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I wonder just how many rooms are like this one.

It turned to dusk as I stared outside the window. By the way, the window’s so small a human can’t go through it. It seems that I was moved here to have me reflect about last time. So mean.

Maria poured black tea into a cup, not worrying as I breathed out a sigh.

“It seems there are several of these rooms. A long time ago, there were tons of nobles that opposed the royal family, so they prepared a lot of them. Although nowadays, there’s no more use for them.”

“… Isn’t that some shady history right there?”

“Not once did anyone die in one of the rooms.”

“But that doesn’t exclude the other rooms…”

Crap, this isn’t good, I need to stop thinking that! If I don’t, then I’ll begin to think of this castle as a ghost house!

“What’s going on? You seem to be having fun.”

Burikko smiled, as if it was somebody else’s affairs, and ate a baked sweet. Even though it’s about me.

“Let me know if you see a ghost.”

“You’ll be able to confirm that whenever since you’ll be marrying the prince.”

“About that.”

Burikko was clearly refusing me.

“It’s impossible for me who gave up halfway with the princess training. If I were to become the princess, then it becomes a diplomatic issue.”

“Your body will get used to it before long, so it’s fine. Give it about 10 years and you’ll be perfect at it.”

“But after 10 years, I’ll be past the marriageable age.”

Burikko loudly sipped on the black tea. Stop making that noise.

She noticed my reproachful gaze, and stopped drinking.

“Look, this is just basic etiquette. I was trying more or less to be careful, but I can’t drink as quietly as you.”

“I told you, give it 10 years, and you’ll be fine!”

“I don’t want to spend 10 years, okay!”

When Burikko said that, she took another baked sweet. Whatever, I hope you grow fat since you keep on eating so much of those.

“Oh yes, I’ll be telling everyone about the princess training that I underwent after this.”


As I stared at her face thinking, ‘What about?’ Burikko grinned.

“I’ll be telling people in high society about what the princess training entailed, and how strict it was.”


“To help elevate your reputation.”


I asked, unsure of what she meant. Burikko puffed up with pride.

“Rather than the prince telling me that ‘it’s okay to talk about it as much as you can,’ it’s more apt to say that he ordered me to talk about it. From the start, wasn’t this the reason why they allowed me to undergo the princess training? Thanks to that, you’ve become a praiseworthy lady who’s endured the strict training for 10 years, without giving up. Good for you!”

“But it’s not good for me though!?”

What kind of useless thing is this!?

“Like this, those who oppose you becoming the queen should pretty much disappear. Well, there’s really not many who oppose you since you’re diligent. There’s no problems with your social status as well. Most likely, the streets are filled with talks about the love story between a beautiful noble lady and the prince!”


“Regardless if I do or whatever, the story’s already spread out.”

Grin, grin, grin.

The desire to kill Burikko, who’s been smiling this whole time, grows within me. What should I do? I don’t want to get married!

“Wouldn’t it be better for you to give up being irresponsible?”

“Don’t want to!”

“You’re not a kid, stop throwing a tantrum and arguing for the sake of it.”

“That’s not it.”

I sullenly replied.

“I’ve never had any free time since the time I turned ten. Whenever I remember the good ol’ days, I just can’t help but strongly miss them. There’s nothing I can do about it, you know.”

I’ve been daydreaming about my freedom for 10 years. It’s not as simple as easily giving up.

I was completely prohibited from playing and never had time to play with friends as well. Day after day, I came to the Royal Castle to be trained, scolded when I made mistakes, and even when I cried, I was scolded as well. My only hope was that someday, I’d be free from all of this.

“If I get married, I won’t completely be free, you know.”

As she looked at my frowning face, Burikko took a baked sweet.


Burikko ate the sweet.

“–were greatly wrong, huh.”

“Don’t say it like that!”

April 26th has passed, and here’s a new chapter. Here’s the cover as well. This chapter threw us a serious curveball. I feel bad for her.

Author: adorkablerika

Name's Erika. For some dumb reason, I decided to major in Physics. I'm stuck in this major now. I used to translate manga and light novels a few years back, left, then came back cause I found some good novels to read. I'm the only TLer on my site, so rip. I'm apparently also good at drawing, and I also like kpop (BTS, I mean, I have Hobi as my pic). I don't bite, so feel free to chat me up on here or on NU @adorkablehiko. If you see my translations on other sites, please do consider reading it on my Wordpress @ crappyasstranslations.

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