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Steel Mixture!

Heart Sutra!

three-rate peerless techinique!

When the three energies were combined together, the aura on Long Fei's body instantly changed.

Ox-Head's palm did not even bother defending. He rushed forward and grabbed Ox-Head's head, "You're finished. Now it's my turn, right?"

He crushed them with brute force.

The Ox Head was actually unable to move, and felt extremely uncomfortable. He stared at Long Fei and shouted, "Brat, you dared to barge into the Underworld, even if you're alive today, you will still die."

Not waiting for him to finish.

Long Fei punched him in the face, "Are you dead?"

Ox-Head could not dodge. He punched himself until his nose was bruised, but he still shouted loudly, "You dare to touch me? Do you know who I am?

"You are an animal." Long Fei punched out again, specially striking his face.

Ox-Head was enraged as he roared, "Brat, f * ck …"

"Fuck your ancestors!" Long Fei punched out again, striking his face.


Blood spurted out from the wound, and a huge face of a cow was mangled into a bloody mess.


It was not over yet. Long Fei's huge body grabbed onto the bull's head with one hand and struck it with the other. "Come the f * ck again!"

"If I wasn't holding a child, would I have been ambushed by you?"

"Is Ox-Head great?"

"Is the Ox-Head Gang arrogant?"

"Obstructing my path? Come again! "

"Boom, boom, boom …"

With every punch, he would roar. The sky would crash into the ground and the ground would crack. The ox head's entire body would be badly mutilated.

Every strike of his would strike the spirits of those devils.

This bastard was a lunatic.

Did he not know who the Ox-Head Gang Leader was?

Crazy, crazy, completely crazy.

… ….

The people around them whispered amongst themselves.

Long Fei stood in the deep pit and lifted the bloody head of the cow out of the pit.

Ox-Head's mouth twitched as he laughed in disdain, "Do you know where we are?"

"This is the Underworld."

"Only the Yama city can kill me, you?"

"Hahaha …"

"Kid, you will never be able to kill me, hahaha …" Ox-Head had been crushed, but the arrogance on his body had not diminished in the slightest.

Because …

He knew clearly in his heart that in Ghost City, only the boss Hades could kill him. The other ghosts could not kill him.

The same goes for Horse-Face.

Long Fei's anger rose, "I won't kill you, right?"

Ox-Head laughed complacently. "Of course, you're going to die soon. Just you wait, wuhahaha …"

At this moment.

Long Fei grabbed with his right hand and a black dragon salyer appeared. He threw the cow head into the sky, "I want to see how you are going to die!"

He stayed where he was.

The purification power of the Heart Sutra surged.

The power of a Steel Mixture.

All of the three-rate peerless techinique's power was channeled into the dragon salyer.

"One Slash!"

Long Fei's voice sank as his eyes turned sinister. His body turned into a lump of straight line and streaked across the sky like lightning, and the blade aura from the dragon salyer slashed down like black lightning.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Long Fei landed on the ground, his voice was extremely cold: "Slash!"

As soon as he finished.

The bull's head in the air let out a loud "kacha" sound.

The head of the bull was severed from the body.


The Ox-head man fell to the ground, his eyes opened wide in disbelief as he stared at Long Fei in fear.

It was also at this moment.

The system sounded out.

Long Fei did not release the berserk energy attribute, because... Since they had already begun their slaughter, it would be best to leave the Energy Values to the last one.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Ox-head' for obtaining 1 experience point, true qi point, and Energy Values point."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Rushing Thunder Palm'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Ox Head blood vein'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining …"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining a special reward for slaying 'Ox-head'. Level + 1."


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei', currently at war master level 6!"

A few notifications sounded.

It didn't drop anything good.

The blood vein was also instantly absorbed by the dragon salyer, causing the dark aura to grow even stronger.


His level had increased by 1!

Special reward!

Long Fei's mouth was about to become crooked from laughing, "Hahaha... This is equivalent to obtaining 200 million experience in one go. This feeling is really great. Hahaha … "

"Raise him to level 17 or 18 in Ghost City, and then attack the Heaven Sect!"

At this moment.

A fluorescent light that was much larger than that of ordinary evil spirits rose from Ox-Head's body. It flew up into the air and was absorbed into his body by the celestial spirit. His body was also covered in a thick layer of dark aura.

Yan Huang ancestor's mind trembled, and said: "The evil energy in his body is about to break through my Seal, it seems that I have underestimated this group of energy."

"Long Fei..."

He was somewhat worried.

He was worried for Long Fei because once this power exploded, Long Fei would not be able to control it.


Once the power of the Heavenly Spirit reached the level of Peak Realm and was released, even the only power of emperor Yanhuang he had right now would be a little uncontrollable.

Long Fei laughed.

He was laughing excitedly!

He walked up to the top of his head and said, "Absorb it. Absorb it as much as you want. I won't stop you from becoming stronger."


"There's one thing you need to understand. I can make you stronger, and I can also destroy you!" Long Fei spoke very plainly, but … His tone, however, revealed an aura that could not be defied.

I can let you live, and I can also let you die!

If you don't believe me, just try it!

The evil and evil aura within his body trembled slightly.

He could feel the unique aura around Long Fei, as well as the hidden killing intent in his eyes.

This kind of feeling was comparable to being crushed by one's cultivation level.

Rather, it was an incomparably powerful suppression.

The Sky Spirit was still in a coma, but the glow around his body was slowly absorbed by him.

The beautiful woman looked at Long Fei, her heart feeling even more at ease.

Because …

The disappearance of the fluorescent light signified that the Yin energy was afraid of Long Fei. This was the first time in history that the Yin energy was afraid of a person.

Yan Huang ancestor was also slightly shocked, as she couldn't quite believe it, "I didn't think that you would really be able to suppress him."

Long Fei laughed: "Who is this brother?"

"Someone who is so handsome can crush everything."


Long Fei was still a little worried in his heart, because the yin fiendish aura in his body was asking him for help. He wanted Long Fei to bring him away from Ghost City, but once he left Ghost City and returned to the real world, what would happen to him?

To be honest, Long Fei himself didn't know either.

However …

Since he had already decided on this brother, then Long Fei definitely would not lose him!

"Sect Master!"

"The Sect Master is dead!"

"The Sect Master is dead!"

"Ox-Head is dead …"

"We must avenge our Sect Master."

At this moment.

"Ox-Head is just a piece of trash. He can't even deal with a single person, yet he dares to be so cocky here?"


While they were talking …

Horse-Face floated in mid air and glared at Long Fei coldly.

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