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Settling Things With a Former Friend

“Let me tell you something first. My power ‘inflicts fixed damage to targets within its effective range.'”


It seemed that Riotte sank to the floor, unable to get up.

“Its damage value is ‘9999’. That thing you had was the ‘Demon Sealing Crest, Barrier Crest’, right? A treasured tool for protection of the highest degree, but now it’s gone.”

Indeed, the effective range of the “Demon Sealing Crest” is the 20 meters.

It seems within that range, the amulet came into contact with my skill and received damage.

“N, no way, I’ve never heard of…that kind of skill.”

“The fact that your treasured tool broke is proof.”

I spoke coldly to the frightened Riotte.


“I’ll say it again. The damage value is ‘9999’. The moment you get within the range of my skill, you’ll be assaulted by that amount of damage.”


Riotte’s face turned pale.

The brave warrior of the hero party, who challenged a hundred demons by himself, was pale.

Such a highly praised savior like Riotte stood before a power of absolute “death”.

──Are you experiencing a bit of the fear and despair I felt back then, Riotte?

I dark joy rose out from the core of my heart.

“I wonder if the grand warrior Riotte of the hero party can withstand this.”

“D, don’t be stupid! Even the Demon Lord’s top subjects would die from 9999 damage if they’re not careful! They’d die! They’d absolutely die…!”

“Well then, when you get within range, it’ll be your final moment.”

I walked leisurely towards him.

“Step by step. Let fear strike within you each time I take a step, Riotte. Cry out loud. Raise a scream.”

“D, don’t…”

“I hope you can feel despair, just like I did on that fateful day.”

“D, don’t come closer…don’t come closer!”

Riotte frantically retreated.

Weak in the knees, he walked faintly, unbefitting of his title as a brave veteran warrior.

“All of you, what are you doing?! Shoot an arrow at him!”

Thereupon, he issued an order to the soldiers behind him.

“Protect the duke!”

The guards all readied an arrow into their bows.

A barrage of countless arrows rained upon me.

“Shea, don’t leave my side.”

I spoke to the girl beside me.

“If you move away, you’ll die.”

“O, okay.”

Shea grabbed my sleeve.

Immediately following, the horde of arrows approached me.

Then, they all disappeared.


Riotte’s eyes widened in shock.

“I thought I said it before. My skill inflicts ‘fixed damage to targets within its effective range.'”

I spoke proudly.

“Those ‘targets’ aren’t limited to just humans. Anything that tries to harm me, whether they be arrows or magic, will all be dealt with in the same way. Well, if your arrows are able to withstand 9999 damage, then perhaps they would be able to hurt me.”

“D, damn it, all of you, Attack him with your swords! Do whatever you can to protect me!”

Riotte shrieked.

“B, but…”

“W, well, if we get close to him, we’ll definitely die…”

However, the guards were hesitant.

After seeing my offense and defense now, that would be the natural reaction.

They would lose their lives as soon as they entered the effective range of my skill.


The guards retreated with pale faces.

“You all…!”

“Riotte, it doesn’t seem that anybody here wants to put their life on the line for your sake.”

I continued walking further.

A value floating in my vision, reading the distance to my target.

The number was “18.”

I suppose that in 8 meters, the effect will activate.

Killing Riotte instantly isn’t my intention.

I’ll make him suffer bit-by-bit under the fear and despair.

17 meters remained.

I continued walking slowly.

“What will you do, Riotte? Will you face me like the warrior you are?”

“N, no…I took great pains to beat the Demon Lord, earn status, honor, and fortune…and now it’s going to end so soon…no…”

Riotte swung his head left and right while quivering.

16 meters remained.

“S, spare me…spare me…!”

Riotte went down on his hands and knees.

He placed his head against the floor and pleaded.

“Forgive me! N, no, please forgive me, Chrome!”

“Begging for your life?”

15 meters remained.

I slowly closed the distance with Riotte.

I purposely stopped myself from heading towards him briskly.

Each step I took was a countdown to his death.

I have to make him fully aware of his crime.

The massive crime of betraying me.

“I always thought of you as a companion.”

14 meters remained.


“And I thought of you as a friend.”

13 meters remained.

“I thought of you dearly. I wanted to protect you all…even if it mean risking my life. After all, my ultimate motive was the defeat of the Demon Lord.”

I reflected on the thoughts I once harbored.

I was full of self-admonition.

“Saving the world, what foolish talk. But I believed in it if it meant protecting the dear companions closest to me. So I fought. I summoned the courage to face countless tough demons.”

12 meters remained.

“However, I was trampled on.”

I bit my lip until blood gushed out.

I felt a stinging pain, but that didn’t matter.

“On that very day, all the thoughts I had cherished the most were lost. I was empty.”

11 meters remained.

“W, wait! R, right, I was against it! I said that I didn’t want to go through with doing such a cruel thing to a lifelong friend! But Yuno and the others forced me…so what happened back then wasn’t of my own will! B, believe me…!”

Riotte raised a cry of panic.

“It’s too late. There’s no way such a convenient story would pass.”

I sneered.

Well, it’s only a matter of time before he gets within range of the skill’s effect.

“After you all abandoned me, I thought that I was going to die. However, something inside me screamed that it couldn’t end like this. I had to settle things.”

I looked down at Riotte.

“P, p, please….please spare meeeeeeee….!”

He seemed to have sensed that he would die if I got just 1 meter closer.

He pleaded while his face was full of tears and mucus.

His nether regions were wet and steamy.

Did he lose control over his bladder from the fear?

None his pride or fighting spirit remained.

No, perhaps he didn’t have such things from the very beginning.

Thinking about the lustful, self-indulgent “Duke Riotte,” that’s definitely his true nature.

A miserable end for the supposedly daring warrior Riotte of the hero party.

“H, hey, we’re companions, right…? That was just, um, an illusion! You were possessed by an evil spirit! Please spare me…spare meeeee…!”

──The words my companions said that very day flashed into my mind.

‘Everyone decided on this.’

‘To strengthen the hero.’

‘You’re the sacrifice.’

‘Everyone wants to survive.’

‘Don’t worry, she’ll make me happy.’

‘Sorry, Chrome. I won’t forget you.’

I took a step forward.

50 centimeters remained.

One more step.

“I thought of you as a companion too.”

I stared at Riotte once again.

My former companion.

My former friend.

However, now…


“But not anymore.”

I took a step forward.

He reached the range of the skill’s effect.

“The Riotte who had been my companion, the one who was rough but I had fond memories of…”

“Guh, geh, aaaaaah…aaah…aah….!”

With a shriek and the spewing of blood, he soon disappeared.

“No longer exists.”

And so, I was one step closer to finishing my revenge.


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