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PS Chapter 69 – Invite to Make a Song Again

In a quiet and beautiful afternoon, the negotiations between Lu Chen and Wu Hongming were friendly and sincere. It is precisely this kind of sincere and friendly atmosphere that prevents him from sticking to his goals and requirements. The final agreement between the two sides is 650,000 signing fee plus two-year contract, [Whale TV] has the right to terminate the contract ahead of time and give priority to the renewal of the contract.

While feeling satisfied, Lu Chen also thought that he should find an agent for himself.

It would have been most appropriate for such a negotiation to be conducted by an agent. A qualified agent will always put the employer’s interest first, dare to open his mouth and dare to tear up his opponent.

Lu Chen himself could not do it. Although he borrowed Zhao Deping as a stepping stone and occupied a considerable initiative in the negotiations, but because of his character, he could not force himself to be cold-hearted and penny-pinching with Wu Hongming for his own benefit.

For [Whale TV] and Wu Shanshan, Lu Chen always has a feeling of gratitude.

The memory experience from the dream world tells him that he really needs an agent, to know that his future is not in the live streaming platform, but a broader world, which will inevitably have countless negotiations!

Lu Chen can’t always fight on his own.

After finalizing the new contract, Wu Shanshan took her laptop outside to find a place to print.

Lu Chen and the editor of Yunjing Music Network continued their discussions.

Even if it is an online album, it will not come out immediately. First, Lu Chen has to prepare 10 songs for himself, which is the standard number of songs for a pop album.

This is of course very simple for Lu Chen. At present, he has sung six songs: “You at The Same Table”, “Love in The Wind”, “Brother Sleeping in My Upper Bunk”, “Cinderella”, “The Bright Times of Early Youth”, and “Beauty”. So, he only needs to add four more songs.

Lu Chen even thought about what four songs to complement his first album!

But the problem is that producing an album is different from playing in the live broadcasting room. In order to ensure the quality and sales, all 10 songs must be compiled, recorded in a professional studio accompanied by a band, post-production, and so on.

Lu Chen doesn’t have much experience in this respect, and the memories from his dreams can’t help him, because even Xu Bo hasn’t produced a real album.

But with determination, all the difficulties can be overcome, especially with the signing of the new contract with [Whale TV], Lu Chen will have the money to complete the work ahead.

As for the cooperation with Yunjing Music Network, it is only an intent at present.

Sui An is very talkative, and Lu Chen is very impressed by his knowledge of pop music and the entertainment circle.

Wu Shanshan came back with the printed contract.

Lu Chen solemnly signed his name on it.

That night, he invited his three guests from afar to a big dinner at the Furi Hotel.

“Manager Wu, Sister Shanshan, Big Brother Sui…”

After dinner, Lu Chen asked, “Do you have any plans for the evening?”

Wu Hongming and Sui An looked at each other. The latter smiled and answered, “I’m going to see some friends tomorrow. I don’t have any plans for tonight. Why? Did you arrange activities for us?”

Sui An has a good impression on Lu Chen. He is young, handsome, and talented. He is modest and respectful. Unlike many of his peers who have their nose pointed to the sky, who thinks they are the best in the world.

Lu Chen smiled and said, “if it’s all right, how about I invite all of you to sit in a bar?”

Wu Shanshan’s eyes lit up. “Is it your Forget Worries Bar?”

Lu Chen nodded.

Wu Shanshan smiled and said, “That would be great!”

Wu Hongming also has no objection.

So, Lu Chen took a taxi with the three people and went to the Forget Worries Bar in Houhai.

Because it’s Sunday night, plus they arrived a little late, and there are no seats available in the bar, Lu Chen hurriedly found Chen Jianhao to explain the situation. The latter not only readily provided a reserved VIP table, but also personally greeted the three guests from Shenzhen City.

After Lu Chen introduced the two side to each other, he came to the backstage of the bar.

The backstage room is also very lively. In addition to Li Hong, Wang Xiaoshuai and other old colleagues, Sister Na is also there. There are four male and female singers who he didn’t recognize and should be coming to the scene.


As soon as she saw Lu Chen, Sister Na immediately exclaimed exaggeratively, “Look who’s here. It’s a rare guest!”

Lu Chen touch his nose embarrassingly and said with wry smile, “Sister Na, please spare me.”

He’s now focusing on live broadcasting, so he has fewer times coming to Forget Worries Bar.

After all, Lu Chen’s earnings in the bar are far worse than those in [Whale TV].

Perhaps one day, if he becomes famous and will no longer worry about money, he may return to the bar, sing along with his guitar, chat with three or five of his friends, drink and talk about music, and pass his idle time.

But not now.

Sister Na smiled and gave him a hug and said, “Sister Na is just joking with you. I’m glad you’re here. Let’s go inside. Brother Qin and I have something to tell you.”


Lu Chen readily promised to come down, greeted Li Hong, and then went to the small suite with Sister Na.

As he passed by, Lu Chen asked, “Didn’t Brother Ye come in the evening?”

He noticed that Ye Zhenyang was not there.

Sister Na said, “He’s no longer in Forget Worries Bar. He said he knew his limitation and decided to resign, otherwise…”

Speaking of Ye Zhenyang, there was a hint of disdain in Sister Na’s tone.

Lu Chen nodded and did not speak.

He knows that Ye Zhenyang’s leaving the Forget Worries Bar has something to do with him, but he has no responsibility.

Sister Na added, “Little Lu, you must enter the entertainment circle in the future. That circle is too complicated. You have to remember that you can’t hurt people, but you also have to guard against people, and some people, no matter how good you are to them, maybe they’ll stab you someday!”

Lu Chen smiled and said, “I know. Thank you, Sister Na, for reminding me.”

During the conversation, Sister Na opened the door and they came to the small suite where the band was sitting.

Qin Hanyang and all the members of the Wandering Band were there. They were rehearsing the new song. When they saw Lu Chen and Sister Na, they all stopped practicing and the drummers stood up.

Today, Lu Chen is no longer the part-time waiter singer. His creative talent has a wide reputation throughout the Houhai circle, and the price of his song of 200,000 is talked about by people.

And Lu Chen’s original “Spring“, which was given to the wandering band, was exchanged by Chen Jianhao for 5% of the bar’s share, which is even discussed as a legend in the circle.

Qin Hanyang put down his electric guitar and greeted with a smile, “Little Lu, you’re here just in time. Sister Na and I are looking for you!”

Lu Chen asked curiously, “Brother Qin, what actually is it?”

Sister Na smiled and said, “Let’s sit down and talk.”

The thing they want to talk to Lu Chen is actually very simple.

Sister Na joined Light Rain Media with the Wandering Band. Their new songs “Spring” and “I Want to Have a Home” will be advertised on the Internet and radio next month. If successful, then Light Rain Media agreed to produce a mini-album for them.

The so-called mini album, in fact, is a shrunken version of the complete CD. Usually, it contains five songs, sell at a lower price than an album, and the distribution method is more flexible. Therefore, it is adopted by many singers, also known as EPs.

As the Wandering Band joined Sister Na as the lead singer, Light Rain Media hopes that the two can invite Lu Chen to sing a new duet song to enrich the content of this mini album.

Qin Hanyang sincerely said: “Originally this matter should have been put forward by the company, but the company considers our personal relationship, so let us talk about it ourselves. Of course, the price of buying a song is as much as it should be!”

Lu Chen understood, thought about it and said, “That’s no problem. Can I give it to you in two days?”

Sister Na smiled and said, “Of course, It’s no problem. We are most assured that the song you wrote will not be bad!”

Lu Chen smiled.

After a few more chats, Lu Chen borrowed a guitar from Qin Hanyang and went out to perform on stage.

He sang “Love in The Wind“, “Beauty” and “The Bright Times of Early Youth” successively. The three new songs gave the new and old customers a great surprise in the bar and the applause had never stopped.

The next morning, Lu Chen sent Wu Hongming and the others to the high-speed train that returned to Shenzhen City.

At 2 p.m., he received a text message from the bank.

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