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Chapter 1012 - Immortal Ancient Splitting Open

Ning Chuan continued running, finding it hard to calm down. He was filled with rage. This was the first time he had to run away from a cultivator at the same level as him, an utter humiliation!

"Six Crown King lost! He was injured by Huang like this, forced to run, I can't believe it…"

"White clothed Ning Chuan, undefeated legend, he lost today, suffering a defeat! It truly is regretful!"

Many people were discussing behind them. This place had already erupted into chaos. 

This battle shocked all sides, all geniuses from the three thousand provinces shaken up. Huge waves were stirred up. 

What kind of figure was Ning Chuan? He overlooked all experts from past to present, those of the same level unable to defy him. He dominated six worlds, who at his level could compete against him?

Today, he was defeated. It was as if inscribed stele collapsed, making others release long sighs, at the same time feeling a bit of disappointment. 

The white clothed legend was going to end here? Quite a few people who felt respect towards Six Crown King now felt extremely uncomfortable. 

However, what they saw was reality. Those two left, one chasing the other, disappearing from everyone's view.

Previously, Ning Chuan coughed out blood, receiving serious injuries. Anyone with eyes could see this. 


The sect masters all moved out, chasing after them. Lightning Tribulation Liquid was where all of their hopes rested on, so they couldn't allow it to be lost. 

The Eight Armed Soul Race's ancient ancestor, Beauty Race's clan elder and the others were comparatively better off, already having their curses neutralized, now just showing consideration for their clansmen.

However, the other side's Silver Blood Devil Tree, Rainbow Giant Tiger and others' eyes were already red, chasing after the two. Unfortunately, their numbers were smaller, not a match for the Eight Armed Soul Race's ancient ancestor and others.


Eventually, a sect master on Ning Chuan's side was killed. It was because Shi Hao's side had the numbers advantage. With all of them taking action together, who could stop them?

"Ning Chuan, where are you going?!"

Inside a certain small world, Shi Hao and Ning Chuan rushed out from the void, exchanging attacks in this world. 

Ning Chuan wanted to use the immortal bone and slap Shi Hao to death, but the consumption was too great. Moreover, that ferocious attack might not necessarily hit his opponent. As a result, after thinking it over, he could only run.

Only, how could Shi Hao give him this chance? He tangled about, killing intent surging, chasing him relentlessly.


Shi Hao raised his hand, his palm shining. An expanse of lightning rushed out, striking forward. 

Ning Chuan's body trembled. No matter how fast he was, he wasn't faster than lightning. His entire body trembled greatly, body charred black. He was angered to the extreme. 

"You can't run!" Shi Hao shouted. 

Ning Chuan became more and more angered. For all of his life as a cultivator, the word 'run' was rarely associated with him, but today, this was reality. He could only run to treat his injuries.


Several dozen willow branches rushed out, golden light shining resplendently. It was as if several dozen golden divine chains pierced through the void, penetrating Ning Chuan's back with pu pu sounds. 

He staggered, releasing a loud cry. There were a few bloody holes that ran through his body, but he didn't turn around, still running.

"Ning Chuan, don't you feel like this is a type of humiliation? Do you dare fight a decisive battle against me or not?" Shi Hao roared.


Suddenly, when Shi Hao got closer, Ning Chuan turned around, releasing an attack again. His hand became sparkling and translucent, releasing brilliant radiance, the bones in his flesh clearly visible.

Immortal light flew out, the aura terrifying. That palm slapped towards Shi Hao!

This time, Shi Hao still dodged, but he also took action, producing the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram to resist the fluctuations. 

"En? It was stopped!" Shi Hao was shocked and happy.


Shi Hao left behind an afterimage in his original spot. With the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in hand, he cut through the multicolored light surging over, rushing forward fiercely.


He produced a fist imprint, smashing it forward!


Blood sprayed out from Ning Chuan's mouth. His body trembled, because the imprint seemed like one sent from an ascended immortal, appearing extremely quickly, smashing into his chest.

This left him shocked. Huang actually went against the power the Immortal Dao Hand Bone released as he rushed over! This was a bit outrageous. 

It was precisely because of this that he received serious damage again. 

Ning Chuan's chest was blasted through by the fist imprint. Blood poured out like a fountain, surging without end, forming a dark red expanse. It was extremely terrifying.

Moreover, several of his chest bones were broken, a large bloody hole appearing in his chest, one that was connected straight from front to back. 

"Six Dao Supreme Being Bracelet!" Ning Chuan said softly, producing a bracelet. They were all sparkling. This was his supreme treasure. 

He appeared six times, the precious bones of the most powerful enemies he killed each time left behind. Only after saving them for six eras did he obtain six most powerful supreme being true bones. 

After refining it for many years, this supreme being bracelet became unimaginably powerful.

It was because they weren't dead, still possessing life force, coexisting with Ning Chuan's flesh, growing all this time!

One could imagine what kind of terrifying might would be produced if six types of supreme being precious techniques were activated at the same time. 

The expression on Shi Hao's face changed, moving out of the way. Heaven and earth itself seemed to have been blasted through. 

Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air. He previously obtained a secondary bracelet. It now seemed too far away from the main bracelet, the two items' power not things that could even be mentioned in the same breath. 

"You are researching the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art, using this bracelet to study it?" Shi Hao's expression moved. He was shaken up until his blood and qi surged. Those six precious techniques almost hit him.

Ning Chuan didn't say anything, his eyes ice-cold. After releasing this attack, he began to flee for his life again.


Shi Hao unleashed his single heavenly passage. Immediately afterwards, his Reincarnation Technique, Heaven Calamity Light, Lightning Emperor Secret Technique, Willow Deity Precious Technique and others all appeared, carved into the single heavenly passage, the radiance produced dazzling.

He chased after Ning Chuan again. When the two exchanged attacks, Shi Hao's single heavenly passage shone brilliantly. It was as if a great golden bell was rumbling, many bone texts appearing on this bell wall, for example, the Kun Peng, Lightning Emperor, Reincarnation, and others. These were the embodiments of his precious techniques. 


When the Six Dao Supreme Being Bracelet smashed into Shi Hao's heavenly passage, it was as if thunder crashed down, rumbling without end. 


Ning Chuan coughed out blood, once again fleeing towards the distance. It was because he was injured, his injuries much worse than Shi Hao's. If he continued fighting like this, he would become more and more on the defensive, and eventually be killed.

In the end, Ning Chuan used the Immortal Dao Hand Bone again. He didn't slap it towards Shi Hao, instead aiming it at the crack that appeared in Immortal Ancient. 

A huge explosion resulted!

The heavens was about to explode, that great crack releasing divine law radiance. It was terrifying to the extreme. 


The great crack was opening up, becoming larger and larger. This heaven and earth were about to be torn open.

"Not good, the sect masters of the outside world are going to enter!"

Soon after, someone cried out loudly. That Immortal Dao Hand Bone sped up the widening of this crack. 

"Not good, there are weapons of sect masters that directly flew inside. They really are going to slaughter their way into Immortal Ancient!"

The news that could be heard along the way were extremely bad for Shi Hao. 


Suddenly, a great quaking erupted. That great crack exploded, shaking up Immortal Ancient!

Right at that place, someone was attacking it from the outside?

However, that crack quickly closed again, forcefully closed by natural laws. Only, Shi Hao clearly saw a few figures just now. A few sect masters were right outside. 

Ning Chuan took action, this time, incomparably berserk, not sparing any cost, allowing his own muscles and bones to tear and snap. He still activated the Immortal Dao Hand Bone, while those outside were also attacking.


This time, when the crack appeared, Ning Chuan rushed out without any hesitation.

Shi Hao cried out loudly. This was bad!

This place wasn't far from the opening earlier. It was extremely fragile. Today, Ning Chuan successfully broke out. 

Shi Hao turned around to leave, searching for the sect masters in Immortal Ancient. 

Time was too pressing. He knew that Immortal Ancient was going to split apart, the sect masters outside about to rush in.

Finally, he found the Eight Armed Soul Race's ancient ancestor and others. They quickly returned to Soul Island. Shi Hao didn't beat around the bush, quickly producing the Lightning Tribulation Liquid. He took a bit himself, and then he began to distribute it. 

This time, four sect masters he didn't recognize were invited over. They accepted Shi Hao's Lightning Tribulation Liquid excitedly, immediately drinking it, and then sat down to neutralize the curse. 

Together with the five sect masters that had freed themselves previously, they now had nine sect masters on their side.

This was a great gathering of power. With so many sect masters together, Shi Hao immediately felt some more confidence. With these sect masters, he should be able to make his way out.

As long as he could make it through the opening's trial, he wouldn't have to fear anything else.


Suddenly, a tremendous sound rang out. It was as if the sky and earth were flipped upside down, rubble flying into the air!

That noise was too loud, all of Immortal Ancient Remains shaken up, then rumbling violently. 

At this moment, great dao natural laws all appeared, expanses of bone texts interweaving. That great void crack finally exploded. Immortal Ancient was linked up with the outside world!

"Those outside are entering!"

A great shout sounded, shaking up everyone. 

In reality, this was the case for every place. The natives were all terrified. Their calm lifestyle was shattered, now intersecting with the three thousand provinces. 


Heaven and earth trembled violently, the void splitting apart. There were experts that charged in. Immortal Ancient could not stop the footsteps of the sect masters of the outside world at all.

"Seniors, please lend me a helping hand in leaving Immortal Ancient!" Shi Hao said. 

"En?" Suddenly Shi Hao became shocked. 

He was swept through by a streak of light, immediately disappearing from the nine great sect masters' faces. 

"Little friend!"

"Little brother!"

The nine of them were shocked. Did someone take action?

Something was wrong!

They were completely stunned, because this type of radiance was everywhere in Immortal Ancient. They all rushed up, bringing the geniuses of the three thousand provinces away from this place.

"Three thousand great dao flower petals sent all of the surviving geniuses out!"

"They are leaving to where they came from!"

Soon after, they realized that Immortal Ancient's training had concluded. Those three thousand great dao flower petals shone, sending all of the cultivators they brought in back out. 

"Huang, where is he?"

"Quickly come out and accept death!"

The people outside entered Immortal Ancient, with someone immediately starting to look for Huang, wishing to kill him.

Soon after, the sect masters that came and the heavenly deities all noticed this scene. Streak after streak of light swept over, wrapping around the cultivators of the three thousand provinces and disappearing. 

There were some that rushed into Immortal Ancient's depths in search of natural luck and opportunities. 

There were some others that immediately withdrew, rushing towards the three thousand great dao flower petals. Their reactions were too fast. As sect masters, their strength were incredibly terrifying.

As soon as Shi Hao and the others rushed out from the doors formed from the Immortal Dao Flower Petals, intense fluctuations immediately sounded all around them. A group of sect masters and others descended. 

These people were too frightening, able to travel unhindered under the sky. They could cross endless distance in an instant, not being slower than the geniuses who came out from the Immortal Dao Flower Petals. 

In that instant, someone locked down heaven and earth, imprisoning the void, stopping everyone from leaving.

It was because the sect masters of the outside world knew that some people obtained great natural luck and were mixed in the crowd.

Of course, the main objective of those who rushed here was still to capture Huang. He had on him the 'immortal seed', the immortal scripture, Defying Dragon Scale, and other things. They couldn't let him go. 

Apart from this, a few great sects hated him bitterly, coming here just to kill him!

"Huang, you can't escape. I want to see who will save you!" Someone said coldly from far above, sect master pressure released, shaking up all sides.

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