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Chapter 204: Meeting with Feng Mo Again!

Edited by RED

When Lin Feng saw that the old man and You You were not talking, he looked extremely worried and anxious.

"Darling, Meng Qing…" Tang You You looked hesitant. She didn't know how to put it.

"Little boy, Meng Qing went to the Xue Yu Region," interrupted MarDeva, when he saw You You couldn't tell Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was astonished. Meng Qing was in the Snow Region?

"Why would Meng Qing go to the Snow Region? Did she go alone?" he asked Lin Feng, worried.

"Indeed, she went there alone. When she arrived in the Demon Region with You You, someone from the Snow Region came here as a guest and as Meng Qing is Xue Ling Long, when the members of the Snow Region realized that, they said they needed someone like her and that they could help her become extremely strong very quickly."

"Lin Feng, you also know that Meng Qing is Xue Ling Long, she has a Queen body. You also know that in the Snow Clan, there aren't only snow kings and queens, there are also Snow Gods.

"Therefore, Meng Qing agreed to go to the Snow Region with our friend. She wants to cultivate very hard and become extremely strong, because she's sick of being a burden to you. She wants to be able to help you.

"Therefore, you better not release your anger here. You can only blame yourself. Your wives are doing their best for you, to become stronger," said the old man, sounding quite strict and firm. Lin Feng lowered his head.

"Meng Qing, why did you do that?" whispered Lin Feng, smiling wryly. He had the impression his wives did too much for him, and that he wasn't strong enough to protect them. It was nothing new. He had felt that way for a very long time already, and it made him feel extremely guilty.

"Darling, Meng Qing was right. We must respect her choice," Tang You You said gently after she saw Lin Feng looking both sad and angry, and hugged him tightly.

Lin Feng looked at You You and nodded. Indeed, Meng Qing was right. If she wanted to become stronger, she was free to try. Meng Qing had lost so much because of him…

"You You, I'm sorry. A moment ago, I..," said Lin Feng. He felt guilty and didn't dare raise his head to look at her in the eyes. However, You You smiled and put her finger on his lips. "I love you the way you are. It proves you love us. Hehe!"

"Good little girl!" sighed the old man. He wished he had women like them. He couldn't compete with Lin Feng in terms of women.

"Teacher!" shouted Tang You You, blushing in embarrassment.

MarDeva burst into laughter, delighted.

"Lin Feng, my little disciple is You You, you want to see my big one?" asked MarDev,a standing in the center of the hall.

Lin Feng's expression changed. He glanced at Tang You You and said, "I don't know who his big disciple is. When I arrived, he forced me to meditate in seclusion. That's how I improved so quickly."

"I see," said Lin Feng nodding.

"Lin Feng, I told you I didn't save you for you, right?" said MarDeva.

Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, the old man had told him that he hadn't saved Lin Feng because of his talent or anything. He didn't even know of Lin Feng's existence before.

"Lin Feng, I saved you because of You You, that's one reason, and the most important reason is my big disciple. He asked me to save you."

"Who's that?" asked Lin Feng, trying to guess. Maybe that it was someone from the Continent of the Nine Clouds?

It had to be someone from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, because he didn't know anyone in the Demon Region…

"I'll break the seal which restricts your cultivation level. Come with me. You'll know," said MarDeva, not replying to Lin Feng's question. He first had Lin Feng regain his cultivation level. Tang You You was startled when she saw his true level.

"Hmph! Surprisingly, you're a Holy Spirit Emperor! I was so happy at first, I thought we had the same level and that I could finally compete with you," said Tang You You, but it made her feel even more determined to catch up with him. She had to meditate in seclusion more, MarDeva had told her she'd become a Holy Spirit Emperor if she did.

When MarDeva saw how stubborn Tang You You looked, he smiled happily.

His disciples were good. The most important thing was that she had potential, and that she worked hard. He had recruited her mainly because of that.

"Lin Feng, come with me. You You, stay here," said MarDeva, walking away. Lin Feng followed the crooked old man and they left the hall.

They crossed into the very center of the city and arrived in a mountain valley.

MarDeva had his hands clasped behind his back. In the valley, the demon Qi was thick and dense. The demon Qi in the valley seemed very familiar to Lin Feng.

"Lin Feng, my big disciple has been waiting for you for a long time. Let's head down," said MarDeva, pointing at the bottom of the valley beneath the clouds of demon Qi.

Lin Feng didn't waste time. He flew quickly, wanting to see who that person was.

Lin Feng disappeared under the clouds. The old man smiled indifferently and sighed, "These people from the Continent of the Nine Clouds are not simple."

"Dark Palace's Leader, I know what you're planning, but all I can do is make Lin Feng, this little boy, become stronger using methods you don't know…"


Lin Feng was already in the valley. He raised his eyes and looked at the black clouds of Qi, and laughed.

"Brother Feng Mo, long time no see. Why are you hiding?" shouted Lin Feng. His voice echoed everywhere in the valley for a few seconds.

"Lin Feng, let's fight!"

Suddenly, demon Qi emerged in front of Lin Feng. A mighty demon fist moved towards him quickly and mercilessly.

"Ha! I'm not scared of you! HYA!" shouted back Lin Feng. He wasn't angry, he was happy. He also threw out his fist releasing as much brightness strength as he could.


The two fists collided violently. Feng Mo and Lin Feng were both smashed back, and the space around them exploded. All the stones around the point of collision also exploded into millions of pieces. The scariest part was that the clouds of demon Qi in the valley also dispersed, and people could now see the valley clearly.

Of course, outside of the valley, there was only MarDeva. He burst into laughter when he saw the clouds of Qi disperse. "These two are pretty funny…"

"Ahhh… Brother Feng Mo, you're quite strong," coughed Lin Feng after sliding back of a few hundred meters. He put his hand on his chest and wheezed. He was bleeding, too. However, he was happy and excited.

Feng Mo also stood up, holding his arm. His face had paled. They had just exchanged their most powerful punches, and neither of them had won.

"Lin Feng, I didn't think you would be a Holy Spirit Emperor."

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