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Chapter 280: Xie Chao Yu

Edited by RED

The managing elder's behavior had completely changed. He bowed hand over fist and watched Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked indifferent, but on the inside, he sighed. Sword Mountain was like any other influential group. They didn't care about people, they cared about strength, same as the other five Groups.

The managing elder was ready to sacrifice members of Sword Mountain because of strength.

"Managing elder, Lu Yi humiliated my wife, so I killed him. It has nothing to do with Meng Jin. He just let me in, and I'm thankful.

"You were not thinking of punishing him because he let me in, right? Or do you mean that Sword Mountain doesn't welcome me?"

The managing elder smiled wryly and shook his head.

"Release Meng Jin. Let him go," ordered the managing elder.

The guards quickly released him. They felt oppressed by Lin Feng's demon energies, and wanted to run away.

In the blink of an eye, the dozen guards disappeared. The managing elder pulled a long face, but what could he do?

Even though the managing elder remained vigilant, he was still wondering whether Lin Feng was really Lin Feng, the one who had killed Feng Yi Yuan. He wanted to check, but he didn't dare take that risk.

"Brother, and Brother Lin Feng, thank you," said Meng Jin, running over to Meng Ke. He bowed hand over fist before Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shook his head and smiled, "Work hard to become strong. You saw it, if you're not strong, you can't do anything. Imagine if you were like Lu Li, a chief disciple. These people wouldn't dare offend you."

Lin Feng glanced at the managing elder mockingly while he spoke. The managing elder looked glum, but didn't dare get angry. He just clenched his fists.

Meng Ke knew what Lin Feng meant, he nodded agreement. He knew that strength was extremely important!

"Brother Lin Feng, don't worry. I will work very hard. Thank you," Meng Ke smiled.

Lin Feng didn't say much. He just smiled at the managing elder and said, "Master, if Lu Li learns about this, tell him to come and find me. If he kills me, at least, he will have avenged his brother's death. If I kill him, don't try and find excuses to cause anyone trouble. After all, if he wants to kill me, protecting myself is my right, it's quite normal. Hehe!"

The managing elder's face distorted. Lin Feng was being cruel. He was clearly telling him that if he killed Lu Li, then nobody could cause trouble for him?

Even if Lin Feng hadn't killed Feng Yi Yuan, he would have still had a shocking first impression.

"Let's go back," Lin Feng said to Meng Jin and Meng Ke.

The two brothers nodded, and Tian Chi followed. He didn't want to stay there, of course, as he didn't feel at ease among these despicable people.

Tian Chi could also see that Lin Feng was disappointed in Sword Mountain. They might stay for a short time, but not longer.

The managing elder watched Lin Feng leave. He hadn't made a secret of his presence. He had even killed Lu Yi, infuriating the elder. The other elder shook his head.

"Report! Managing elder, Brother Xie Chao Yu is done meditating. He's coming to the hall!" announced a disciple suddenly, looking both nervous and delighted. He knelt down.

The managing elder's expression changed drastically. He looked nervous as he shouted at Lin Feng, "Little friend Lin Feng! Don't go!"

"Oh? What do you want, Master?" asked Lin Feng turning around and smiling icily. Meng Jin and Meng Ke looked grim, knowing what was going on. They understood.

"Elder, Brother Lin Feng is tired, he had a long trip. He's tired. Stop pestering him."

"Brother Lin Feng, we have to go," said Meng Ke reasonably, while pulling on Lin Feng's sleeves.

"Master, my son is coming to see you."

Almost at the same time, Meng Ke saw a man in white clothes come into the hall. Luckily, he was standing between him and Lin Feng.

The man had a light blue talisman on his buckle, a symbol of his rank. His hair was tied in a bun. He looked proud and rather sinister.

"Haha, Chao Yu, you finally came out. I want to introduce you to someone," said the managing elder. His eyes gleamed as he smiled ferociously.

He looked at Lin Feng. Everybody understood what the elder was thinking.

Xie Chao Yu could sense a powerful Qi in the hall, and was wondering who it came from.

The managing elder and the others all looked at Lin Feng, so Xie Chao Yu turned around and did the same.

"Who's that?" asked Xie Chao Yu. He didn't know who Lin Feng was, and had never heard of him. He didn't know Lin Feng had become famous before arriving in town, either.

"Haha, Chao Yu, he recently became famous. His name is Lin Feng. Even though he has just arrived here, he's already 25th on the Gods' List. Haha!" announced the managing elder, smiling mockingly when he mentioned the Gods' List.

Chao Yu suddenly looked grim.

Lin Feng noticed Chao Yu's change, it wasn't difficult to guess the man was also on the Gods' List and he was probably ranked as well as Lin Feng.

As expected, Chao Yu smiled icily and stretched out his hand, "Hehe, Brother Lin Feng, 25th, eh? I see… You defeated Feng Yi Yuan?"

He smiled darkly with his left hand stretched out.

Lin Feng smiled blandly and stretched out his hand as well.

"Brother Lin Feng, you…" Meng Ke wanted to prevent Lin Feng from shaking hands with him. But Lin Feng just pushed him away and shook hands with Chao Yu.

Suddenly, the atmosphere became very oppressive as Guo Chao Yu released his energies. It was like a dozen dragons were attacking. Even the managing elder stepped back.

{Translator's note: the author made a mistake, he calls Chao Yu "Xie Chao Yu" or "Guo Chao Yu"}

However, Lin Feng continued smiling easily, releasing brightness strength through his hand. Guo Chao Yu's hand suddenly felt extremely sore. His expression changed quickly as he stepped back.

Everybody was astonished, including the managing elder.

"Alright, nice handshake! No wonder you defeated Feng Yi Yuan. You're extraordinary," said Guo Chao Yu, looking normal again. He even smiled easily.

Lin Feng frowned and smiled jokingly, "I didn't defeat Feng Yi Yuan."

"So… how did you become 25th on the Gods' List…?"

"I killed him!" replied Lin Feng firmly. Xie Chao Yu was astonished, and suddenly looked much more serious.

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