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Chapter 72

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With Xiao Luo in the front, Xiao-fei zhu and Ding Kai in the back, the three people were leisurely walking .

Horrible Xiao Luo?

Zhao Shijie and the boys in the Monitor and control major changed color, in an instant . In Hua Ye, Xiao Luo's fame is bigger than that of the school flower Chu Yue . They may not know Chu Yue, but they must know this Xiao Luo . That's the monster that beat everyone in Sanda club into prosperous wealth alone .

Qiu Liang glanced at Xiao Luo and asked the English major girls, "Are they the three mouse excrement that are late in your class?"

Hiss . . .

When Zhao Shijie and the students in the Monitor and control major class heard these words, they immediately took a breath of air conditioning and turned green in their faces . He actually called the fierce Xiao Luo mouse excrement, lying in a trough . Is this heaven?

The English major girls also looked at Qiu Liang like looking at a fool . Chu Yue's lips lit up with a sly smile and asked, "Hey, don't you know the guy who's walking in front?"

"No!" Qiu Liang shook his head .

"His name is Xiao Luo . " Chu Yue's smile became ponder .

"Xiao Luo?"

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Qiu Liang thought for a moment with a frown . "Is he good at singing or reading? Why should I know him?"

"Don't you ever browse the school forum?" Bai Xeiwen couldn't help talking .

"I am so busy composing songs as I dream of becoming a singer like Xu Song . How can I find time to browse the school forum?"

Qiu Liang scoffed, in fact, he now showed a wave of superiority, letting the English major girls know that he is doing something in high school, thus regard him with special respect and new views . He then turned around and rushed toward Xiao Luo and the other two people shouting in a reprimand tone, "What are you three still doing slowly, run to come over quickly, because of you three, the English major's chorus level has been unable to rise, you seriously dragged everyone's hind legs!"

What is the most straightforward way to be cool in front of girls? Of course, it is to sow superiority . Qiu Liang feels better now . In his eyes, all the girls majoring in English are looking at him with admiring eyes .

"Qiu Liang, you say less!"

Zhao Shijie hurriedly stopped the rash fellow and whispered in his ear, "Xiao Luo is the one in the front . . . "

"I don't care about him . I'm educating him now, and everyone will listen to me . " Qiu Liang waved his hand to interrupt, righteously saying that he would keep on pushing his way and let the girls worship him madly .

At this time, Xiao Luo, Xiao-fei zhu and Ding Kai have now walked to come over .

Xiao-Fei Zhu dug his nostrils and asked Huang Ruoran, "Monitor, who is this man? How can he give orders here? "

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"His name is Qiu Liang, and I invited him as a guide to improve the chorus in our class . " Huang Ruoran said .

"It turned out to be a foreign aid . That was disrespectful of me . My name is Xiao-fei Zhu . I'll work hard for you . " Xiao-fei zhu naturally came up and shook hands with Qiu Liang warmly .

Of course, Qiu Liang won't shake hands . This time is to keep a high and cool attitude . Otherwise, the good image created in front of him would be useless . He said, "Don't smirk . Chorus is a very serious matter . If you are late, you will be fined five times . "

"Ah? No, it's embarrassing to be watched by so many people . " Xiao-fei zhu looked around with his eyes .

Ding Kai also said, "Accommodation, compromise . We have arrived as fast as we can . We didn't mean to be late . "

"No, if you are late, you will be punished . You three stand in the front and sing loudly for all the girls five times, not less than once!" Qiu Liang lifted up his head and spoke in a righteous manner .

Xiao Luo smiled lightly and said bluntly: "Sorry, I won't sing!"

Regardless of whether he was in no mood to take part in the choir competition, Qiu Liang's request was rather excessive . He asked the three of them to sing "Yellow River" in front of the English major girls . Is this to show them as clowns or do they look like national treasures and need to appear in the front?

Just to humiliate them, Xiao Luo certainly can't promise .

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Qiu Liang said: "If you are late, you should be punished . If everyone is late like you, then what kind of chorus should you practice? Go to the school as early as possible . "

Xiao Luo was too lazy to take a reason him, he just one-way walked back to his position .

Looking at Xiao Luo, who regarded himself as air, Qiu Liang felt that his majesty, which he had not easily established, had been hit . He became angry from embarrassment and glared at Xiao Luo and shouted, "Mouse excrement, you are a mouse excrement . You have ruined a good pot of soup for the English majors!"

Hiss . . .

Zhao Shijie and the students of the Monitor and control major class gasped again and squeezed cold sweat feeling deeply for Qiu Liang .

An Huan could not bear to see Xiao Luo being insulted . She immediately stood up and angrily rebuked Qiu Liang: "Have you scolded enough? We haven't said anything yet . What are you worried about in other classes? The emperor is not worried about eunuchs . Are you our father-in-law?"

She took the lead, and the suppressed girls also began to speak .

"That is, you were invited to help us improve our chorus, not to curse . "

"We are poor singers, but we are working hard . Can you please respect us when teaching?"

"Training people and cursing people at every turn, what do you think of us?"

Huang Ruoran did not stop everyone this time . She also felt that Qiu Liang had gone too far and insulted the boys in her class in front of them . If she was not angry at all, the class would certainly have no cohesion . Obviously, their English major was not such pushovers .

Qiu Liang did not expect to arouse so many people's opposition . He took out his weapon and shouted, "Do you really want to sing Yellow River well?"

As soon as this was said, all voices disappeared in a flash .

Everyone is now united in their desire to sing the chorus well . At present, Qiu Liang has real talent and practical knowledge . Only when he teaches them can they raise the level of their chorus to a new level .

Seeing that he shocked the English major, Qiu Liang was so proud that his mouth turned up and smiled: "It seems that you still want to sing" Yellow River "well . If you want to sing well, listen to me . If you don't want to sing well, I can leave now and let you . . . "

"Then you go, there is no need for you!" A faint voice sounded .

The crowd turned around and looked dumbfounded at Xiao Luo . Although they hated Qiu Liang very much, but if they really drove him away . What should they do with their chorus?

Qiu Liang was slightly startled, then his eyes glared: "Your class monitor didn't speak . Who are you to speak of, are you from the English major?"

Zhao Shijie was so anxious that his heart almost jumped out . He knocked on Qiu Liang's forehead and denounced him angrily: "Qiu Liang, you are an ignorant fool . He is Xiao Luo, Xiao Luo . The other day he beat everyone in Sanda club . Do you really know or not, can't you talk to him well?"

He was so angry, in his heart, he knew this guy was a rash fellow . He said he would bring up anything to help English majors improve their chorus level but it was ruined .

Well, instead of establishing a good relationship between the two majors, this rash fellow offended Xiao Luo . If Xiao Luo gets angry, he will beat up their Monitor and control major class like the Sanda club, which is bullsh*t in every way .

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