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Chapter 63

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Looking at the two men running forward with a switchblade in their hands and a cruel face, Xiao Luo had a black line coming down from his face and turned to Zhang Darshan asking: "Are you going up?"

"When we fought, you were the best . Of course, you go . I'll just cheer for you in the car . " Zhang Dashan said urgently .

"You said to save her, but I didn't . " Xiao Luo said in an uncomfortable way .

Seeing the two men getting closer and closer, Zhang Dashan was really anxious: "I said old Xiao, don't lose your chain at this critical time . If they break my car, I will . . . I will die for you . "

"Then you'd better die quickly and show me . " Xiao Luo shrugged it off .

"Motherf*cker aren't you a brother . Do you know it is easy to be struck by lightning when you say such things?"

Zhang Dashan's face turned green, and then he smiled in a good voice . "Lao Xiao, people are eager to meet this kind of hero's rescue of beauty situation . Now that we have met them, yet you are reluctant to be a hero . Maybe the sister has already committed suicide . She is definitely a great beauty . It is more than enough to match the two of us . "

"How can you go to work in a bank if you can imagine so much?" Xiao Luo gave him a look .

Zhang Dashan unknown so: "Where should I go to work then?"

"You should be a screenwriter . " Xiao Luo snorted softly .

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Finished saying that, he cracked his neck, opened the door and went out .

One of the men just rushed up, he only saw a flash, and then found a foot wearing white board shoes firmly planted on his chest, the next second, it surged out unimaginable huge impact force . Like a man being hit by a lightning strike, his heart stopped for a moment feeling jittery . A rush of blood came from his throat .

"Poof ~"

Blood spattered, his whole body like a broken kite was mercilessly thrown out, falling on the solid ground of four or five meters away .

The other man was stunned, and then with a loud shout, thrust the switchblade in his hand fiercely at Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo snorted, his body slightly curled, like a spring . With a 360 degrees colorful rotation, shaking his right foot to avoid the spring knife, and shot a kick in the other party's temple .

"Peng ~"

Without exception, with a muffled sound, the man flew sideways and flew over the front of the car of Zhang Dashan . He came into close contact with the wall . He stuck to the wall like a pool of soft mud for half a second before slowly sliding off the ground .

"Holy sh*t, so fierce?!”

Zhang Dashan sat in the car and was dumbfounded . In the blink of an eye, his brother knocked down two guys with knives . This skill was really too cool . "Damn, there was only a car accident . How did Lao Xiao look like a changed person? He is as fierce as a tiger . "

But the most shocking thing is that although the three remaining men thought they met a busybody, they didn't think it was a hard nut to crack which was clearly dumb .

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When Xiao Luo came towards them, the three men's nerves tightened up instantly . They could not see Xiao Luo's face clearly . They could only see a figure coming slowly . Their bodies and faces were dark .

It was because they could not see clearly that they felt more depressed and nervous . It was like an evil spirit approaching them slowly . They looked at the two companions lying on the ground groaning and singing in pain . Beans of sweat rolled down their foreheads involuntarily .

The man who was just about to take out his second son blinked and came back to himself . The dagger in his hand was pointed at Xiao Luo as he gave a bold warning: "Stop, don't come closer!"

Xiao Luo did not say a word, he still approached them step by step, his footsteps in this alley is particularly harsh .

"Tap . . . Tap . . . Tap"

To the three men, the sound of his footsteps was like a note of Hong Zhong hitting their souls .

"Stop, didn't I tell you to stop?" The man shouted again, growling aloud and raising his courage with a loud voice .

Xiao Luo grunted and laughed coldly: "Let's just finish this, I'm in a hurry . "

"You . . . "

This sentence angered the leader . He bit his teeth and ordered the two men who had grabbed the girl to, "Go ahead and kill him . "

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The two men let go of the girl and rushed up with a roar . One of them moved at a very fast pace . The distance between the two men was immediately shortened . A sharp knife, like a flash of lightning, was slashed at Xiao Luo's head and neck . Xiao Luo raised his hand and suddenly stretched out his left hand . The man only felt flowers at the moment, even the palm print was clear . He was slapped by Xiao Luo .

"Pa ~"

The crisp slap sounded, his cheeks were red and swollen, and his whole person flew out together with his bloody teeth . His appearance was very sad .

After getting rid of one, Xiao Luo didn't stop at all . He grasped the other person's neck like an eagle's claw . When his arm swung hard, the man screamed and was thrown high up . Under the action of gravity, he smashed to the ground . His right leg joint cracked when colliding with the ground . His howl of pain was like a pigs shrieks echoing in the alley .


The girl who was almost violated had her eyes wide open . She had no idea Xiao Luo would be so fierce .

The first man was completely panicked and turned around and ran away .

Xiao Luo looked down at the bricks on the ground, ran up two steps, then kicked out with a volley .

[insert soccer skill ⚽]

"Wooshing Wooshing ~"

Originally, the bricks lying quietly on the ground hissed and flew out of his feet, spinning at a high speed, drawing a fierce trail like a meteor and crashing into the calf of the leading man .

"Ah ~"

The man fell, covering his calf with a miserably cry .

There is no suspense, no pressure, Xiao Luo easily put five strong men down, the violent gangsters were tidied up .

Seeing the whole process, Zhang Dashan had a strong sense of unreality . His brother Lao Xiao beat five gang members, with knives! Who could believe it when he beat up the five in less than a minute before all of them were laying on the ground groaning and chanting in pain?

Xiao Luo stripped off the clothes of a man and walked to the front of the girl who was still shocked in the same place . The two people then looked at each other and were shocked on what they saw .

"You again?" Xiao Luo frowned deeply .

The girl also opened her eyes wide and said incredulously, "Xiao Luo?"

A lock of beautiful hair were flying slightly, her slender arch eyebrows, her pair of eyes looking enchanting, hers pretty yao nose, her jade cheeks slightly red, her delicate and charming demeanor on her lips . The now out of the waitress clothing and changed into her own clothes Huang Ruoran was the victim .

Huang Ruoran really didn't expect to be molested by five gangsters on the way back to school after finishing a day's work . She even didn't expect to meet Xiao Luo again and rescue her from the abyss of despair . At this moment, her heart was filled with mixed feelings and her mood was unspeakably complicated .

Xiao Luo quickly calmed down and threw the leader's clothes on Huang Ruoran's nearly naked body: "Take this dress and deal with it first . "

Huang Ruoran quickly wrapped herself up, she raised her head and looked at Xiao Luo with gratitude: "Thank you . . . thank you . . . "

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