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Chapter 1742 - Annihilating Little Demons

"The lower levels of the east …"

Qin Chao, Wu Qingye, Lily and the other two, after leaving military platform, went along the Feng Shui Mountain and walked east. After walking for half an hour, they still did not see where the legendary Inferno Tower for Demons was.

Their tutorial was fast, and their walking speed was no slower than a mountain bike.

Although he was not an official cultivator, he was still someone who had come from a cultivation village and received a certain amount of basic cultivation training.

Just like this lily, it also had a Foundation Establishment stage cultivation.

Foundation Establishment is the true beginning of cultivation. According to the conversion on the compass, only those that have surpassed 50 are at the Foundation Establishment stage. Those that have surpassed 50 to 200 are all at the Foundation Establishment stage.

If a cultivator was unable to reach the Foundation Establishment stage before the age of 15, then he wouldn't be able to achieve much in his lifetime.

Of course, this was only true for someone like Qin Chao.

These were all ideas about the entrance exam that Wu Qingye told Qin Chao on the way there.

After seeing the Geomancy Sect's assessment this time, Qin Chao was still very interested in the process of eight sects of ancient times taking in disciples.

Qin Chao thought about what he should do if a cultivator, who was already twenty or thirty years old, mixed in with his lies and made himself younger by pretending to be a fourteen or fifteen year old youth who was going to participate in the assessment.

For example, the likes of him and Wu Qingye.

But Wu Qingye stopped Qin Chao from speaking with just one word.


On the other hand, Qin Chao had forgotten that the ancient people valued honesty extremely.

Unlike modern people, he had gradually forgotten the meaning of the word 'honest'.

As long as he could make money, the black-hearted merchants would have it.

Although no one knows what you have done, the heavens will still watch. One day, the heavens will punish you.

However, not many people in the modern world believed this. As long as they could earn money, they would be able to do all sorts of evil things.

Qin Chao could not help but sigh in his heart.

"Oh my god, how much longer do we have to walk?"

Lily couldn't help but complain, "If we keep walking like this, we'll have to spend most of our time on it."

"Our quest should not be too far away. Those C grade D grade missions are the true way out …"

Wu Qingye couldn't help but sigh. Luckily he didn't complete the low levelled missions.

Otherwise, these legs and legs would have been enough to run.

He couldn't use the Imperial Air Technique either. If he wanted 50 points from his feet, he definitely didn't have enough time.

"Soon, I can feel some demon qi ahead."

Qin Chao could not help but ask.

"Ah, you can feel the demonic energy."

Lily couldn't help but look at Qin Chao in shock.

"... "I'm feeling pretty sensitive,"

Qin Chao hurriedly explained.

Damn, I almost got exposed.

At their level, it was impossible for them to sense the auras in the distance.

"You guys, where are you going?"

Just as they were about to reach the eastern lower regions, a disciple wearing Geomancy Sect Daoist Robe suddenly extended his hand and stopped them.

"Hello, Senior Apprentice Brother. We are the quasi-disciples of this year."

Wu Qingye hurried forward and said, "This is our identity plate."


The disciple looked at the nameplates on all three of their chests, and then asked, "Did you come to complete a mission? Show me the mission pouch."

F * ck, he still had to look at the brocade sack? Why didn't anyone say anything about this? Fortunately, it wasn't lost.

Qin Chao immediately took out the embroidered bag he placed in here, and showed it to the disciple.

"Oh, so he's here to exorcise the Little Devil Patrol in the mountains."

The disciple nodded and pointed to a mountain behind him.

"Right behind me is the area affected by the Inferno Tower for Demons. As long as the few of you are walking around the outskirts of the Inferno Tower for Demons, if you meet any Little Demons patrolling the mountain, remember not to go any deeper, and even more so not to go within a hundred meters of the Inferno Tower for Demons. Otherwise, even if it's the Geomancy Sect himself, it won't be able to save you."

"Don't worry senior brother, we will only hunt outside."

Wu Qingye immediately nodded.

"En, go, I wish you success."

The Geomancy Sect disciple nodded and let three people pass.

"Let's go, the more difficult task lies below."

As a boy, Qin Chao was naturally going to be at the front.

"We have to be vigilant..."

Lily could not help but feel a little apprehensive.

Indeed, after passing the position of Geomancy Sect disciple, she felt a sense of oppression.

This should be the effect of the demon qi...

"Circulate your mental cultivation method and protect your mind!"

Wu Qingye couldn't help but ask this girl when he saw her trembling.

"Oh, oh …"

Lily did not have much combat experience, but after hearing Qin San's reminder in her heart, she finally came to a realization. She remembered what she had learnt during her daily cultivation and started to use her Essence to protect her mind.

Indeed, this way, the fear and disgust in his heart lessened by quite a bit.

"Qin San, your brother actually remembered this. It looks like the two of you have been training quite a bit."

Crap, this lily, was thanking herself just because she was grateful, yet she was even saying these words to Wu Qingye.

"Heh heh... "Our parents have trained us quite a bit,"

Wu Qingye quickly tried to smooth things over.

What was this all about? Was Lily really not going with him …

Looks like the youth that I have transformed into is pretty decent. It would be better to make a fool out of himself...

Alas, it was a mistake.

"I say … "Lily, are you interested in my younger brother?"

Qin Chao felt that at this rate, it would be too troublesome.

"I, I …"

Lily's pretty face immediately turned red.

Qin Chao thought, what a guy, his popularity was too fast.

It seemed like the answer was very obvious.

"Sister Baihe definitely sees me as her little brother. Brother, what are you thinking?"

Wu Qingye immediately glared at Qin Chao secretly.

How could you say something like that to your face?

This girl did not need to send a sound transmission to know what she meant.

Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders, but there were some problems that he had to deal with.

"I, I …"

Lily didn't know what to say for a moment. She just stood there, looking at Qin San, and then looking at Qin Er.

How could he open the window and talk about this kind of thing …

Lily's heart was thrown into disarray.

"I see lilies as big sisters."

Wu Qingye was afraid that Baihe would continue to pester her, and said, "I have an elder brother, but I don't feel any pain from it. Baihe, you have pampered me much more than you do …"

"Elder sister, elder sister …"

That lily's body suddenly trembled. With a pale face, she took two steps back.

Crap …

Qin Chao who had a lot of experience knew that things were not going well.

"That's right... "Elder sister, it can't be that you don't want this little brother of yours …"

However, Wu Qingye had no experience at all, and asked Baihe with a smile.

"Oh …"

Lily smiled bitterly, "I think... "I think I'll go back and accept a single mission …"

As she spoke, she turned around and headed back.

Wu Qingye was startled, he thought to himself, what's wrong, speak properly, how did you become like this?

Qin Chao sighed in his heart. Sigh, it really had become a bad fate.

Should he stop the lily?

However, Lily was clearly a trouble. Leaving like this would be beneficial to him.

Just as Qin Chao was hesitating, he suddenly felt goosebumps all over his body.

Sh * t! He was too busy thinking about other things, and he didn't even notice anything approaching him.

Qin Chao subconsciously wanted to use his mental technique to instantly kill anything that approached him.

But if that was the case, his mission in the Geomancy Sect would also be a complete failure.

Thus, he stopped what he was doing and shouted at Baihe.

"Be careful!"

At this time, Wu Qingye had already unknowingly ran behind Lily.

As for a two-meter-tall wolf with saliva dripping from its mouth, it had already jumped out from the bushes to the side and pounced in front of Lily.


Although Lily was already a beginner of Foundation Establishment, she was still a girl in her heart. When she saw this scene, she couldn't help but cry out in alarm.


Wu Qingye had already appeared beside Baihe, raised his leg and kicked the wolf's lower abdomen.


The hungry wolf howled in pain and fell to the ground, crashing into a tree.

"Lily, are you alright?"

Wu Qingye hurriedly asked.

If anything had happened to Lily, she would have regretted it.

If he had not said those words, Baihe would not have been attacked by the lesser demons.

"You, you don't call me elder sister anymore …"

Lily blinked her eyes. The previous panic and sadness on her face had disappeared in an instant.

Seeing Wu Qingye coming to save her, she was extremely happy in her heart.

"Don't call me sister from now on … "Just call me Lily …"

F * ck, this girl was actually able to travel over 90,000 miles.

Qin Chao couldn't help but cover his forehead.

"Roar! Roar!"

At this time, the wolf had already stood up.

It was clearly a wolf but it was still staring coldly at the three fellows who had barged into his territory with its claws raised high.

The lesser demons' thoughts were still in disarray. Although they already possessed a certain amount of demonic powers, they still retained most of their animal instincts and did not possess the ability to think.

Thus, when it saw humans, it only thought of attacking.

"A wolf demon huh …"

Wu Qingye could not care less about answering the lily, her eyes were fixated on the wolf demon's body.

Although they did not need their eyes to know what was going on with the wolf demon, after all … He had to make himself look good...

"Be careful... This wolf demon was very hard to deal with. Its speed was very fast, and its claws and teeth were also very sharp … "I don't know if he has any cultivation attributes."

Lily who was hiding behind Wu Qingye asked carefully.

"It's alright. Big brother and I have practiced some body techniques, so we should be able to deal with it."

Wu Qingye consoled Lily, "With the three of us working together, we will definitely be able to defeat it."

"Oh yeah... "How are we going to collect the mission items …"

Qin Chao suddenly raised a profound question.

"... I might as well chop off their heads and bring them along... "

Wu Qingye said bloody.

"Damn, this is too bloody …" "It's better to keep their claws as markers …"

"No, there are too many claws and my heart is fine."

As Wu Qingye spoke, the wolf demon suddenly roared and pounced forward like a bolt of lightning.

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