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Chapter 49

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Asking himself, this Anhuan is not bad-looking, with bright eyes and white skin, but she just looks petite, but this is not her shortcoming . This petite and lovely girl can easily make the boys want to protect her .

Only, Xiao Luo really felt that he was not suitable for her .

First, he is not a real student . He came to Hua Ye to secretly protect Chu Yue .

Second, he has been working hard in the society for three years . Finding a girlfriend is for the purpose of getting married . College students are out of his consideration .

"Xiao Luo!"

At that moment, there was a sound of Hong Zhong-like exclaim from the side . Then, five or six strong boys gathered around him, showing hostility on their faces .

One of the boys, wearing a plaid shirt, stepped forward . He shouted coldly, "Who is Xiao Luo?"

Xiao Luo raised his head, all of them seem unfamiliar students, he don't know why they are finding him .

"What is it?"

Thie few people saw Xiao Luo not nervous, but instead assumed a high posture, their eyes gave birth to a slight anger . The plaid shirt boy cried: "Are you the that motherf*cker Xiao Luo? If you answer, I'll beat your pig head . "

It's clear that he was deliberately looking for fault .

"Xiao Luo seems to be in trouble!"

On the other side of the dining Bai Xeiwen saw Xiao Luo's side acting strange, she murmured in a low voice .

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Chu Yue pulled up her bun to her ears and said disapprovingly, "I am used to pretentious and forcing things everywhere . " She drank a glass of orange juice through a straw, looked at them a little, and then said, "It's from the Sanda club . It seems that Song Jian' an was caught up that forced him to act . "

Huang Rulran also slightly raised her head at this time, glancing at Xiao Luo . His face was lukewarm with no emotions .

An Huan stood up and glared at the boy in the plaid shirt . "Zhao Xinghe, what do you want to do with so many people? Are you fighting in the canteen? "

"Mind your own business, we are not here for you, a woman who has changed her mind . "

Zhao Xinghe pointed to AnHuan and warned, and then fiercely striked the table . "Who is Xiao Luo? Stand up for me! "

Xiao-fei Zhu stood up .

Five or six pairs of eyes glared at him ferociously at the moment: "Are you Xiao Luo?"

"I am not . " Xiao-fei Zhu waved his hand .

Ding Kai also stood up at this moment, with Xiao Luo here, his courage is very big .

The five or six men glared at him: "Are you him?"

"I am not . " Ding Kai shook his head .

"Then what did you stand up for?"

Zhao Xinghe grabbed Ding Kai by the collar and lifted Ding Kai with his strong arms .

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"I am a civilized student, after eating, I am going to send the tableware to the recycling place to relieve the burden of the aunt in the canteen . " Ding Kai .

"F*ck you!"

Zhao Xing was angry, he fiercely pushed Ding Kai .

Ding Kai was like a fallen leaf blown up by the wind and kept retreating back . Fortunately Xiao-fei Zhu held him, or he would fall to the ground .

"What are you doing? What makes you push people?" Xiao-fei Zhu thundered .

"My arm is thick . Want to come and compare? " Zhao Xinghe showed his strong biceps, he puffed it up .

Xiao-fei Zhu was fat a difference of heaven and earth, he really doesn't want to fight, certainly he won't be Zhao Xing's opponent . Seeing his thick arms, he immediately stopped talking .

At this moment, another boy pointed to Xiao Luo, who was eating . "Zhao Ge, he is Xiao Luo!"

The boy and Tang Yuze are in the same group, at the beginning in the boys dormitory building, he was one that Xiao Luo tidied up . So of course the boy remembers Xiao Luo's appearance .

"Are you Xiao Luo?"

Zhao Xinghe patted Xiao Luo's shoulder two times . With a sullen face he asked, "I called you, did I not? Do you take Lao Zi's words as farts?"

"You remind me of someone that farted . It stinks!" Xiao Luo fanned the air in front of his nose .

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An Huan gave a sloped smile: "Ha ha . . . Luo Shen, you are so funny . "

Zhao Xinghe blushed immediately and stepped on Xiao Luo's stool with his feet raised: "Are you tired of living?"

"If you have something to say, just say, why move your feet!" Xiao Luo's face was cold .

"Yo, Boss said you were crazy . I didn't believe it at first, but it seems it's true . I . . . "

His came to an abrupt end, because Xiao Luo like a tiger stood up, his five fingers grabbed Zhao Xing's collar . Zhao Xinghe couldn't react, and only felt his feet off the ground . His neck collar was gripped tightly, a strong sense of suffocation surged up .

Don't say Zhao Xinghe's companions, all the students in the dining hall were shocked to see this scene . How abnormal is the strength to lift one person with one hand?

Xiao Luo raised his head and stared at Zhao Xinghe coldly: "Can you tell me what can I do for you now?"

Zhao Xinghe nodded in horror and hurriedly took out a letter from his pocket, on which three black characters were written with a writing brush: Challenge Letter .

"This is a challenge letter from Boss . He will wait for you at the Sanda Club on Saturday night . "

"Challenge Letter?"

Xiao Luo's eyes flashed a look of disdain, then he loosened Zhao Xinghe, "Go back and take this sentence to Song Jianan, ask him if his brain turned silly? What age is it, and what kind of tricks do you still have? "

"Do you not accept it?" Zhao Xinghe adjusted his collar .

"I don't have time to fight with him!" Xiao Luo said lightly .

Zhao Xinghe sneered, glancing at An Huan: "You have the courage to rob the boss' girlfriend, but you don't have the courage to fight, Xiao Luo, so you are a soft bag . "

"I'm sorry, goading is useless to me . I have to eat . You can stay as far away as you like, so that you don't affect my appetite . " Xiao Luo said in a supercilious way .

Zhao Xing was duming, as a senior member of the Sanda club, he naturally have the backing to be arrogant .

"Xiao, don't be a hard nut to crack . There are 120 people in our Sanda club . One spittle can drown you . Have you thought about the consequences of refusing the Boss?"

Xiao Luo calmly spat out a word: "Get out!"

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai all know Xiao Luo's temper, although he usually looks kind and smiling . But once he's angry, he's asking to that of a Devil Lord . Thus they quietly backed away, giving Xiao Luo enough room to 'play,' by the way, they also made eyes towards An Huan and motioned for her to stay away .

"Good, crazy enough, you've got balls!"

Zhao Xing, although was surprised by Xiao Luo with one hand lifting him up at first, but his anger went to his head at this moment and ignored it . He stretched out his hand and took the tableware, and then severely hit Xiao Luo head, roaring, "I will fucking kill you! ! !”

But as soon as he lifted the cutlery high, Xiao Luo fiercely stood up, a heavy kick made clean impact on his abdomen .

As powerful as a tiger, the whole ground seemed to quiver deeply .

Zhao Xing and his magnificent body, like being hit by a car, flew straight out slamming on his companions in the rear .

His companions' faces changed, few of the people subconsciously stretched out their hands to catch him thinking it would be enough to catch Zhao Xinghe . But before their arms were raised, a bullet-like Zhao Xinghe hit them making them fall to the ground . The tablewares fell everywhere, Zhao Xing was filled with residual oil residue, his companions did not escape it either .

Five or six people, suddenly become a mess and were wasted, they were lying on the ground groaning with pain as they felt chills from it, they looked horrified at Xiao Luo .

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