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Chapter 145.1 : Each of Their Situation

After his battle with Nidol Proxia, Rio escaped from the imperial castle and made his way back to his room at the inn. After receiving the usual morning call he vacated the room as if nothing had happened last night and left as is.
His next destination was the Paladia kingdom which is to the east of the Proxia empire. Paladia is a small monarchy kingdom located north of the Galwark kingdom, an area which seemed to have a chronic case of disputes between neighbouring countries.
Despite having some doubts regarding the credibility of the information due to its source, it wouldn’t be strange at all for the kingdom to be the next client of Luciuses’ mercenaries. Since he had no other source of information, he had no choice but to try his luck in Paladia anyway.

(According to the emperor, the first prince might know of his whereabouts but…….. The problem was how to estabilish a contact with said prince.)

It was possible to meet the first prince as long as he made use of his title as the honorary knight of the Galwark kingdom, but to fulfill his goal, he didn’t want to make such a gamble that might cause a problem for his position as a noble and he was also not that skillful in arranging a normal meeting.
Which then left him with no other choice but to infiltrate the castle to meet the first prince, but it didn’t seem to be that simple.
He definitely had no problem with infiltrating the castle, but meeting a royal family member might prove troublesome as they’re usually heavily protected.
Soldiers might be standing guard in front of the room, or if he was really unlucky, they might be stationed inside the prince’s room. There was also the possibility of him being with his wife and children. It comes down to personal preference but the majority of titled nobles and royalty chose to sleep in a windowless room as a measure against intruders.

(Going at noon might be easier than going at night. I need to study his daily routine for a few days for the time being and then attempt to make contact if the opportunity presents itself.)

After deciding his plan for the time being, Rio raised his flying speed. He might lose his way as he had never been to this place, a zone where a number of small nobles fought each other, but he might reach the Paladia kingdom by today or tomorrow. Rio sensed an euphoria which he rarely felt.

◇ ◇ ◇

In the polar opposite direction to where Rio was headed, Miharu was teaching Liliana, the first princess of the Saint Stella kingdom, in her private room in the royal palace.
By now, it had been more than one month since Miharu was forcibly brought along to Saint Stella.

「 Japanese is hard. Since I felt some degree of improvement, I thought it was time for a review. Aside from pronunciation there are numerous letters, homonyms, grammar and the history behind them and numerous similarities, resemblances which contain small nuances… It’s truly a profound language. Being able to hold everyday conversations along with writing and reading is already a monstrous feat………」

Lilyana said so with a calm tone during the break from their lessons.

「That’s not true, I think that Lilyansama who can learn at such a speed is incredible right? Speech aside, since writing such neat and clear letters is difficult even for Japanese, without deep comprehension, you don’t need to feel discouraged.」

Miharu smiled while telling her that.

「Thank you very much. I’ll do my best since I’m blessed with such a wonderful teacher.」

Lilyana also smiled heartily.

In fact her learning speed was breathtaking. Though her learning time was limited due to her position as royalty, her learning spirit was tremendous which also added to the fact that she herself had a brilliant mind. It could be said that her comprehension ability and memory were a cut above the rest.
Currently she memorized katakana, hiragana, and some simple kanji at the elementary student level. She learned the fundamental expressions and various words one after another and she kept growing at a breakneck speed.

「Ahaha, I’m basically just an amateur teacher…….. Strictly speaking, I didn’t learn Japanese properly nor did I learn the befitting teaching method for it, thus there might be some mistakes in my teaching. Nevertheless, Lilyansama who can learn the Japanese language to this level with extremely limited time is truly excellent. As I thought, you’re a genius after all. So what do you want to learn? I’m going to teach it according to Lilyansama’s request.」

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