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Chapter 143: The Ore Planet

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Yao Si was traumatized, more than once. She started to question her appearance and wasn’t able to regain her sense for the next three days. Even her appetite for duck blood curd was affected.

In order not to implicate the aquatic people, she decided to boost her ego.

Even though she wasn’t a beauty, she was definitely not that bad either. Besides, beauty was in the eye of the beholder. Since mermen were part human, their sense of beauty was probably half human as well! Maybe their perception was totally unlike what she was assuming and at most half of what a human’s perception was. That was definitely it!

“Mu Xuan, am I pretty?” She turned toward the person beside her.

“Mmh, pretty!”a certain someone replied without hesitation.

See! Reassurance from the Galaxy’s male god himself.

After successfully stitching back her ego, Yao Si chased off all doubts about her looks and was back under the illusion that she was pretty!

For the entire journey, Lu Chen continually fed them information about his family background. According to him, he belonged to a side faction of Yao’s Lu family. They were the managers of several ore planets and were focused mainly on T Galaxy, District 95.

Earlier, he’d went there to inspect the extraction process and supervise the delivery of the newest batch of ore to the factories in purification planets so that additional work could be done.

However, he’d forgotten to bring enough oil, no, energy and was forced to stop by the Aqua Planet.

Yao Si who had just embarked on her Galaxy-spanning excursion had no idea how the ore planets looked, so she decided to head over and join in on the fun.

“Sis, you’re here at the right time indeed.” Lu Chen thumped his chest in excitement. “The Ore Planet is a privately owned planet by my Lu Family. It has a unique, unmatched scenery that not everyone is authorized to lay eyes on, but don’t worry, even though I’m just from a side faction of the Lu Family, I still have some say within the planet.”

“What kind of ores do you harvest?”

“Naturally it’s the awakening ore!” Lu Chen replied. “My planet is widely known in the Galaxy as the place where the awakening ore is harvested.”

“Awakening ore?” What’s that?

“It’s the main ingredient for the creation of mental strength stimulant,” Mu Xuan explained. “A certain component can only be found in that ore!”

Mental strength needed to be stimulated? Why was hers trained then?

“That’s right, only the Lu Family is able to produce such a medicine.” Lu Chen nodded. While slamming his fists onto his thighs, he added, “I forgot that you guys are bloodlings! With your ability, your mental strength is unleashed naturally so there’s no need for this medication. But many other races who have no ability and who wish to utilize their mental strength buy this medication.”

“Oh.” I see!

“Hurry, look, we’re here!” Lu Chen shouted as he pointed ahead of them.

Yao Si lifted her head and looked at the darkening skies. Suddenly, a gigantic white planet appeared. It was surrounded by a layer of something, just like the Aqua Planet. That substance was crystal-like and breathtaking.

It was the first time Yao Si had seen such a planet. It was just like a crystal ball, with scenery as unmatched as Lu Chen had made it out to be.

Just as they were about to enter, an automated message sounded, and the entire aircraft lit up in red.

[Ding! This is a privately owned planet, government officials or anyone else are prohibited from entering. Employees please produce your identification and proceed to registration.]

“This is a normal procedure since security on the Ore Planet is rather tight, but don’t worry, it’ll only take a moment.” Lu Chen turned to smile at them while three screens flashed behind his back. “I have managerial level authority, so give me a moment. I’ll register first before helping you gain access.”

He lifted his hand to swipe one of the screens.

[Didi! Lack of authority, entry restricted!]

“…” Lu Chen.

“…” Yao Si.

“…” Mu Xuan.

Where was the manager you mentioned?

“It can’t be!” Lu Chen exclaimed in disbelief. He opened his employee’s details to take a closer look, and the position ‘manager’ was clearly stated there. “I’m correct, it’s this planet, so why is it restricted?” ”

He raised his hand to wave at the sensor once more.

[Didi! Lack of authority, entry restricted!]

[Didi! Lack of authority, entry restricted!]

[Didi! Scanning exceeds three times, account locked. Please leave the vicinity in ten minutes or be prepared for an undiscriminating attack.]

Lu Chen paled, his entire face collapsing as he stared at the sensor. He wanted to act dumb but who would have known it would go so overboard.

“I-I just sent the headquarters a message to ask about the situation. There must be something wrong with the security system.” Lu Chen glanced back at them awkwardly. He anxiously opened his optical computer to scan the communication column.

After a short while…

“Eh? Why can’t I get through? Isn’t the headquarters working today?”

“Forget it!” Yao Si’s eyes twitches. She took a step forward to glance at the sensor that was on ten minutes countdown. “Let’s leave first. We can come back after clarifying the situation.” She pointed toward the countdown. “This—”

[Ding! Highest authority, entry activated! Welcome to Lu Family’s Ore Planet. We wish you a pleasant flight!]

A row of words flashed across her screen.




Lu Chen and Mu Xuan turned to her in unison while Yao Si froze. “Stop looking at me, I have no idea what happened!”




Lu Chen’s face was full of confusion, but the defence system surrounding the planet were starting to inch away. They were really granted access!

“That’s weird, your optical computer…” He grabbed a handful of hair while sighing. “Forget it, there seems to be something wrong with the security system. Mmh, once we reach the planet, I’ll arrange for the technicians to take a look.”

Lu Chen smiled apologetically before starting up his aircraft toward the Ore Planet. As they entered, he introduced the land, the culture, and the people enthusiastically.

“Ore Planet was originally uninhabited. It was discovered and then mined by the Lu Family’s company. There are many mines here, and we’ll be heading to the biggest one at district 9.”

“Mmh, mmh…”

“The majority of employees are from the bests They are of at least S level physique, have impressive endurance, and possess bestial DNA which makes them the most suitable people for extracting ores.”

“Bests?” What race was that?

“Yes, beast are considered the most diverse race. Due to their differences in genetic makeup, each of them looks different. I’m sure you will never see so many bests at once as you will see here!”

“Really?!” Now Yao Si was getting curious.

“But… sis, you must not be frightened. Even though they seem burly and tough, they have pleasant personalities and are rather easygoing.”

Once the aircraft landed, Lu Chen brought them to the gates, speaking relentlessly as they walked.

“You shouldn’t believe the news on the Galactic web about how the bests are pirates. Those people are just prejudiced against their kind! After employing them for so many years, we have always maintained a harmonious…”

“Stop moving!” Before he could finish his sentence, a bunch of half-human, half- tiger/lion/cheetah beings came dashing toward them with their arms outstretched. “This place has been taken over by us. It is now the territory of the beasts. Raise your hands!”

“…” Yao Si.

“…” Mu Xuan.

“…” Lu Chen.

Yao Si could vaguely hear the sound of a face being slapped. Where’s the harmony you spoke of?!

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