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More shadows came like howling tornadoes from afar.


The warriors who had just come couldn't help but shout. Looking at the scene, they all wore strange faces.

"Who are these two? They aren't from the Seven Great Clans or are hotshots of the Sea of Annihilation. So strange." Farlow was surprised as she watched the others.

Behind her was Telika and Ling Mei's team from Mysterious Sky Clan. They had followed Gan Fu and Batum here. As soon as they arrived, they found Batum and Gan Fu fighting the others. They were bewildered, indeed.

"Where is Tate's team?" Ling Mei's bright eyes raked around, her face gradually stern. She smelled blood, so she turned to look.

On the ground where Gan Fu was hovering, there was a puddle of blood that hadn't dried yet…

Ling Mei was scared. She looked at Gan Fu and she knew what had happened. "Guys, stay away from here. Don't come close!" she reminded her warriors.

"Power Upanishad Symbol Tower! Absolute Beginning Original Symbol!"

Right at this moment, Yerburgh of the Ancient Monster Clan emerged. He was so excited when he saw the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and he screamed.

His scream was like bellowing thunder in people's heads. Farlow, Telika, and Ling Mei got their eyes off of Batum and Gan Fu. They opened their eyes wider and looked at the ancient tower.

As they were outstanding warriors of the Seven Great Clan, they had extraordinary knowledge. Even though they had never seen any drawing of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, they had heard about it. Realizing that the massive tower in front of them was the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, they were awestruck.

Their eyes became hot as the flame of greed was burning in them. They scanned the tower and didn't even blink.

"What's that?" Ling Mei looked at the soul altar hovering atop the tower and couldn't help but yell, "Is he taking in the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol?"

Ling Mei's line of sight fell on Mei Ji.

Mei Ji looked uneasy and astringent.


Suddenly, Gan Fu faced the sky and howled. Her body was sweating like melting ice under a dazzling sunlight.

Her Incipient Extent arose containing countless wisps of poisonous gas. Under the gas were so many ponds and swamps in different colors. They were all frightening, indeed.

At this moment, Gan Fu's Incipient Extent was covered in immense light. The gas in her world evaporated. The colored swamps with different colors diluted little by little under that light. Gradually, they became clear water ponds.

It meant that Gan Fu's erosive energy was drifting away fast!

The God Lord wore an indifferent countenance. The light emitted from his body was like an immense sky. It looked like he was sinking in the middle of the great, brilliant halos. The five massive planets of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth were like diamonds revolving and relaying intimidating pressure.

Gan Fu couldn't stand it!

She didn't know that God Lord Brian had fought against the Bloodthirsty Force for ten thousand years. He understood the power Upanishads of the Bloodthirsty Force as the back of his hand. After he got the power from Desolate, his Light power Upanishad was also the nemesis of the Bloodthirsty Force. Of course, it had the same fatal effects on Corrosion power Upanishad.

Batum wasn't in a good condition, either.

This ugly old man cultivated Storm power Upanishad. Blocks of wildly swirling blasts of wind moved around and merged with each other to create a massive tornado, which was enough to destroy any Incipient God Realm expert.

Getting inside Batum's stormy field, the Immortal Realm experts' soul altar could break from the storm.

Inside the stormy field, Ming Hao's mind flickered and he had turned into millions of souls. Each of the soul clones was like an eternal flame with a soul-binding power. They acted like chains and coiled around the ugly old man.

Batum's stormy field became sluggish and it ceased at the end. He roared brutally and attacked each of Ming Hao's soul clones.

Ming Hao ridiculed and sneered, dashing toward him from every direction. He was like a flooding sea that attacked the ugly old man's soul in every direction.

Batum had experienced fighting against the experts of the Devouring Clan, especially the ones cultivating Soul Control power Upanishad. However, Ming Hao's power was greater than his knowledge and experience.

While fighting, Ming Hao's souls could flash and disappear. They seemed to be able to move through space slits to avoid the stormy slaughter.

Batum didn't know that besides the soul power Upanishad of the Imperial Dark Tribe, Ming Hao had also cultivated the Space power Upanishad altogether. When he joined Bloodthirsty's Force, he had begun to cultivate Soul Control power Upanishad.

Not many people knew that the experiences in his two previous phases of life had affected Ming Hao greatly. He had cultivated the Soul Control power Upanishad to a new height. His understanding of this power was even more profound and thorough than Bloodthirsty that year. Of course, his attainment had surpassed the warriors cultivating Soul Control power Upanishad in the Devouring Clan.

Batum understood Dark Energy, but his level wasn't more profound than Shi Yan's. Before he could break through to Territory Ancestor Realm, he couldn't use Dark Energy's ability. His quality couldn't change a bit.

Thus, he was in a disadvantageous situation too.

Atop the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, Shi Yan's soul altar was pressing down like a falling sky. His Soul Consciousness was affecting the tower.

Those Absolute Beginning symbols were merging upward. And now, they were around ten more levels to the top. Their speed gradually slowed down.

Batum and Gan Fu were suppressed by the God Lord and Ming Hao. Farlow, Yerbugh, and Ling Mei had arrived later and they pulled themselves together when they saw that Batum and Gan Fu couldn't defeat the others. They watched the situation and waited for a chance to take action or improvise.

Yerburgh was sneaky. He quietly moved behind a pile of rocks.

Hiding by the pile of rocks, he sneered and took out an eyeball when no one noticed him. That eyeball was a secret soul treasure that was used to communicate. Yerburgh held the treasure with both hands and urged his Soul Consciousness. He was about to contact the real experts of his clan.


A bat-like creature suddenly appeared in front of Yerburgh and grinned. Right when Yerburgh was about to cast his technique, the alien rose a finger.

Crack! Crack!

The eyeball cracked and shattered. The Soul Consciousness inside perished. An energy attack ran directly into Yerburgh's brain.

Yerburgh's eyes bled as he shrieked and screeched. He jumped like a monster whose tail was cut off. He became wild instantly.

"Kid, stay at your lot. Don't think about spreading the information. Your soul altar is hurt. Don't act recklessly," said Ming Hong.

He had always monitored the area. When he found Yerburgh about to send his message, he didn't attack immediately. He had waited until Yerburgh gathered his Soul Consciousness and then attacked. Yerburgh couldn't defend in such a condition. His soul got hurt badly and instantly.

Ming Hong had been with Singh for many years. He was an old fox himself. After he had swallowed Singh's soul, he got Singh's dark mind too. When he wanted to attack, it would be really hard to predict and prevent it.

Yerburgh screeched, his eyes bleeding terribly. He had almost lost his vision. He could only see a vague feature floating in front of him. He calmed down quickly, stopped screaming, and sat down at his lot.

Rocks in different shapes were summoned and they covered his entire body. Each of those rocks contained a wisp of terrifying energy, which was also linked together. Once one of them was hit or triggered, the entire pile of rocks would blast altogether.

Ming Hong had verbally stimulated him to make him snap back or counterattack. He didn't expect this kid to calm down that quickly. Yerburgh had let go of his attack and defense, taking out his life treasure.

Gazing at the rocks for a while, Ming Hong didn't dare to break them. He could only let him go and leave.

Yerburgh's eyes were bleeding like two streams. He looked so terrible that Farlow, Telika, and Ling Mei got freaked out. They didn't dare to do anything.

They pulled themselves together and watched the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.

Shi Yan's co-soul and host soul were like angels watching the world from heaven. They were hovering above the Incipient Extent to observe the marvels underneath.

Gradually, the large wave of Absolute Beginning symbols was closer to the top. The more symbols they had merged, the more dazzling they became. Those words were radiant with seven-colored halos, which were so magnificent to watch.

Waves of vitality surged and sent energy to those symbols. The world under the light curtain also became vigorous. Everybody observed and found a large amount of unknown grass growing from the cracks of the ruins. Those tufts of grass were lushly green and strong.

"Life power Upanishad!" Ling Mei yelled.

The others had also recognized that it was a Life Absolute Beginning Original Symbol that could fuse with the power Upanishad of a warrior cultivating the matched Upanishad.

As Audrey saw that the progress had come to a critical point, she looked stern. She released other brutal souls that she got from Singh and watched Farlow, Telika, Yerburgh, and Ling Mei. She ordered her brutal souls discreetly.

If the others had the guts to move, Audrey's brutal souls would kill them.

Farlow and Telika understood that if they missed this chance, the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol would belong to Shi Yan forever as soon as it reached his brain.

They were vying in their minds to calculate while watching Batum and Gan Fu.

They knew that Batum and Gan Fu would risk their lives at this last moment. They would do anything to vie for the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. They were waiting for the two strongest experts to trouble the God Lord and Ming Hao, which would give them a good chance.

"For the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol! For the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower! Risk our lives!" Yerburgh looked horrible with his bleeding eyes. He opened his eyes and dashed toward the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.

Batum and Gan Fu hissed and roared like animals facing death. Batum pounded his fist on his glabella.

A terrifying storm arose with millions of twisted blasts of wind that could tear any creature. The storm was like a demon's mouth, trying to swallow Ming Hao's soul clones.

Gan Fu hissed darkly and spurted viscous blood. Her blood was green with unrivaled, corrosive poison. As soon as she did that, the domineering light from the God Lord dissolved. The God Lord discolored in fright. "This is getting more interesting!"

"Mei Ji!" hissed Ling Mei, her face stern. "Which side do you support?"

Mei Ji faced the sky and struggled hard in her mind. She couldn't choose any side.

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