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Chapter 1209: Luo God Ritual

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Outside Luo God Palace, the Luo River surged violently. The boundless river was flowing nonstop and possessed an infinite vitality. This was where the Luo God Ritual would be held.

As this region had long been surrounded by tight defenses, there were troops of swift and fierce armies that guarded both sides of the Luo River. Even in the sky, knights were riding on Lightning Cranes, forming a net of protection. With such a tight defense, even a fly would not be able to sneak past!

Looking at the scene from afar, one could see a dense and chaotic crowd that extended as far as the eye could see on both sides of the river. The people of the Luo God Clan were all awaiting the arrival of their queen.

They also wanted to personally witness the Luo God Ritual. As such, this region had undoubtedly turned into the assembly area of not just the people from Luo God City, but from the whole Luo God Clan!


Amid the crowd’s anxious anticipation, the chime of an ancient clock finally reverberated across heaven and earth.


The moment the clock chimed, rays of glittering lights shot out from within Luo God Palace and fell on a platform that was hanging in the air above the Luo River. The platform looked like it had been cast from white jade and it sparkled under the sunlight.

It was so beautiful, but the people didn’t even give it a second glance. Their gazes were all focused on the silhouette of a woman who was standing on the white jade platform. She was so beautiful, even heaven and earth paled in comparison.

She stood quietly on the white jade platform, while the sun shone on her lustrous long hair, making it look like the Milky Way. It was extremely eye-catching. Her delicate and flawless complexion made her look like the most perfect piece of art within all of heaven and earth!


As she appeared on the white jade platform, the entire crowd prostrated themselves before her. The gazes that were looking towards the beautiful woman’s silhouette were all filled with respect and awe.

“Your Majesty!” Countless deafening voices resounded all at once.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the people of the Luo God Clan, the forces from other regions who had come to observe the Luo God ritual were taken aback. They obviously had not thought that the Luo God Clan, which was on the verge of collapse and was nearly exterminated a few years ago, would show this kind of unity today!

They involuntarily let out sighs, then looked at the beautiful silhouette on the white jade platform. At this stage, they had to admit that there were people in the world with a particular charisma, which could make people gather around them and forget all of their troubles. Evidently, the future Queen of the Luo God Clan was one of those people.

On the white jade platform, Luo Li looked at the countless prostrated figures, bent her delicate body slightly forwards, then gave a small dip of her head. Even without her saying a word, her elegance and air of royalty had enchanted the masses.

“Your Majesty!” Behind Luo Li, two young figures knelt down on one knee with their palms on their chests. They looked at the beautiful figure in front of them with passion in their gazes, and one could see the love that was hidden within the depths of their hearts for her.

Luo Li looked at the two of them. They were the most outstanding figures among the younger generation of the Luo God Clan. If Mu Chen was here, he would have recognized them as the two powerful youngsters who had initially followed Luo Tianshen to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

One was called Luo Qingya, and the other was called Luo Xiu. Even though a few years had passed since then, they were still as imposing as before.

In fact, they had both already reached the level of Complete Grade Nine. For them to be able to reach this level at such a young age was truly impressive.

“There will definitely be people that will attempt to disrupt today’s Luo God Ritual. I hope you can help us avoid that,” Luo Li said softly.

“Unless I die in action, I will never allow an enemy to stand against you,” Luo Qingya said with a slight smile. His tone was light, but his voice was firm, without the slightest hesitation or tremor.

“Even if I were to die in battle, I would wrap my carcass around the enemy, so that you would not be defiled by the sight of him.” Luo Xiu grinned, but face filled with determination and fighting spirit.

Luo Li smiled, then lightly shook her head, begging them both, “Please don’t die.”

Luo Qingya and Luo Xiu’s hearts warmed instantly. They both nodded, then stood up and dashed towards their respective troops, determined to not allow anyone or anything to disturb Luo Li, even if they have to sacrifice their lives!

As she was watching Luo Qingya and Luo Xi leave, something caught Luo Li’s eye. She saw a troop that was being led by three elderly men who emitted powerful spiritual energy fluctuations. She instantly realized that all three of them were Lower Earthly Sovereigns.

However, there was no gladness in her gaze when she saw the three Lower Earthly Sovereigns, only coldness. This was because these three belonged to a branch of the Luo God Clan’s royal family. As such, they were considered to be the most powerful after the royal family.

She knew for a fact that they were not absolutely loyal to the direct descendants of the crown, but rather had been trying to weaken their influence. If Luo Tianshen had not managed to repress them, those three would have tried to seize the throne by force already!

Therefore, Luo Li could not rely on them for this Luo God Ritual. Moreover, she must even keep her guard up against them!

“Uncle Tianlong,” Luo Li whispered softly.

Behind Luo Li, the muscular middle-aged man who was standing beside Luo Tianshen stepped forward and bent down slightly to hear her words. That man was Luo Tianlong, the only other Lower Earthly Sovereign among the Luo God Clan’s direct descendants, besides Luo Tianshen of course.

A few years ago, he and Luo Li’s father were blood brothers, but following Luo Li’s father’s death in battle and his disappointment in the feud within the Luo God Clan, he decided to leave. When Luo Li returned, she had to personally ask him multiple times before he agreed to return.

“Please keep an eye on the people over there,” Luo Li requested of Luo Tianlong.

As Luo Tianlong only had the ability of the Lower Earthly Sovereign, it would be hard for him to keep an eye on three Lower Earthly Sovereigns. However, he knew that he was Luo Li’s last resort in the current situation, so he nodded without hesitation.

“I’m sorry for asking this of you,” said Luo Li with a wide and appreciative smile.

“Your father’s biggest contribution towards the Luo God Clan was giving birth to such an outstanding daughter. I believe the Luo God Clan will grow bigger and stronger than ever before under your rule! So, if you need anything, you can count on me!” Luo Tianlong smiled back at her warmly.

Without waiting for Luo Li to reply, he immediately dashed to position himself between that troop and the white jade platform, then looked at those restless fellows coldly, letting the murderous intent that was written all over his face serve as a warning to them.

The three elderly men returned Luo Tianlong’s look expressionlessly, then turned their attentions towards the silhouette on the white jade platform. After watching Luo Tianlong leave, Luo Li looked over to Luo Tianshen and nodded her head gracefully.

“Let’s begin.” Luo Tianshen took a deep breath. All of Luo Li’s arrangements were perfect, but he knew that even all of those precautions were insufficient. Luo Li was also aware of this fact.

Hence, this year’s Luo God Ritual would be the most dangerous one ever. However, no matter how dangerous and risky it would be, they could not cancel it now.

On the white jade platform, a strong spiritual light shone, then gradually formed a white jade lotus platform under Luo Li’s feet, upon which she sat cross-legged. Her long hair, which was blowing in the wind, made her look ethereal and beautiful.

Luo Li lifted her head and looked at the numerous expectant gazes. Almost every person from the Luo God Clan was hoping for her success, as it symbolized all of their futures. That was exactly why this time she must not fail!

Luo Li took a deep breath, then bit the tip of her tongue. All of a sudden, her bright red blood essence began spurting out, then rained down from the sky into the Luo River.


As the blood essence dissolved and mixed into the Luo River, its water became tinted with red. Huge waves roared and countless dark red spots of light started to rise from the river, then finally fell back onto Luo Li’s petite frame.

As such, the white long dress that she was wearing was slowly dyed dark red. The dark red continuously became darker, until it finally turned into burning flames that wrapped entirely around Luo Li. As the fire was burning, an ancient melody started playing across the whole world.

All eyes were fixed on the burning flames that were licking the sky, and they all started to brace themselves, because they knew that now,.the Luo God Ritual had begun!

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