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Chapter 2203

Chapter 2203: Thousand Arms

Lin Feng glanced at the others . Kong Ming was extremely strong, his power surpassed Lin Feng’s expectations . Back then, in the small world, Kong Ming rarely showed up in public, he was extremely discreet . However, Lin Feng had never underestimated him . Back then, among the ten strongest young cultivators of Ba Huang, only Kong Ming was enigmatic and unfathomable .

Now, he was still discreet, but he was still shockingly strong, too!

When fighting against such opponents, you have to use your full strength and that’s how you break through, thought Lin Feng . Just like him against Chu Chun Qiu . He had used the Ancient Holy Techniques and had turned the strength of the Ancient Holy Techniques turn into Nine Netherworlds strength, oppressing Chu Chun Qiu .

Then, he had turned the Nine Netherworlds strength into a Nine Netherworlds demon sword and used demon strength, too, before the DevMara Kalpa strength had cleansed his body .

“My name is Zhou Rong Man!” said a voice at that moment . People turned their heads, including Lin Feng, looking at Zhou Rong Man .

What a guy . As if nobody knows he’s called Zhou Rong Man!, thought Lin Feng . He was speechless . Zhou Rong Man was strong enough to compete with Hua Qing Feng, but he sounded a bit dumb . Zhou Rong Man… those three words were the words the crowd had heard the most during the competition!

“Hua Qing Feng, now, Zhou Rong Man will defeat you and become the strongest cultivator!” said Zhou Rong Man with a smile . He released an ancient bestial Qi, which filled the air . Zhou Rong Man had gone into a frenzy .

Hua Qing Feng was surprised to sense danger . Zhou Rong Man was bestial and dangerous!

At the same time, in Zhou Rong Man’s third eye, a red imprint appeared . Arms appeared on his back at the same time .

Hua Qing Feng’s face stiffened, his face suddenly turning pale .

A thousand arms, Zhou Rong Man had a thousand arms! If anyone else had a thousand arms, it wouldn’t have been a problem . But this was Zhou Rong Man, he already had a terrifying strength with two arms; with a thousand arms, it would be even more terrifying!

Everybody had noticed how terrifyingly strong Zhou Rong Man was . His physical strength was incredible, he could resist Hua Qing Feng’s ordinary attacks with pure physical strength .

Now that Rong Man had a thousand arms, Hua Qing Feng, Godly Clouds’ First Master, was starting to have a bad premonition . He wasn’t as confident as before, he didn’t think he was certain to win anymore .

“Zhou Rong Man!” The crowd was confused, they remembered his name . At that moment, Zhou Rong Man started walking towards Hua Qing Feng . Golden lights appeared in his third eye . With his thousand arms, he looked terrifying .

“Is that guy a human or a beast?”

Hua Qing Feng’s celestial book was floating above his head, his robe was fluttering in the wind . He looked like a scholar . Ice-cold Sword intent filled the air, and his Qi was increasing .

He took a step forwards and said one word . A terrifyingly sharp sword energy shot towards Zhou Rong Man .

Zhou Rong Man’s arms intertwined and turned into a gigantic fist . At the same time, he continued walking forwards as if nothing existed that could threaten him . He looked all-conquering!

Hua Qing Feng summoned the strength of the earth and sky, and condensed a terrifying force . His gigantic arm streaked across the sky, two gigantic words appearing in the sky: ANCIENT STRENGTH . He condensed deadly strength, and then released it all .

A strong wind started blowing . The building energies were ominous…

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Zhou Rong Man continued walking forwards, an overwhelming strength emerged from his gigantic arm . Nothing could injure him .

“Let’s see how incredible your defense is, you’re not a god!” shouted Hua Qing Feng coldly, infuriated now . He condensed more deadly strength . He was Godly Clouds’ First Master, he was truly strong! His strength shot towards Zhou Rong Man .

Zhou Rong Man raised his head, the golden lights in his third eye shining . He absorbed the strength which was moving towards him and it disappeared instantly .

At that moment, Zhou Rong Man looked like a monster that nothing could affect .

“Zhou Rong Man is a monster! With two arms, he’s terrifying already, but with a thousand, it’s even worse! His golden eye is indestructible, it can absorb such terrifying attacks!” swore one of the watchers .

Zhou Rong Man hadn’t shown his real strength during the meeting, remaining discreet the whole time . For the first time during the event, Hua Qing Feng was facing the risk of losing, and his first position with it!

Hua Qing Feng knew he was in danger . The guy everybody initially thought was a moron was extremely dangerous . His arms all contained powerful strength . It was difficult to evaluate how strong his attack was going to be . He could also use all his arms independently, so he could carry out different attacks at the same time .

At that moment, Hua Qing Feng’s hand streaked across the sky, condensing strength in his celestial book . He wrote ancient words . They contained an astonishing amount of sword strength .

“Let’s see how long your arms can protect you,” said Hua Qing Feng coldly . The strength his celestial book contained, penetrated into the ancient words . They all crackled and then turned into one word with ominous strength .

“Die!” said Hua Qing Feng . At that moment, the gigantic word was filled with an endless amount of sword lights . At the same time, it moved towards Zhou Rong Man . Zhou Rong Man moved his arms, an illusion appeared and moved to intercept the ancient word . The ancient word and the arm collided and started crackling .

Zhou Rong Man’s arms kept crackling . However, he stood his ground and continued walking forwards, although not very quickly .

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“Argh!” Finally, he shouted out furiously and started running towards Hua Qing Feng . Hua Qing Feng’s face stiffened . He spat out a sharp weapon at Rong Man, but it instantly exploded and broke into pieces . He was driven backwards as his face paled .

“Hua Qing Feng is going to lose . ”

“Zhou Rong Man is a terrifying monster . He can’t lose . He’s amazing both in terms of defense and offense . His soul defense is formidable!”

“Hua Qing Feng, you lost . I, Zhou Rong Man, am the strongest man of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!” said Zhou Rong Man, smiling .

At that moment, nobody dared make fun of him or say he was stupid . His voice echoed in people’s heads unceasingly . His ordinary sentence became a symbolic sentence .  My name is Zhou Rong Man!

Everybody knew that if Zhou Rong Man had been weak, everybody would have made fun of him, and his sentence would have become a joke . But he had defeated Hua Qing Feng . If people remembered the sentence My name is Zhou Rong Man!, it wouldn’t be because they were amused, it would be because they remembered how terrifying he was!

“In the top ten, there were four First Masters, but now he’s going to be sixth? That would be embarrassing for a former First Master of Godly Clouds!” murmured many people with schadenfreude .

Was Hua Qing Feng eliminated from the top five? If that was the case, he would lose his reputation . However, it also showed that there were many geniuses in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and First Masters weren’t necessarily the strongest people!

When Hua Qing Feng heard Zhou Rong Man, he remained silent . Could he say anything? He was Godly Clouds’ First Master, and he had lost against Zhou Rong Man . No matter what, he couldn’t win! But even if he couldn’t defeat Zhou Rong Man, he didn’t deserve to rank sixth . Other people probably couldn’t defeat him, but Zhou Rong Man’s strength had exceeded everybody’s expectations!


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At the same time as they were fighting, Kong Ming and the Great Deployment Master’s battle was taking place . An incredible amount of golden lights blotted out the sky . Buddhas were everywhere around them, and they were chanting mantras in mighty Brahmic voices .

At the same time, many deployment lights kept glittering . The Buddha and deployment energies kept colliding .

Kong Ming’s eyes were closed . Behind him were 108 Buddhas with indestructible golden bodies . The Great Deployment Master found it difficult to resist him .

“Ten Thousand Celestial Buddha Solution, Indestructible Golden Body, who are you?” said the Great Deployment Master, grimacing . His deployment spells couldn’t be weaker than those Buddhist attacks, but Kong Ming’s defense was awesome, far better than his own . With the Ten Thousand Celestial Buddhas and the Indestructible Golden Body, he seemed indestructible .

“His defense is also terrifying . Kong Ming might be stronger than Hua Qing Feng . In Holy Mountain, Kong Ming is discreet, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that Hua Qing Feng is stronger than him,” pontificated someone with the wisdom of stating the obvious .

Xian Ren was astonished, too . He was staring at Kong Ming and said,” That Bald Donkey has always been hiding his real strength . He’s actually this strong…”

The Great Deployment Master finally stopped fighting . He was injured, and admitted his defeat . Like Hua Qing Feng, he had lost . He wasn’t necessarily weaker than the four other cultivators . The battles had to continue, he definitely had the potential to finish in the top three!

“Those people are all terrifyingly strong . Zhou Rong Man proved he was stronger than Hua Qing Feng . Kong Ming is stronger than the Great Deployment Master . Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu’s battle was incredible, too! But this way the rankings aren’t accurate . They need to fight again!” the people exclaimed eagerly .

“Lin Feng, you and me, let’s fight,” said Hua Qing Feng at that moment, walking towards Lin Feng . He didn’t want to be eliminated because of his battle against Zhou Rong Man!

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