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Chapter 8

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“Peng ~”

The bald man slapped the table in front of Xiao Luo fiercely, with a pair of eyes staring at Xiao Luo maliciously: “Boy, just because of your meddling, this boss’s 20 money-making cows have all been confiscated, and five brothers have all gone in to prison . How do you calculate this amount and repay on what was lost?”

His fierce eyes transmitted hatred . The so-called cash cows naturally refers to those children bought by him, he broke their legs and feet and threw them into the street begging .

Because of a little girl who had escaped, their shelter was taken over by police officer Gu Qianlin, also known as the “Flower of Justice” . naturally, the lost of this sum of money has to be counted on Xiao Luo, who saved the little girl in the first place .

Xiao Luo raised his head and glanced at the bald man indifferently: “What can I do for you, we will do it, after I finish eating this bowl of noodles, so please go further away for now, because looking at your face, I don’t have any appetite . ”

Finished saying that, he continued eating his noodles .

When this was said, the atmosphere in the whole space was odd .

Dozens of men all froze on the spot, they can’t believe this guy in front of them can still incredibly be so calm facing this situation, does he not mind them at all?

The middle-aged man in a suit and tie in the distance was also shocked . Then he smiled with relief: “He is either humble, calm, and possesses real skills or…” Pointing to his head, “Either he has a problem here . ”

“Boss, for your safety, let’s leave here . ” On the left side of the bodyguard one suggested .

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The middle-aged man motioned with his hand: “No, their target is the young man, and they will not trouble with my old bones . ”

He cheerfully looked at Xiao Luo, who was eating noodles, and suddenly remembered the day when he first came to work in River City . At that time, he was still very young and often came to the street stalls to eat when he was hungry . Once upon a time, he was maliciously opposed by dozens of debt collectors with machetes in hand .

In his heart, there was a sense of resonance, whilst his fingers tapped on the desktop rhythmically: “It would be a pity if I were young, vigorous and creative, and had fallen like this . ” Turning his head, he told the bodyguard on the right, “Leng You, help this young man, depending on the situation . ”

“Yes, boss!” The bodyguard responded respectfully .

At this point, the bald man has returned to his being, immediately he flew into rage .

“Your mother!”

The table in front of Xiao Luo was thrown off, his remaining three fresh noodles were scattered all over the floor, and the bowls were smashed to bits .

The bald man took his foot and stomped on the three fresh noodles on the ground . He trampled them dirty and growled bitterly: “Eat, continue to eat, don’t you want to eat noodles? Come on, get down on your knees and pick this up and swallow all this rotten excrement-like noodles on the ground . Don’t waste the soup, lick it clean, or I’ll cut off your tongue . ” He gave Xiao Luo a big push on the shoulder . “What the hell are you still doing, waiting for someone to come up and help you?”

Xiao Luo looked at his three fresh noodles scattered all over the floor . The expression on his face slowly became cold . He threw away his chopsticks and stood up slowly . His eyes were as sharp as a tiger, like a leopard . He stared coldly at the bald man .

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Hiss ~

At this time, everyone could not help but gasp for air, and their bodies could not help being hit with vicious coldness . They suddenly had an illusion that what they saw stood up was a cruel butcher whose hands were stained with countless blood and not an ordinary man wanting to eat noodles .

The baldheaded man was also slightly startled, just as he was about bark out more words, a big hand quietly, but rapidly-charging at the speed of lightning towards him, five fingers open, like a predatory python opening its maw . It grabbed his neck and lifted him up, the power of the grip squeezed his trachea and esophagus tightly together .

The burning and choking pain welled up in his brain . He couldn’t help but let out a hoarse muffled voice . His hands were beating against this iron arm, trying to make the other side let go . However, no matter how hard he tried, the hand was still, like pincers clamped unto his neck .

“I said it, didn’t I? When I finished eating my bowl of noodles then we can discuss, yet why didn’t you listen?” Xiao Luo’s eyebrows deeply wrinkled up .

Whilst this, the bald man’s dozens of men were all dumbfounded, how would they expect such a scene to happen, Xiao Luo’s strength, really shocked their minds, his one hand is enough to lift their boss, their boss isn’t the boss for nothing after all, is he even a person?

The middle-aged man in the distance opened his mouth slightly and his eyes were filled with surprise .

The two bodyguards beside him were even shocked . It was hard to believe that a guy who looked like someone who can’t even lift a teenage man could lift a big fellow weighing 150 kg with one hand . Even they could not do it .

The man with the full face could not help but panic: “Go, go together, save eldest brother!”

He shouted loudly while he retreated .

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The dozens of people immediately reacted, wielding machetes and poles in their hands, like a tidal wave they pounced on Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo sneered, “You want him back? Here! I’ll give him back to you!”

Like throwing a shot put, the bald man in his hand was thrown out at the surging crowd .

The baldheaded man flew upside down at an extremely fast speed, he was like a bullet, hitting his own men .

Face changing slightly, those who rushed in front, about five or six people busily stretched out their hands to catch their boss . They thought that them together is enough to meet the boss, but even before they could get their arms raised, the bald man’s body already heavily hit them .

“Poof ~”

Mouth spraying blood, the few people like the pins during the collision with the bowling ball, flew, until one by one falling on the ground groaning in pain .

Strong outbreak, too shocking!

Dozens of big fellow, abruptly stopped all their actions, they did not dare to make a move, only their eyes were wide open, they were horrified at Xiao Luo .

Just when they were dull, Xiao Luo’s eyes was filled with cold light, without hesitation he threw out two punches .

“Peng Peng ~”

The two closest big fellows flew like being severely hit by a speeding car, accompanied by their shrill screams . Their bodies were thrown back out of control and knocked down several of their companions in a row before stopping . They tried to climb up, but felt pain in their sternum . There were two men who managed to climb up but after vomiting one mouthful blood, they fainted .

The middle-aged man’s pupils shrunk, his face could hardly hide his shock, he never thought Xiao Luo’s skill would be so domineering, too strong .

His two bodyguards were also stunned . Such skill and strength were too shocking . They looked at each other and saw disbelief in each other’s eyes .

“Motherf*cker, chop his head with your godd*mn knives, kill him!”

The baldheaded man was seriously injured, but he had not fainted, he was clutching the dull pain in his chest, as he hysterically shouted .

He has long heard from the man with a full face that the other side has extraordinary skills, but he did not expect him to be so strong . But, so what? Even a tiger can’t persist to a pack of wolves . No matter how strong he is, they are a large group of people . They have advantage in numbers!

Dozens of big burly men who were veterans at fighting, bravely rushed at Xiao Luo . Their postures were like a group of hyenas chasing a milu deer .

“You want to fight hard, right? Well, today I’ll let you fight as much as you want!”

The corners of Xiao Luo’s mouth flashed a cruel smile, not one bit retreating from this merciless charge, he instead took the initiative to face them head on .

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