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Chapter 74

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More than ten minutes later, Xiao-Fei Zhu was beaten by all the English major girls with disheveled hair and disheveled clothes . He was a real-life sharp elder brother who wanted to cry as he stood back in his place .

Xiao Luo exchanged a musical talent and his senses changed dramatically .

"Ding, musical talent can enable the host to quickly have a high level of singing, including but not limited to proficiency in various musical instruments, ability to create songs, ability to conduct chorus, etc . " In his mind, there was a system prompt tone .

Xiao Luo now have some regret in taking Chu YunXiong's task, if he knew early on that the genius system is so abnormal and powerful, he wouldn't have come to Hua Ye . He also don't have to go to attend boring courses, even just with this musical talent, he can already earn money by writing songs .

But now that he has agreed, he will perform his duty well!

"Xiao Luo, do you really have any way to improve the chorus level in our class?"

Huang Ruoran asked calmly, ever since Xiao Luo rescued her from several hooligans, she no longer hate Xiao Luo, on the contrary, there is a strange affection for Xiao Luo . No matter what Xiao Luo do and say, she found him pleasing to the eye .

"I'll try my best, you let everyone sing together again . " Xiao Luo requested .

Huang Ruoran nodded her head and then said to the crowd, "Everybody stand in line and let's sing Yellow River again . "

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Now under the guidance of Xiao Luo, everyone is very cooperative . Although they don't know how Xiao Luo would train them but Xiao Luo is just like a person born to make people full of expectation and hope . They now have great confidence in the chorus competition .

Xiao Luo closed his eyes and listened with his ears . After everyone finished singing, he opened his eyes and corrected immediately: "Zhu, your voice is loud, this is your advantage, continue to carry forward, but you're singing wrong,"the wind is roaring" singing is supposed to be clean and neat, but you dragged a sound at the end . "

Everyone was shocked . Just now they all sang together . How did Xiao Luo distinguish Xiao-Fei Zhu's voice from so many songs and find out Xiao-Fei Zhu's mistake?

Xiao Luo turned his eyes and then said, "Kai Zi, there is time to shoot among the four "guards" . You didn't stop, so when you sang there, you were faster than everyone else, which affected the uniformity of the chorus . "

Everyone was shocked as he even singled out Ding Kai's mistake?

Before the crowd came to their senses, Xiao Luo turned his eyes to Chu Yue and said solemnly: "Chu Yue, the roar of the yellow river, each roar is different from the previous roar and the latter roar . Each roar is higher than the other and has a feeling of ups and downs . "

With Chu Yue's singing problem finished, Xiao Luo did not make any stagnation and looked at Bai Xeiwen: "Bai Xeiwen, you singing the sentence wrong "among the mountains . " The tone of this place should be stronger and full, not a flat tone . "

"An Huan, with the phrase' end up with the earth gun', your singing speed has suddenly accelerated here . You have not kept up with the pace, so you have affected the neatness here . "

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"Wang Lingling, you're singing wrong here in the 'The Hexi Mountains are very high . "


When Xiao Luo pointed out the problems in the singing of the whole class, everyone looked at him like an alien as he only listened to them sing it once . It is possible that Xiao Luo could find out the problem of one person or two people . But what is the situation now? Xiao Luo actually found out all their problems and said to the point, how did this guy do it?

"The song "Yellow River" is a tribute to the revolutionary ancestors' anti-Japanese spirit through the Yellow River . The chorus must sing the feeling of waves rolling . To create this feeling, it must rely on the strong collision of high and low voices . The current queue mixes high and low voices together but badly, so the queue just needs to be readjusted to proper harmony . "

Xiao Luo is like a famous teacher, guiding carefully, dividing the high-pitched girls represented by Chu Yue into two columns, and the low-pitched girls represented by Ding Kai into two columns .

"Well, now sing it again . When singing, pay attention to correct the problems I pointed out to you just now . " Xiao Luo instructed .

The crowd nodded subconsciously . Under his wave of hand, they sang together again .

The effect is very obvious, this chorus is more neat than any of their previous ones, and there is really a feeling of ups and downs, although it is not obvious, it is there .

Huang Ruoran was stunned . She can't believe that Xiao Luo would have such skill . If Xiao Luo had instructed them earlier, their English major chorus wouldn't have been so bad for so long and had little effect .

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Chu Yue's mouth was slightly open, she looked amazed at Xiao Luo, at this moment, she had a new understanding of Xiao Luo, who she had never looked in the eye, Xiao Luo is the first boy to let her heart admire and admit defeat .

"Elder brother, my good elder brother, you are a genius! Under your guidance, our chorus level has been upgraded to a new level at once . It seems that the Qiu Liang will be ruining naked . Ha, ha, ha . . . "Xiao-fei zhu bursted out laughing .

"Don't flatter Luo Ge!"

Ding Kai said, "Elder brother is a genius? Of course not, Luo Ge is by no means a genius . "

Just when everyone did not understand why Ding Kai belittled Xiao Luo, Ding Kai immediately took a divine turn and said righteously, "Luo Ge is a man of God . He can do whatever he wants . Only the name of the man of God is worthy of Luo Ge . "

Your sister!

All the English majors cursed him once in their hearts .

Xiao-fei zhu denounced directly: "Go away, and say that Lao Zi flatters you . Your flattery simply doesn't take a rough draft . It seems that I can't call you Kai Zi anymore . I have to call you B*tch . "

"Hahaha ~"

All the girls were amused and couldn't help laughing aloud .

Huang Ruoran clapped her hands and motioned for everyone to be quiet: "All right, all right, all right, all right, listen carefully to Xiao Luo . "

The monitor was dignified and everyone soon quieted down .

Xiao Luo organized himself and said: "Singing neatly is only the first part, and there is also the second part, that is, singing in rotation . We will start with the four upfront singing together, and the "wind is roaring" will be sung in rotation . It is very simple, that is, the back row will always sing one measure later than the front row . Let's try it now . "

Oh, my god, how can Luo Shen have so many tricks?

All the girls looked at Xiao Luo with worship .

After the round singing, Xiao Luo was quite satisfied: "A chorus needs a conductor, and this song "yellow river" should have a reciter besides a conductor . "

"Luo Shen, what is a reciter?" Anhuan asked curiously .

"Just before the chorus, one will recite a monologue so that the audience can better understand the song "Yellow River . "

Xiao Luo said, "In this case, I make the decision, Huang Ruoran will be the command, she has a natural force to control the field, so the command role is perfect for her . As for the reciter, Chu Yue will take the responsibility . The recitation must have the full enthusiasm and excitement rendering power . Her voice has this characteristic . "

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