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Chapter 1653: Each Having Their Own Schemes

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The Grand Governor Zhuge arrived at the Emperor Pavilion of the western city regions. It was the same place that Di Tian brought Yin Qiu to.

Di Tian clasped his hands towards Zhuge Xiong. “Grand Governor, why have you come?”

“Commander Di Tian, I naturally came because of Governor Yin Qiu’s matters. What did he do to offend you exactly? You want to deal with him so badly, is there anything I can do to mitigate his wrongdoings if there are any?” Zhuge Xiong spoke.

“Governor Yin Qiu didn’t offend me. Didn’t I say it clearly? He ignored the rules of the Lifire Palace and used his official position to profit privately, classifying the powers in the western city regions wrongly intentionally. This is disrespect to the Palace Lord, and also a betrayal to the Realmlord. I naturally have to capture him. Is grand governor mistaken about something?” Di Tian spoke with a straight face.

“Commander Di, that year in the past, the Palace Lord knows of your grudge with Xia Hou. Hence, even after you acted against Xia Hou, the Palace Lord didn’t say anything. But now, even if Yin Qiu has committed some mistakes, it’s not too big of a deal. Who among the governors of the Lifelong Realm wouldn’t have some problems? Hence, it’s best that Commander Di Tian considers things from the Palace Lord’s point of view.”

Zhuge Xiong seriously spoke, the meaning in his words were already very clear.

“Governor Zhuge, what do you mean by this? According to you, does it mean that the Palace Lord is abetting his governors to commit crimes?” Di Tian asked.

Zhuge Xiong furrowed his brows. This Di Tian was still intentionally acting dumb at this moment.

“Brother Di Tian, you should know how has the Palace Lord has treated you. During these years, he has never interfered or obstructed the Emperor Pavilion from its development. In fact, even though you are extremely close to his enemies, the Jialan Clan, he didn’t say a single thing. Can’t you see these?” Zhuge Xiong spoke.

“Di Tian naturally understands the Palace Lord’s intention. It’s just that I’m the supervisory commander and I don’t understand grand governor Zhuge’s words.” Di Tian’s voice also grew colder. In truth, he was extremely unhappy about Zhuge Xiong. This man actually brought up the conjecture that his true-self had an avatar. He is an extremely dangerous man. It was fine that Zhuge Xiong had managed to guess it, but he even reported it up to the Lifire Empyrean, wanting his true-self to die.

If his true-self came back without knowing the situation, it would be an extremely dangerous matter. His true self might really have died.

“Commander Di Tian, do you truly not know or are you pretending?” The volume of Zhuge Xiong’s voice grew louder.

“Grand Governor, please enlighten me.” Di Tian calmly replied.

“Palace Lord wants you to release Yin Qiu. I’m here to bring him away.” Zhuge Xiong didn’t beat around the bush and directly spoke. He wanted to see how would Di Tian react. Only this way would he be able to probe where Di Tian’s bottom line was.


Zhuge Xiong was taken aback, this was out of his expectations. Di Tian actually nodded in agreement, albeit in an unwilling manner. Di Tian then spoke, “Bring him in.”

Upon hearing this, a smile appeared on Zhuge Xiong’s face as he heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s how things should be done. We are all comrades, there’s no need to make things too ugly for each other.”

Di Tian started, he cast a strange glance at Zhuge Xiong. Upon seeing Di Tian’s gaze, Zhuge Xiong felt a little puzzled. However, when Di Tian’s men brought Yin Qiu over, Zhuge Xiong instantly understood. His expression instantly turned ashen, becoming incredibly unsightly to behold. He stared at the feeble-looking Yin Qiu who couldn’t even stand straight by himself as he coldly asked, “Commander Di, what did you do to Governor Yin Qiu?”

“I exercised my authority as the commander supervisor. Governor Yin Qiu refused to cooperate with me and even injured my subordinates. I had no choice but to personally act to cripple his cultivation in case he injure even more people. Grand Governor, the Palace Lord won’t blame me for acting too heavily, right?” Di Tian clearly knew the answer but he still asked. Zhuge Xiong’s current expression was as ugly as ugly can be.

Was he wasting his time speaking for so long earlier? Yin Qiu was already crippled and he was still trying so hard to get Di Tian to compromise. Never would he have expected that Di Tian didn’t even plan to negotiate from the start, directly acting ruthlessly, chopping all paths of retreats and crippled Yin Qiu.

“Di Tian, you are too impudent!” Zhuge Xiong’s face was filled with rage. Di Tian had gone overboard by doing this. He didn’t inform the Palace Lord and directly crippled Yin Qiu. What did this mean?

“Grand Governor Zhuge. I respect you because of your position and have always been polite to you. The Realmlord gave me this position to safeguard the Lifire Palace’s interests, yet you kept wanting to shield a governor like him who misused his authority for self-interest? Is this the Palace Lord’s idea or is it you asserting your own viewpoint? To me, the Palace Lord will naturally understand my kind intentions. If you continue to use him to attempt to suppress me, don’t blame me for not being polite.” Di Tian coldly snorted, his tone suddenly became domineering.

Zhuge Xiong started. He stared fixedly at Di Tian. A cracking sound rang out as he clenched his fists. Despite his self-control, he still wanted nothing more than to kill Di Tian at this moment. However, he knew this was impossible because he basically wasn’t Di Tian’s opponent.

If he really made his move here, maybe Di Tian would dare to do what he did to Yin Qiu, crippling his cultivation base as well.

Di Tian clearly already wanted to challenge the Lifire Empyrean’s prestige. What sort of character was he, Zhuge Xiong? How could he fail to see this?

Yin Qiu was merely a convenient excuse. What an unlucky fellow.

“You better watch out.” Zhuge Xiong spoke in rage, bringing Yin Qiu away with him.

“From Grand Governor’s words, it seems that the governors of the Lifire Palace have already ‘rotted’ to such an extent? Seems like I, the supervisory commander, must have been remiss in my duties.” As Zhuge Xiong soared into the air, he heard Di Tian’s voice drifting over behind him. His body trembled, he was so angered that he almost coughed out blood. From Di Tian’s meaning, was he planning to investigate the other governors as well?

“Di Tian must have already joined forces with the Jialan Clan.” A thought flashed through Zhuge Xiong’s mind. After that, he confirmed his own guess. He truly couldn’t think of any other reasons why Di Tian would do this. During these years, although the Emperor Pavilion’s development was fast, they still didn’t have any empyrean-level characters after all. Di Tian himself also hasn’t broken through yet. Since he would challenge the Lifire Empyrean’s prestige at this time, there was only one possibility – he had joined forces with the Jialan Clan.

However, what made Zhuge Xiong puzzled was that Di Tian already had such a good future. Why would he want to take the risk and ally with the Jialan Clan? He had no idea why Di Tian did so.

After the Lifire Empyrean received Zhuge Xiong’s report, as he stared at Yin Qiu who was kneeling and begging him to take revenge for him, his expression grew heavy to the extreme.

“Does Di Tian have that kind of relationship with the Jialan Clan?” The Lifire Empyrean asked Zhuge Xiong. The first thing that appeared in his mind was that Di Tian and the Jialan Clan have joined forces. If not, Di Tian wouldn’t have chosen to do this.

“I’m not really clear about that. According to what I know, Jialan Qiuyue has always admired Di Tian and might really be fond of him. The Jialan Clan naturally hopes that she could become Di Tian’s main wife. Hence, as long as Di Tian nods his head, regardless of gaining a beauty or the friendship of the Jialan Clan, he can have it anytime.” Zhuge Xiong analysed. The Lifire Empyrean had a heavy look on his face.

Back then those years ago at the grand banquet, the Realmlord personally backed Di Tian, opening up a path for him. It was destined that no one in Lifire City would dare to touch Di Tian as long as he didn’t break any rules of the Lifire Palace. Hence, as long as Di Tian did things more carefully, even if he is joining forces with the Jialan Clan, there was nothing the Lifire Empyrean can do to him. Things would be extremely troublesome.

The matter today was a good example. Di Tian wanted to act against his governors and he did so directly. Even if he, the Palace Lord, feels unhappy about it, he could only endure because it was true that Yin Qiu truly had some problems and Di Tian had investigated it.

Right now, unless he voluntarily disband his current governors making it so that Di Tian had no place to ‘attack,’ all his governors would definitely be extremely unlucky if Di Tian decided to investigate one by one.

They haven’t settled Qin Wentian’s matter and now, a Di Tian suddenly appeared. The Lifire Empyrean was truly in a very bad mood during these recent years.

“How do you think we should handle Di Tian’s matter.” The Lifire Empyrean asked Zhuge Xiong.

“It’s very troublesome. Yin Qiu says that Di Tian has already broken through to the peak-stage of the immortal emperor realm. Unless Palace Lord acts yourself, no one would be able to deal with him.” Zhuge Xiong replied. The Lifire Empyrean extremely felt that this matter was extremely tough to deal with. Who would have thought that he would be threatened by an immortal emperor character today. He truly didn’t know what to do.

“Right now, our only plan is to temporarily allow him to do as he pleases. Also, Palace Lord you should send out a message and tell the various governors to admit to their wrongdoings if there are any and you will personally administer the punishments on them. Di Tian wouldn’t be able to do anything then.” Zhuge Xiong stated. The eyes of the Lifire Empyrean flashed. “Alright, we can only do this for now. You can go ahead and handle this matter on my behalf. Since Di Tian wants to walk this path, I’ll see what he can do then.”

“Right.” Zhuge Xiong retreated.

As for Di Tian, he had already returned to the headquarters of the Emperor Pavilion that’s located in the central city regions. However, the news about how he dealt with Yin Qiu swiftly circulated around Lifire City.

Right now, Di Tian was considered a legendary character of Lifire City. Such a major incident about him crippling Yin Qiu, how could this not cause a commotion that shakes the entire city? Yin Qiu was already the second governor that had fallen to Di Tian. Everyone could still recall the fact that Yin Qiu objected when Di Tian wanted to act against Xia Hou. Who would have thought that now, Di Tian directly acted against Yin Qiu. This Grandmaster Di Tian was starting to show off more and more.

At the Emperor Pavilion, Jialan Qiuyue came by to look for Di Tian. Di Tian knew that the Jialan Clan would send someone here to meet him, he had also anticipated that they would send Jialan Qiuyue.

“What do you want to do?” Jialan Qiuyue directly asked when she saw Di Tian. Di Tian smiled, “What are you referring to?”

Jialan Qiuyue rolled her eyes, “What else could I mean? By acting against Yin Qiu, you will definitely enrage the Lifire Empyrean. After so many years, you still have not expressed your attitude towards me clearly. Isn’t it because you wanted to avoid falling out with the Lifire Empyrean? Now that you suddenly did this, what do you mean by it?”

“Eh…” Di Tian sweated. This woman felt that the reason why he didn’t ask for her hand in marriage was because of the Lifire Empyrean?

“You are truly narcissistic.” Di Tian looked at Jialan Qiuyue as he spoke.

“Hmph, am I wrong?” Jialan Qiuyue’s beautiful eyes flashed with a confident look. She sat opposite to Di Tian and smiled at him, “You have not replied me yet. Can it be that you have finally thought things through? I’m just waiting for you to ask the question.”

“Cough, cough…” Di Tian stared at her soul-stirring beautiful eyes as he sighed to himself. The guts of this woman keep growing…now, she even dared to take the initiative to flirt with him.

“I only feel that it’s about time for us to touch the position of the Lifire Empyrean.” Di Tian looked at Jialan Qiuyue as he slowly spoke.

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