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Cai Fengzhou forcefully blocked Shi Tianhao's fist and his body was thrown backwards. There was that miniscule moment when his immortal soul was unable to maintain his human form, and he transformed into the Yin Yang Revolution Dao Fruit for a moment, which resembled a black and white whirlpool.

He immediately regained his physical form after that tiny moment.

"This fellow possesses such powerful physical strength. Even third-level undying demon soul stage great demons are only as such." He glanced at Shi Tianhao and then at Zhu Yi before he sighed inside.

Shi Tianhao stabilized himself and laughed. "Second Senior, there's no need for your original body to waste time here. You can leave this to me and proceed up the mountain."

He stretched his neck and shot a look towards Cai Fengzhou as he nodded his head. "The spells of the Great Void Sect are indeed impressive."

Shi Tianhao's pure physical strength of today was unmatched by many third-level undying demon soul stage great demons.

Even when Cai Fengzhou unleashed the power of the Heavenly Universe Palm, he was thrown backwards and even his immortal soul became momentarily destabilized.

Of course, Cai Fengzhou was a spell cultivator and physical strength as well as physical attacks were not his strengths.

The force of his backward movement meant that he had no choice but to terminate his assault on Zhu Yi's Great Sun Avatar. Zhu Yi escaped his predicament and stared at Cai Fengzhou.

Previously, when he was trapped by Cai Fengzhou, it was typically in Zhu Yi's style to find some form of redemption or respite from his opponent. However, he was positive of his judgment from their combat that his Great Sun Avatar was no match for Cai Fengzhou, and if he wanted to exact his revenge on the latter, he would have to switch places with his original body.

However, the dimensional forces would hinder the effects of his Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm and Zhu Yi's original body was roaming the worlds and had come across something of good fortune, thus it would be a waste if he tore his original body away from where it was.

His brows furrowed a little and nodded his head. "We will meet again."

Zhu Yi turned towards Shi Tianhao and muttered, "He's all yours, little junior," and with that, he flew down towards the Mount Baiyun inside the Small Divine Lands World.

Cai Fengzhou shook his head and said, "Nobody is going anywhere."

He placed his hands together and streaks of black and white mana started surging around and blanketed the entire area.

Shi Tianhao raised his eyebrows and exclaimed, "You wish to fight us both at the same time?" He immediately took a step out and shattered void space as he lunged towards Cai Fengzhou.

Zhu Yi's Great Sun Avatar abruptly stopped in its tracks as well, and his hands were like blades as he swiped downwards and slashed open the black and white streaks of mana that were blocking his way.

"I wouldn't do this elsewhere, but this is Mount Baiyun," Cai Fengzhou smile faintly and said, "Even though it's only a Mount Baiyun created by the Crucible of the Divine Lands."

Shi Tianhao and Zhu Yi felt a sensation in their hearts as Cai Fengzhou started to drift between the heavens. Streaks of black and white mana started circling around Mount Baiyun, and the entire mountain's spiritual energy quivered in response.

This reaction from this Mount Baiyun triggered ripples from the flow of spiritual energy across the entire Small Divine Lands World.

Vast amounts of spiritual energy concentrated on the mountain and gradually transformed into a white-colored cloud pillar that shot up into the sky.

Zhu Yi's Great Sun Avatar wanted to close the distance, but was obstructed by the white cloud pillar and Cai Fengzhou was engaged in battle with Shi Tianhao on the other side.

Zhu Yi and Shi Tianhao naturally knew everything that Wang Lin did.

When Emperor Xia was forging the Crucible of the Divine Lands, the Great Void Sec had already been undergoing expansion on Mount Baiyun for many years, and they were highly familiar with the directional flow of spiritual energy inside the Divine Lands.

This was the place which set the foundations for the Great Void Sect and where they established themselves. Regardless of whether it was for the Great Void Holy Man or the other cultivators that came after him, they obtained a better understanding of and established a special connection with Mount Baiyun's unique characteristics while they were perfecting their own mantras and whatnot.

The Divine Lands of today rendered most of these effects useless, but the Small Divine Lands World formed by the Crucible of the Divine Lands was a caricature of the Divine Lands during the Antiquity age, and these effects were not yet obsolete.

Cai Fengzhou made a gesture with his left hand while he flicked his finger with his right. A small white wooden stick which was the size of his palm flew out and positioned itself in void space.

The wooden stick grew bigger by the second, and transformed into a colossal pillar immeasurable in length in no time as it connected the heavens to the earth.

The surface of this white wooden pillar was engraved with rows and rows of white clouds as immense mana auras emanated from within - this was Cai Fengzhou's personal Metaplasilevel magic item and was called the Auspicious Cloud Pillar. Even though it wasn't yet at the Mahayan level, it still possessed great power.

With a third-level immortal soul stage cultivator like Cai Fengzhou directing a magic treasure such as the Auspicious Cloud Pillar, there was no doubt that this magic treasure's potential would be maximized.

With the help of this cloud pillar that was charged with spiritual energy, Cai Fengzhou managed to preoccupy both Zhu Yi's Great Sun Avatar and Shi Tianhao at the same time. However, this meant that he was unable to go near Mount Baiyun himself.

"Mu Xuan, Xingyu, Chaoyang - take the others up the mountain and enter the midsection of the mountain from the summit. That seems to be the key location."

Upon his instruction, Mu Xuan, Chen Xingyu, Guo Chaoyang and the other disciples of the Great Void Sect hurried towards Mount Baiyun.

Yue Hongyan's red brows creased as she waved her hands and flew towards Mount Baiyun as well, with Li Yuanfang, Luo Qingwu and the others following closely behind.

In order to block Shi Tianhao and Zhu Yi's Great Sun Avatar, the spiritual energy cloud pillar could not provide aid to Mount Baiyun, but Cai Fengzhou wouldn't have it any other way.

If he had to make a choice between Shi Tianhao and Zhu Yi, who had already formed the immortal soul, and Yue Hongyan and the others, he wouldn't hesitate in his choice to obstruct Zhu Yi and Shi Tianhao.

He had no choice but to leave Yue Hongyan and the others for Chen Xingyu and Guo Chaoyang, amongst the other younger disciples of his generation. Pitting Chen Xingyu and Guo Chaoyang against Shi Tianhao and Zhu Yi's Great Sun Avatar was an impossible prospect.

The disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders and the group of cultivators from the Great Void Sect ascended to the top of Mount Baiyun at the same time. The surface area at the summit of the mountain wasn't impressive, and there was nothing else around either.

The cultivators from the Great Void Sect, who had just received pointers from Cai Fengzhou, wasted no time as they flew towards the central point of the open space.

Mu Xuan, Guo Chaoyang and Chen Xingyu formed a triangle as they started a ritual in unison, and streaks and streaks of mana were injected into Mount Baiyun beneath them.

"Open!" The three of them exclaimed at the same time while the ritual began to change and a light pillar shot up into the sky from the middle of the three of them.

With the light pillar at the center, a giant magic formation shimmered into vision. This magic formation projected itself into the sky, and it was the light shadow that resembled a mountain cave.

Li Yuanfang maintained his composure and closed his eyes. Purple light flashed around his body and transformed into mystical runes and glyphs that condensed at the top of his head while he channeled the Dongzhen Treasure Mirror Spell Formation.

The mass of runes formed a compact but sophisticated magic formation after shifting around with precise but unfathomably complicated rules. This tiny magic formation looked like a circular mirror as light pillars reflected off its surface and projected themselves onto the giant magic formation at the top of the mountain.

There wasn't much time as the group of Great Void Sect cultivators were already attempting to enter the cave entrance projected by the magic formation, so Li Yuanfang didn't bother to scrutinize it with his own perceptions and directly channeled the Dongzhen Treasure Mirror Spell Formation and sought to grasp the intricacies of this magic formation as quickly as possivle.

"Open!" Li Yuanfang exclaimed in similar fashion, as the light rays reflected from the Dongzhen Treasure Mirror Spell Formation flickered and an Eight Trigram formation glimmered from within. The Eight Trigram formation expanded continuously and completely covered the other magic formation in no time.

Li Yuanfang was already in the nascent soul intermediate stage, and his mastery of magic formations could be safely said to be unrivaled by anyone below the immortal soul stage. Even a great many immortal soul stage cultivators were incomparable to him in terms of pure mastery in magic formations. While he was channeling the Dongzhen Treasure Mirror Spell, Li Yuanfang channeled another Xuanshu Inverse Eight Trigram Mystic Formation.

Once this formation was released, the projection of the cave entrance still remained and was completely unaffected, by the control of this magic formation had been irrevocably stolen by Li Yuanfang.

The light rays blanketing the magic formation repelled several cultivators from the Great Void Sect outside instead.

Chen Xingyu, Guo Chaoyang and a few others entered the cave entrance the moment it was possible. Mu Xuan was responsible for maintaining the magic formation, but ended up being repelled by it. The cultivators that were rejected by the light rays were flicked outside.

Li Yuanfang said quietly, "I will be the anchor, you guys go ahead."

Yue Hongyan shook her head and said, "We still don't know what's going on inside the cave. I will be the sweeper, Six Junior you should take the lead." As she spoke, a dark light flashed in her hands and a green-black poleaxe appeared. It was filled with incredible ferocity, and was charged with a frightening world-destroying aura.

Li Yuanfang contemplated momentarily but he was never very indecisive so he immediately nodded his head and said, "Okay!"

He turned towards Luo Qingwu, "You will take the lead and I will catch up with you as soon as possible."

Luo Qingwu said nothing more and nodded her head as she led the charge into the mountain cave. Tang Jun, Han Yang and the others followed closely behind while Li Yuanfang's original body was the last to enter. However, he left behind his Soul-Imprinted Avatar to support the magic formation and to help Yue Hongyan hold it down.

Yue Hongyan gripped the Royal Extermination Pole-Ax and pointed the tip of the weapon towards u Xuan and the other cultivators of the Great Void Sect. Her face was calm and she remained silent.

She wasn't actually in her peak condition. In her epic battle against the Blood Mane Grand Sage when she killed him, her right shoulder had been tunneled through by her opponent and her bones were shattered and she lost a great deal of blood. For cultivators of the Martial Way, this was a severe injury and recovery took a very long time. If this wasn't seen through with proper care, her battle prowess might even regress.

With the help of Luo Qingwu's Virtuous Earth Sword of Life, Zhu Yi bestowed upon her the Rebirth of the Phoenix Spell so that she wouldn't have any lasting problems, and so that she could continue fighting. However, for a short period of time, she wouldn't be able to channel her peak strength.

Yue Hongyan elegantly stood where she was with her poleax in hand. Her aura of a fearless general like she could hold off ten thousand men all by herself covered the entire peak of Mount Baiyun. Some of the cultivators from the Great Void Sect were afraid to cross the electric field.

Mu Xuan, Shan Xiang and Ding Runfeng stared at Yue Hongyan. Shan Xiang's eyes flowed with uncontrollable hatred and rage, along with an obscure but deep-seated fear.

In the Greater World ten year ago, it was this red-haired girl before him that pummeled his junior, Bai Xiqian, who was also his lover, until she almost died after the battle.

Over the years, every time Shan Xiang looked at Bai Xiqian who was still severely injured and struggled to recover, he would erupt with uncontrollable wrath.

When he was facing Han Yang, Yang Tie and the other second-generation disciples from the Celestial Sect of Wonders, Shan Xiang was still able to hold down his fury. However, Yue Hongyan herself was standing before, and every ounce of hatred that he had accumulated over the years reached skyrocketed in an instant.

Compared to Shan Xiang, Ding Runfeng felt deep hopelessness and exasperation. These were feelings that greatly surpassed the feelings of fear and hatred.

After the battle of Xiling City, Ding Runfeng did think about working harder and battling Yue Hongyan once more. In the end, Bai Xiqian did end up battling Yue Hongyan in his stead.

However, looking at Yue Hongyan now, Ding Runfeng felt at a loss. Back then, Yue Hongyan was only in the aurous core beginner stage and Bai Xiqian was in the aurous core advanced stage.

Today, even though he had successfully formed the nascent soul, the red-haired girl before him was already in the nascent soul intermediate stage!

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