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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:17:20 AM
Chapter 98

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After a while, the dealer put down the box and shouted, "Buy big, buy small?"

At the scene of the gamblers have bet, Xiao Luo didn't even think about it, he immediately threw all the hundreds of chips in the big side .

Hiss ~

Sun Jiannan breath in a gasp, she only feel his legs go soft, he almost fell to the ground, this is hundreds of ah, unexpectedly was all thrown out at once, one thousand is small, but hundreds of them is not and it's now gone .

My god, where did this little brother get his confidence?

He looked at a pair of calm eyes of Xiao Luo in horror, he broke into cold sweat .

Sun Yu was too nervous to look, she turned her head, and just clinged to hold Xiao Luo's shirt, she don't feel like Xiao Luo was the one gambling, it's more like she was the one gambling, when Xiao Luo threw out all his hundreds of chips, her face instantly lost color .

"Three, four, five, big!"

The banker's loud voice rang out and removed the box . The bottom three dice showed three, four, five .

Xiao Luo suddenly gained 200,000 yuan, with twice as many chips in his hand as before .

"This . . . this will do!"

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Sun Jiannan opened his eyes wide, inside his mind is full of incredible color .

Sun Yu also looked at Xiao Luo in surprise: "Xiao Luo elder brother, are you right?"

"Hmm . "

Xiao Luo nodded without giving a deep explanation .

On the second floor, manager Geng, who had been staring at the situation on Xiao Luo's side, frowned deeply and muttered to himself: "This boy's luck is good . The first full bet was returned to his mother's bet, and 100,000 yuan was directly converted into 200,000 yuan . "

A man next to him said, "It must be luck . If he dares to bet like this again, he will be fully compensated . "

Manager Geng nodded noncommittally, the god of luck will never always care for a person .

At the beginning of the second round, Xiao Luo closed his eyes again and listened intently to the movement of the dice . because he won the most money in the first round, the banker paid attention to him . Seeing him close his eyes, he looked like a master and could not help but snort lightly: "What are you pretending of, to be a gambler?"

Xiao Luo took it for granted that the banker was air, and just smiled, and he put all 200,000 chips out again, but this time, the bet was still big .

Behind him Sun Jiannan and Sun Yu's heart pumped hard, they can't keep themselves calm . Such gambling method, it is nerve-racking, they can't help but worry and be nervous . Bet right, and your chips can double, but bet wrong once, then your broke .

The banker took away the box and announced with reluctance: "Four, five, six, big!"

The staff gave Xiao Luo 400,000 chips .

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"He bet right again!"

Sun Jiannan swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty . The 100,000 became 400,000, and it hasn't even five minutes .

Sun Yu was stunned, with her pair of peach blossom eyes all looking at Xiao Luo, she suddenly felt this man is so mysterious .

Manager Geng and his party on the second floor slightly changed in complexion . He both won the bet in a row, which forced him to marvel at Xiao Luo's luck .

When Xiao Luo threw out all 400,000 chips and bet big, and the result was that he won the bet, manager Geng was not calm anymore, and the gamblers and bankers under him were also not calm .

Three, three in a row, this f*cking luck is too good!

"Damn, what's that roll maker doing!" Manager Geng was a little angry .

Under, seeing Xiao Luo's luck so strong, the gamblers are no longer busy betting, they first look at what Xiao Luo bet on .

The banker who rolled the dice really didn't believe this evil and did all he could to shake the three dice violently in the box .

"Buy big or small?" After shaking, he almost roared aloud .

Xiao Luo didn't even consider and directly threw all eight hundred thousand chips on big .

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Many gamblers followed him, but some felt that three times were too big, and this time they should buy small . After hesitating for a moment, they pressed their chips on small .

Xiao Luo calmly said to the banker, "Open up!"

Seeing that he was so calm and still in full charge, the banker's palms were sweating .

This time, if he were to make a bigger offer, he would lose his job even if he was not qualified to mix here . But he finally snapped his teeth, removed the box and looked intently . Then his whole person had his soul being pulled away from his body in an instant as he staggered violently . If it weren't for his hands holding the gambling table, he would surely have collapsed to the ground .

Because this time it is "3, 5, 6", still big!

Sun Yu from the beginning of nervousness and worry, now turned to shock, completely can't believe this know that in less than three hours of being together with a man, in her heart, the image of Xiao Luo suddenly became very tall and gigantic, looking at XiaoLuo's side face, she began to have delusions .

As fir her uncle Sun Jiannan, he felt like he was dreaming . From the initial 100,000 yuan to the current 1 . 6 million yuan, Xiao Luo created a casino miracle in 10 minutes .

"What a ghost! It was four consecutive sets!" The gambler who lost the bet complained .

The gamblers who won the money with Xiao Luo were all smiles . Several people also said to Xiao Luo, "Brother, we are all betting with you, hey hey . . . "

At this moment, the roll shaker said he was not feeling well and left . He changed to another one . As soon as he sat down, the new roll shaker looked at Xiao Luo and said, "Brother, ain't your luck good?"

"Ordinary!" Xiao Luo's light response .

"Four matches in a row, that's not bad luck at all . "

The new roll shaker changed three dice in a secret way while talking .

Others didn't find out, but this means can't hide from Xiao Luo's eyes . He finally know why gamblers in casinos will lose nine times out of ten . And wanting to win money from the casino is undoubtedly insane .

The new roll shaker began to shake . Xiao Luo closed his eyes and listened carefully . His ears heard slightly that one of the dice in the roll was still rolling . This showed that the dice had been tampered with and could change the result at will according to the banker's meaning .

"Brother, do you want to bet big or small this time?"

Next to the gamblers seeing Xiao Luo has not bet yet, their minds were very anxious .

"Xiao Luo, if you're not sure, we won't bet on this one . " Sun Yu said with concern .

"Hmm . "

Xiao Luo nodded, there is really no need to bet, no matter how, the banker can temporarily change the result and he will just lose .

He gave up the bet . The new roll wager thought that Xiao Luo shouldn't have some skills . He must have heard something from others and could not help but say: "Dude, I saw you were a manning all the way just now . You bet all without thinking about it . Now what's the matter, was that all show?"

"Show? Then, do you have any credit in your heart?" Xiao Luo smiled, his eyes sharp .

This is a very deep question . The roll shaker's face suddenly changed and he thought to himself: Was it because he found himself cheating?

Xiao Luo didn't talk anymore .

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