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Chapter 202: Meeting

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Lin Feng approached the center of the city center, it was a fortified city center. There were walls and guards all around.

Lin Feng saw the guard. The Demon Region's guards were different from guards in other places. The guards there weren't young disciples. They were old man with white hair, and extremely strong.

Lin Feng looked at the five guards. Some were Peerless Holy Emperors, and some were at the top of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer, so they would soon become Peerless Holy Emperors. Lin Feng was surprised when he saw that.

The old men looked at him when he arrived. The five old men flashed and landed in front of him.

"Greetings, Masters. I am here to see Master MarDeva," said Lin Feng, cupping his fist.

The old men were surprised. The old men studied him, and the leader of the guards asked, "Are you a Holy Spirit Emperor?"

"Indeed, I am a Holy Spirit Emperor," said Lin Feng nodding and smiling indifferently.

"Pfew… you're so young and already a Holy Spirit Emperor. Impressive and rare," sighed the old man.

"Brothers, let him pass," said an old man in blue clothes to the head of the guards. He looked cold and proud.

Lin Feng wasn't surprised that those old men weren't surprised when they saw Holy Spirit Emperors. They probably saw Holy Spirit Emperors every day, only people who were Holy Spirit Emperors, or who had the suitable talisman or who worked in the city center, could go in.

They were surprised by his age, though.

"Oh, we're letting you pass, but could you tell us your name so that we can report to the Great Elder," said the old man, nodding when he heard the other old man. He needed to know who Lin Feng was to let him pass.

"My name is Lin Feng," replied Lin Feng to the old men.

"What? You're Lin Feng?"

"Haha! Finally, you're here!"

"Hehe, little boy, call us uncles!"

Lin Feng was startled that these old men knew his name. They even looked happy to see him.

Especially the one who looked cold and proud. He was the one who looked the most excited and told Lin Feng to call them uncles.

Could it be that…

"Are you Master Bodhidharma's…?" Lin Feng asked hesitantly.

"Indeed. We are Bodhidharma's fellow disciples, so you can call us uncles, since we're your Teacher's fellow disciples!" smiled the old man in blue clothes. The other old men nodded.

Lin Feng was speechless. He replied, "Masters, I didn't become Master Bodhidharma's disciple. That's why I call him Master, so I shouldn't really call you uncles."

"Oh come on, it doesn't matter. You're his chief disciple, so we are like uncles to you. Hurry up and go inside now. Our ancestor and the others are waiting for you."

"Lin Feng, go in. Ancestor MarDeva knows you're here and he prepared some things for you, he also called your two beautiful wives," said the leader of the group, smiling broadly before pointing at the inner city.

Lin Feng cupped his fist and disappeared from their field of vision.

They watched Lin Feng disappear and shook their heads.

"That's incredible. We were informed he had left half a month ago and he's already a Holy Spirit Emperor."

"I know, right? He's a monster. Bodhidharma found a little treasure there."

"Unfortunately, Bodhidharma… can't come back to the Demon Region, and can't take part in the fun."

"Shhhh… Lin Feng can't hear that. Bodhidharma was expelled because he lost his mind, but Lin Feng can't learn about that. It wouldn't be good for Bodhidharma if Lin Feng knew."

"Come on, do you think Lin Feng can defy Heaven?"

"Don't underestimate Lin Feng. Give him some time. We can't offend the teacher, either. It's Brother Bodhidharma's idea anyway. He doesn't hate our teacher, so he doesn't hope tensions will arise between Lin Feng and our teacher."


Lin Feng arrived in the city center while the old men were chatting. Lin Feng knew nothing of their conversation.

Lin Feng rose up in the air and looked at the buildings. The city was filled with demon energies. Some buildings stood out in particular. There were black palaces surrounded by a pitch-black energy, and a lofty tower surrounded by demon Qi.

Lin Feng felt excellent here. The brightness strength in his body came to a boil. His brightness strength was a mixture of all sorts of energies, including demon corpse Qi, demon strength, elf bestial Qi, pure Qi, and forbidden strength. The fusion of those five energies was an incredible mixture.

Where's MarDeva's palace?, wondered Lin Feng, glancing around.

"Lin Feng, you're here!"

Lin Feng suddenly heard a deep, ice-cold voice from dozens of li in the distance, yet carried clearly.

Lin Feng flew in the direction the voice came from. He noticed a pavilion, released speed strength, and accelerated.

As expected, the boundless demon Qi there blotted out the sky. Lin Feng's brightness strength started boiling in anticipation.

Lin Feng entered the pavilion. It was very simple, much simpler than the other buildings in town. However, the demon Qi was much thicker here.

Lin Feng entered the pavilion and arrived in a big hall. The walls were grey, and demon Qi was emerging from them. Lin Feng had the impression he was in a different space.

The air was extremely good there, he loved demon Qi. He had never felt like this before.

"Lin Feng, it took you less than a month to become a Holy Spirit Emperor. You're really talented, not bad!" said MarDeva.

This time, Lin Feng saw MarDeva clearly.

The old man suddenly appeared in front of him, wearing a simple black robe. He had pitch-black hair, with an amiable expression on his face.

If Lin Feng didn't know that old man was MarDeva, he would have thought he was an ordinary old man. He was even a little crooked.

"Master, thank you for saving my life," said Lin Feng, immediately cupping his fist, and then kowtowed. It was the second time Lin Feng kowtowed in front of someone in his entire life. The first time was in front of Emperor Yu.

Lin Feng knew that if the old man hadn't occupied his body, Ling Tu Zi would have killed him. Lin Feng was still alive thanks to this old man.

"Don't be so polite. I didn't do that for you."

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