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Chapter 1717 - The Sceptics

Qin Chao sat on the bed the entire time. Under the faint fragrance of a woman, he actually still felt drowsy.

Amitabha, could it be that this woman's body fragrance has a hypnotic effect?

It was unknown if it was because Wu Qingye had personally taken action against Qin Chao, but Qin Chao had been meditating until night, and there was actually no other assassin who came to disturb him.

How strange.

Forget it, I'm too lazy to think about these things.

He still had to think how to deal with Wu Qingye's power tomorrow.

Because he temporarily could not reveal his identity, he could only use the power of the Nine Hell Demon Hound to deal with that girl.

Although the speed of the Demon Hounds was quite fast, it didn't seem to have any advantage over the speed of these assassins.

Speaking of cultivation power, Wu Qingye's killing intent was rather thorny.

It was a match against his own ghost general Jiuyou's ability to use the black blade.

He didn't know which force would be stronger.

Qin Chao was a little curious.

However, this sort of thing could be discussed in the future.

There were too many things pressing down on his shoulders to count.

Qin Chao continued to meditate and cultivate his energy of the God Realm.

Although there were six Primordial Dragon Ladies who continued to cultivate God's power for him in the Piaomiao Purple Mansion, the effect was a little better when he cultivated on his own.

It was a pity that he was too busy and had too little time to practice.

If he continued his cultivation like this, as long as he could break through to the late stage of celestial being Da Luo, the seventh dragon girl would also wake up.

According to the order, the seventh dragon girl should be the Scarlet Tide Dragon, Leng Yue.

Originally, Baotong should have woken up the earliest, but now he could only be ranked eighth.

Sigh, at that time when he had forcefully used spatial travel, he overdrafted Baotong's strength too much.

When Baotong appeared again, he would have to give his thanks.

If not for Baotong, he would have already disappeared into the changes in time.

As Qin Chao was sighing with emotion, he suddenly felt that there was something strange happening around the room.

The Rakshasi who was hiding within the walls had already felt the aura of a stranger.

Those auras seemed to be lingering around the house.

Qin Chao frowned. Who could it be?

Could it be that the people from the Heavenly Hidding Sect had come to assassinate him?

Qin Chao was a little curious. He channeled Ancient Wood Dragon Ning Chang's power, his mental energy communicating with the trees outside. He began to observe the people wandering around outside, so he could make his next judgement.

Looking at the flowers and plants outside, Qin Chao finally saw the situation outside the house under the night sky.

He saw a man wrapped in a black trench coat, slowly walking around the surroundings of the house.

The man's face was covered by the cape, so it was hard for Qin Chao to see clearly what he looked like.

[This fellow is truly strange. Why does he cover me so tightly …]

Just as Qin Chao was curious, the man suddenly spoke out.

"How could Wu Qingye's room be destroyed like this?"

The man's aura was very faint, as if he had used some method to hide his aura.

Her voice was also very hoarse, as if metal was rubbing against each other, causing Qin Chao to not know where this thing came from.

From the looks of it, he did not seem to be someone from Heavenly Hidding Sect.

"Looks like the rumors in the sect during the day, of Wu Qingye and a participant fighting a huge battle, was probably true."

He was muttering again.

Kiss, talk to yourself casually, it's not a good habit.

Qin Chao thought, the person who fought a big battle with Wu Qingye was him.

"Hmph hmph, that participant was really an idiot, to actually clash with Wu Qingye in advance. When it's time for a real martial competition, he would definitely suffer a miserable end."

F * ck your grandpa, you don't need to say that.

Qin Chao really wanted to give that fellow a fierce kick.

His miserable fate was certain, because Wu Qingye had basically been seen through completely by him.

Oh, I didn't mean to.

This time, Qin Chao jumped into the Yellow River and was unable to wash away his emotions.

It looks like there will really be an unparalleled war tomorrow.

"However, it will help me."

He walked to the corner of the house.

There was a towering tree planted in this corner. The black-clothed person pressed his palm on it. It was unknown what technique he used to suddenly change the towering tree.

One of the branches looked like an arrow, pointing to the east.

"Is he over there?"

The man in black said in a low voice.

With that, his body flashed and disappeared from the spot.

F * ck, trying to run is impossible.

Qin Chao was currently shocked in his heart, just what was that black-clothed man looking for?

He immediately spread his psychic power out from the flowers and plants so that he could track down the black-clothed man.

On this small island filled with vegetation, the power of Qin Chao's Ancient Wood Dragon could be said to have been unleashed to a large degree.

At the same time, the devil puppet Avatar flew out of his body, turning into a streak of black smoke and chasing after the black-clothed man.

For tracking, the Ghost General was the most suitable.

Logically speaking, the strongest devil puppet clone on Qin Chao should be the decvil puppet of the heaven emperor clone.

Unfortunately for Qin Chao, this decvil puppet of the heaven emperor clone was the weakest.

Because Qin Chao had never sought the decvil puppet of the heaven emperor's offerings before.

In this situation, his own clone of the decvil puppet of the heaven emperor would be the weakest.

Thus, Qin Chao had never used the power of this clone.

At this time, his ghost general Jiuyou clone was hiding in the darkness of the night, closely chasing after the figure of the black-clothed man.

The movements of the man in black were also extremely strange. He seemed to possess an ability to merge with the ground.

If Qin Chao did not communicate with the Spirit Power of the flowers and plants, he would not be able to sense it at all.

Very soon, the black-clothed person suddenly broke out from the ground and stood back on the ground.

The place he was standing at just happened to be another towering tree.

This guy came out and touched the tree.

Instantly, another tree trunk pointed in a direction.

"Hehe, is it that simple?"

He instantly dived into the ground. This fellow's speed underground was truly not slow.

Qin Chao also quickly followed.

He wanted to know exactly what this fellow was doing.

The two people, one in front and one behind, one above and one below, continuously appeared under the towering trees.

Following the directions given by the trees, the man in black quickly arrived at the bottom of the volcano on the island.

The last tree pointed to a spot on the side of the volcano.

"Is it in that direction?"

The black-clothed man glanced at the mountainside and the corner of his mouth curled up into a sneer.

This fellow was laughing too strangely.

Qin Chao hid in the shadows of the trees, coldly watching the man's back.

"I shall be the one to grasp the secrets of the Heavenly Hidding Sect's cultivation techniques."

With that, he went back into the ground and crawled towards the middle of the mountain.

The secret of Heavenly Hidding Sect's cultivation technique.

The unique method of retracting one's aura, and the use of killing intent.

If it was these two, then they were indeed very attractive.

Concealment was very useful in both sneak attacks and actual combat.

As for killing intent, there was no need to mention it as a weapon. It was extremely useful.

A cultivator, who didn't have a bit of killing intent?

If he could cultivate his killing intent well, it would be like adding wings to a tiger.

No wonder this man didn't sleep in the middle of the night and kept coming here.

Qin Chao was hesitant.

This was a matter of the Heavenly Hidding Sect, he should not have interfered.

Logically speaking, this sort of thing had nothing to do with him.

But in Qin Chao's heart, he felt that he owed her a huge favor.

A favor or something … I really hate it the most.

Qin Chao thought about it, forget it, he would just treat it as paying back the debts of Wu Qingye.

No matter what he said, he would still help this time. Otherwise, he would feel bad.

As a result, Qin Chao quietly followed behind the black-clothed man, getting closer and closer to the mountainside.

"Looks like this is the place."

In front of a cliff in the middle of the mountain, the man suddenly stopped his steps and slowly came out from the soil.

F * ck your grandma, you make her look like a zombie.

Qin Chao couldn't help but twitch his mouth.

"It seems like this place has another world."

The man in black looked at the black mass of the cliff and could not help but touch the wall as he spoke.

Looking at the way he touched the wall, Qin Chao felt as if he was touching a woman that had been in love for many years …

Man, this taste is a bit too heavy.

Just as Qin Chao was worrying, the black clothed man had already started to search for the mechanism to open the wall.

Should he make a move now?

Or wait for him to make a move after he entered …

Qin Chao began to think.

At this moment, a strange voice came from the side.

"Aiyaya, this brother here, you didn't sleep in the middle of the night. To come to this barren mountain and wilderness, this is such an interesting thing to do."


The black-clothed man immediately raised his head in shock.

Qin Chao could not help but look over in surprise.

Taoist Huajian.

Why is he here?

"Why are you here?"

The black-clothed man lowered his voice and asked.

"Aiyo, since you know me, it looks like we're acquaintances …"

Taoist Huajian sat on a tree at the side with a strange smile on his face.

The black clothed man was startled again.

My god, this Taoist Huajian is really cunning.

"That's not important. What's important is why you're here."

the man in black asked coldly.

"Does that even need to be said …."

Taoist Huajian gave a weird laugh, "Of course it's because you're here, and that's why I'm here."

Taoist Huajian also wanted to find out the secret of Heavenly Hidding Sect.

"Heh heh, to think that you're such a rich person."

The black-clothed man could not help but coldly say.

"Even an outsider needs to eat."

Taoist Huajian shrugged his shoulders, "In short, our goal is the same, how about we join hands?"

"Why should I believe you?"

As the black-clothed man stood there, Qin Chao suddenly felt a slight change in the aura on his body.

This guy was definitely looking for an opportunity to assassinate the Taoist Huajian.

"I believe that it would be more reasonable for me to kill you here and enjoy the secret technique on my own."

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