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Chapter 54

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At 3: 30 p . m . , there were two P . E . classes .

Most of the girls chose volleyball, table tennis or badminton, but Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen were two different kinds . They chose football, which directly led to the selection of Xiao Luo's student status .

"Why are you here, pretending to be a criminal?"

When she met Xiao Luo in the mini-soccer field dedicated to class, Chu Yue immediately opened her almond eyes in surprise .

She was wearing a casual sports suit, a red coat, and a black bottom coat with a cartoon girl's head on her chest . Her face was as bright as a moon without makeup, and her figure was lithe and graceful . Her whole person looked beautiful and free from vulgarity .

As usual, she had a delicious lollipop in her mouth .

On one side, Bai Xeiwen seems to have a special liking for white, white sneakers, white sports suit, plus her skin is unusually white, her facial features delicate, and she has the kind of small jasper temperament of a sister next door . She really gives a person a kind of fresh and beautiful beauty impression .

With the two girls on the football field, it was a beautiful scenic line, which attracted all the eyeballs around and attracted countless male animals passing by the football field to stop and stare at them .

Xiao Luo gave Chu Yue a look: "What's so strange about my appearance here, is it only exclusive to you MISS Chu Yue to take football?"

On this sentence, Chu Yue choked and couldn't say a word .

"Xiao Luo, Queen Chu actually wants to invite you to join our game team again . I hope you can forgive her for what happened at the dance before . " Bai Xeiwen helplessly said with a smile .

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"Bai Xeiwen is sure good to talk to . "

Xiao Luo smiled at Bai Xeiwen, "But if I join your team, I don't get along with Fu Jiawei and they will definitely lower the overall strength of your team . "

"This is your choice . It's not that I didn't invite you . Don't say that I forced you to leave . " Chu Yue snorted .

Xiao Luo indifferently shrugged his shoulders .

"Peng ~"

At this moment, a football with a gorgeous arc rapidly smashed up, sounds of surprise were heard . The strength is strong, with a look and one will know that it was from a foot of a football player, the football was whistling straight to Xiao Luo's side face . If it hit, he certainly be muddled or worse faint and lose face .


There are still several neurotic girls in the mini-soccer field who took the course like Chu Yue . Seeing this scene, they subconsciously screamed .

Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen beside him were also shocked and shouted out, "Be careful!"

Xiao Luo backed, his Angle is just right in avoiding it, the high-speed rotating football blew past his eyes, with strong wind, blowing his forehead hair to flap .

"Who kicked the ball?"

Chu Yue immediately denounced justice and shouted at the direction of the football, "You almost hit someone . What are you doing?"

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Shouting out these words, she felt incomparable wonder, how can herself, forced to make him justice? Is it because she misunderstood the other day that he was following herself and was against himself and wanted to compensate for him?

As soon as her voice dropped, more than a dozen nimble sports students gathered around, their faces beaming with defiance .

"Seems to be the Sanda club again!"

Bai Xeiwen whispered, these people's sportswear are the same, in their chests, with silk screen there was "Sanda club" those two words .

At the head of the team was a boy about as strong as Zhao Xing, with a strong figure, rich leg hair on his feet, clean face and sinister smile .

"Sorry, sorry, I didn't pay much attention . "

Although this were words of apology, his tone and facial expression were full of provocative flavor and lacked any sincerity to apologize .

Xiao Luo laughed coldly, there is no doubt that just now the ball is specially kicked to him, these guys finding trouble is really everywhere, it seems Song Jian's scale can do well .

"Hey, isn't this Xiao Luo who kicked a sports student out of the canteen the other day?" Led by the boy, they feigned surprise, expressions grandiose .

When this remark was made, other students also cast their eyes one after another . The fierce person Xiao Luo is a famous person in the school forum . In Hua Ye, who else has this guy's reputation?

"Your physical quality looks just like this, and the strength on your feet is really that big?"

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"Don't let those stupid donkeys in the school exaggerate and make him a man of god . "

"I don't believe he can really kick a person four or five meters away!"

Another * * sports student crossed his hands on his chest, while looking up and down at Xiao Luo .

"Do you want to test it on the spot? You choose one person to be a pig and I will be responsible for the kick . How about that?" Xiao Luo patted his clothes, lightly .

"Dog stuff, what did you say?"

These sports students immediately turned against each other, all rubbing their hands, very anxious to tear Xiao Luo .

In fact, when they saw Xiao Luo coming to the stadium, they were full of anger, because this Xiao Luo severely slapped the face of their sports students, which had never happened before .

Previously, their sports students walked sideways in Hua Ye with their nostrils turned upside down . They were proud of being sports students . But now, Xiao Luo not only beat Tang Yuze, but also kicked Zhao Xinghe in the canteen . These are all their sports students, that is, students majoring in social sports . Now, no matter where they go to school, they all feel that someone is whispering behind their back to make fun of their sports students .

"If you find someone else's trouble, you will be taught . This is what you deserve . Who can you blame?"

Chu Yue felt aggrieved . Although she hated Xiao Luo very much, she was also a professional . Seeing him besieged by these sports students, she couldn't bear it .

"Xiao Luo, let's go and leave these people alone . " Bai Xeiwen directly called Xiao Luo to leave .

"The one named Xiao, you will stand behind a girl? Letting two girls out for you, if I were you, I would have . . . "

"Du Pengfei!"

At this time, a loud voice interrupted the leader of the boys .

The sports teacher who taught football came: "What are you doing standing there? Why don't you call everyone to assemble in line?"

Because Du Pengfei is very good at football, he was appointed deputy by the PE teacher to help him teach in class .

"Yes, sir . "

Du Pengfei gave Xiao Luo a cold smile and then waved to the others to go to the central bank in the stadium .

"Sanda club members are basically students majoring in social sports . They find will find trouble if they had the chance after what you've done . " Chu Tue sighed, she felt sympathetic to Xiao Luo .

"I'm not afraid of them much less when soldiers come to cover the ground . "

Xiao Luo said calmly, and then frowned . "Hey, can you stop calling me a pretender and a bully? Don't you feel sick when such an ugly name comes out of your mouth?"

Chu Yue took out the lollipop and pouted, "If you want to be in charge, pretend, I'll scream, what shall I do?"

"Look and feel for yourself . "

Xiao Luo turned over his eyes, then turned and walked away .

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