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Translated by: Parthios


Edited by: Black Jesus




Jikuu Mahou chapter 413: Weight



I, who had come back naked, was resting at Laila´s place for a while.


It is that super huge octopus....... I haven't told Elena and Laila.


Perhaps it would go somewhere else if I didn't take a move. If it is a typhoon, it will go to the east and become a 『Clear weather after a typhoon has passed』


I decided to watch for a while.




I waited for an hour or so. ...... However, it seems to be useless apparently.


It stays on top of Mount Fuji and doesn't move at all.


Is it just resting, or is it doing something in that place?


What? When I think about it, I have never heard of information about Mount Fuji.


「Laila. What's on Mount Fuji?」


「Mount Fuji? Emm, I don't know. It's a sacred place」


「Do you know something Elena?」


「I know the same as Lailsan」


It's a sacred place. Hmmm, Mount Fuji...... something is going on.


No way, it can blow out mysterious sparkling sand and change animals into girls...... right?


However, when it comes to that, the supergiant octopus sits there, and it seems to be emitting danger.


But what do I do? Do I need to fight such a guy?


Do I try to cut off even one of its tentacle for a trial?


I already cut a bit earlier, there are eight, and it's just about one, so it will be okay, right?


「Elena, Laila. I will go outside again」




「Ah, yes」


I´m sent off by both and go out.


「Good, just one!」


I raised a yell to motivate myself and jump up in the rain.


Quickly 『Dragonification』 in the air and fly over the clouds.


When I came out above the clouds, the sun was completely out of sight, illuminating a huge block of black clouds.


I check the position of one foot on the map.


The body is displayed as a red area on the map, so I can check its position.


I aimed at the root of the foot closest to Shinju Town, put magic power on my wings and started moving.


Then the monster octopus found me and just as before, it tried to knock me down with its super huge tentacles.


Moreover, this time, it attacks with five tentacles suddenly. There are those who aim at my ass, and it is likely to be ridiculous if I'm caught by its arrangement.


I avoid the tentacles, and I´m careful not to get caught in the tornados around.


I check the location of the tentacle root on the map.




Canceling the 『Dragonification』. I was completely naked and fell into the rain cloud below.


I peek through the black clouds and fall. Clouds cling to my body, and I can't see the root at all.


I take out Masamune and sharpen my nerves.


I saw a super huge tornado extending right next to me through the gaps in the clouds!


「That's it!」


I fine-tuned the falling direction with wind magic and plunged from the head into the root of the tornado.


The sword raised above the head splits the wind and falls in the tornado with the same momentum.


After a while, I saw the tentacle body!




I put my whole weight and magic power in Masamune and stab at the root of the super huge tentacle.


Masamune was stabbed at the tentacles with almost no resistance.




At the same time I landed, I kicked the ground and slid the stabbed sword aside, as if I had cut "Tofu".


The cross-section of the tentacle is a circle so large that at the beginning I was just next to it, but with an angle, it gradually became a slope, and finally, I almost went down almost straight down.


I fall with my sword piercing it and cut the base of the tentacle in a semicircular shape.


I quickly use 『Dragonification』 to send magic power to my wings just before crashing into Mount Fuji.


「How is it?」


There was a definite response. However, the size of the opponent is too big.


When I check the map, the tentacle still seems to be connected to the torso.


Apparently, it seems that the cut was shallow.......




The octopus which has one of the tentacles wounded got angry and set up an onslaught on me with seven tentacles.


However, the tentacle I cut hasn't moved at all.


Although it was not possible to cut it down, it seems to be certain that I made a considerable effort.


「If so, then once again!」


I managed to avoid the seven tentacles onslaught and again attack to the root of the same tentacle.




In the same way as before, I canceled 『Dragonification』 in the air, hold my sword and jump down.


Then, I pushed the sword into the same place as before.


Then, I slipped the sword in the opposite direction and cut it into a semicircle as just before.


「How about that!」


When I become a dragon again and look at the giant octopus in the air,




From the root of the tentacle I cut, I heard a great sound.


「Did I do it?」


The tornado that surrounded the tentacle disappeared.


And the tentacle which lost its power can't bear the weight and breaks off from the root........


To that weight....... What? Weight!?


The base of the tentacle is about 1 km in diameter and 10 km in length. When calculating the volume.......


I can't do it so quickly so I'll stop the calculation.


Anyway, that tentacle should have the same weight as one mountain. If such a thing falls down freely.......


Noott gooodddd!!!!!! What should I do.......


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