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Chen Xiang secretly followed the two little holy beasts, and after going through a large part of the forest, they entered a valley. Seeing that many Holy armoured lion s were there, they bent down to greet the two little holy beasts when they saw them.

and the others who were captured had ropes that looked like it was made from hair on their bodies, it was extremely sturdy, it was extremely difficult to break free. Furthermore, if they struggled to break free, the ropes would even give off multicolored light, and a few people on the road wanted to struggle free, but were killed after being discovered by the man.

Therefore, there were only nine people left in Little Lizhi's group. Their bodies were covered with injuries and they looked to be very serious.

"This gorge is their lair." Chen Xiang turned into a bird and stood on top of a tree in the canyon, observing carefully.

At this time, there were a few Holy armoured lion in the shape of a human, but they were not completely human. They also had many beast characteristics, their hair was golden yellow, their bodies were majestic, and they had a tail, arms, and chest were all covered with golden armor.

At the very least, they had the strength of Immortal-becoming realm. The man and woman who gave Little Lizhi and the others to the Ferocious Lion Beastmen were brought into a cave.

There were many caves in the canyon, some of them extremely large, so this place should already be the resting place of the Holy armoured lion. Chen Xiang saw many Holy armoured lion drinking water and playing around beside the river in the canyon, and there were also many smaller berserk lions.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to move to save Little Lizhi, a golden light suddenly shot down from the sky.

"Father." The pair of small Saint Beasts immediately shouted.

The Great Berserk Lion Holy Beast that was fighting with Lv Qilian had returned, and it was bringing Lv Qilian along with it.

Lv Qilian's entire body was filled with scars as he was thrown to the ground by the berserk lion. He looked at Lv Qilian and laughed in disdain: "Humans are weak.

Chen Xiang looked at Lv Qilian whose entire body was filled with shocking wounds, and couldn't help but sigh in his heart. Lv Qilian had lost, and lost so miserably, but it was normal for Lv Qilian to be defeated by a emperor.

"How many are captured alive?" Wild Lion Emperor asked.

"Nine... Big Sis killed a lot of women. " Wild Lion Emperor said unhappily.

"Hmph, if we don't kill these human girls, they will confuse the men of our Kuang Lion tribe and bring us disaster." Wild Lion Princess was a little angry because her brother was scolding her.

Wild Lion Emperor said, "Alright, lock this woman up. Then, heal the injuries of the nine people."

"Father, what do we need these weak humans for?" Wild Lion Princess asked, her heart filled with doubt.

"Although they are weak, their brains are still pretty good. For example, those mysterious formations and things like that, we spent a lot of time but still found it difficult to understand them, but humans are proficient in these and keeping them here would be beneficial for us. But before that, we have to see if they understand the path of formations. The Wild Lion Emperor said: "Only by knowing formations better than us will they be useful."

When Chen Xiang heard it, she did not worry about it anymore. At least for now, she would not kill him.

"Then we have to test them now. If they don't pass, then there's no need to treat their wounds. Just kill them or eat them." The Wild Lion Princess looked at Lv Qilian who was on the ground and said fiercely. If she wasn't here, she might have killed Lv Qilian.

Wild Lion Emperor nodded his head: "But for things like formations, they need to have sufficient mental energy to go through. Right now, they are all injured, at least wait for them to recover a bit before they can go through with it. You can supervise them when the time comes."

Lv Qilian was taken away, but was imprisoned in another cave. Seeing Lv Qilian who was taken away, Wild Lion Emperor licked his lips and laughed wickedly: "I wonder how it will be like when human girls play, I really want to give it a try."

"Hmph." The Wild Lion Princess snorted and entered a cave.

Initially, Chen Xiang wanted to immediately go and save her, but he had another thought in mind, because the Wild Lion Emperor had returned. This was a Holy Beast, and the other Holy armoured lion here were all powerful, so if he was discovered, it would be troublesome.

"Go and check their treasury. They shouldn't have anything like Storage magic treasure. Therefore, the good things they got should also be here." Chen Xiang said, "Be careful."

"Got it. They are all Saint Beasts, so their food must be pretty good. Hehe." Long Xueyi was indescribably excited, he immediately used the Heaven Tour to search for treasures.

Chen Xiang moved further away from the ravine and hid inside a cave. Using the creation divine liquid he had accumulated and made a large amount of Drunk god flower s, he refined them into Drunk god powder s. His strength was far inferior to those holy beasts, but if he used poison, it might be possible to save his life in the nick of time.

"I found a place that leads deep underground. There should be something deep underground. However, it is enveloped by an energy and I am unable to penetrate that protective barrier." Long Xueyi said.

"Is it something like a spirit formation or something?" asked. It was already late at night, Long Xueyi had only gotten anything after searching for a long time.

"No." Long Xueyi said: "If we go, it should be very easy to enter. Although these Ferocious Lions are very strong, the formations and things like that are very weak."

If the Wild Lion Emperor wanted to capture humans alive, it was for the sake of someone helping them set up a formation.

"Not good, they are starting to attack." Long Xueyi suddenly shouted.

"Do what." Chen Xiang immediately thought of this the moment he asked this question.

"I wonder how they healed? Little Lizhi and the others recovered very quickly and began to assess their mastery of formations. A few of them died and were thrown out to feed Kuang Shi." Long Xueyi said.

Hearing that, Chen Xiang immediately let Long Xueyi look at Little Lizhi, he did not want him to die, he set aside the things at hand and rushed to the canyon, he was at the side of the mountain, waiting for Long Xueyi's orders.

"Little Lizhi has mastered the array quite well, she has passed." Long Xueyi said, "It seems that of the nine people present, only Little Lizhi is able to survive. The few old Ferocious Lions of the Kuang Shi Clan are quite proficient in the art of formations."

Originally, Flower Emperor and the rest were the strongest and seemed to be the safest. However, now that Flower Emperor and Little Lizhi were caught and the others fled, even if Chen Xiang did not see this scene with his own eyes, he would not be able to believe it.

"Where's Lv Qinlian?" Chen Xiang asked.

Little Lizhi has not completely recovered either. What plans do you have now, not only do you want to save them, you have to empty their treasury as well? Long Xueyi asked.

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