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Chapter 75

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Under the guidance of Xiao Luo, everyone in the English major has put their heart into it . Never before have they been so enthusiastic in singing . At the same time, they all adore Xiao Luo and feel that Xiao Luo is really too much .

As the choir competition will be held in a week, Xiao Luo has carried out urgent training for English majors . Apart from classes and meals, that is, singing practice . Everyone feels that these days have been very full, and they have gained simple happiness, as they had deepened the friendship between classmates and cultivated their tacit understanding .


This afternoon, Xiao Luo received a strange phone call from a man who said that he had seen the information about the Swiss Omega Galaxy Watch on the Internet and wanted to buy it from him to send it to his girlfriend . The man also arranged a meeting place on the national highway on the outskirts of the city .

For the meeting place, Xiao Luo is really not buying it, because one there is some distance to there from the city . Taking a taxi would take at least an hour, and the national road is surrounded by dense forests . Thee is also the wild boar ridge .

Choosing to buy and sell in a place like that feels like a shady deal!

However, the man also said, because he is a county and town resident under the city of Jiangcheng, not a city resident, thus the reason for choosing the location was to compromise, instead of just letting one party go directly to the residence of the other to show the sincerity of both parties .

"This is a master of careful calculation . He can save half of the travelling expenses if he meets and trades on the national highway over Boar Ridge . " After hearing this, Xiao-Fei Zhu greatly appreciated the man .

Ding Kai frowned and mused, "Luo Ge's watch is priced at 59,999 . Can he afford this amount, but can he not afford the travelling expenses? Don't be afraid to be a man with bad thoughts . You want to ask Luo Ge to that place and rob him . "

"It's not unreasonable . It's still a possibility from Kai Zi's mind . We can't rule this out . "

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Xiao-Fei Zhu's expression suddenly became solemn . "Brother Luo, let's call him to our school . It's safer . "

Xiao Luo shook his head and took the Swiss watch out of the drawer: "It was very difficult to meet a person who was interested in this watch . Since he invited me to meet there, I will go . If he really has bad thoughts, he also needs to see if he has the ability to snatch the watch from me . "

"That's also true . Luo Ge can fight so well that if he dare to have bad thoughts, he will be killed . " Xiao-fei zhu said .

Ding Kai despised him: "You are a fence-sitter . Which way will the wind fall when it blows?"

"Kai Zi, I am Luoge's believer!" Xiao-fei zhu proudly patted his chest .

Xiao Luo helplessly shook his head .

In the afternoon . . .

Xiao Luo took a taxi and rushed to the appointed meeting place .

An hour and a half later, the driver and a young man of about 30 years old, saw the wild boar ridge with a virgin forest around . The drivers eyes shuddered: "Dude, there is no shop in front of the village and behind it . What are you doing here alone?"

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He has long heard that some people have laid hands on taxi drivers, killed and robbed them and dumped their bodies in the wilderness . Now he has some doubts about whether he has met this type of person . He doesn't even pull the handbrake after parking . As long as he feels something is wrong, he will drive away immediately .

"I came here to meet someone, don't leave first, and take me back again after . " Xiao Luo pushed open the door and went down .

You're just waiting for your partner .

The taxi driver shuddered and felt extremely uneasy .

A little while later, three luxurious black cars came in single file along the national highway in a thunderous wind . then, not far from Xiao Luo, with a fierce tailspin a car pulled up on the national highway . The door opened and a group of men dressed in black suits, awe-inspiring, stepped out of the car, their face showing ugly expressions .


The taxi driver got such a fright that he immediately stepped on the accelerator and ran away in a green taxi . For him, this situation is not right now . If he does not run now, when will he?

Xiao Luo ignored the taxi driver who left him alone and looked straight ahead .

There are 89 people in this group, including a non-mainstream silver-haired young man, who looks like constantly chauffeured . Eight or nine people, walked fan-shaped towards him .

Xiao Luo asked, "Did you call?"

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The silver-haired youth smiled triumphantly, "Yes, I did . "

"Pay the money and I will deliver the good . " Xiao Luo lightly said .

Hearing this, the expressions on their faces became more interesting .

"It seems that you are really a fool . You came here when you were called here . Do you know that my sister wants to kill you now?" The Silver haired youth evilly laughed .

"Your sister?" Xiao Luo's eyes narrowed slightly .

At this time, a girl stepped down from the front car .

With a devil-like hot figure, her big wavy golden curls shone brightly, her slender legs covered with a yellow mini skirt, showing a perfect figure .

"Xiao, long time no see!"

The woman boldly staring at Xiao Luo was Fang Shulan, who had met at the dance party before .

Xiao Luo immediately understood that Fang Shulan must have accidentally browsed the post he posted on the Internet, which happened to lead him to this inaccessible place and bring people to teach him a lesson .

"It's been a long time . Why, did Miss Fang want to send me money again today?"

Fang Shulan's face flashed a trace of anger . Thinking of the humiliation of that day, she hated Xiao Luo till her teeth itch . She scolded: "Son of a b*tch, you still dare to be so arrogant . Today I will take back the humiliation of that day with interest!"

Xiao Luo snorted lightly and scoffed at it . Some people are just like this and do not know how to absorb lessons .

The silver-haired young man smiled grimly and said to Xiao Luo, "I heard that you are very good at fighting . you have knocked over five or six security guards in the Fujiawei family . But I don't know if you can win these bodyguards hired by my family . Awarm reminder is that they are all veterans . They can fight specially . he he . . . "

"If I were you, I wouldn't do it . "

Xiao Luo said lightly, and then a cruel smile was drawn on his lips . "You and I are here . Even if I kill you, the police will not be able to find me . "

At that time, Xiao Luo's eyes have no emotion, his color, bleak, insensitive, and he has a murderous look, if any, it seemed to make such a large space instantly cool to a freezing point .

He is like a pool of dark ink, the breath of darkness, enough to form a huge black hole, devouring all people .

What a murderous look!

The eight men in black suits turned pale . At this moment, they felt suffocated .

Xiao Luo has really that much killing intent in his heart, the Mercenary King's constitution got his strength qualitatively soaring, at the same time it also changed his psyche .

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