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Hua Liqing carefully thought about it, the fact that World Defying god-becoming Dan s could have this kind of effect surprised her, no matter how expensive this pill was, someone would definitely want it.

"Two or three Tao-creation Sacred Crystals per pellet should be wanted by people." Hua Liqing said.

Two or three Tao-creation's Divine Crystals were considered a lot, but even after Hua Liqing had opened the Separating Fire Dan Pavilion for so many years, there were only ten of them left to continue.

Although it was said that one Tao-creation Holy Crystal was equivalent to one thousand Tao-creation Holy stone, people who had Tao-creation Divine Crystals would rarely exchange them for Tao-creation Holy stone, so if they truly wanted to exchange for Tao-creation Divine Crystals, they would need at least ten thousand Tao-creation Holy stone.

"It's a pity that I can't sell it." Chen Xiang sighed.

"There's only one way left now, and that is for Xiang Luan to grasp the first eight stages of the Tao-creation's incantation. Afterwards, she can improve the Flying Dan grain and create a World Defying Dan grain that is different from the Flying Dan grain, but has the same effect as the Flying Dan grain." Hua Liqing was cleaning up the shop.

Chen Xiang asked Xiang'er and Yu Er, the two girls, to come out and help him. They were only playing with Long Xueyi all day anyway.

"I will go and concoct pills first. If Feng Lanyi comes, you can come and get me." Chen Xiang said.

"Yes." Hua Liqing also needed to tidy up and decorate the shop, it would take a few days.

Chen Xiang came inside the secret room and said to Xiao Xianglin, "Master, do you think that the current Six Realms mirrors can replicate the Time array?"

The Six Realms mirrors s added a few of the Tao-creation's Divine Crystals to refine, increasing its intensity by a lot.

"It should be fine." Xiao Xianglin said. Normally, she and his two clones would be used at the same time, and sometimes Mei Jing Sisters would go in to grow medicinal ingredients.

Chen Xiang also needed to use them now, so one Time array was not enough. Generally speaking, two or three people would be the best if the Time array went in.

The Six Realms mirrors could successfully replicate the Time array, but whether it could operate smoothly was another story.

Chen Xiang placed the ten Tao-creation s in and could operate it smoothly. It was just that the ten Tao-creation Holy stone could only maintain themselves for five days, while the Time array could circulate for seven to eight days.

"Master, your clone has been learning the eighth stage of the Tao-creation's Incantation and Legendary mantra for a long time now, right? Why haven't you succeeded yet?" Chen Xiang said.

"You don't know … …" Originally, it would be extremely difficult for one to learn the second Legendary mantra. Furthermore, you must know that there are three Legendary mantra in my mind. " Xiao Xianglin said: "This caused my Legendary mantra to be in a constant state of chaos, making it harder to learn."

Previously, when Chen Xiang and Xiao Xianglin had killed the Leader of the Mortal Life Sect, they had allowed Bai Youyou to swallow the Legendary mantra Zhou Wensheng had obtained.

Bai Youyou had long ago passed this Legendary mantra to Xiao Xianglin, and the other one that the elder stole away from Chen Xiang earlier was also devoured by Bai Youyou, so she gave it to him as well.

Chen Xiang now that she thought about it, she also felt that Xiao Xianglin was extremely scary. She had actually grasped three Legendary mantra s, and even had to learn the eighth and ninth level of Tao-creation's Incantation.

"I have made some progress on the eighth stage of the Tao-creation Incantation." Xiao Xianglin said: "After I tried it, I found out that it was an auxiliary Tao-creation Incantation, and had a very strong Regeneration Incantation. I have already tried it with Sijing and Simei, and they can quickly regenerate medicinal herbs, but during planting, they need to use Tao-creation Holy stone as fertilizer."

"When I completely master the Regeneration Incantation, I will try to grow it. The effect will be even better, and the World Defying Dan grain also have the Regeneration Incantation. The nine incantations must be similar, and I think that it will be even more useful."

With Xiao Xianglin making such progress, Chen Xiang felt that it was pretty good. In the future, Mei Jing Sisters would not need to spend so much time to grow medicinal herbs, nor would he need to spend so much energy.

"In the future, I will create a flower bed, add in the time and regeneration incantations, and after that, as long as I add in Tao-creation Holy stone, I can quickly grow a large amount of medicinal ingredients." Xiao Xianglin laughed: "Although I am not as good as you in terms of cultivation, you are far inferior to me in this aspect."

"My beautiful master, you are truly amazing. Allow your disciple to kiss you." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Hmph, hurry up and enter your Six Realms mirrors and refine five of them. Let the three Pill Spirit girls try and see if they can evolve." Xiao Xianglin scoffed.

On top of the Six Realms mirrors, Chen Xiang activated the duplicated Time Formation and began refining the Emotional heart Dan.

After three days, Chen Xiang managed to refine five Emotional heart Dan, but his refining speed had increased by a lot. This was mainly because he was more familiar with using Flying Dan grain s.

"Master, can Feng Lanyi really give us a lot of help?" Back then, Su Meiyao and Xiao Xianglin both thought that Feng Lanyi would have a great use in the future, so they asked him to rope Feng Lanyi in.

"Xuan Fei, tell him what Feng Lanyi will do in the future." Xiao Xianglin said.

"Chen Xiang, Feng Lanyi looks like a Four-winged flamingo but... However, there is the Phoenix's bloodline in her body. If she succeeds in evolving, it would be a four-winged Blue Fire Phoenix. This divine bird will definitely become the mount that many powerhouses dream of. At that time, she will definitely also be very strong. " Peng profoundfei said. She was a Roc, so she could feel it.

"It can actually evolve into a phoenix." Chen Xiang was extremely surprised. If this kind of powerful Phoenix was in his camp, then it would be beneficial to him in the future.

"Birds like this have a special ability. As long as they possess sufficient energy to sustain themselves, they can break through." Peng profoundfei continued: "Xueyi is like this."

"No wonder you like eating so much." Chen Xiang finally understood that Long Xueyi's talent in sleeping and eating was indeed great, he only needed to sleep and eat to break through.

"Feng Lanyi is from the Peak of World Defying magic realm. She must be desperate to break through right now, because once she breaks through, it means she can evolve into a phoenix." Peng profoundfei said: "If she were to become a Indigo Phoenix, it would not be good if she were to be captured as soon as possible, so I must let her know of my situation."

When Chen Xiang walked out of the secret room, the shops outside had already been renovated. Under Hua Liqing's guidance, Xiang'er and Yue'er decorated it very elegantly and comfortably.

"Lan Yi came by this morning. I was going to call for you, but she said I'd contact her when you came out of seclusion." Hua Liqing took out the blue Communication jade Symbol paper and said, "Do you want to contact her now?"

"Mm, call her over. I have something important to tell her." Chen Xiang said.

The shop had not officially opened for business yet, so Feng Lanyi walked in and knocked on the door tightly. Hua Liqing quickly opened the door.

After Feng Lanyi came in, he said: "If there's anything important, I'll say it in advance. Without Emotional heart Dan, I won't help you with anything."

"I know, I know." Chen Xiang smiled and then indicated for her to sit.

After Feng Lanyi sat down, Hua Liqing poured her some tea. She was very polite to Hua Liqing and thanked him politely.

"Lan Yi, will you become a Blue Fire Phoenix in the future?" Chen Xiang asked.

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