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Chapter 73

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Is it . . . is it him?

Qiu Liang shuddered . If he only heard the name of Xiao Luo, his mind would not have any trace of memory at all . But if he heard the words "Sanda Club", he could immediately recall the big event in Hua Ye the other day, saying that there was a guy in the school who singled out more than 100 Sanda Club members . He not only won, but also abolished Song Jian 'an, president of Sanda Club .

But at the moment, the guy who created the shock of the whole Hua Ye incident actually stood in front of his eyes . What's more, he even insulted the other as mouse excrement and garbage!

"Gu Dong ~"

Qiu Liang hard swallow a mouthful of saliva, he only feel his ten million pores in cold sweat . He sincerely feel fear, oh my god, what bad luck . He just want to play cool in front of girls and yet he somehow provoked this malicious person .

At this moment, Huang Ruoran stood up and said to Qiu Liang and Zhao Shijie, "Although I really want to improve the chorus in our class, I can't accept your attitude . " Looking straight at Qiu Liang, "Singing is really your strength, but it doesn't mean that you can scold us arbitrarily . We are a class . If you insult any one of us, it is already disrespectful to us as a whole . We won't allow it . So, you can leave . We can just sing badly and don't need your guidance . "

What is this?

All the girls were surprised . The two that upon meeting is bound to have conflict, actually became friends? Huang Ruoran actually defended Xiao Luo . This is too incredible .

Xiao Luo also raised his eyebrows, he looked at Huang Ruoran with one eye .

"How dare you call Luo Ge excretement! You're the sh*t here . . . "

Xiao-fei zhu issued a marching order, as Xiao Luo's faithful believer . When Qiu Liang scolded mouse excrement, he immediately retaliated against it .

"You . . . "

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Qiu Liang was humiliated, resentful and gnashing his teeth . "You will regret it when you finish last in the competition!"

He's ready to leave without saying anything harsh .

"Wait a minute!"

Xiao Luo took a step, his eyes slightly cold .

Zhao Shijie's body quivered . Afraid of being challenged by Xiao Luo, he quickly heaped up a smile and said, "Brother Xiao Luo, I'll say sorry to you for him . He didn't mean to insult you . Please don't take it to heart . "

"You misunderstood, I didn't want to trouble him, but there is a good saying, Buddha for a wick sweet, people for a sigh of relief, he just said our chorus will definitely take the bottom rank . I just want to ask him, if we take the place better than your class, what should we do?"

When An Huan and the other girls stood up to speak for him, Xiao Luo felt a warm current in his heart . It was a long-lost sense of collective honor . He always felt that he was not a real student and should stay out in front of student activities . But at this moment, this collective honor made him choose to stand up .

The girls in the English major were shocked at the scene . The level of the chorus "Yellow River" on the Monitor and control major was obvious to all . Their singing is not generally good, but it's excellent enough . It's neat and loud, which showed the fearless momentum of the old revolutionary predecessors in charging the enemy . However, their English major can't even sing this song neatly now . How can they compare with others?

"He is only joking, it cannot happen . "

Zhao Shijie embarrassed, laughed . They all know that the other party is a bad person, and they offended him because of this rash fellow . This is not good, Xiao Luo is completely ready to fall out with them .

"I didn't ask you, I asked him . " Xiao Luo looked at Qiu Liang .

Qiu Liang was tight-lipped . If the other was another person, he would have yelled at him already . But now, the other is a fierce person, Xiao Luo . Would he dare to shout at him?

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"Speaking, if our class rank better than yours, what should we do?"

Xiao Luo's tone is very aggressive . He is not a great saint . He is not happy to practice chorus . But as a result he has to do it now . This Qiu Liang makes him more uncomfortable . Other people make him uncomfortable . He also makes others uncomfortable .

Throwing caution to the wind, Qiu Liang gnashed his teeth and said, "If you are better than us, I will strip naked and run around the school . "

He was not afraid of Xiao Luo's "if," because he did not believe these people could get a good place with the English major .

"This is what you said, and the recording proves it . "

Xiao Luo took out his mobile phone and played the recorded audio file, which was exactly what Qiu Liang had just said .

Luo Shen, this is serious!?

The English major girls looked at each other . They didn't know how heavy they are feeling right now . How could they win against the Monitor and control major?

"I hope you will keep your word then . " Xiao Luo smiled and turned to walk back to his position as an English major student .

"If you lose, you should also be punished . It is only fair . " Qiu Liang summoned up his courage and said .

Zhao Shijie wanted to kick this guy to death, he grabbed him by the collar and scolded: "What do you want, you stupid rash fellow?"

Bargaining with Xiao Luo is like preparing to go to the hospital and lie down for a few days like Song Jian'an .

"Since it is a bet, of course both sides have to pay a price, otherwise what kind of bet is it!"

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Qiu Liang stared at Xiao Luo intensely, seeing that Xiao Luo should not that be so unreasonable . So he was not afraid, he is even thinking now, if the school spread his challenge with Xiao Luo, he will immediately become a celebrity in the school?

"That's right . "

Xiao Luo stopped and turned around . "If we lose, I, like you, will get naked and run around the campus, what do you think?"


One by one, the English major girls were surprised and made a noise, imagining the naked and running picture of Xiao Luo, their faces were all red and hot .

"It's a deal . " Qiu Liang was so excited . If Xiao Luo would run around naked, he would definitely become the man of the hour in Hua Ye .

"It's a deal!"

Xiao Luo laughed, "But I have to say this prior, if we win and you break your word, I will let you lie in hospital for a few days . "

Hearing this, Zhao Shijie shuddered . Xiao Luo's smile looked like the devil's smile .

Qiu Liang's heart thumped too, but when he thought that the choir standard in his class was very different from that of the English major, his heart was certain: "I will never break my word, and I hope you will not break your word . "

"Of course!"

Xiao Luo smiled calmly .

After Zhao Shijie and Qiu Liang left, the English major girls swarmed up .

"Hey, can we possibly sing better than them? You better be ready to get naked, I tell you now . " Chu Yue said .

"Luo Shen, I don't want you to run around naked . Your body and people only belong to me . I don't want you to be seen by other girls . " An Huan said with deep affection .

The other girls also think Xiao Luo is very irrational, isn't it clear to know what's the result?

"Xiao Luo, you have a way, right?" Huang Ruoran suddenly asked aloud .

Everyone quieted down, eagerly watching Xiao Luo .

"The way is, that I will be the one who'll practice you . " Xiao Luo has already spent 500 points and exchanged for a musical talent .


Xiao-fei zhu had an obscene smile on his face, "Right, let elder brother practice us, ha, ha, ha . . . "

The pronunciation of some of his words is deliberately very heavy, the lasting appeal is self-evident .

The English Major all glowered .

"Xiao-Fei Zhu, you are looking for a fight!"

Chu Yue directly scolded, the other girls followed suit, it then led to a sudden outbreak .

"Elder brother, Kai Zi, save me . . . " Xiao-fei zhu holding his head, he loudly cried for help .

Xiao Luo as if he didn't see, looking elsewhere .

"What help, who let you be stupid?" Ding Kai also spit on him and completely ignored him .

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