“Emperor Clan!” Someone cried out in alarm. 

That was someone from the present age Emperor Clan, unexpectedly appearing like this, directly bringing Ten Crown King away. It seemed like the relationship between the two was quite good. 

“This… does this mean that Ten Crown King came from an Emperor Clan?!”

With a shua sound, that stone bridge disappeared just as fast as it came, vanishing in an instant. Even if someone wanted to stop it, they still couldn’t. It was just too fast. 

However, how many dared to provoke them? The present world Emperor Clan, that represented one of the greatest powers!

Even Beast Sea’s lord, the sect master known as the Sovereign of Beasts didn’t give chase. 

“What a pity, a World Tree Sapling was brought away just like that. However, only the present age’s Emperor Clan can protect him. Otherwise, normal people really wouldn’t be able to hold onto it.”

Everyone released a light sigh, feeling extremely unwilling. 

Then, the sect masters of this region targeted Shi Hao. 

“There’s not much that can be said. Junior, hand over the jade dao book, and then you’ll be let off easy!” Fire Cloud Cavern’s elder said coldly. 

This was to humiliate him. With his strength, he could naturally suppress Shi Hao and then seize the immortal dao scripture he held, but he was now actually demanding Shi Hao hand it over on his own.

“Old thing, don’t try to feign importance just because you’re old. In the end, I encountered quite a few disciples from Fire Cloud Cavern, but all of them were disgustingly lacking, moreover every single one of them insufferably arrogant, saying how they were going to suppress the sinner’s blood descendant or whatever, laughable!”

Shi Hao wouldn’t compromise, nor would he cower back. It was because even if he didn’t fight back, the other party still wouldn’t let him go.

Especially Sword Valley, Fire Cloud Cavern, Luofu True Valley, Phantom Drake Dao Gate and others, they were all the most ancient great inheritances that had suppressed the sinner’s bloodline all this time. 

How could they let him go?!

“Haha, interesting, just a trifling divine king, yet you believe your talents are enough to travel unhindered under the skies? You are still far too lacking!”

Right at this moment, an elder became impatient, forcefully taking action. He was someone from Phantom Drake Dao Gate. A palm descended, as if an elder was disciplining unworthy heirs, pressing down from above. 

“Dao friend, be a bit gentler, don’t kill him too quickly!” Celestial Clan’s dao protector said.


Shi Hao held the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in hand, defending himself.

In that instant, ten thousand spirits surged, all types of walking beasts and divine birds surged, stopping this strike.

“Yi? Good stuff, what is this? Why is its defensive power so great?!” There were immediately people who were shocked, becoming more and more pleasantly surprised. This was a supreme treasure. 

“Just hand it over!” Celestial Clan’s dao protector said with a cold laugh. His palm opened up, grabbing towards Shi Hao like picking up a little chick, wishing to deal with Shi Hao like this.

“Get lost!”

Shi Hao berated. His other hand activated the Defying Dragon Scale, holding it in front of him. 


A dragon figure surged, holy light covering the sun!

A violent clash erupted, everything in front of Shi Hao surging. If not for the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram shining, all types of creatures protecting him, he would have definitely been crushed to death here. 

“Don’t ruin my underworld heaven warping divine corpse!” In the void, on a white bone mountain, Underworld Lord said coldly.

In his eyes, Shi Hao was already a corpse, inevitably buried in Underworld Earth. In the future, there would be a terrifying creature with three strands of immortal energy who would awaken. 

“You are Huang?!” A berating voice sounded. Divine Temple’s people arrived. This was a middle-aged man who was incredibly dignified like a lord of deities. He overlooked Shi Hao. 

“I killed Ancient Holy Child! Do you want revenge? If you don’t want any face, then just come!” Shi Hao said directly. Even with a group of sect masters all around him, he was still fearless, let alone acting weak.

It was because even if he cowered, there was no good end. He was better off just doing as he wished, not wronging himself. 

“How daring. How many years has it been since someone spoke to me like this!” Divine Temple’s expert’s voice was ice cold. 

Shi Hao sighed inwardly. His preparations weren’t enough for these changes. He already roped in nine sect masters to help him leave Immortal Ancient, never expecting that the Immortal Dao Flower Petals would directly bring him away.

His body was now in a dangerous situation. How was he supposed to escape?

He didn’t have a World Tree Sapling, difficult for him to break out of these formations and create a passage. 

The Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, despite being extraordinary, could only passively defend.

“If I didn’t see incorrectly, that is a portion of the True Primordial Record -- Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram!” Right at that moment, Western Sect’s sect master also arrived, his Six Zhang Golden Body imposing and magnificent. 

“Turns out to be this supreme treasure. Good, good, good!” Someone laughed loudly and said, “He has the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, immortal seed, jade book, Everlasting Immortal Sword, and his corpse is even targeted by Underworld Clan. Like this, there are enough good things to divide among us.”

“Stop wasting time, just send him on his way!” Celestial Clan’s dao protector took action again. He feared that something unexpected might happen if things were dragged on, truly wishing to immediately end Shi Hao’s life. 


In that instant, several large hands reached over, suppressing Shi Hao below. 

The Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram was sparkling white, producing all types of ancient beasts and divine birds. They roared, splitting heaven and earth, resisting those great hands. 


Shi Hao coughed out large amounts of blood, almost exploding on the spot.

Even though the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram was extraordinary, in the end, he still wasn’t a sect master. Even with such a powerful supreme treasure, he still received heavenly injuries from these individuals’ boundless fluctuations.


Shi Hao turned into a streak of flowing light, quickly running, using the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram to protect himself, opening up a void passage.

However, the formation shone, cutting off his path ahead. He was quickly stopped again. 

The sect masters behind him were all extremely calm, not fearing that he might get away at all. It was because they already knew that he had no chance.


A large hand reached out. Underworld Lord took action, his snow-white palm carrying black mists, shattering heaven and earth, sending Shi Hao flying once again. With a wa sound, a large mouthful of blood was sprayed out. 

“Not bad, this flesh is extremely strong, the most powerful body I’ve seen in his cultivation realm. In the future, it will definitely be an unmatched great corpse!” Underworld Lord commented. 

He was extremely carefree. This strike was only to size up Shi Hao’s strength. 

This was extremely humiliating, treating Shi Hao like goods, as if he was being picked out from a batch. 

“Enough, stop wasting time and just slap him to death in one go as to avoid leaving behind a disaster!” Luofu True Valley’s elder spoke. They suppressed the sinner’s bloodline, so they definitely couldn’t allow this later generation genius to rise up. 


This palm slapped over, splitting apart heaven and earth. If not for the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram shining, Shi Hao would have directly turned into bloody paste, not having a chance to live at all. 


He coughed out a large mouthful of blood, his entire body flying outwards.

Shi Hao was angered to the extreme. His hand shone, an ancient talisman appearing in his hand. It was deep and immeasurable, something that he discovered back then by the Three World Coffin. 

At that time, he obtained many ancient symbols, only, he had no idea what type of use this one had, always carefully holding on to it. At this time, he didn’t hold back anymore, activating it.


A penetrating divine light flew out, and then with a pu sound, it blasted through Luofu True Valley’s elder. Blood splashed everywhere, making him release a great cry.


Everyone became stupefied. This change was too sudden! It was just a younger generation, yet he seriously injured a glorious sect master.

Shi Hao was also shocked. This ancient talisman was strange after all. He held it in his hand, carefully inspecting it. There was a crack that appeared on its surface, clearly because it was used once.

“Dao friend was too careless. Everyone, be more careful and kill him!” Celestial Clan’s dao protector said. 


Right at this time, Divine Temple’s expert took action, operating the Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Scriptures. The great dao sound flooded over towards Shi Hao like a sea, immediately blasting him until blood came out from his seven apertures. 

Shi Hao was about to activate the ancient symbol again, but there were others that took action, not wishing to fall behind. They wanted to directly seize the supreme treasures on him. 

This immediately placed Shi Hao in a life and death situation. He couldn’t even withstand a single sect master, let alone several people rushing at him together. 


Shi Hao suffered serious injuries. His body flew outwards, blood dying his body red. 


A metal sound rang out. Shi Hao was shaken up by the formless sword energy of Sword Valleys’ expert, his body now covered in cracks. 


Celestial Clan's dao protector laughed loudly, the bull horns on his head shining, sweeping through Shi Hao, making his bones all break. 

Then, Underworld Clan, Beast Sea, Sun God Palace, Demonic Sunflower Garden and other sects’ experts moved, desiring Shi Hao and his precious artifacts.

“This Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram is a great treasure. I don’t want anything else, just this bone!” Someone shouted. 

It was because everyone saw that the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram was truly extraordinary, its value priceless. This alone helped a holy Sacrifice Realm youngster hold on all this time, not dying, living until now. It was truly outrageous.


Another fist imprint flew over, sending Shi Hao flying.

Wa! He coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. 

Suddenly, violent fluctuations spread. Then, crackling and snapping sound rang through the air, a large number of people descending. 

“What? That’s Ming Han!”

“No, that’s my clan’s exceptional talent!”

In that instant, the sect masters here were all furious. It was because large amounts of corpses fell from the skies, all of them their later generations.

Who was this? It was too vicious, immediately offending everyone here. A few people’s murderous intent overflowed into the heavens.

Meanwhile at that time, a golden robed elder who had white hair but youthful complexion, his outward appearance not bad at all appeared, descending from the heavens. 

“Qi Daolin!” Someone clenched their teeth, recognizing this notorious dao master.

“Correct, it’s me.” Qi Daolin swept his eyes over everyone here. “Did you all forget the words I said? You old bastards that still aren’t dead dare try to kill my disciple, so I’m using your own methods right back, wiping out those elite disciples of your clans!”

Qi Daolin spoke in a tyrannical manner, his eyes staring at everyone here. 

“Just you alone, yet you dare show yourself?!” Right at this moment, a Bronze Immortal Palace trembled, this shout sounding. 

“There is also me!” At this moment, golden wings covered heaven and earth. A creature that was ten thousand zhang tall appeared, accompanied by chaotic energy, towering between heaven and earth. 

“Undying existence!” Everyone cried out in alarm.

“I’ve already said before that whoever dares to touch Huang, whoever I will kill!” The undying existence shouted, possessing a world shaking domineeringness!

He loosened his large hand, and then a group of heavenly deity corpses fell, all of them experts from different clans, killed by him in passing just now!

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