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Chapter 1260 - Sky Smiting Tribulation

"This place is going to be very dangerous. We have to leave this place."

"Alright, we'll go with you."

Su Fei pulled Qin Ling and said.

"I, I'm afraid …"

Qin Ling was trembling a little, and couldn't even stand steadily.

"Don't be afraid."

At this time, Su Fei appeared to be exceptionally bold, "As long as you follow Qin Chao, nothing will happen to you."

As she spoke, she picked up the AK-47 left behind by the criminal.

This thing was pretty heavy, so Su Fei's hand immediately dropped.

"Qin Chao, where's the safety pin?"

She had experienced a setback and gained a bit of intelligence. She would definitely not make the mistake she made last time.

After getting the gun, study the safety catch first.

"Here... "However, what are you doing …"

Qin Chao looked at the female boss in shock.

"I want to protect my school."

Su Fei carried the k, looking like a female war god, "I will make these invaders pay the price."

"Eh, leave the killing to me."

Qin Chao hurriedly said, "Furthermore, how can that spear be used by a girl like you? Aren't you afraid of getting caught in the crossfire …."

"No, as the chairman of the school, I must take responsibility until the end if anything happens to the school."

"Fine, then don't use that. You can use this to protect yourself …"

Qin Chao immediately took out a PK from his storage ring, which was more suitable for girls to use.

"Where's the safety catch?"

Su Fei asked after receiving the spear.

"This …"

Qin Chao pointed.

"Very good, give it to Qin Ling, then let's go."

Su Fei said.

"I, I don't want to …"

Qin Ling immediately shook her head. She was just a secretary, how could she dare to use these people to kill people …

"Be obedient, this is not the time for you to pretend to be a little girl."

Su Fei took a deep breath and handed over his PK to Qin Ling, "Don't make those people who say that women cannot go onto the battlefield laugh."

Seeing Su Fei's insistence, Qin Ling could only carefully accept the spear.

Qin Chao was completely speechless, wasn't he obviously talking about me?

"I want to use that …"

Su Fei pointed to the Desert Eagle in Qin Chao's hand and said.

"No, you can't do that."

Qin Chao immediately rejected it, and when the gun opened fire, he immediately took Su Fei's hand off.

The recoil was too strong.

"You should use this..."

Qin Chao took out another PK and handed it over.

"Where did you get so many guns..."

Su Fei was extremely curious.

"Confidentiality... It's time for us to go, "

Qin Chao held a Desert Eagle in each hand and walked out the door, "The two of you follow behind me, we will go save the school."


Su Fei held the PK, pulled Qin Ling along, and followed closely behind Qin Chao.

At this time, the only person they could rely on, was Qin Chao.

He was indeed worthy of his trust.

"We lost contact with Moore."

Arsha put down the walkie-talkie, pointed at his subordinates and said angrily, "Go, check with the target, to see what the hell happened?


A few of his men immediately left with their guns.

Fang Wen squatted on the ground and looked at everything.

There were more and more terrorists in the lecture hall, and there was one called Arsha, who seemed to be their head.

These guys, why did they kidnap the school?

"What, is someone obstructing our plan?"

At this moment, a man wearing a long white robe walked in.


Arsha and the few other terrorists immediately bowed respectfully.

Fang Wen understood.

So, this was the true leader.

"Moore and the rest who were sent to solve the problem have already lost contact …"

Arsha said with a heavy face, "I think it might be the target's bodyguards."

"Moore and the others have just returned to the embrace of a true God."

Tabara patted Arsha's shoulder and said, "Send a few more people over and finish off that bodyguard."

He turned his head and looked at the technician who was cowering beside the console.

"According to my understanding, the screens here should be able to connect to all the security monitors …"

"No, that's right …"

The technician nodded nervously.

"Then what are you still hesitating for? Waiting for me to help you?"

The Tabara laughed.

Arsha used the butt of his spear and struck the technician hard, "F * ck, why aren't you rushing?"

"Yes, yes!"

The technician's arm was in pain from the beating, but he quickly began to operate.

Soon, the huge screen showed the various surveillance cameras in the school.

All the teachers, students, and even the security office were under the control of the gunmen.

Tabara was very satisfied.

However, he soon discovered that there was disharmony.

"Who are these people … "Their target is also inside. How could they just walk around casually? Isn't this place under our control?"

Tabara said with a bit of anger.

"Calm down, leader. They will soon enter this area. There are five of our warriors here. I will inform them to shoot and kill these three pitiful little bugs."

Arsha immediately said.

"Hurry up and do it."

The Tabara nodded, "Our government won't be able to wait for too long."


Arsha immediately used his walkie-talkie to arrange something.

"Leader, it's done. As long as they appear, what awaits them will be ruthless bullets."

Arsha reported.

"Very good …"

Tabara's gaze was always on the screen.

Below, Fang Wen's eyes were especially wide open, isn't this, his Brother Qin?

Also, the school's chairman, Su Fei.

The person beside him should be Principal Su's secretary, right?

Did the three of them run out?

Heavens, why was the gun still in his hand …

Thinking that they were about to encounter a trap of death, Fang Wen immediately panicked.

But with a flash of inspiration, she took out her cellphone and quickly muted it …

Qin Chao brought two beautiful girls and carefully walked on the field.

He wanted to send Su Fei to a safe place first before he settled the school's matters.

Although Su Fei's courage was commendable, she was after all, just an ordinary girl.

How could she do such a thing as confronting terrorists?

"Qin Chao, where are we going?"

Su Fei saw that the route seemed to be off, and immediately asked.

"Outside the school..."

Qin Chao said straightforwardly.

"What are we going to do there?"

"First, send Qin Ling out …"

Qin Chao hurriedly lied, "Wasn't she afraid? Let her be safe first, then you and I can go in."

Qin Chao thought, wait until outside, then you won't have the choice.

"Mm. Alright."

Su Fei nodded and added, "If you dare to throw me off, you are dead for sure."

Crap, why did it feel like Su Fei saw through it?

At this time, the alarm outside sounded.

The three of them looked at each other.

The police were already here.

Sunan city hasn't been peaceful recently.

This directly affected Xie Jun's mood.

A few days ago, the black scales that covered his face was still unsettled, and he did not catch the main culprit behind the assassination of the Su Family's young miss.

The political power of the western border Tabara had actually trespassed into the Sunan city and kidnapped it.


This was shocking news.

I'm afraid the repercussions will be world-class.

This time, their Sunan city could be considered famous.

The secretary of the city council called directly and told the police chief that he had to settle this matter by the evening and capture all the terrorists.

At the same time, they had to ensure the quality and safety of everyone.

If there's a problem with one of the hostages, then we're going to take him as our Chief of Public Security.

The Chief of Public Security immediately transmitted his spirit, and all the pressure fell on Xie Jun.

Therefore, Xie Jun arrived at the Guangyuan Academy with the fastest speed possible, bringing all of the public security forces with him.

"Leader, the police are here!"

On the screen, the surveillance cameras outside the school had already displayed the densely packed police cars in front of the terrorists.

"I've already seen it."

Tabara waved his hand, "Let them be, they don't dare to act rashly. After all, we have hostages in our hands, if they dare make a move, then we will kill them."


At this time, Xie Jun was already standing beside the carriage and took out his megaphone.

"The criminals inside, listen up, you have been surrounded. Please put down your weapons and surrender immediately. The government is magnanimous. As long as you put down your weapons, we can discuss everything."

Xie Jun did not dare to anger these thugs, if he forced them into a corner and killed the hostage, everything would be over.

The hard target given to them by the higher-ups was none other than death.

"Hehe, nice to meet you all, I am Taraba."

At this moment, the loudspeakers on the school field began to sound.

A deep male voice came from within.

"I believe all of you should know my name."

The Tabara in the western border had an illegal armed regime.

This, Xie Jun naturally knew.

This regime had been wreaking havoc on the western border for many years, yet they were unable to find their lair or their leader.

Who would have thought that it would actually appear in the Sunan city today, in the Guangyuan Academy.

If he could capture them, it would be a great achievement.

But if he failed...

The price was also very heavy.

"SWAT team, get ready..."

Xie Jun secretly instructed.

A group of heavily armed SWAT team members immediately started to quietly enter the campus.

"Hehe, while we're talking, it's best not to extend your claws in."

However, the voice from the radio rang out again, "If I see one person coming in, I will kill one hostage. If two people come in, I will kill two hostages."


Xie Jun was shocked, it seemed like the monitoring system in the school was also under his control.

He hesitated.

Should we remove the SWAT team?

"It seems that you do not believe me."

The Tabara laughed, "That person, connect the big screen of the school field to me."

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

He had arrived in Suzhou, so he wrote the code and went out to play for two rounds at the Han Shan Temple. Everyone wanted to see, after Suzhou ended, the next stop would be Shanghai, for no other reason than that he had promised someone else he would go to Shanghai.

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