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"No problem!"

Jiang Zizai understood.

Xiao Youshan didn't like to recruit disciples based on relationships.

He needed Jiang Zizai to display outstanding talent, to let him use his own skill.

Only then could it be more proper and right.

One must know that Jiang Zizai had a really sensitive identity now.

Although it wasn't as exaggerated as it sounded, but those who helped him was pretty much going up against the Yanlong Emperor Race.

Even going against the Yanlong Dynasty itself.

Beneath the Heavens only the God Worshipping Hall people dared to do so.

Other people weren't even willing to get close to him.

Which was why Jiang ZIzai was really clear how rare and hard to come by was their help towards him.

"I will gift you a newbie set, God Worshipping Hall disciples all use this set to learn."

Xiao Youshan handed over a small package to Jiang Zizai.

"Inside it there is a spirit wood brush, ten sticks of talisman ink, a cinnabar platform, hundreds of empty talisman paper and also a simple Extreme Speed Talisman. There is also a book regarding the totem pattern of the Extreme Speed Talisman. Inside it there are a full set of instructions. Before these hundred talismans are used up if you are able to draw one Extreme Speed Talisman, it meant that you passed the first test. At that time come and look for me and I will give you the second test."

Jiang Zizai carefully kept these new babies of his.

Xiao Youshan probably had many tests.

However Jiang Zizai didn't feel that it was too much. That was because the test process was actually a valuable learning process.

Self learning was the most important ability.
He had recorded the essence of the Extreme Speed Talisman in the book.

When that talisman was pasted onto his leg they would be able to increase their speed for a short time.

"Thank you senior."

Xiao Youshan patted his shoulder.

"In the future whether or not we are fated to be Master and Disciple depends on yourself."

Maybe he also wanted to have a super talented disciple.

However soul realm wasn't everything so Jiang Zizai still needed to work hard.


There was no need to say any large words now. He had given himself another new mission today.

"How envious! I also want to become a Totem Talisman Master." Lu Dingxing exclaimed at the side.

"You are the son of Lu Yuan?" Xiao Youshan took a look at him.

"That's right!"

Xiao Youshan pursed his lips. Maybe he also had some relationship with Lu Yuan.

He once again took another package from who knows where and said, "Your soul is actually okay but forget about Talisman Master. This is the newbie package for a Totem Spirit Master. If you are able to complete it come to the God Worshipping Hall and I will recommend you to a Master."

"Ah!" Lu Dingxing half knelt on the ground, so grateful that he teared up.

Xiao Youshan said with disdain, "Why are you so emotional. A Totem Spirit Master after you become one is someone who hits iron, a rough and violent job."

Jiuxian giggled, "Aren't you just a seller!"

"Bullshit, mine is a high and elegant business, don't compare me to those iron hitting brutes." Xiao Youshan said.

Jiang Zizai laughed.

This old man was rather interesting. He might look really serious but he was really warm deep down.

It was deep in the night and the two of them spread out.

Lu Dingxing was extremely grateful.

"Boss, in the future one of us will hit iron, one will sell words, aren't we going to be rich?"

"How is it so simple in this world to hit iron and sell words. However to get rich is definitely necessary."

The decision to come out together seemed like an extremely correct one. They did in fact gain huge gains by following these two people.

He wasn't in a rush to complete the Totem Talisman Master matter so he still spent the following time on the martial path.

"We would probably reach the day after."

On the second day when Xiao Youshan asked, Lu Dingxing looked towards the dense forest around and said.

The mist in this area was much denser.

"This place is near to my ancestral land, if we walk ten miles there there are some villages. My ancestral land is around there and the Black Soul Abyss is north of my ancestral land.
Lu Dingxing had came here too many times which was why he was really sure about it.

Jiuxian and Xiao Youshan was really pleased with his leading of the way.

"When we reach the Black Soul Abyss you two can just stay outside. We will handle it and then come out to look for you."


They were only in charge of leading the way. Jiang Zizai was lazy to bother about the matter regarding the Black Soul Abyss.
"Oh right, I promised you that after you successfully lead us there that I was going to reward you with two tackling techniques with?" Jiuxian asked.

Jiang Zizai nodded his head. He was actually looking forward to the two battling techniques.

"Oh, anyways since we are nearly there already I will just give it to you. You can study it along the way too. You have a Heaven Spirit Realm soul, Time Grade Battling Techniques are probably no difficulty for you."

She was actually so honest, taking out two books. One was green and one was gold. There was no totem diagram on the front which meant that this wasn't a totem race's battling technique and it also didn't belong to the Yanlong Emperor Race.

There was a green god dragon carved on the green book. On the gold book was a Metal colored god dragon. Both of them looked really domineering.

Jiang Zizai took it over.

"This is a High Time Grade Battling Technique Wind Dragon Demon Shadow, it is a movement technique. After training in it one would be able to move about silently and without a trace like that of a ghost. One could also use this movement technique to cause changes in the air currents to control the wind to let the enemy to be struck by a storm. They wouldn't be able to stand still."

Hearing the way she described it she knew that this movement technique was definitely above that of the Dragon Travelling Step, not only not letting the enemy catch you but also able to use a storm to strike others.

Jiang Zizai was looking forward to it.

She introduced another book and said, "This is a purely destructive attack called the Extreme Metal Dragon Seal. I haven't taken close look at it but it seems like one can make his hand like that of gold, with a seal an entire mountain would probably be smashed. Anyways it is really strong and it could be considered one of the top out of Time Grade Battling Techniques."

Without a doubt it was definitely above that of the Fire Dragon Heavy Fist.

"Black Dragon Totem should be the darkness element. However I don't have such a type of battling technique so just make do. It is good if you manage to display eighty percent of its strength."

These two techniques, one was wind and one was gold. It seemed like it had nothing to do with Jiang Zizai. A difference in element meant that the strength would also be much lower.
But the key was that Jiang Zizai was able to display the strengths of the Lightning Finger and Fire Dragon Heavy Fist to the extreme. Lightning and fire in his hands became more violent.

Now he wanted to try if wind and gold was the same too.

Would it be a discount or would it be exceptional once more.

When Jiang Zizai took over these two battling techniques, Lu Dingxing swallowed his saliva.

"You have your share little panda." Jiuxian glanced at him and she couldn't help but laughed.

Lu Dingxing was such a person. He was really pure and if he wanted something his gaze would betray him.

"You helped in leading the way so I will give you a Top Time Grade Battling Technique Violent Bear Heavy Fist. It is a fist technique which can help you display the advantage of your strength."

Lu Dingxing didn't suspect Jiuxian at all, immediately thanking her in all kinds of ways, treating her like sort of an ancient female goddess.

The two of them rushed while memorising their battling techniques to understand the mysteries within. Their cultivation was on full swing.

At night, Jiang Zizai was totally immersed in the two battling techniques.

As they got close to the Black Soul Abyss, Jiuxian didn't find him at night. After all she couldn't help him to cultivate the battling techniques.

On the second day the road in front became really dark and sinister.

The forest was filled with thick mist all over, the mist was also black in color. When one smelled it, it had a scent of hatred and also of blood. One could even hear the occasional beast roar, the ferocity of which definitely came from a source beast.

Jiang Zizai felt goosebumps rise all over his body. He felt like there were many ghost spirits looking at him.

"It should be in front. The mist here will become even thicker and one will get lost." Jiuxian's beautiful eyes looked into the distance through the black mist.

"That thing should be within."

The two of them had seen enough and turned around, "Both of you just wait here and don't wander off in case when we come back we are unable to find both of you. We might need one to two days. If we spend too long inside and exceed seven days then you two just return yourselves. Understood?"

The both of them nodded their heads.

Lu Dingxing heard about many horror stories regarding the Black Soul Abyss and he obviously didn't want to go in. Just staying here made him feel terrified.

Before going in, Xiao Youshan looked around. He suddenly took out a rice white talisman. On it were many weird and complicated totem patterns.

Jiang Zizai looked at those patterns and his eyes seemed to have fallen straight in, making him feel dizzy and confused.

"There might be source beasts entering and exiting this place so this Speed Reducing Talisman is to protect you two."

Jiang Zizai took it over.

"If you don't know how to use it, you just have to fling it on the enemy."

Jiuxian said, "This is a Speed Reducing Talisman personally drawn by Old Xiao. Its effects are huge, different from the ones bought outside. If it is placed on a Martial Life Realm enemy, it could at least reduce half of their speed which would last for fifteen minutes."

He kept it carefully.

After all the instructions, Jiuxian and Xiao Youshan didn't stop at all. They entered and disappeared in just a moment.

"Boss, we should be safe here right? I heard that there are ghosts here!"

"Ghost your head."

Jiang Zizai climbed onto a tree, starting to flip and read the Extreme Metal Dragon Seal on the wide branch.

"I will come over too."

Lu Dingxing also climbed up, looking deliciously at the Violent Bear Heavy Fist.

Time passed really quickly and in a blink of an eye, one day, two day.

"They still aren't out?"

Jiang Zizai had a bad feeling.

Before seven days were up, he would continue to wait.

Night of the second day.

There was suddenly sounds of rustling below.

Lu Dingxing exclaimed.

"There is someone!"


Jiang Zizai was originally cultivating, he was also suddenly shocked to his senses. When he opened his eyes, there were two people below who were looking at them.

It was actually Jiang Junxie and Nangong Fengchen!

Why were they here!

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