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Little Silver's words aroused the curiosity of the four, they did not know what she had found. Despite being extremely embarrassed, Little Silver took a deep breath and began to talk about what she had seen on the wall.

Listening to Little Silver's words, the three women were shocked at this, for they never imagined they would see something like this here. However, Liu Yang had other thoughts when he heard Little Silver's words, he imagined it could be some Tenth World alphabet.

"Little girl, could you take us to where you saw those letters?" Liu Yang stood up and asked, he was anxious to know what was written.

"Ah .... !!!!" Little Silver was extremely embarrassed when she saw Liu Yang naked in front of her, although she had seen a few times inside the tower, this was the first time she saw him naked up close. Little Silver covered her face and turned.

"Rascal, you're intimidating my precious daughter, put your clothes on" Xillia Wolf and the two women had already put on their clothes and were carrying the three children in their arms.

Liu Yang just waved his hand and clothes appeared on his body.

"Little girl, you can turn around now." Liu Yang said with a playful tone.

Little Silver knew the four of them were already wearing clothes, but she was too embarrassed to look at them, she just spoke to follow her.

It took a few seconds to reach the place using the Space Distortion when the women looked at the wall, they were curious to know what was written, because they had never seen that language. But Liu Yang was different, he knew what kind of language it was, the letters on the wall were in Chinese. The text said.

"Hello, my name in the Nine Worlds is Sun Wukong, but in the Tenth World, I was called Wu Cheng'en. If you can read this text, know that you are not the only one in the Nine Worlds, there are many other people like you who came from the Tenth World before being reborn in the Nine Worlds.

I traveled through the Nine Worlds in search of information about people like us and managed to find many other places that had traces of these people. I've listed all the places I've traveled, I hope that the person who can read this, can find other places.

I also prepared several gifts that I gathered during my life for those who can read this text. Complete the following sentence: Sun Wukong, The Great Sage, ______________ "

(Sun Wukong !!!!! Wu Cheng'en !!!!!) Liu Yang was extremely shocked when he saw these two names as he knew who they were, this showed that there really were many others like Liu Yang in the Nine Worlds. To see the other places with the traces, Liu Yang had to receive the inheritance of Sun Wukong.

"Rascal, what happened?" Xillia Wolf asked the women noticed some kind of strangeness in Liu Yang.

"My dear, have you ever heard of the person named Sun Wukong?" Liu Yang asked curiously, as there was no information about him in Arthur Pendragon's memoirs.

"Sun Wukong? Rascal, are you talking about the Monkey King, the Great Sage? "Xillia Wolf asked.

"Yes, Xillia, do you have information about him?"

"Of course I have, why would not I?" Sun Wukong is the greatest legend for us magical beasts. He is the greatest hero that existed of our race and brought a lot of pride to us, he is also someone who managed to reach the level 1000 and rank 10, he gave a nickname for himself of Great Sage, Heaven's Equals. If you want to know more, I can give you all the information for you. "Xillia Wolf spoke with a fanatical tone, she seemed like a crazy fan talking about her idol. She lifted her finger and a light shot toward Liu Yang's head.

All information about Sun Wukong entered the mind of Liu Yang, after a few seconds organizing and analyzing the information, Liu Yang got a vague idea about it. Liu Yang also understood that this wall was something that Zac picked up somewhere in the Nine Worlds and put it into the chest without knowing what it was.

"Rascal, did you get that text?" The person who asked was Aisha, she noticed that Liu Yang asked his question about Sun Wukong after he had read the text.

"Yes, I was able to read the text. Little girl, you're in luck today. "Liu Yang's words shocked the women, for they never imagined he could read an unfamiliar language. But they did not ask how Liu Yang could read the text, because if he did not want to talk, they would not press him.

"Rascal, why am I lucky?" Little Silver stopped calling Liu Yang of uncle and started calling him a rascal, for it was as his women called him.

"Let's say that Sun Wukong's inheritance is in this text." Liu Yang's words shocked women again, they never thought there would be an inheritance there, and it was the inheritance of one of the most powerful warriors that ever existed in Nine Worlds in ancient times.

"But how will I get this inheritance? I cannot read this text. "Little Silver looked discouraged, for there was a great treasure before her, but she could not take advantage of it.

"In that case, I will help you." Liu Yang appeared behind Little Silver and hugged her thin waist with one arm, and with the other arm, he held her hand and made a small cut, a line of blood began to leave.

In empty space for writing, Liu Yang wrote the following words in Chinese: Heaven's Equal.

The women were not surprised to see Liu Yang writing those words, even if they did not understand the meaning, they knew that Liu Yang could write that language.

Seconds after Liu Yang finished writing the words, a majestic and wild aura began to cover the world. The letters that were written on the wall began to glow with an extremely strong light, cracks began to appear on the wall before it exploded.

The letters of blood were gradually breaking out of the wall and gathering in a small whirlpool. As time passed, more words entered the whirlpool and more powerful became.

Some minutes later…

The whirlwind glowed strongly before disappearing, what appeared in the place was a gold parchment.

Looking at the information on the parchment, Liu Yang smiled, he took the parchment and handed it to Little Silver.

"Little girl, take it, even if you already have a rare class, the class on this parchment is something you will never meet again. Enjoy this chance"

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