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Chapter 22 The Instrument Bilin was frightened by this monster’s sudden appearance. She clenched her teeth and swept out her two tails bravely. Two streams of her strength hit on the Sword Spirit. The white shade of the Sword Spirit was crushed and dispersed. However, the sword didn’t fall, and it yelled angrily at her. The white light on the blade turned into a human shape, holding the sword, ready to stab her. Bilin barely avoided it. She decided to fight to the end, and continuously swept the human with her tails, until the human shape was broken again. Bilin quickly ran and held the sword tightly. “Dare you use your dirty hand to touch me?” the sword screamed. It couldn’t forge a human shape anymore, so it called his companions to help. Soon, one by one, other Sword Spirits appeared to stop Bilin from going forward. Bilin was fueled by her love for Ye and she used all her strength to rush ahead. “Nobody can hold me back.” She used the sword to kill its companions again and again, until the sword called out with a desperate voice and broke into many sections. Bilin's shoulder was also injured by a sword and her back was cut and bleeding by another blade. She roared loudly as another red fox tail appeared from her skirt. The three tails worked together to fight back against the siege. Then she rushed crazily to the roof of the Tower, and shut up the stone gate behind her, locking all the spirits in the Tower. She was too weak to hold up her body and fell to the ground as her blood stained all her clothes. She only had one last breath left. Then she thought of Ye, thought of his eyes as he looked at Lotus and how they were full of love, thought of their meetings over the past three years. The reality made her heart break, and it gave her the final power to struggle up to climb toward her goal. In the middle of the roof of the Tower, there was a huge statue of the God of the Monsters. In his raised hand was a colorful stone as big as a fist. Bilin knew that it must be the instrument of Yun Yao, the “Heart of Breaking”. She leaped to get the stone. All of all sudden, the light of the stone became much stronger and it shone in the whole roof as daytime. Bilin’s wounds soon turned unbearable under this light, and she yelled bitterly. However, she didn’t throw away this stone. Instead, she stepped toward the gate with the stone. Those Sword Spirits panicked at the sight of the stone and avoided standing in her way. Those that stepped aside slower became ashes in the light. Bilin’s brain was blank; the only thing she knew was to do was continue walking and walking. She didn’t know how long she walked. However, the Heart of Breaking disappeared into nowhere, as in thin air, and she fell down on the ground. With the instrument’s disappearance, the whole Tower, even the whole city began to shake. The Tower fell into crushed dust due to the heavy shaking. At the same time, outside the city, a war started. The soldiers of the Cave fell on the ground and their blood drained into the yellow earth. Black Finger underestimated the power of the enemy. When he found the army was the top warriors of the Blue Cloud Clan, half of his underlings died or were wounded. He raged and roared, turning into a black fog to surround five immortals from the Blue Cloud Clan. The five immortals died immediately. “I dare you, Blue Cloud Clan, come to find death from our Blood Gone Cave!” Black Finger soon returned to human shape and swept several immortals with his palms. “You turn back!” It was the leader of the Clan, Yan Huolan. He yelled toward his underlings and rushed into the army of the Blood Gone Cave himself. Soon the soldiers who tried to overwhelm him became golden powders. Black Finger’s face turned serious in a minute. “Leader Yan came to us himself. So you want to vanquish us today?” “Correct!” Yan Huolan sneered and continued, “Today is your time, you and your crooked ways!” Yan Huolan pushed his hands forward, and two rows of golden powder rushed out to get Black Finger. The monster leader laughed crazily and two green wings grew from his back. When the wings fanned, all the powder was blown back to Yan Huolan. Yan Huolan absorbed back that powder into his palms. With the two palms held together, a golden spear was forged in his hands. He shook the spear and stabbed it toward Black Finger. The yellow dust under his feet also turned into countless golden blades to hit Black Finger. Black Finger was scared and he tried to turn back to avoid Yan’s spear, only to find the countless blades aiming straight at him. He turned into a black fog again in a second, and separated to flee away from the blades. He returned to his human shape again in the sky far away. Yan Huolan quickly moved to him and kicked up the dust under his feet to forge a stairway to the sky. He stepped onto it and walked toward Black Finger. Black Finger looked around to find his underlings were in an inferior position, though they had successfully defended from being defeated. Many of his people had died. He clenched his teeth and ordered, “Retreat, back to the city!” All the soldiers of the Cave were so tired and fearful. When they heard his calling, they ran back as quick as deserters. They didn’t know the Blue Cloud Clan had sent the best warriors today. How could the Cave soldiers, as a temporary army, defeat them? They thought that the city was the best refuge for them, and even the most powerful warrior couldn’t find the city under the cover of the instrument, let alone enter the city. However, the city appeared in front of their eyes when Black Finger was leading his army as they ran back. And all of them saw the Tower fall. Black Finger couldn’t believe his eyes. Was it a dream? He cried out loudly. Yan Huolan pieced him in the back with a spear. Then he cried more bitterly, and his body grew three times larger, like a monster with sharp teeth and claws. Finally, he died and fell from the sky. His body turned into yellow powder that merged into the air full of dust. Yan Huolan fell from the sky and laughed. He called out, “Run in! The time for the Blood Gone Cave has arrived.” Under his lead, the warriors of the Blue Cloud Clan ran to chase the soldiers who were trying to hide in the city. As the guards of the city were running out, Ye also broke into the prison. When he saw the chaos in the city, he quickly guessed that the Clan had arrived in time. He was so excited to catch a guard and ask where the wedding hall was. Learning the answer, he then ran to the hall. However, a squad came for him, whose leader was Guju. When he saw Ye, he was surprised for a moment, and then showed him a fierce expression. “Stinky boy, great that you escape from my prison! But you are so unlucky to meet me again. The leader has already fulfilled his will, so now you are useless. Why not die today?” He waved his hand to order the guards to kill him.  

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