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Tang Wulin exhaled and stretched his body. He went to have a meal upon leaving the cabin.

He spotted Jiang Wuyue at first glance when he arrived at the canteen. Jiang Wuyue was surrounded by a boisterous crowd as they were completely engaged in a conversation.

Tang Wulin walked over in long strides and patted Jiang Wuyue's back.

"Brother, having a meal huh?" Jiang Wuyue immediately smiled when he turned around and saw that it was Tang Wulin.

The other close combat soldiers who surrounded Jiang Wuyue smiled upon seeing Tang Wulin. They were smiling with admiration and respect.

Tang Wulin was only a second lieutenant, but he had worked together with Jiang Wuyue to resist the enemy in a recent battle. The memory of how Tang Wulin amplified the soldiers' abilities through his Golden Dragon Rage Domain was still fresh in their minds.

The army would always be a place that respected its powerhouses. The more powerful a person was, the more popular he or she would be in the army, especially in a place like the Blood God Army. Tang Wulin's ability reduced the fatalities of that battle by at least two thirds. How could he not be respected by these soldiers?

"What're you discussing here? Sounds interesting," said Tang Wulin with a smile.

Jiang Wuyue answered, "We're talking about competition in the Star Dou Battle Network. The battle in which the third battalion commander lost to his opponent. The third battalion commander's close combat skill is the top in our battalion, yet his opponent's skill is on par with his. Moreover, the opponent's martial soul is more incisive as well. The third battalion commander was eliminated after the second round. He's so depressed he won't even eat."

Tang Wulin felt his chest tightened while his lips twitched gently. However, he was smart enough not to say anything but spoke smilingly, "Let's go and have our meal. Tell me more about it."

After the meal, Tang Wulin and Jiang Wuyue sat together.

"Tell me, that was you, right?" Jiang Wuyue stared at Tang Wulin with a burning gaze.

Tang Wulin spoke with a bitter smile, "If the third battalion commander you mentioned used a long saber, then I'm afraid it's true."

Jiang Wuyue stared at Tang Wulin in bewilderment, "So, it was you? It really was you? How's that possible? You're skilled in mecha control as well? Are you even human?"

Tang Wulin coughed. "I've trained in it before. Please keep this an absolute secret between us."

Jiang Wuyue coughed. "It's been long while since I've had a meal from window number one."

Tang Wulin's expression stiffened. "What a guy!"

Jiang Wuyue sniggered. "Remember you used to prank me in the beginning? I'll only have one portion and nothing more. It's time for me to develop my body!"

"You're thirty years old, why would you want to develop your body anymore?" Tang Wulin was teasing but he still bought a portion for Jiang Wuyue. At the same time, he swore that he would not tell the truth in the future.

"What did you do?" Jiang Wuyue asked Tang Wulin while they were eating.

Tang Wulin answered, "Spear's consciousness. I channeled my spear's consciousness into the mecha. Although he could stop my attack, he was still affected so long as his willpower and spiritual power were not strong enough. Furthermore, I still had other tricks up my sleeve. Had you been in his place at the time, it would be quite difficult for me to affect you with my spear's consciousness."

Jiang Wuyue nodded gently but his lips cracked into a bitter smile. "I'm not so good at operating the mecha. You know my size is almost that of a mecha when I unleash my martial soul at full force. Hence, there's no mecha that is suitable for me. I've no choice but to remain as I'm now."

Tang Wulin could not help smiling. It was a problem he would need to face as well because of his Overlord Dragon martial soul. However, there was not much of a difference between his body's strength and a mecha's.

Both cultivation and competition had now become the focus in Tang Wulin's life. He would spend the next two weeks in cultivation and competition every day. 

The Star Dou Battle Network was a quintessential form of actual combat which did not take life and death into consideration. So, it was extremely helpful to Tang Wulin. It had given Tang Wulin an opportunity to practice his mecha operating skills.

The west division's overall ability was definitely the weakest in the entire Federation with the exception of the Blood God Army. Tang Wulin was frequently matched with an opponent from the Blood God Army. The intensity of the battles he was engaged in was the most powerful on the entire continent considering that it was still at the preliminary stage.

The probability of being matched to an opponent from a nearby division was rather high in the competition.

The electronic voice finally made an announcement when Tang Wulin defeated his eighth opponent in the mecha battles.

"The west division's elimination tournament has ended. You've already qualified for the following round-robin tournament. There is a total of sixty-four contestants, which will be divided into eight groups, participating in the round-robin tournament. The final four contestants from each group will be the winners. The rank will not be taken into account for the final thirty-two contestants. The contestants will enter the Federation's finals directly."

It was meant to save time and labor. Tang Wulin would be taking part in seven round-robin tournaments where he might end up being one of the thirty-two finalists which would qualify him for the finals.

Tang Wulin won eight competitions consecutively, both in the soul master battles and the mecha battles. He did not encounter any opponent that was especially powerful, the most powerful opponent being just a Soul Emperor.

His martial soul and bloodline fusion had been completed amid the battles he engaged in as well as his cultivation practice during this period. The crystal core in his soul power vortex was becoming more obvious, so he was just a step behind the formation of his soul core.

"You have three days rest. After your rest, you will enter the round-robin stage of the tournament."

Tang Wulin felt his chest warming after finding out he had three days off for rest and recuperation. 'Should I apply for leave so I can take a break?'

Consequently, Tang Wulin looked for Blood One immediately.

"You wish to apply for a leave of absence?" Blood One darted Tang Wulin a look.

Tang Wulin had a hopeful expression. "I've been here for quite a while. Besides, you've yet to approve my military rank promotion. Coincidentally, the elimination round of the tournament has ended and I managed to win in both types of battles. I've outperformed in my mission, so to speak. Can you please grant me two days leave so I can go visit the Fire Basin? Think of it as me taking leave for relaxation."

Blood One pondered for a moment before he spoke, "Alright then. Come back quick."

"Thank you, sir." Tang Wulin was overjoyed for he could finally visit Gu Yuena after being here for almost two months. Could he be any happier than this?

Tang Wulin left Blood One's office hurriedly. He immediately dialed Gu Yuena's soul communicator's number.

"Gu Yue, I can visit you at last. Wait for me, I'll be departing in a moment and be over as soon as I can. I should be there in about three hours." There was no need for him to climb for this trip since he could fly back with his two-word battle armor.

"That's splendid, father. I'll wait for you." Gu Yuena sounded like she was shaking from all the excitement.

Tang Wulin did not procrastinate and proceeded to unleash his two-word battle armor as soon as he left the barracks. He spread his wings and flew into the sky as he glided toward the Fire Basin.

The wind was bitter cold in the mountains. The cold pierced his body akin to knives yet the cold barely affected Tang Wulin with his dense and powerful blood essence. His golden wings spread out and made him appear as if he was a golden bird soaring in the sky. He flew past the mountain peaks underneath him as he glided into the distance at lightning speed.

The feeling of flying was truly amazing. In addition, he managed to save a lot of time! Tang Wulin flapped his wings strenuously once and accelerated once again. This was the advantage of using a two-word battle armor. There was a world of difference when compared to the one-word battle armor.

Finally, the Fire Basin was in his sight. The temperature in his surroundings was rising obviously. Tang Wulin retracted his wings and prepared for his landing.

He did not intend to land in the Fire Basin because the military troops were stationed there. It would be unfortunate for him in case of a misunderstanding.

He retrieved some regular clothes from his storage ring and doffed his military uniform. Tang Wulin then dashed excitedly toward the Fire Basin for he was eager to be home at present.

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