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Chapter 1013 - Sect Master Blockade

Great mountains towered one after another, endless ancient trees reaching into the skies. There was a great savage feeling that filled this place.

This was the uninhabited region, a place of danger and mysteries. 

Many great peaks seemed to touch the sky, clouds swirling around them. There were some old vines that were as thick as mountain ridges, winding about mountain peaks one after another. 

Currently, the Immortal Dao Flowers were brilliant, three thousand flower petals swirling with auspicious light, every single leaf a door that connected to Immortal Ancient. 

The atmosphere was nervous. The geniuses of the three thousand realms all came out, returning along the path they entered from. Not far away from them, sect masters descended one after another, locking up this place.

"Where is Huang?" There were geniuses that said softly. Since the sect masters all came for him, they shouldn't trouble the others, right?

"Wu, it's my Great Peng Race's descendant. Hurry and come over." A Great Golden Winged Peng gestured towards a youngster. 

"Iron Blood Divine Tree Race's descendants, all of you come to where I am!" An old tree also spoke, calling the geniuses of that clan. 

In that instant, many geniuses were guided away, returning to their seniors. They all released a sigh of relief. 

Of course, during this process, there were many powerful divine wills that swept over. They were searching about, seeing if they had any issues, scanning them one by one.

Everyone knew that these sect masters came mainly for Shi Hao. 

Where was Huang? Everyone looked at the crowd, wishing to find him.

Suddenly, a gloomy mist appeared. Then, an endless sea of departed spirits surged, drowning out this place, disturbing the peace of heaven and earth. 

This place overflowed with black mist, chilly winds whistled angrily. The sea of departed souls roared, surrounded by a deathly aura.

"Ten Crown King!"

A genius cried out in alarm, but his voice came to a grunting stop, exploding from a slap. Ten Crown King took action. He was also fearful of the sect masters' plotting, because he had Immortal Ancient scriptures on him, obtaining natural luck. 

He produced a spatial magical artifact, producing this sea of departed spirits. 


Immediately afterwards, the great earth was torn apart, the void shattered. The Exiled Immortal also took action. In his hand was the Heavenly Horned Ant's single horn. It tore through the void, fleeing into the distance.

Even though there were sect masters imprisoning the void, this horn could still break through. 

At this moment, many geniuses rose up, borrowing the chaos to escape. 

Only, many of these people were destined for disappointment. Several large hands moved through the void, stopping them, a few grabbed on the spot. 

Shi Hao held the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram  in one hand, the other holding the Defying Dragon Scale, taking precautions. He stood in the black mist, also moving about, preparing to escape. 

He originally wanted to borrow the sect masters' strength to flee from this place, but he was unexpectedly transported here. 

A figure appeared not far out, blue hair falling down onto his shoulder, body tall and slender, build strong. His face was sinister and handsome, a pair of eyes moving about intelligently. He was also moving carefully.

Shi Hao ended up together with him, the two of them giving each other a smile. 

However, their smile quickly froze.

"You are Huang?"

"You are that dragon poop man?"

When these two voices sounded, both of their expressions became ugly. It was because they knew that the other person had cultivated Heavenly Eyes, able to see through their true bodies. 

Shi Hao frowned. At this moment, he truly felt the urge to kill as to prevent his identity from being leaked.

It was difficult even for sect masters to cultivate Heavenly Eyes, this was something unrelated to cultivation realms, purely relying on talent. This fella actually cultivated it, definitely unordinary.

"Hello, brother that the dragon showed concern for." Shi Hao greeted. He naturally recognized this person. This was a Heavenly Evil, his strength world shocking. 

All those that had titles like Heavenly Evil and Heavenly Monarch were definitely heaven defying. Normal people wouldn't dare take on this type of title. 

Back then when Immortal Ancient had first opened, this Heavenly Evil, due to his greed, ended up having dragon poop rained down on him, his entire body buried below. It was hard for Shi Hao to forget even if he wanted to.

In reality, back then, many people were shocked, not daring to believe that scene. 

On the other side, that blue-haired male's face fell, his face distorting, almost erupting with a string of curses, truly angered by Shi Hao.

"Shut the fuck up!" The blue haired male's sinister and handsome face was covered in cold frost. 

Ge Qian's face was bright red. Back then, he truly was unlucky to the extreme, targeted by a dragon, that lump of dragon poop driving him mad. He truly wanted to knock it down and kill it.

Now, someone brought up the past, truly making the veins on his forehead jump.

"Hand over the immortal dao scripture you obtained!" Heavenly Evil Ge Qian said. 

"Why should I?"

"If you don't give it to me, I'll immediately scream that Huang is here!" Heavenly Evil Ge Qian said while snickering.

"The dragon poop man is here, he has an immortal dao scripture in hand!" Shi Hao screamed. Then, he activated a golden Realm Shattering Symbol, directly leaving through the opening the Exiled Immortal tore open.

This was a divine symbol those sect masters worked together to refine for him, more powerful than normal Realm Shattering Symbols, its power incomparable, terrifying to the extreme. It wasn't enough even if sect masters locked down the heaven and earth. 

"Huang, you dare harm me!" Heavenly Evil Ge Qian roared with anger.

Several large hands reached down, divine might matchless, aura surging like stellar rivers. 


Suddenly a draconic cry sounded, the roar echoing through this place. 

Winged Dragon!

That terrifying Winged Dragon from the past appeared again. The sect masters here immediately shivered inwardly. This dragon was too powerful, his blood energy overflowing like a great sea.

Moreover, there were some powerful creatures behind him, for example, the Yazi, Nine-Headed Bird, and others, not a single one of the kind sort. They all came from the uninhabited region's depths. 


Heaven and earth collapsed, ghosts weeped and deities howled. This entire place erupted. Heavenly Evil Ge Qian was grabbed, and there were other geniuses that ended up in the dragon's claws as well.

"You dare? Let go of my clan's disciple!" A sect master roared. 

The Horned Dragon arrived! It originally wanted to slaughter its way into Immortal Ancient, but now, it changed its mind, deciding to intercept the geniuses and seize natural luck from their hands.

Powerful creatures from the forbidden region appeared, throwing this entire place into disorder.


A great battle erupted.

In the distance, Shi Hao borrowed the golden Realm Shattering Symbol to flee far into the distance. However, his body suddenly trembled. The void shattered, and he fell out.

"En?" He was shocked. A mysterious formation severed space, stopping everyone who wanted to escape.

"Yi, this person is Huang!" Someone cried out in alarm. Then, he immediately became excited, roaring with laughter. 

When Shi Hao raised his hand, he already saw several dozen geniuses were cut off, all of them talents who were extremely sharp before, their methods ferocious, carrying strange mysterious treasures on them. They were cut off after they fled here. 

In reality, there were several dozen great formations in this region, all of them set up by sect masters for the sake of stopping those geniuses.

It was because this was the last time Immortal Ancient was opening, and the final great natural luck was appearing. That was why these sect masters didn't spare any expenses, using endless heavenly materials to lay formations and stop these people.

"It really is Huang, we ran into him, haha… really unexpected! Truly great luck!" Laughter sounded continuously. 

They didn't have Heavenly Eyes, but there was someone who was quite good at sensing one's soul, recognizing that he was Shi Hao. His aura and fluctuations were completely the same. 

"Huang ought to be handled by my clan. Dao brothers, do not interfere." Someone said.

"I was clearly the one that discovered him, so dao brothers, please let go and let me bring Huang away." Someone else said.

Shi Hao's expression became unpleasant. What did these people treat him as? He wasn't even suppressed yet, but they were already fighting over him. Did they really believe he was like captured prey?

"Haha, masters of little sects like you all might not even be that much stronger than Huang. I think it's still better if you hand Huang over to me." Someone walked over, an enormous white tiger.

"Huang is here, he appeared!" A heavenly deity shouted, transmitting into the distance.


The void shattered. There were immediately several large hands that reached over, grabbing towards those below. Then, their true bodies came over.


Several individuals clashed, trading a few blows.

"Hahah…" An elder among them laughed loudly, his body dried up, skin wrinkled like old tree bark. His hair had pretty much all fallen off. 

Even though he was laughing, his eyes were incredibly deep. On his head was a pair of black-colored bull horns, his aura astonishing. He was Celestial Clan's dao protector. 

In the past, he had previously taken action against Shi Hao. He was first defeated by Peacock Clan's divine lord, and then he had his pair of bull horns removed by Qi Daolin, inflicting serious injuries. 

Now, he came again!

"Huang, I really managed to hold on until you came out. The heavens have opened their eyes, allowing me to eliminate my clan's future misfortune, hahaha…" He was incredibly happy.

Shi Hao didn't expect that he would be among the first experts to rush here. His eyes became ice-cold, glaring at this elder. 

"Wasn't an old thing like you going to die in meditation? Why are you still alive?!" Shi Hao said. He naturally didn't have any good things to say.

In the past, he had escorted Yun Xi for tens of thousands of li, fighting intensely against the War Clan, blood dying his battle clothes, showing this type of kindness to the Celestial Clan, yet in the end, he was captured in the City of Heaven, treated as a prisoner. Not only did they slander and humiliate him, he almost died in that black prison. 

Shi Hao didn't wrong them, and it could be said that he actually did them a great favor, but this clan bit the hand that fed them. After all these years had passed, they unexpectedly came again. 

"The heavens pitied me, giving me a chance, allowing me to eliminate you and leave this world without worries." Celestial Clan's dao protector said. 

"You can even shout such shameless words. Look into your consciousness and ask yourself if I did anything to wrong your Celestial Clan!" Shi Hao berated. 

"Perhaps you did show our Celestial Clan a bit of grace, but now, you must be killed. If you are allowed to grow up, the Celestial Clan will be in danger! For the sake of protecting the Celestial Clan, you should still just die. So-called kindness, grace, you should just discuss it with others in your next life!" The lips of Celestial Clan's dao protector opened and closed, secretly transmitting sound, smiling coldly. 

"Shameless old thing!" What else could Shi Hao say? Blood surged, his mind filled with anger. He truly wanted to immediately kill him.

"Celestial Clan's dao brother, your age is too great, there is no need to move. Either way, you only want him dead, so just hand him over to me." Someone spoke. Heavenly Country's vice sect master arrived. 

In addition, a war chariot rumbled in the distance, blood trickling out. Heavenly Country's sect master was fighting intensely against the Winged Dragon, and when that was done, he would hurry over. 

Shi Hao stared at them, his heart extremely cold. Ghost Grandpa in the lower realm had been plotted against by Heavenly Country's people, killed, and now, he was also tangling with this sect. There was a grudge between the two that could not be dissolved.

Cold air blew about, a white bone mountain descending. At the very top sat a male, his skin snow-white, gray hair scattered about, complexion morbid. However, who dared look down on this person? Underworld Lord arrived!

"Huang, a junior like you have startled my clan's lord! Not even death is enough." Someone from Underworld Clan shouted. 

"Holy Sacrifice Realm, not bad, having this type of cultivation at your age, talent is truly world shaking. However, so what?" Underworld Lord said, his void calm. "As long as you don't reach our level of power, you will eventually return to the earth. So what if you shock past and present? I can kill you with a single finger!"

"Dao brother, you only need his corpse, so hand the living person to us first." Someone laughed loudly. Sword Valley, Fire Cloud Cavern and Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people walked over. 

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