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Chapter 1367: If you don't explode, you're in a bad mood, right?

Long Fei looked at the last bit of blood on the old man's head, he suddenly stopped and attacked with all his might, then shouted: "Trying to act cool to me?"


"Explode for me!"

The two fists collided against the long blade man's temples.

The long saber man bellowed, "Kid, this is not over!"


With that, his head was immediately smashed apart by Long Fei.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'elder Chang Dao' for obtaining 150,000 experience, 150,000 Holy Source and 1 Energy Values."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Spirit Serpent fairy beast'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining the ancient spiritual treasure 'Spirit Serpent God Sword'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining …"

The system sounded out one after another.


"Congratulations player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Black Cloaked Messenger Elder'! You have received a special reward! The reward is the 'Great Snake Pill' call card, 'Pei En' call card!"

He obtained two call card s at once and made a huge stroke.

"Hahaha... The members of the guild are all about to be blown up by me, we're just short of the mark of the boss. This guy seems to have gone all out with an earth-shattering ninja technique. Long Fei excitedly laughed, looked at the surrounding black clothed oracle and said: "Kill them all!"


At this moment.

The Secret World began to shake violently.

One after another, the forces began to shrink crazily.

Long Fei's mind went cold, "What kind of plane is this?"

"The mechanism has not been activated."

It was also at this time.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh …

The black robed envoys were suddenly sucked back and disappeared from the spot by a powerful force. Even the corpse of elder Chang Dao also disappeared.

Nangong Yan fell from the treetops and said: "The first stage of the examination is over."


"It ended just like that?"

"So fast, I haven't killed enough." Long Fei was a little depressed. He still had his tricks up his sleeve and had not released them yet, so he was still unable to kill all of these black-clothed oracle s.

A black-clothed oracle with ten million experience, how great.

One by one, they disappeared, causing Long Fei's heart to ache, "My experience, my Holy Source, it's worth it, there's also … "My Boss Xiao hasn't even dropped it yet, how can you guys leave?"

At this time.

Nangong Yan continued: "The people you killed were only their avatars, they were not their Real Face. If it was their Real Face, you would already be dead."


Long Fei's eyes flashed, and he muttered: "No wonder!"

"With just a bit of Energy Values, I even thought that these black-clothed oracle s were created from the cultivation of demon beast. Long Fei felt relieved in his heart.

Humans only had 10 points in Energy Values.

The person he killed only had Energy Values, this was very strange, after Nangong Yan said this, Long Fei understood.

Nangong Yan said: "Based on your results of the assessment, you should be in the first place. You will receive the highest points from the tower question of god and also receive a special reward."

"Long Fei!"

"Shall we take the road at the back together?" There was some sort of affection in Nangong Yan's eyes, and it was a little dubious.

It had to be said that Nangong Yan was very beautiful.

Her charming eyes were filled with temptation. It could be said that her damage output was definitely 99 points.

Long Fei smiled faintly: "Aren't we together?"

Nangong Yan said: "Then we also need to go together."

Without waiting for her to finish speaking, her body was sucked in by a powerful force and she disappeared from where she stood in the blink of an eye.

Looking at the direction that she disappeared in, Long Fei's eyes darkened, "Nangong Yan, what is your goal?"

If a person changed again, some things definitely wouldn't change.

A woman like Nangong Yan was extremely realistic. In her eyes, there was only one goal!

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

There was a huge sound in the sky, and a powerful suction force enveloped Long Fei. Long Fei moved his idea and summoned all of the members back at the same time.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

His body suddenly retracted, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared.

After half a second, a powerful force dragged him out of the Secret World. The force was extremely heavy for some reason, and it did not give Long Fei the chance to stabilize himself, as it pressed down heavily.


His body crashed into the ground, causing the ground to crack.

A figure dropped down from the sky with a long saber following right behind him. The flame of his anger was raging as he said, "Kid, I will kill you!"


A golden divine power was released, the power of this slash was incomparably savage, and the speed at which it came at was even several times faster than in the Secret World s.

Long Fei simply did not have time to react.


Long Fei moved, "The Resurrection Ring is activated!"

"Activate the protective ring!"

Long Fei's right hand suddenly slapped out, and with a flick, he flew up. He roared out, and scolded: "If you can't kill me, I'll f * * k your entire family to death!"

If you don't want to, then do it.

's heart was in displeasure, and he forced his body to go against it.


As the blade chopped down, the golden lightning followed suit.

Long Fei did not use any defensive power, and only relied on his body to resist, going head on against it.

The blade descended.

Long Fei's body floated in mid air, not moving at all.


There were no wounds on his body at all. It was as if he was completely uninjured. At this moment, everyone was stupefied.

Even the old man with the long blade's expression turned ugly with a 'swoosh'.

He knew better than anyone else how powerful this strike was, but … Not only was Long Fei not dead, he wasn't even injured at all. What did this mean?

This meant that his own strength was not on the same level as Long Fei's.

The disparity was enormous.

Long Fei shouted, "You are not even able to injure a single hair on my body, and you dare to be so arrogant with me? Come the f * cking back again! "

He cursed loudly.

However …

Long Fei's back, his palms were covered in cold sweat.

Because …

In that instant, his more than three million points of Holy Source value was instantly used up, but his health point was still not enough.

If he hadn't activated the ring earlier, he would have died without a trace!

oracle's strength...

Especially because the slash of the blade was still carrying such a strong golden light. Long Fei was secretly shocked in his heart, "I have to be careful with this power in the future."

"This divine force feels like it contains the aura of annihilation."

The blade elder's eyes were bloodshot, he stared straight at Long Fei, clenching and Clenching his fists tightly, he roared out, "Still dare to be arrogant!"

"I want to see how many more blades you can endure!"

He moved.

The power in his body exploded, and a thick golden light shone.

Long Fei's eyes turned sinister, "Come again!"

The idea moved, "The sky swallowing rat is ready!"

The sky swallowing rat raised its eyes and let out a series of creaking sounds. The Fire Unicorn and the evil spring immediately made way, as if they had seen a boss.

Long Fei was not afraid, he just stood there suspended in mid air without moving. He would tolerate you once, but he would definitely not tolerate you twice!

The old man's heart refused to accept this outcome. He released an even more powerful force and chopped down with his blade.

Long Fei squinted his eyes and laughed sinisterly, then said coldly: "Seems like you want to give me the BOSS points that I know of?"

"Then come!"

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