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Chapter 9

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Rushing in the front, the fastest man among the group, had now almost collided with Xiao Luo . His eyes became sharp, but even before his machetes can chop down, he found that his body crash into something heavy . Xiao Luo’s speed was so fast that he made a miscalculation, eyes can be deceiving sometimes especially in first person view .

“Ah ~”

Screaming, his body had fractures all over, when he was hit by Xiao Luo him being a relatively strong guy was still unable to retaliate at all . Banging on the ground, he dragged out for four or five meters more on the ground, tracing his crash on the soil, before he stopped . This process knocked down and tripped over several men .

Xiao Luo with a mocking smile on his face, eyes glinted cold light, he performed a right hand reverse grip . He caught a man and kicked his left leg, and then gave his knees a hard knock, “crack . ” After that blunt sound, the man’s left leg immediately bent back in a “V” shape, at the same time there was a scream coming from the man’s mouth .

Then, with a push, his body which has lost its fighting capacity was thrown into the following crowd .

At once, several people were caught off guard and tumbled .

Two sharp machetes took advantage to the attack Xiao Luo’s back . Xiao Luo instinctively turned, his hands curled into fists and blasted off punches of his own .

“Peng ~”

Two people were clutching their dislocated wrist . Their body lost its center of gravity in their attempt in rapid retreat, painful tears flew accompanied by miserable cries .

Xiao Luo is like a tiger, like a cheetah, unstoppable!

His momentum is unstoppable . In the first place, this group of burly fellows are the one who provoked him, thinking he was weak . If he was not strong, however, the situation would certainly be reversed thus there is no point in showing mercy . His ferocity made them tremble with fear . Xiao Luo did not hesitate and rushed at the scene, like a rolling evil spirit with a sharp murderous look, he made fierce impact .

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A series of violent and stormy bombardments brought forth blood and shrill screams .

The baldheaded man at the moment who was still half-angry, his eyes are now full of fear . His body is shaking uncontrollably . Bean-sized sweat kept rolling down from his forehead . He never thought that the other party would be so fierce, this is certainly not a person, this is clearly a monster!

In a blink of an eye, he nullified more than a dozen more people . At the distance, the middle-aged man is now having a difficult time trying to keep his calm . His eyes and mouth are now wide open, he is completely in a stunned state .

His two bodyguards also paled in horror, you know, they are veterans of the special forces . They are akin to tempered iron and are like machines trained by the states . Having good skills is hard to beat but it is possible, but now they can’t even see how Xiao Luo is moving so how can they think of a measure .

“Peng ~”

In the undisguised shock of the two bodyguards, Xiao Luo kicked another man seven or eight meters away and then grabbed the machete that fell in mid-air .

With a knife in hand, his bleak murderous aura looked diffuse and open . He rushed into the crowd and lifted the knife and cut, a line of vertical and horizontal machetes appeared like a tornado whistling, wreaking havoc on the enemy near .

One big fellow after another fell in a pool of blood, no one could have ever thought that the originally prey lamb would suddenly become a bloodthirsty beast, revealing its ferocious fangs .

The man with a full face was scared out of his wits and ran to some unknown place .

When the last big fellow fell in a pool of blood as he cried miserably, Xiao Luo turned around and looked coldly at the bald man . His machete pointing to the ground, red blood is falling to the ground, drop by drop along the tip .

The bald man’s body was stiff and fear was clearly visible on his face . When he saw Xiao Luo coming towards him step by step, he immediately turned pale with fear: “What are you … what are you doing? We … We are dragon gang … “

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“What is the Dragon Gang?”

Xiao Luo lightly hummed, in the next second, he rushed like a black flurry heading towards the baldheaded man . He was like a horse running, his machetes then drew a shiny fierce trajectory in the air, with unstoppable force .

The baldheaded man’s pupil shrunk . He could only feel his scalp being pricked by pins and needles . The shiny machete in his eyes became more and more clear, he seems to see death wave to himself .

“Bang ~”

As Xiao Luo’s machete fell toward the bald man’s head, a shrill gunshot exploded like a thunderbolt, shaking everyone’s mind fiercely .

“Stop!” A woman’s fierce cry came .

“Om ~”

Xiao Luo’s machete stopped at a flash, like a sickle of death hanging over the bald man’s head .

Looking at this homicidal machete, the bald man looked pale and his eyes were wide open . A foul and pungent smell rose from his crotch, he lost himself as he defecated and urinated unknowingly . Then he fainted .

Xiao Luo twisted his head and took a look . Five or six police cars stuck on both sides of the street, two lights were flashing above the explosion-proof car inside the police blockade . There were more than 20 fully equipped riot police, examining their mighty appearance, they held a shield plus there were armed Interpols present too, holding pistols, their muzzles all aimed at him .

“You have five seconds to put the knife down!”

A policewoman put down her gun and took a megaphone from a police officer nearby . She counted the seconds to Xiao Luo’s expressionless propaganda, “Five, Four, Three …”

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Fresh and beautiful appearance, with a spirited figure, neat short hair, bun on the ear, and elegant eyes as pure as water . Her black police uniform is not enough to cover up her lithe and graceful figure .

Xiao Luo remembers very clearly, this policewoman is the same woman he once met in the police station during the day .

Although his personal strength has become stronger, he did not needlessly oppose the police . When the policewoman counted to “2”, he threw his machete to the ground .

Immediately two special police rushed up . One took the left and one on the right to control Xiao Luo .

Looking at the people groaning in pain all over the ground, Gu Qianlin’s eyebrows tightened . She detested evil and felt hatred towards it . “Crowds of people holding knives in the streets are dangerous, ignoring national laws and the safety of people’s lives, causing extremely bad influence on society . What a bunch of bastards, bring them all back to me! ! !”

“Yes, Ma’am!” A police officer responded .

Xiao Luo doesn’t want to explain anything at the moment, because he knows that they won’t listen to any of his words . His answer will only be meaningful, only if he is brought back to the bureau and interrogated by them . Speaking here would be nonesense .

The middle-aged man in a suit and tie got up only after Xiao Luo and the bald man were taken away by the police .

“Check the information about the young man and arrange a lawyer . I want the young man . ”

“Yes, boss!” The bodyguards respectfully replied .

The next day, in the police interrogation room …


“Xiao Luo . ”


“Twenty-six . ”

“Why did you stab people with a knife in public?”


Xiao Luo was handcuffed, sitting on the interrogation chair . Gu QianLin asked him to answer .


Gu Qianlin cold hummed, she threw the hospital report on the table, “twenty minor injuries, eight serious injuries, now all lying in the hospital’s intensive care beds, now you tell me if this is justifiable defense?”

“Officer, there is a Skynet monitoring system that your police are monitoring on that street . Bring it up and see if what I said is true . ” Xiao Luo said indifferently .

“I don’t need you to teach me what to do, but I regret to tell you that there is no surveillance camera at the place where you hurt those people with your knife . ” Gu QianLin’s hands grabbed the interrogation table desktop, staring straight at Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows: “There is always a witness even without monitoring . The stall owner can prove that I was forced to defend myself . ”

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