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Chapter 228: What the Continent of the Gods Really Is!

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"The Continent of the Gods is a place where real gods live. Of course, there are ordinary people too, but they are all former gods' offspring, and because they were too ordinary, they were left aside."

"I see." replied Lin Feng. He remembered the Gods Village. All those people were gods' offspring and because they were too ordinary, they had ended up living ordinary lives.

However, those ordinary people also included people who hadn't become gods, such as Peerless Holy Kings, Holy Great Emperors…

"Little boy, the Continent of the Gods is divided into five parts: east, south, west, north and center.

"We are in the eastern part right now, it's also the weakest part. The most powerful part is the central part.

"In the central part, there are many geniuses and many sects, such as the Dragon Sect, the Unicorn Sect, the Jeweled Celestial Sect, the Gods Clan, and the Sealing Clan. All those people are first-class cultivators. The Demon Region is a second-class area only."

"I see. So there must be legendary cultivators there, right?" said Lin Feng, interested now.

Yan Di looked at Lin Feng admiringly and replied, "Not bad, little boy, you know about legendary cultivators?"

"Hehe. I just heard the Evil Soul Sect's Great Elder talk about them. The Ancestor of the Snow Region was a cultivator of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, one more step and she could have become a legendary cultivator, but she sealed the Evil Soul Sect, which is why the Evil Soul Sect wants to kill Meng Qing."

"I see. I didn't know that, but, little boy, do you what know what the legendary cultivation level refers to? Don't you want to know where the Evil Soul Sect comes from?" said Yan Di, stroking his beard. He tried to look mysterious and make Lin Feng more curious.

Damn, won't he go straight to the point, I'd kill that bastard if I could!, thought Lin Feng,  knowing it was just a joke.

"If you want to tell me, go ahead. Otherwise, I don't mind," said Lin Feng, pretending not to be interested.

Yan Di sneered and smiled, "Ah, I see. Then I'm going to sleep. Hehe!" Yan Di stood up and looked at Lin Feng teasingly before turning around.

"Alright, you win," sighed Lin Feng.

Yan Di continued smiling patronizing, trying to look mysterious, before speaking again. "Becoming a legendary cultivator isn't that complicated. There are legendary cultivators in the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, for example."

"What? Really?"

Lin Feng was speechless, his mouth wide open in disbelief. The Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty had legendary cultivators?

"You think I lie?! The Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty is in the central part of the Continent of the Gods. Of course, we're not a peerless influential group, but we are a first-class group. Therefore, it's not surprising that we have legendary cultivators," said Yan Di calmly. He had been in the Continent of the Gods for decades already, after all. He had seen more things than Lin Feng had here.

"Old buddy, what does the legendary cultivation level really refer to?" asked Lin Feng.

"I can't tell you. When you break through to the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, you will understand," said Yan Di.

Lin Feng was irked. "Shit! Fuck your uncle!" swore Lin Feng furiously.

Yan Di smiled thinly. "My uncle is a cultivator of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Good luck!"

"I…" Lin Feng was speechless at the retort, and clenched his fists.

When Yan Di saw how furious Lin Feng was, he remembered back when Lin Feng bullied him; now he could get his revenge! It made him laugh.

Back in the days, Lin Feng had bullied him a lot, Lin Feng was going to pay!

"Lin Feng, I can tell you where the Evil Soul Sect is, though."

"Tell me," said Lin Fen, cooling down instantly. Yan Di smiled.

"The Evil Soul Sect is situated in the eastern part of the continent, or the Eastern Continent, where we are now. They're a first-class group, stronger the Dark Palace, and in a world above the Demon Region," said Yan Di.

"Above the territory of the Demon Region?" Lin Feng repeated.

Yan Di smiled mockingly. Lin Feng really knew nothing!

"Little boy, why are you surprised? The Dark Palace is in the central part of the Dark Region. Do you know what sects are in the Supranatural Region?" asked Yan Di.

"Yes, I know Patriarch Zi Jian, the patriarch of the Sword Sect, well, or Uncle Zi Jian, as he wants me to call him. He told me to come to the Sword Sect. I forgot. I should go some time," said Lin Feng, suddenly remembering the patriarch. Patriarch Zi Jian had helped him a lot, and he even had their Elder's talisman. He should visit before the beginning of the Top-Class Great Competition…

"Sword Sect? Isn't it Jian Mang's sect?" asked Yan Di, smiling pointedly.

"Jian Mang? As expected, he's Uncle Zi Jian's disciple." muttered Lin Feng suddenly.

"Indeed. I've seen Zi Jian once, I gave him some pieces of advice regarding cultivation. His three disciples are Jian Ya, Jian Mang, and Jian Long.

"Jian Mang went to the Continent of the Nine Clouds by a lucky coincidence, that's how you met him. Now he's back in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

"I had a bad premonition by the way. These days, more and more people are coming back from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, which means more and more people from the Continent of the Gods will discover that sealed world," said Yan Di. Lin Feng looked appropriately worried.

"Don't worry about it for now. I've been paying attention to the passages between the Continent of the Nine Clouds and the Continent of the Gods. If anything happens, I will tell you quickly."

"Thank you, buddy," said Lin Feng, nodding and cupping his fist.

"What the hell are you doing? I'm from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, too! I am now in the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, but I am from the Celestial Holy Clan," said Yan Di. Lin Feng looked embarrassed.

"Alright, anyway, let's go and see how much Meng Qing has progressed," said Yan Di, changing the topic. Lin Feng nodded and they left the top of the snowy mountain.

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